Day 32 Uplate

We join the house as they are rehearsing their musical that they must have to perform tomorrow. Jo is giving directions, saying something about having a car rock up with 4 people or something. She seems to be very much in control of the production, with everyone else giving their opinion as well.

They’ve moved all the furniture to one side of the round living room, and have heaps of white paper with stage directions I presume on it.

Everyone except Chrissie and Regina are working on the musical, but the two girls are talking in the square bedroom, with Regina in bed, and Chrissie just sitting there on the edge of the bed. Regina seems a bit upset, but says she is glad she did go over to the other house when she got the chance. Chrissie says that Reg got an experience that not many others have got. Chrissie says that Belinda was very thankyou for Reg going over. Reg says that Belinda had no one to talk to over there before Reg went across, saying that Irena and Claire just weren’t talkative people, and were very different from Belinda. Regina says that she just hopes that Belinda is happy, with her partner and her dogs. They say she looked really good during her video ‘will’ to the house.

Reg steers the topic to nominations, and asks Chrissie how she is feeling. Chrissie is actually going ok, she is ready for whatever happens. She says that “It’s like staying at a party for too long.” With that, BB Trivia dude says hello, goes through his speel, and returns us to Chrissie and Reggie. They start talking about how good the past 6 months have been, especially Chrissie saying this. She says she always seems to faulter at the last hurdle, so was knocked off her feet when Peter phoned her and told her she was in the house. She tells Regina that ‘some people say they haven’t done all the stuff they want to in the house, and therefore not leave, but I achieved everything I wanted when I walked through the door.” Before tonight I wasn’t a Belinda fan, but I’m slowly turning round my opinion. Anyway, apparently they are not meant to mention the ‘a’ word, audition. Whenever they are almost about to say it, they just mumble, and the other says “yeh”, meaning they understand. Regina was excited about getting an audition, and Chrissie wondered whhy when there were so many gorgeous, funny people at the ‘a’, they picked her.

Ben comes in for a towel, and Regina tells him that they stink and that perhaps he should wash them sometime. He tells them it’s time for a quick spa and a stubbie, then off to bed. Meanwhile, Jo comes in after Ben’s exit, and starts talking about the musical, but they steer the topic towards pressure in the house, and they all hope that it doesn’t pop up again from anyone still in the house. Trivia dude come on and says that Ben earlier told BB that he was starting afresh, then he was like a pressure cooker, but it was time the pressure cooker was retired.

Back in the bedroom, Jo, Chrissie and Regina where Jo is telling the girls about her last few nights before she came into the house saying she cried her eyes out, but her boyfriend, Tim, was like a rock. Well, until the last hour or two apparently. Claire has joined the conversation, and she said that she said goodbye to her girl thinking she would see her again before she went in, and when the supervisor came back in, she asked where the girl was, and the supervisor said, “No, you won’t see her again.” Claire says she was rapt that she didn’t cry, cause she just casually said goodbye to her friend. Geez, how long without a commercial break!

We go into the living room where Saxon, Pat, Ben and Vincent are playing with the hula hoops, trying to make then stand up while rolling the longest. Vincent is not involved, just sitting on the couch. The usual boys talk is all about winning, and when they get a good one, they all go “OOOhhhh…” Saxon is asking Coach Vincent for a few pointers, who seems to be an expert, but convienently is on the couch! Finally, an ad break.

The girls are still going around the topic of the process before coming in on the Sunday, and Chrissie suggests they leave it until they come out of the house to talk about that. Claire says she would love to just have a conversation about the stuff they can’t talk about to her friends when she gets out. In the background, the boys are yelling a fair bit. Back to the girls, and Claire says she has only just recently noticed that there are no windows in the house to actually open up. They say that Leah’s bed is jinx, so no one will go in it. Dan, who we haven’t seen all night, comes storming in playing the digeridgidoo…The girls say he is trying to play a plane or fly landing on the ground or something. Regina says, “Dan, the s**t that you come up with!” He leaves, and the girls discuss how talented Dan is, thinking of all the stuff he comes up with. They start discussing the possibility of a double eviction this weekend. They suggest they would not know until after the first eviction, when they would call over “There are 60 minutes till eviction” for the second time. They are saying that they will have to get a new housemate, otherwise the schedule will be stuffed up. Jo says that there should be plans in place for things like that.

Back out in the living room, the boys still playing with the hoops, and Dan just won’t stop playing the bloody musical instrument! Pat returns to the game saying he has had his steroids, and is ready to win. Vincent predicts that they won’t be able to get it tonight – they are trying to get the hoop to do something while travelling on it’s own accord. I can’t be bothered watching too closely! Vincent is suggesting that they put some tape around the hoop in certain spots to help them acheive the goal. Comm break.

When we return, the girls are talking about how much contact BB have with their loved ones. Someone says that it is protocol for BB to talk to them at least 5 times a week. That’s quite good to know actually. Claire says she was having a bit of a cry yesterday, and was contemplating going into tell BB that she was fine, and to notify her family that she was fine, and not to worry.

They move onto say that half of the house have no idea who Carlo is, and they half expect to walk out and see them, and they will all walk up to them and say “Hi Jo!” She says that will be weird, having ex housemates who they haven’t even met. They go back to the intruder week, and the $10,000, Claire asking Reggie if she wanted out and the money, to which she replied “No, I wanted the whole experience.”

Claire tells the house that she had a dream last night about how the walls were put back up, and they were pink! Also, she says she was evicted and they didn’t like a sponser or a word logo on her shirt, so she had to take it off as she met the audience on the eviction stage.

They move onto ages of the housemates, and Claire says that someone said earlier today that Claire looked much older and wiser than 26. Someone says they can’t believe that Ben isn’t the audience, as Regina says “Yeh, I tell Ben he’s 36 all the time.” Dan still going with that freakin instrument. (can you tell I can’t be bothered typing the word.)

Outside, in the spa, the guys want more physical tasks. Both Pat and Saxon want some excitement, sport related tasks. Comm Break. Jo and Chrissie came out to see the boys in the spa, with Saxon playing with the instrument and driving me mad and more mad, before saying goodnight and leaving the boys to themselves.

Back in the bedroom, the two get changed as Claire reads her book, before she decides to skip 12 pages because it’s boring, and Vincent told her she could without it effecting the book. Meanwhile, someone mentions a Cheeseburger which starts a conversation about Macca’s and Hungry Jacks, and how you can ask for fresh burgers, and add stuff to existing burgers to make sure you get a fresh one. Chrissie didn’t know you could do either of the above.

Back outside, Reggie has joined the boys around the spa. I’ve been watching my tape of the daily show so I might have missed a bit, but I kept looking in on the live action as well during me watching it.

Anyway, second round of trivia is slowly coming round, actually he is only giving a clue this time round, and not actually giving away the cash just yet. Back to the house, and all the girls are in bed I think, and Dan has joined them in the room. Before we know it, back to the boys outside. Ben, Sax and Pat are still in the spa, and Vincent is sitting nearby. They are discussing adult video’s and guys pleasuring themselves, but BB flicks the switch and we’re back to the bedroom pretty quickly. They are discussing cream that each of them rub onto themselves, which really is one of the most boring subjects you could hope for. Lucky for me, they switch to aftershave’s. This gets better and better! Oooh, Jo and Chrissie have found one that both there mum’s have used, and Jo yells her regular line of “Get Out!”, and Chrissie says “B-S**t”. Ah, it’s a small world if your parents use the same perfume. Comm break, thankfully!

Trivia dude finishes his duties for the night, and we’re back to the house. Saxon comes into the round bedroom with his stupid plastic thingy making the noise, to crys of Jo and Chrissie saying that Reggie is asleep. Jo and Vincent have a little Italian lesson. Someone is doing a stupid voice, I guess it’s Dan, as per usual. Vincent has a look at Jo’s book, which Chrissie is reading at the moment. She says at the start it was her kind of book, but now shes near the end, she realises it’s total rubbish. Comm break.

Back in the bathroom, where Saxon is saying to Claire that when he flexes his boobs get so much bigger. Claire is rubbing in some cream on his back, because he seems to have big bites on his back. They aren’t itchy though. Claire starts getting ready for bed, as Pat comes into the bathroom too, in the hope of doing his teeth. Saxon dries his hair and spikes it up as high as possible, before asking Pat if he likes it. Saxon goes back into the square bedroom to his bed to find some clothes, and discusses with Ben about how this bedroom is getting less people in it day by day. Ben says the less the better. He (Sax) calls out to Claire to see where she is up to with her book page wise, as well as asking what is happening at that page. Meanwhile, Jo and Pat are lying on the same bed having a talk, mainly about Pat’s sister, I think from what I can tell, someone that Pat is close too anyway. As they discuss the person’s wedding, BB says goodnight.

Keep looking for Warren,

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Day 30 Uplate

Ben and Patrick are talking about how to perform a song or a play or something which I imagine is the task for this week. I haven’t seen the daily show or nomination show yet, so I dunno whats going on, but I think they are discussing this week’s task. They are in the spa, while everyone else must be inside I imagine. They are having a conversation about Chrissie and how see doesn’t see Ben correctly, she see’s him as a man capable of getting that fired up that he would raise a fist. Ben says he would never do that. They move onto talking about how they miss the simple things that we take for granted on the outside world, in their example, phones and email.

Mike (trivia dude) comes on and WOW. I missed a lot! A huge fight, the biggest you’ve ever seen, was on earlier, and Mike tells us to watch the daily show tomorrow for more details. Ben bought Jo and Belinda to tears, and Vincent went to calm them down, before Chrissie launched her assualt onto Ben. This might be a very interesting Up Late show!!

Ben seems the same though lol. I didn’t notice that there had been a big fight, he is acting as if everything is normal. Apparently also the ‘incident’ might have been bought up again, because Belinda apparently scared some people tonight. Anyway, back at the spa, Ben and Pat are getting out and dying off. Interesting times ahead!

Vincent is waiting to go into the diary room, and Pat goes to his bedroom, Ben goes the long way to his so as to not run into the other people. And then BB cuts to an outside shot. Interesting stuff! We can hear loud yelling coming from the house though, which makes me think they are saving it for the show tomorrow night. Grrrrr, I think something really good is happening and they just won’t show us. It’ll be interesting what rubbish trivia guy gives us to explain. This could be the shortest recap ever. BB Up Late guy doesn’t give us any information, just telling us what he already heard before.

LOL. He gives us quotes from the house.

Ben to Chrissie: “If you’ve got something to tell me, tell me.”
Chrissie: “Haven’t you realised I’ve only said 5 words to you all week.”
Ben: “Well it’s been the best week of my life.” LOL. Hard hitting stuff. He crosses back because he thinks there is some action going on, but of course we’re still on the outside camera’s. Apparently, they are all in the diary room, but I doubt thats true.

The trivia guy tells us that Leah is there, but it’s actually Leah’s doll. Damn pain in the neck that guy! He’s talking rubbish about the OS to fill in time. They will surely take a break soon enough. He goes through the popularity ratings, telling us Reggie is on top. He then says, no kidding, call me trivia dude LOL. I’ve been calling him that for the last week now. I’ll keep calling you that too Mike, since you asked!

Back to the house, well the backyard, and still no action. OOOh Vincent and Claire I think make there way from the house to the kitchen. BB doesn’t follow with the camera’s. Now they do. They make a Milo or something, and talk aout making it. Talk about the fight damn you people!! Claire says that she cleaned the kitchen totally last night, but then said she doesn’t care about cleaning back in the house, but likes the kitchen, so she’ll clean that. They go through with other housemates want coffee and tea or milo, before we cut to our first commercial break.

When we return, Pat has joined Claire and Vincent in the kitchen. Taking their time getting coffee’s etc if they are taking some back to other housemates. Anyway! Pat says everytime he goes to talk about something, he realised just before he says it that he isn’t allowed to discuss that topic. Claire starts saying that Pat will get absolutely loved with huge amounts of people wanting to see him and speak to him. Pat says Saxon is one that will, to which Claire agrees.

Apparently Belinda said earlier in the night she wanted to kill someone. Just popped out, you know as some people say it in normal speech. Apparently it freaked a few people out, and BB asked her to make it clear to the housemates that it was a figure of speech, and that she was not actually wanting to kill anyone.

They look to be almost ready to return to the house with the coffee’s. Just then, trivia dude comes on and gives us the first brain teaser. He repeats that their was a huge fight in the house earlier, and that it’ll all be shown on the 7pm show.

Anyway, back in the square bedroom, Ben is talking to Reggie. All seem good between these two. Dan is there too I think. Before I can confirm we have a break, the first ad being the blossoming love between Vincent and Jo!

Back to the trivia guy who gives people a clue, before he sends it back to Saxon and Vincent who are talking to Belinda. Saxon seems genuine when he says that the incident three weeks ago did stuff him up, he got upset, but now it’s time to move on, and he wanted to tell Belinda that it did stuff him up, but now he wants to move on, and doesn’t want it to be bought on again. Belinda says that she is grateful that Saxon has said this to her. They say they will discuss the issue more tomorrow. Saxon and Vincent leave the room. Claire, Pat and Jo are talking about “Koom-Bah-Ya.” They (Pat and Jo) are lying saying they never sung it, while Belinda says they thought they could hear it though the walls when the houses were 2. They certaintly did it one night, cause I remember writing about it. Anyway…

Saxon and Vincent are talking about Dan I think over in the ktichen. They are saying how smart he is, because it’s like 20 to 1, and he gave Saxon a logical and brilliant answer to a question. Quickly moved from that camera, to the conversation between Dan, Ben and Reggie talking about tax and earnings. Saying he earnt (Dan) $250 a night being Ace Ventura at some place. Ad break.

Daniel comes back to the round room, and does a silly little act which gets everyone laughing, while trying to be quiet. Back to Saxon and Vincent, Saxon saying he asked Big Big Brother if there was going to be a double eviction soon. BB said to him, “Saxon, Stupid Question.” They are talking about the task, and saying it’s good, cause they don’t have to be themselves.

They move onto say that both Vincent and Saxon have seen all of the ‘incident’ incident, and that they are only ones which know the truth. They have forgotten about Claire! Anyway, I think they are talking about Ben, saying he likes to shit stirr, but if you stand up to him and make it known to him that you don’t want him to do something, he will back down. Vincent is saying all this. Vincent says they wouldn’t have put Sax in there if they think he couldn’t handle something. Saxon says that he can talk to him anytime he wants, but says that talking to Carmel is good too. Carmel puts his mind at ease, Saxon says. Just as they go to a break, Saxon says “I’d love to know how they put this to air.” You and me both buddy :)

Trivia dude tells us that the new task is the BB Musical. Awesome, should make for some good television. Back in the house, Jo and Pat are lying together on one bed, while Pat strokes her hair, Jo says she is a sooky la-la. Haven’t heard a word out of Chrissie tonight, haven’t even seen her, but then again, it’s pretty dark in that room. Saxon has joined them, and is looking at one of Jo’s photo’s I think. They are talking about one of her friends, saying that she is pretty or something. LOL, he tells Jo that she looks younger in a photo, but not in ‘a hair sense, but in a whole sense.’ Coming out with that kind of comment gets laughs all round. Saxon immediately says “God, I must sound like a dickhead!” They keep talking about Jo’s friends for a bit, before another break comes on.

Back in the round bedroom, Jo says that she is not comfortable going nude, but says she respects anyone that can. Saxon says to her to not be alarmed if he is in the shower naked, and she walks in, it’s just he wants to feel that he is at home.

They move onto say that they should get some glow in the dark stickers and stick them on the ceiling. That would go down well with BB. Jo is still preoccuppied that her man will leave Jo over her one night with drink with the spa and pool. For god sake grow up girl! Jo suggest that they have a mock debate in the house to pass the time. Pat says he wouldn’t want to debate Jo. And another break.

Back again with Jo, Pat and Saxon, with Saxon playing with one of Jo’s things out of her bathroom bag, and being Sax, he breaks something out of it, and apologises a few times. They are thinking that Jo can be Saxon in the musical, and Saxon can be Jo. Jo says that she can do Saxon’s makeup. The continue playing through Jo’s cosmetic bag, Jo showing him (Sax) what certain things do. She is putting some kind of stuff onto Sax, and they start laughing. Chrissie wakes up or something, and can’t believe how good the lipstick looks on him hehe. Now they are going to use a curler on him, Saxon saying “Whats a curler!” Chrissie suggest that Saxon do it himself, because they might pinch an eyelid, Saxon replying “Pinch it, I don’t care.” A lot of quiet laughing from these 4 at the moment. He has a look at himself saying “Oh My God!” Jo keeps saying how pretty he looks. Commercial break.

Still we have Jo applying makeup to Saxon, who suggests that all this is just practice for the musical. They are saying that he can wear her bikini and her white robe for the performance.

Saxon asks Jo to cut back on the “your so pretty comments.” Chrissie chimes in with ‘but you are so pretty.’ Claire even says how good he looks. Saxon is feeling his manhood is disapearing. Chrissie asks if he looks like his mum with makeup, and while laughing, Jo says “he’s so pretty, and beautiful.” Saxon walks away, but comes back and shows them what he looks like, and they both start laughing again. Claire asks BB to turn off the lights in the bathroom.

Saxon can’t believe that girls go to so much trouble just to go out. Chrissie says that she is laughing because she sees a women’s eyelid on a mans face. Saxon says that Jo didn’t brush her teeth. Saxon puts something over his mouth and nose, and asks the girls if he looks like a chick. Saxon asks Pat if he would hit on him looking like that, but before we get the answer, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 27 Uplate

Nearly 12:35am before BB Up Late gets underway, with the News and ST going way overtime. Gonna be near 3am before we get to bed tonight. Oh well, we’re underway for another night.

In the living room, we have Vincent, Belinda, Chrissie and others, haven’t worked out who, sitting around talking. Saxon goes and asks Ben (not in the room) if he wants to go into the spa, because they have changed over the water. Regina says to Ben that he shouldn’t go in cause he’ll cause it to go yucky again. Regina is in the living room too, with Patrick lying on her stomach/legs type thing. Leah and Vincent are chucking the small football to each other across the couch. Belinda is doing some kind of face treatment thing, cause her face is a light white.

They are discussing where they would go if they could go to a nightclub, or just out, in this Dreamworld area. Someone mentions the RSL, and this starts a great conversation about how good RSL’s are. (RSL stands for Returned Services League or something, it’s basically for older people, war veterans etc to get together, but nowadays every RSL has pokies and a place to eat etc, becoming quite trendy some of them) Belinda says the drinks are always quite cheap there, compared to normal nightclubs etc.

Jo is sitting near Chrissie, and is asking Saxon how she says ‘Pool’ and ‘Dance’. Whereas the normal way and the ‘posh’ way of saying it! Jo seems to say it the posh way, and she is blaming her parents. Still Vincent and Leah are passing the ball to each other, neither saying much at all. In fact, don’t think I have heard a word out of Leah yet. Just as I type, Vincent says he hates people saying “Pasta” the ‘Pas-ta’ way compared to the normal ‘past-a’ way. Daniel and Claire are also in the room, still no Ben though. Patrick has just walked through the group and is heading towards the spa or pool, I assume, because he has a towel. Daniel says he’s going to get into the pool as well, and he’ll ‘treasure’ it! Also of note is the fact Belinda has no shorts/pants on, only underwear (I assume, and sincerley hope!) and a long T-shirt.

Patrick still hasn’t headed outside as yet, maybe he is waiting for someone to join him out there. Trivia guy comes on and tells us whats been going on this evening before we got the telecast, filling us in that Leah, Belinda and Claire have all decided that Ben is manipulating all of the housemates and playing the game, and that they are not going to put up with it anymore. Also, they believe that Saxon is a bit fake too, perhaps because he still talks to Ben they are not liking him, who knows! Finally, he tells us that the showers (hot water) and the spa will be functional very soon, so we should see some action, rather than conversation, very soon.

They are asking Vincent whether the hot water will be on all night, or just for one hour, because they would all like to take a relaxing spa. Regina says to Vincent that he should go and ask his lover in the diary room (A female BB). Cut away from there, and we join Daniel getting into the pool, and saying how nice it is in there. Dunno if he’s talking to himself or not, couldn’t see anyone else in the shot.

LOL, a strange question to ask. Someone asks ‘Is this all the girls’, meaning is everyone sitting around the couch area. Let’s hope they all know each other at this stage. Jo says there is six girls, and 5 guys left. How observant she is.

Outside in the spa, Saxon and Patrick have gotten into it. They are talking to Daniel who is over in the pool. Ben comes out to see if it’s warm yet, but he still has his clothes on. Ben starts bagging the woman BB, saying they are giving a woman a man’s job. He says that it took her 20 minutes to decide whether she could give them all hot water. He then moves onto say there are too many Indians and not enough Chiefs.

Trivia dude of course has had a big night, as he was on the Insider at 7:30pm. He comes back on just as Ben rejoins the woman inside. Perfect moment to cut to trivia dude so we couldn’t hear, damn you trivia dude. And for you wondering who trivia dude is, of course it is Mike Goldmen.

Chrissie is talking about all the girls coming down to Melbourne for the Spring Carnival, and they can just be themselves completely with no camera’s around. Someone yells out that they are approaching the start of Week 5, which starts on Sunday. Chrissie says why are so many still here if it’s going to be Week 5 on Sunday. Double Evictions must be planned my girl!

Back outside to the boys, and the talk is about nothing in particular. All 3 boys, Sax, Pat and Dan are in the pool now, and Saxon saying that it really is quite warm. Ben is outside with them, but I haven’t seen him yet. Oh god, don’t worry about me, he’s in the pool hehe. They are talking about the warm jets or something, Ben and Saxon are trying to find them, while Pat just swims, and Dan is by himself over the other side not saying much.

Regina has come outside with some of the girls, and they instantly say that Bobby and Saxon look like they are standing their weeing. And it really does look like Benny is, although I’m sure he’s not. Soon after that, we have our first commerical break for the night.

After trivia dude has done his stuff, he tells us there are 42 minutes of hot water left. Anyway, back at the house, Jo is talking to Chrissie and Belinda in the kitchen. They are talking about someone, no idea who, who always wants to touch their special place down below (Male.) I dunno if it’s more Ben bitching or not, but most of the girls have now made their way to the kitchen and are discussing this. Vincent is in their now, and mentions Carlo, but they couldn’t have been talking about him, because half the house never saw him. Leah seems awfully quiet tonight. Someone mentions Daniel’s name, so maybe it’s him they are talking about. Whoever, they are all laughing their head off.

Vincent doesn’t really seem like a blokey kind of guy does he. I think he would much rather hang around the girls, like he’s doing now. They are making themselves a cup of tea or coffee, something like that. Another break.

Back in the kitchen, they are talking about scratching in certain places, to which Leah says she does when she has had lots of sex the night before or something, and Reggie chips in with ‘Oh, I never do that!’ Daniel is lonesome in the shower as we cross to him, standing under the shower nozzle thing, but it’s only dripping out. Weird stuff. He turns one on harder, turns it off, and goes to the next one. Got no idea what he’s doing.

Patrick joins the crew in the kitchen, and then tells Ben that there is 10 minutes left of hot water, by the oven clock. He sits back down and Jo, Chrissie and Vincent are discussing whether it is more cost effective for people to get drunk using spirits or beer. Pat asks whether it’s through a drive through drink at a party type one, or at a pub, to which he says it’s way cheaper to drink Beer at a pub. Another ad break, quite a few tonight. It’s been on for almost an hour so far tonight. It’s a wonder they are all still up, seeing it’s 1:30am.

LOL, the trivia dude just told the girl who got through that she was wrong, and then I had to turn around to watch. Of course, he was only joking…so that was funny, NOT!! Back at the action, Daniel is walking around the kitchen with a big aeroplane thing, making sounds. Weird boy that one!

Out to the square bedroom, and Ben and Saxon are talking about girls and how they are the complete package if their family is also great. Ben says his girl is the complete package. Saxon says he has found 2 girls so far, but they were when he was 18 and 19. They move onto saying that Belinda is getting too confident and happy. Ben says that she suggested to him today that he was unhappy to find that he is happy since the merge. He tells Saxon that for his BB profile they ‘made’ him say that sentence that was “i’m a manipulater, instigater etc”. I can’t remember the rest of it, but it was a line that got a lot of attention that first night from fans.

It’s almost 2am, and I’m absolutely tired out, so I’m just going to go to bed and watch. If anything major happens, I’ll post something in the morning, but other than that…

Keep looking for Warren,

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Day 26 Uplate

Hey all,

I’m sorry to say but I have only just started watching the episode tonight at 12:30am or so. Sorry for missing the first part, but I was stuck at work. Nevermind, moving on.

When I turned it on I found almost everyone out in the kitchen, making stuff to eat and just making conversation. Ben is absent from the group however. I did hear that Chrissie is in love with the name Regina, and is thinking of calling a future cat of hers that name. Regina just laughed.

Saxon asks Reggie where his cup of special milk is, and Reggie says “you said you didn’t want one!” They go back and forth saying ‘I did, I didn’t’ etc, and then Reggie keeps trying to give it to him. In the end, Saxon tells Reggie he was just pissing with her, but he did ask for one, and would like one next time she makes it. Thats ends the little standoff over the milk!

Saxon moves into the bedroom to visit Ben. When we join the conversation, Ben is talking about Chrissie and how cold the girl is. I think they are retelling the reaction he got last night when he went and talked about Reggie with them (see last nights recap.) Before long, they move onto talking about Daniel, and how hard his life must have been to date. For this weeks task, the housemates have had to basically reveal their life story to each other, and Daniel, who has lost both his parents, told his in the afternoon. He specificially said he was telling it just because he had too, and was not playing for the sympathetic votes. Chrissie got emotional during the story. Anyway, Ben says that while it is a sad childhood, they must all be aware to treat him as they have treated him thus far in the house, and the actions of all cannot change because of his past, revealing it today.

The camera’s then panned back to the kitchen, but there were too many conversations going on, and it was hard to concentrate. The trivia guy said that they were planning on having a group meeting soon to thrash out any arguments and tension in the house. He seeemed to think it would be tonight…we’ll wait and see.

Back in the square bedroom, Leah and Regina have joined Ben and Saxon. Regina passes wind, and Ben is onto it quicker than anyone, so he grabs her in a headlock type thing and trys to give back the nice smell, but in her face. I don’t think he achieives it! Soon they are talking about notes on the guitar or something, and Ben calls Pat in to find out the answer. The first thing Pat says is to be careful of the guitar, as he doesn’t want it broken… Anyway, it seems Saxon had the right notes, and Ben was wrong. Commercial break.

Trivia dude comes back, and gives the hint for the second brain teaser. He also trys a joke, saying in a sexy type voice “It’s 1am, give me a call!”, trying to take off one of those phone call services. Anyway, back to the bedroom, and it looks everyone is crowding into the square bedroom, almost all around Ben’s bed. Ben and Belinda are playing kick to kick along the corridor in the bedroom, while Saxon yells out to Vincent that he’s going to ask for a shower, for the reward they won yesterday or something.

Pat joins Leah, Claire and Regina in the bedroom talking, Regina saying that “Pat has joined the pussy club.” Ah, she’s a classic alright! Ben has gone out into the square living area, somewhere where we hardly see anymore. Vincent and Saxon are getting ready for their shower, so it looks like BB granted their request.

Jo and Ben have just been looking for the guitar pick, Reggie actually having it the entire time. Ben resumes his footy (AFL) kick to kick. Chrissie has joined the talk on the beds in the square bedroom, doing hair or something with Leah at the moment. Actually I jumped the gun it seems BB is doing maintence tonight, and they’ll be a lockdown, and so the showers can’t be used at the moment. The lockdown hasn’t started yet, as we go to another break.

Trivia dude starts talking absolute rubbish. He says BB has locked them down in their rooms, without them (the trivia dude and others in the BB compound) knowing what it’s for. Do they take us for fools!!! Anyway, he gives us the hint, and back to the action.

Reggie looks tired out, not talking to anyone, thinking to herself, for god sake BB, get these people out of my room, and let me sleep! A singalong is currently in motion, before they stop and try to get some guidelines in place for the singalong, What the??!!

Belinda and Saxon have moved into the round bedroom, but the singing is still very loud, almost drowning out their conversation. They sit on the bed together in silence, listenig to the song next door. Belinda gets up midway to join them, and Saxon just sits there by himself. They start the house version of “Tomorrow, I’ll love you” which goes “Tomorrow, I’ll kill you, etc, Close your eyers and I’ll kill you”. Jo goes back to her room, and has a laugh with Saxon as she keeps singing. She asks Saxon if it’s pajama time, to which he says yes. Who wouldn’t say yes! Commercial break.

Instead of MBFGL inbetween the daily show and the eviction on Sunday they are screening the show Idol: The Phenomemon. Just shows the international versions of Idol, and what the Aussie version will look like I imagine. Oh, nice, an 18 year old girl wins the $1000 for the night. But she said she might make her way down to the casino. Fool!!!!

Back to the house, Ben and Reggie are having a wrestle, laughing their heads off. He’s got her head inbetween his knees, and he won’t let her out. They finaly break away, before Vincent re-enters the room, and they all start pushing and shoving (the three of them!) Chrissie seems to be on talking terms with Ben, or is it just me. Everyone is in the room now, and a few are singing ‘Kombahyah’ or whatever it is. Jo just did something funny off camera, but they are all laughing. Chrissie says they should sing something new, and Ben yells out “Sweet child of mine.” Someone belts out the main line in that before giving up. Did Pat know how to play the guitar before entering? I didn’t think he knew much, but he’s ok, playing and singing at the same time at the moment. Never heard of the song, or it might just be cause of the groups bad singing! Commercial break :)

Back from the break, almost everyone is singing “You Better Come Home Soon.” Now that actually sounded quite good. The lights have been switched off as well. They are onto “You Will Never Meet Again”, also quite good job they are doing. Regina is talking over the top of it though, and Leah is yelling out for Dan now.

BB cuts away from the action, and we spend the next few minutes going round the backyard with the camera’s. Nothing happening out here. This has lasted for seven minutes now. They move inside the house, and so you can hear singing, but still just showing the inside of the house, and not actually the bedroom. Perhaps showing us one last look of it before they do something else to it….who knows!

In the background, “For the longest time” is being belted out by the housemates. I just can’t figure out why they have cut the bedroom feeds. And again, back outside. I’m waiting for the trivia guy to come back and tell us something, but unlikely, because he said goodnight after the trivia finished. Hmm, thats it, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 25 Uplate

Good evening all, and welcome to another night of Up Late.

We join the rounds bedroom where Daniel, Chrissie, Regina and Claire are. Claire looks ready for bed, Chrissie is in bed, but sitting up, Daniel is sitting on her bed, and Regina is still dressed, leaning against the wall.

Tell me they still aren’t talking about that bloody party 43 days away (it seems that long ago!) They make mention that Chrissie is the only female who is single, Daniel piping in with the comment “And I’m in bed with her!”

Meanwhile, what do you now, Saxon is in the spa. Ben is in there with him, and Jo is sitting close to the spa, engaging in conversation with the two boys. Patirck is also sitting there with Jo, with Jo leaning her arms on his neck. Saxon looks like he has had an injury during the day, as he has his hand strapped, and is keeping it out of the water. Vincent comes out to t join them, and Saxon greets him as “Vincent Van Gogh” The three not in the spa decide to call it a night, and go inside. Pat returns to talk to the boys, having just put a jacket on.

Back inside Belinda is plucking (I think thats the word!) Leah’s eyebrows. Leah has her eyes shut and looks as if she is just resting. No words are exchanged between the two, so BB moves back to the bedroom.

Jo has joined the four in the room, and gets into her PJ’s. Reggie is lying on a bed, laughing about some joke with Chrissie. Belinda must have finished with Leah, as she too enters the bedroom. Somehow they get onto talking about Ben, and start calling him Fat Bobby Chrissie then has fun saying Reggie’s favourite line when someone passes wind while in bed, or in close compounds. Jo jumps into Ben, and Reggie gets up and moves down further toward the three at that end of the room. Lights go out, and a collective “Oooooh” goes around the room.

At this moment, trivia ‘dude’ comes on and tells us about the latest task the group have, which involves people remembering things that others tell them about themselves. He reports that Joanne reveals that something of hers are real (you can work it out!), as well as telling Ben and Saxon that she had anorexia when she was 14 years old. Daniel revealed a close family member passed away only days before BB commenced, Ben discussed crimes while he was a copper, and that Saxon is sure to talk about something from his life soon!!

Back outside in the spa, Leah comes and joins the boys mainly to get her book, but stays and talks for a bit. They talk about how they would all be happy if Daniel was more himself instead of putting on acts all the time. They are sick of listening to “Korg”, his alter ego. Ben and Saxon are considering getting out of the spa, and having a shower, but they don’t want to because they’ll be no hot water.

Back in the bedroom, it seems like it’s a ‘Ben Bitch Session!’ Daniel is giving him a bit of shit, while Jo and Vincent are on beds next to each other and are talking. They all start talking about religon, Regina saying that she seems to be the only person who doesn’t believe in anything in the whole house. With that, it’s the first commercial break.

During the break, trivia dude tells us that Jo has told the room that they are creeping up on their 6 and a half year anniversary (herself and her partner, Tim).

When we return, they are talking for a minute, before BB wipes out the audio, and music comes on. Weird stuff…Trivia guy comes on and says they had to go to music because the conversation is talking about people on the outside, and they can get into trouble if they air them talking about some things. He asks BB if they are stil listening to the music, and then throws back to the music. It’s obviously isn’t live because they couldn’t do tis if it was. Dunno why they couldn’t cut to a different conversation though…Strange indeed.

Finally, they cut to the boys at the spa again. Pat is talking to the other two guys and Leah. BB quickyl leaves that convo, and goes back to the bedroom. Chrissie is unsure whether she wants to be buried as is, or burnt and left with ashes. She says it is strange to be talking about this, but one thing you must/should think about. Jo tells Reggie she should spread them at King Island in Victoria (anyone remember this joke!) Jo asks Reggie if she has won that bet yet, and replies that she will win that bet, before Daniel tells her she has won it, he knows where the island is situated. Another break cuts in.

Back again and the first trivia $1000 brain teaser is on again, and it must be time for a hint I suppose. Yes it is, get back to the action already! Back in the house, we rejoin the bedroom and the girls are talking about how costly it is to raise a child, and how much work it is. Jo says that they have to enrol them in school years before they start, and that it costs a bucketload of money. Jo says everyone should start saving well beforehand.

Regina has a headache, and thats putting her off going to sleep, while Chrissie unfortunately has to get up to go to the toilet, but can’t be bothered! Pat goes to toilet, and Jo asks whats going on, and he says ‘stuff.’ Jo says they are probably having a ‘wank.’ Regina says probably, judging by how dirty it is out there in the spa! Vincent wants to empty it, clean it properly, and fill it up again. Ad break cuts in.

Back and it seems the boys are out of the spa, with Saxon drying himself with a towel in the backyard. He goes in to an empty living room, but the brain teaser dude cuts in and gives Max $1000. Matt rather. Anyway, back in the house, Saxon is talking to Ben and Belinda in their bedroom, with Reggie also in her bed, moving back into the square bedroom. They are talking about the task, Reggie saying she will try her best, but she isn’t very good at things like that.

Swaping rooms, and Jo and Chrissie are both saying they are over the BB experience, they both have a weird feeling and they don’t like it, and they are ready to leave. They are dancing around saying that Ben has changed and they don’t like it from what I can tell. Chrissie says that she is sick of over analysing things that probably people on the outside haven’t even seen, or don’t even talk about, or worry about it. Saxon has joined the convo, and is saying that he is also feeling uncomfortable. Saxon says that he was expecting to feel like that, so he isn’t surprised. Jo says she thought it would be weird for a day or two when the houses merged, but she should be over the weird feeling by now. Saxon says that while BB had control over when putting people into the house in the first week (ie they knew Ben and Jo would get on), they didn’t have much control over what would happen when the houses merged. Saxon goes onto say he didn;t think he was on a BB reality show in the first few weeks, but he is starting too now. The girls (Jo and Chrissie) agree. Commercial break.

This trivia guy just doesn’t shutup tonight does he!? Oooh I know this one without even looking at the screen! LOL. Anyway, back to the action, and it’s back to Saxon with Leah, Chrissie and Jo, oooh and Pat. Saxon says he was ready to walk out after Sunday, but he was lucky the houses merged. Leah makes a good point, saying that she understand the feeling that Chrissie is describing, however, she says that perhaps your meant to feel like that while your having this experience.

Pat says that he goes a bit mad because they can hear you when your moving, talking, and he says soon they will know what I’m thinking. Saxon asks the group whether they would do it again though if they were evicted (ie if they had there time again, would they come in), and they all say yes, without hesitation. Chrissie and Jo go and get some water, which breaks up the conversation. While away, Pat says he is just enjoying his quiet time, because he knows he’ll be working for the next 30 years when he gets outside. Leah says that the girls are over analysing all of this, and thinks that they are half expecting ghosts to appear or something.

Out in the kitchen, Jo and Chrissie are continuing their talk. They are bashing someone, I just can’t work out who. They again say they are frightened. Hmm, I’ll try to work out who they were bitching about, while Ch10 goes to a break and Chrissie and Jo wander around the backyard. Trivia guy seems to think that Ben is the cause of Chrissie and Jo’s weird feeling.

Chrissie and Jo have once again returned to the bedroom. Ben comes over to tell them that Reggie mentioned a pussy whip club or something or other. A bit of a change in conversation for the girls at least!! Ben can’t believe that Reggie knows of one of these clubs. Jo says Pat is the perfect man once Ben leaves. Leah says she realised he wasn’t perfect when he admitted to taking drugs earlier in the evening (admitting to it, not taking them in the BB house.) Quick flip by BB back to the square bedroom, where they are still talking about the adult club!

Ben suddenly blurts out “If Chrissie wants a war, she can have one.” Belinda is totally confused by this, asking if they are having a disagreement, but Ben says no.

Leah comes in and says that Patrick just said they can see into the other bedroom from the round bedroom through the mirrors or something, and then all of a sudden BB turns something off, and Patrick says ‘not anymore.’ A bit of funny stuff in the wee hours of the morning. The guys ask if Leah is going to sleep in their room, but she doesn’t think so. Ben is getting angry, really angry LOL. He says the girls can’t take a little critism, and is letting out a few of the lovely words at them. Oh it’s funny! Poor Benny is out next week though, thats the bad thing. You can see it a mile away unfortunately. Leah, who is getting along much better this week with Ben, will go on Sunday, and the majority of the round house will probably give Ben the two points. Unfortunate, but likely….

We return as Regina is trying to say ‘pt calling the kettle black’ or whatever it is, but she just can’t say it properly. Funny stuff again! Ben, Saxon and Leah are all whispering to each other, and you can’t hear/understand. Leah is whsipering to Ben and Reggie telling them about the earlier conversation in the round bedroom, and how Chrissie and Jo aren’t liking it at the moment. They listen attentively.

Is it just me, or is tonight the start of the housemates seperating into two distinct groups, with a few of them in between not in either group. I’m thinking aloud, because I can’t understand the whispering. Could see Regina (from what I’m watching atm) siding with Ben on this occassion. I dunno though, early days of this ‘war’ as Ben called it! LOL

Ben is saying to Reggie that the last few days talking about B1 and B2 has given them ammo (Chrissie, Jo etc) to bitch about him and single out Ben as the bad boy of the house. He’s saying that he will probably be nominated next week, and it will be interesting to see how many votes he gets. Of course, he was immune from nominations this week.

Into the kitchen we go, where Leah, Belinda, Saxon and Vincent are cooking up a storm! They are only talking about the cooking of something or other, so they go back to the whispers of Ben and Reggie, which you can’t understand!!! Difficult to recap, because you can understand a few words, but can’t work out a full sentence hardly. Someone brings in a cup of coffee for them both, but they don’t stick around. The audio seeeming to break up doesn’t help either. The camera has been on this convo for the last 10 minutes at least. Probably one more ad break before we wrap up for the night I would think. Nope, just as I write that, Dreamworld wishes us goodnight.

Keep looking for Warren,

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Day 23 Uplate

We join the house, with the majority of the housemates in the hot-tub talking about where camera’s are or something. Just after this, Joanne comes out and tells Leah that both of their microphone’s aren’t working. Geez, how good does Jo look in that bikini! LOL, the camera guy has just focused in on the side of her bikini, a beautiful sight to start the night with.

Oh god. About 4 conversations going on at the one time within 5 metres of each other; It’s going to be hard to recap, but I’ll try!

So, have Leah & Saxon got a thing for each other or what? They are sitting next to each other in the tub, and have decided to have a play fight to pass the time. Meanwhile, the other housemates say goodnight to Chrissie. It seems that Chrissie, Joanne and Patrick are not in the tub. Maybe someone else, I can’t tell.

Vincent just got some of the water in his eyes and is not impressed. Woops, actually Joanne and Patrick are in the tub, Joanne having her arm around Pat. All of them are saying their is a heap of spa detergent in the spa, with them all saying they don’t like it. We get a nice little Meanwhile box appear in the bottom right of the screen showing Chrissie climbing into her bed. Joanne is now singing, still with her arm around Patrick. Is it just me or does she seem a little drunk!

Regina climbs out and heads for inside, however Ben tells her she forgot her mic, and she has to come back and sort though 11 of them just to find hers. Belinda is next out, going to get something or other. Meanwhile, Joanne and Saxon are blowing the bubbles at each other. Jo lets out a few shouts, before Big Brother says “This is BB. Regina you actually have Joanne’s microphone, please find your own!” They all laugh, and when she comes back out, Ben helps her find her own.

Cut away from the audio as the Brain Teaser dude does a plug for himself, before the audio is returned. Regina is still trying to find her mic, Belinda also helping now. Joanne clears some stuff from her eyes, before Patrick grabs her and sits her on his lap back in the spa. She has to get out again though to get some water on her eyes, as the chlorine or whatever is in there is just too powerful.

Ben goes with her, grabs her, and chucks her in the pool. Funny stuff! Oh now it’s just sweet. They start play fighting, and then she says ‘my boob fell out’. Then they have a cuddle and tell each other they love each other, and then Jo gives him what looks like a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes are much better after that!

Jo and Ben then tell the others to come into the pool. Patrick is over in a flash, lol. Regina also joins them. They say that it’s really nice in the pool. Pat and Jo get out and do a nic dive in each. Regina tells Ben that he wants Jo to do the backflips so he can see Jo’s body. Oh I love the banter between these two, or these four actually. Pat & Jo go back to the spa to join the others, while Chrissie comes over, out of bed, and gives some people some towels.

Jo is so excited by everyone being together, and the spa and pool finally being revealed. It certaintly will spice up the up late shows at least. Ben has also returned to the spa now, while Regina is trying to do something in the bathroom I think. And it’s time for a commercial.

The Brain teaser dude shows us the first teaser for the night, and then we are returned to the house. We see Chrissie in bed with all the lights on, before they go back to the spa.

Joanne and Vincent are trying to talk Italian to each other, with Saxon trying to butt in and ask questions like ‘what was that!’ They have a HEAP of bubbles in that spa suddenly, and it seems some of them have left the spa to go elsewhere. Where, I have no idea yet…

Claire gets out of the spa, leaving 6 in there. We know that Vincent, Jo, Saxon, Pat, Leah and someone else is in there. It sounds like Claire just jumped into the pool, but I can’t be 100% sure. Jo seems to be talking right ‘in his face’ to Vincent, and Vincent seems to keep moving backward. Commercial break.

Boring trivia dude again, and then back to the action. Chrissie is back out at the spa, and Jo, who again I re-interate, is absloltely smashed, is talking Italian to her, trying to explain it to Chrissie as she says it. Oh dear… Jo calls out in stupid Italian accent, while talking English, “I go for swim, then come to bed.” Jo says that there were 10 in the spa in the beginning, and now only 4, being herself, Vincent, Saxon & Leah, who is very quiet tonight. Saxon then starts to try to tell Leah and Joanne about the Belinda incident, but says he can’t because B said he couldn’t. He trys to make out that it was a terrible tale, and that Belinda was at the centre of it. Not suprisingly, BB cuts away from that group.

Into the showers, we see the first nudity of Up Late. The first I’ve seen anyway. Claire is gone the full monty, while Reggie, Daniel and Belinda have their clothing still firmly on. Chrissie comes to say goodnight to the three in the shower, with Ben yelling out in the background that they have been in their for 15 minutes, and he wants a turn!!

Well, we return to the square bedroom, where Ben & Regina are talking about Joanne, Ben saying that ‘Yeh right she’s a princess.’, obviously talking about her performance, or behaviour, tonight. Ben is trying to get someone to give him something to read. He is quite the bookwork when he is lying down on his bed, always reading something. Ben goes out of the bedroom, and we watch Belinda and Reggie get ready for bed.

Back in the spa, Patrick has rejoined the 4 of them, and they are talking about something, when Vincent whispers into Joanne’s ear something, to which she responds by saying ‘that would turn any girl in the whole world on.’ Perhaps it was Vincent’s famous growl…not entirely sure.

Back after trivia again we find ourselves watching Ben, Claire and Belinda discussing whether they should have all the sleep in people in one bedroom, and the other wake up early housemates in the other bedroom, so they can sleep in without being woken up by housemates which are already up.

They think that today’s been a long day. Ben suggests that they got up at about 7:30, it was more like 8:30 really. Ben revealed that he peaked last night and could see people doing some moving in the house and backyard. He says I probably shouldn’t say that! Claire goes back to the other bedroom, saying goodnight to both Belinda and Ben.

Back in the round bedroom, Chrissie who still hasn’t gone to sleep, is talking in another weird accent. Regina, Daniel and Patrick are around Chrissie’s bed. Regina is saying that she hates the feeling of being drunk. She is having a little cry by the look of it, although it might just be the chlorine from the spa/pool. Claire meanwhile strips down to nothing, and climbs into her bed.

We get a close up of Jo after the break, just sitting in the spa. Besides being a bit drunk, she is absolutely stunning. I can’t say that enough times. Meanwhile, the two boys, Ben and Patrick are having a convo in the square bedroom, about how Pat can’t believe he’s the oldest, suggesting that Ben is lying about his age!

Moving along, Regina says that ‘obviously something’ went on before they got there, and she says that she and Ben still don’t know about it. Claire says she would tell, but she can’t talk about it for legal reasons. BB quickly cuts back to the calmer, less stressful, Ben and Pat conversation. They continue talking about earthquakes, which as you can guess, makes for riverting television. If only they knew that they were on TV live every weeknight.

Reggie is having a little cry back in the other bedroom, saying that she seriously couldn’t see any other girl from the round house being able to cope with half of the crap that went on next door. AGAIN, BB quickly cuts away, this time to a commerical break.

Back from the final brain teaser (thank god), we join the girls again in the round house. They are discussing the changes in Ben from when he was in the round house, to when he went across to the other. Regina says she is finding it hard that there is such a difference in the person by just swaping houses. She is getting quite upset over this. She just can’t figure out which Ben is actually the ‘real’ Ben.

Belinda is telling Chrissie and Daniel about how she was scared when Ben jumped into her bed one night and told her he was scared of the boys, and then preceded to throw bottles at the boys (Carlo and Saxon I suppose.) Again, after not much longer, their is another ad break.

Back for what will be the final segment of up late for the night, and we are with Daniel and Chrissie. Switch feeds and Joanne is having a cuddle with Ben. She then says she hasn’t seen B2 yet. B2 is a code name used for the other side of Ben. Ben says that Jo knows Ben 95%, while Jo says Ben knows her 100%. Ben says that it takes a long time to fully understand someone, and that he thinks he still doesn’t fully know her. Jo leaves, but says she will be back.

They show a conversation between Claire and Reggie, basically still talking about Ben’s second side, and saying the same stuff, while they have the meanwhile box down the bottom showing Jo back on Ben’s bed talking to him. In the background in the round house, someone is singing Willy Wonka songs! Good stuff hehe.

Finally they cross back over, where Ben is saying that he can change personalities slightly, saying tha the has young friends and he changes into a different persona sometimes. Jo says that Regina is still upset over this. Ben says he talked to her earlier and that she is fine, cause she is a straight shooter. He says that if there was a problem, Reggie would have said something. Pat is also there, where they are thinking of asking her who she is angry/upset about….

And damn it, it’s all over for the night.
Keep looking for Warren,

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