Day 25 Uplate

Good evening all, and welcome to another night of Up Late.

We join the rounds bedroom where Daniel, Chrissie, Regina and Claire are. Claire looks ready for bed, Chrissie is in bed, but sitting up, Daniel is sitting on her bed, and Regina is still dressed, leaning against the wall.

Tell me they still aren’t talking about that bloody party 43 days away (it seems that long ago!) They make mention that Chrissie is the only female who is single, Daniel piping in with the comment “And I’m in bed with her!”

Meanwhile, what do you now, Saxon is in the spa. Ben is in there with him, and Jo is sitting close to the spa, engaging in conversation with the two boys. Patirck is also sitting there with Jo, with Jo leaning her arms on his neck. Saxon looks like he has had an injury during the day, as he has his hand strapped, and is keeping it out of the water. Vincent comes out to t join them, and Saxon greets him as “Vincent Van Gogh” The three not in the spa decide to call it a night, and go inside. Pat returns to talk to the boys, having just put a jacket on.

Back inside Belinda is plucking (I think thats the word!) Leah’s eyebrows. Leah has her eyes shut and looks as if she is just resting. No words are exchanged between the two, so BB moves back to the bedroom.

Jo has joined the four in the room, and gets into her PJ’s. Reggie is lying on a bed, laughing about some joke with Chrissie. Belinda must have finished with Leah, as she too enters the bedroom. Somehow they get onto talking about Ben, and start calling him Fat Bobby Chrissie then has fun saying Reggie’s favourite line when someone passes wind while in bed, or in close compounds. Jo jumps into Ben, and Reggie gets up and moves down further toward the three at that end of the room. Lights go out, and a collective “Oooooh” goes around the room.

At this moment, trivia ‘dude’ comes on and tells us about the latest task the group have, which involves people remembering things that others tell them about themselves. He reports that Joanne reveals that something of hers are real (you can work it out!), as well as telling Ben and Saxon that she had anorexia when she was 14 years old. Daniel revealed a close family member passed away only days before BB commenced, Ben discussed crimes while he was a copper, and that Saxon is sure to talk about something from his life soon!!

Back outside in the spa, Leah comes and joins the boys mainly to get her book, but stays and talks for a bit. They talk about how they would all be happy if Daniel was more himself instead of putting on acts all the time. They are sick of listening to “Korg”, his alter ego. Ben and Saxon are considering getting out of the spa, and having a shower, but they don’t want to because they’ll be no hot water.

Back in the bedroom, it seems like it’s a ‘Ben Bitch Session!’ Daniel is giving him a bit of shit, while Jo and Vincent are on beds next to each other and are talking. They all start talking about religon, Regina saying that she seems to be the only person who doesn’t believe in anything in the whole house. With that, it’s the first commercial break.

During the break, trivia dude tells us that Jo has told the room that they are creeping up on their 6 and a half year anniversary (herself and her partner, Tim).

When we return, they are talking for a minute, before BB wipes out the audio, and music comes on. Weird stuff…Trivia guy comes on and says they had to go to music because the conversation is talking about people on the outside, and they can get into trouble if they air them talking about some things. He asks BB if they are stil listening to the music, and then throws back to the music. It’s obviously isn’t live because they couldn’t do tis if it was. Dunno why they couldn’t cut to a different conversation though…Strange indeed.

Finally, they cut to the boys at the spa again. Pat is talking to the other two guys and Leah. BB quickyl leaves that convo, and goes back to the bedroom. Chrissie is unsure whether she wants to be buried as is, or burnt and left with ashes. She says it is strange to be talking about this, but one thing you must/should think about. Jo tells Reggie she should spread them at King Island in Victoria (anyone remember this joke!) Jo asks Reggie if she has won that bet yet, and replies that she will win that bet, before Daniel tells her she has won it, he knows where the island is situated. Another break cuts in.

Back again and the first trivia $1000 brain teaser is on again, and it must be time for a hint I suppose. Yes it is, get back to the action already! Back in the house, we rejoin the bedroom and the girls are talking about how costly it is to raise a child, and how much work it is. Jo says that they have to enrol them in school years before they start, and that it costs a bucketload of money. Jo says everyone should start saving well beforehand.

Regina has a headache, and thats putting her off going to sleep, while Chrissie unfortunately has to get up to go to the toilet, but can’t be bothered! Pat goes to toilet, and Jo asks whats going on, and he says ‘stuff.’ Jo says they are probably having a ‘wank.’ Regina says probably, judging by how dirty it is out there in the spa! Vincent wants to empty it, clean it properly, and fill it up again. Ad break cuts in.

Back and it seems the boys are out of the spa, with Saxon drying himself with a towel in the backyard. He goes in to an empty living room, but the brain teaser dude cuts in and gives Max $1000. Matt rather. Anyway, back in the house, Saxon is talking to Ben and Belinda in their bedroom, with Reggie also in her bed, moving back into the square bedroom. They are talking about the task, Reggie saying she will try her best, but she isn’t very good at things like that.

Swaping rooms, and Jo and Chrissie are both saying they are over the BB experience, they both have a weird feeling and they don’t like it, and they are ready to leave. They are dancing around saying that Ben has changed and they don’t like it from what I can tell. Chrissie says that she is sick of over analysing things that probably people on the outside haven’t even seen, or don’t even talk about, or worry about it. Saxon has joined the convo, and is saying that he is also feeling uncomfortable. Saxon says that he was expecting to feel like that, so he isn’t surprised. Jo says she thought it would be weird for a day or two when the houses merged, but she should be over the weird feeling by now. Saxon says that while BB had control over when putting people into the house in the first week (ie they knew Ben and Jo would get on), they didn’t have much control over what would happen when the houses merged. Saxon goes onto say he didn;t think he was on a BB reality show in the first few weeks, but he is starting too now. The girls (Jo and Chrissie) agree. Commercial break.

This trivia guy just doesn’t shutup tonight does he!? Oooh I know this one without even looking at the screen! LOL. Anyway, back to the action, and it’s back to Saxon with Leah, Chrissie and Jo, oooh and Pat. Saxon says he was ready to walk out after Sunday, but he was lucky the houses merged. Leah makes a good point, saying that she understand the feeling that Chrissie is describing, however, she says that perhaps your meant to feel like that while your having this experience.

Pat says that he goes a bit mad because they can hear you when your moving, talking, and he says soon they will know what I’m thinking. Saxon asks the group whether they would do it again though if they were evicted (ie if they had there time again, would they come in), and they all say yes, without hesitation. Chrissie and Jo go and get some water, which breaks up the conversation. While away, Pat says he is just enjoying his quiet time, because he knows he’ll be working for the next 30 years when he gets outside. Leah says that the girls are over analysing all of this, and thinks that they are half expecting ghosts to appear or something.

Out in the kitchen, Jo and Chrissie are continuing their talk. They are bashing someone, I just can’t work out who. They again say they are frightened. Hmm, I’ll try to work out who they were bitching about, while Ch10 goes to a break and Chrissie and Jo wander around the backyard. Trivia guy seems to think that Ben is the cause of Chrissie and Jo’s weird feeling.

Chrissie and Jo have once again returned to the bedroom. Ben comes over to tell them that Reggie mentioned a pussy whip club or something or other. A bit of a change in conversation for the girls at least!! Ben can’t believe that Reggie knows of one of these clubs. Jo says Pat is the perfect man once Ben leaves. Leah says she realised he wasn’t perfect when he admitted to taking drugs earlier in the evening (admitting to it, not taking them in the BB house.) Quick flip by BB back to the square bedroom, where they are still talking about the adult club!

Ben suddenly blurts out “If Chrissie wants a war, she can have one.” Belinda is totally confused by this, asking if they are having a disagreement, but Ben says no.

Leah comes in and says that Patrick just said they can see into the other bedroom from the round bedroom through the mirrors or something, and then all of a sudden BB turns something off, and Patrick says ‘not anymore.’ A bit of funny stuff in the wee hours of the morning. The guys ask if Leah is going to sleep in their room, but she doesn’t think so. Ben is getting angry, really angry LOL. He says the girls can’t take a little critism, and is letting out a few of the lovely words at them. Oh it’s funny! Poor Benny is out next week though, thats the bad thing. You can see it a mile away unfortunately. Leah, who is getting along much better this week with Ben, will go on Sunday, and the majority of the round house will probably give Ben the two points. Unfortunate, but likely….

We return as Regina is trying to say ‘pt calling the kettle black’ or whatever it is, but she just can’t say it properly. Funny stuff again! Ben, Saxon and Leah are all whispering to each other, and you can’t hear/understand. Leah is whsipering to Ben and Reggie telling them about the earlier conversation in the round bedroom, and how Chrissie and Jo aren’t liking it at the moment. They listen attentively.

Is it just me, or is tonight the start of the housemates seperating into two distinct groups, with a few of them in between not in either group. I’m thinking aloud, because I can’t understand the whispering. Could see Regina (from what I’m watching atm) siding with Ben on this occassion. I dunno though, early days of this ‘war’ as Ben called it! LOL

Ben is saying to Reggie that the last few days talking about B1 and B2 has given them ammo (Chrissie, Jo etc) to bitch about him and single out Ben as the bad boy of the house. He’s saying that he will probably be nominated next week, and it will be interesting to see how many votes he gets. Of course, he was immune from nominations this week.

Into the kitchen we go, where Leah, Belinda, Saxon and Vincent are cooking up a storm! They are only talking about the cooking of something or other, so they go back to the whispers of Ben and Reggie, which you can’t understand!!! Difficult to recap, because you can understand a few words, but can’t work out a full sentence hardly. Someone brings in a cup of coffee for them both, but they don’t stick around. The audio seeeming to break up doesn’t help either. The camera has been on this convo for the last 10 minutes at least. Probably one more ad break before we wrap up for the night I would think. Nope, just as I write that, Dreamworld wishes us goodnight.

Keep looking for Warren,

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