Day 25

11:47am – The housemates are focusing on this week’s task: learning interesting facts about each other. Regina is in the kitchen questioning Jo. Jo’s boyfriend is a hotel manager, plays aussie rules, they have been together for six and half years today. Regina wishes them happy anniversary, she’s all joy for Jo. A plane goes by and a bored Daniel and Belinda wave to it. Daniel then starts talking to the pool creepy crawly, which is skimming up the side of the pool. Daniel jokes that it’s coming up for air. The creepy crawly cleaner is making a “duk-a-duk” noise and Daniel starts dancing the macarena to it. Belinda is amused and confused at the same time, giving him a clap.

Regina and Jo have turned back to talking about Ben’s fight with Jo. Ben snaps so easily, says Jo, and won’t apologise for it. Regina agrees that it wasn’t nice of Ben to say such mean things. They both come to the conclusion that it’s a man thing keeping him from apologising. Jo wanted to sleep on it but there is no conclusion so far. Daniel joins them and Jo worries that Tim won’t want to be with her anymore, but Daniel assures her that it won’t happen… well if it does happen it happens but don’t worry about it because it’s self-toture.

1:35pm – Jo goes into the bedroom and Ben asks how she is. Jo is not refreshed from last night. Ben starts telling Jo that it will be alright – she will get another boyfriend. Jo explains she has probably upset Tim (her boyfriend) by some of her actions in the house. Saxon asks if Tim’s ever cheated – he hasn’t. Jo wouldn’t want to be with him if that was the case. There was one incident early in their relationship where Tim put his arm around a girl and Jo flipped out – putting him through about nine months of pain. At this point Jo was insecure about the relationship, she says. Saxon says if he hits six months it’s a record, but Jo says that’s fine he’s only 19 years old.

5:53pm – Vincent and Jo are in the bathroom, and Vincent gives her a hug and kiss. Jo is really sweaty, but Vincent says it’s fine – he didn’t smell a thing.

Later Regina and Ben are lying on beds in the round bedroom. They discuss what happened and come to a conclusion of resolution. Regina has been thinking about her marriage a little – Ben suggests its a bit of a flat spot in a 9 year marriage. Regina and Adrian have come to a disagreement about what they want to do in the future: Regina has had enough of working in the fish and chip shop and wants to sell it and go travelling. Adrian doesn’t want to do that, however. Regina doesn’t want to sign the lease again and be there for a total of 15 years. Adrian has resigned the lease but it’s out of her control because technically she’s an employee. This time however she’s putting herself first and doing everything she wants to this year.

8:10pm – The housemates can hear a party happening near the complex. They are excited by the music. Belinda and Daniel start dancing, doing crazy moves by the pool. Inside Leah says to Claire that Daniel has found his twin. The pair have gained an audience now – Claire thinks it’s good. Leah thinks she will leave the house now because the public won’t want to seperate Belinda and Daniel.

8:27pm – Vincent is taking the opportunity to ask Jo about her confrontation with Ben. She says yesterday was the worst she’s ever been. Vincent says its bad with people aggravate it … “no one in particular” (he looks at Ben). Vincent basically says everything Jo wants to hear and already knows.

9:39pm – Jo is now discussing the comfrontation with Regina. She is now aware of how people can be manipulative. Regina says if she was going to act like they suspect Ben is doing, she couldn’t last this long. Ben used to be Jo’s rock but now she is uncertain on his intentions.

10:29pm – Jo is now asking Saxon about apparently gossiping about her with Leah. Jo thinks that Leah doesn’t like her, but Saxon clarifies: Leah is intimidated but doesn’t not like her. He predicts Leah sees Jo as more attractive and therein lines the intimidation. Ben comes over and makes a joke that Saxon keeps obsessing about Jo. Jo tempts Ben with a secret from her younger years: when she was 14 she had anorexia… resulting in heart problems and hospital stays. She went down to 35kg. She is now around 50kg.

Ben: “The truth will always bubble”.

12:42am – Chrissie was told today by Ben that she’s the ultimate player… she has manipulated everyone in the house. Chrissie found it a big laugh, as does Regina who is now hearing about it. Ben is just in the bed over and says “if you want to go to war, we’ll go to war”. Belinda is concerned that no one is getting along. Ben starts tempting Belinda, saying she’s causing friction. She doesn’t take it too seriously. Regina calls Ben an asshole.

Later in the bedroom a group of original round housemates discuss the larger house. Jo prefers the smaller house – it was more homely. Chrissie doesn’t like whats going on with the personalities in the larger house. Leah understands but likes both types of houses. Chrissie is over Big Brother now: she is ready to go because she’s scared of the mean overtones coming through with some of the housemates.

Later Leah relays the conversation she was just a part of to Ben and Saxon, who both get annoyed. Saxon says that group are acting like it’s their house and they should get over it. Ben thinks the whole conversation started because of comments he made: there is no dispute from the others. Ben has had enough now: he swears at Leah and tells her to grow up and accept it.

Chrissie and Regina are now whispering: Chrissie wants to know why Ben is now yelling “grow up” to everyone. She says he is overacting to everything in the house… “it’s awful”.

Chrissie: “I’m scared. I’m really frightened of him. I’m not going to talk to him at all from now on.”

1:32am – Jo, Belinda and Saxon are having a midnight snack in the kitchen. Belinda comments that she can’t see the bad in anyone in the house… except for Carlo. Saxon feels he must defend Carlo and says that he himself has said nasty things about Belinda in the past. He adds that there were times where he felt Belinda was chopping and changing her personalty around. Belinda explains that she’s now comfortable in the current house and couldn’t have come out in the original house – Saxon couldn’t see this because he didn’t enter the house at the same time she did. It was freaking Belinda out that Saxon was acting like Carlo – but Saxon insists he was just scared of Belinda’s changing personalities and wanted to stay away from that.

Vincent is now there and acts as mediator.. he says that today is basically day 3. Belinda agrees and says her experience has started from the house merger.

In the square bedroom Regina and Ben are swapping notes on the other housemates. Ben gives a rundown of his thoughts:

Chrissie – dangerous, a definite player
Dan – a lost soul who’s run out of material, he’s struggling
Leah – the same
Regina and Ben – pretty much similar.
Vincent – chasing Joanne
Belinda – a loose cannon

Regina wonders what people are thinking of her – but Ben assures her she’s fine.

Back in the kitchen:

Vincent: “Things are going to get a whole lot more interesting now. We’ve got over our honeymoon period. Now the walls are starting to close in again”

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