Day 24

The Big Brother narrator tells us that the housemates have heavy heads after Monday night’s entire house party.

1:31pm – Regina, Leah and Jo are talking about the happenings the night before. They all think the situation got out of hand. Leah thinks that Brennon (her boyfriend) is going to kill her. Regina is worried that things happened that shouldn’t have, but she can’t remember entirely what happened. Jo isn’t really worried because she knows they will have time to set the record straight with their partners. She says that if Tim (her boyfriend) takes it the wrong way then he’s not worth it.

Later Ben and Leah are by the pool. Ben is gossiping about Jo and how she’s been tempting all the boys in the house. Leah says that Saxon has been following Jo all over the house. She also states that she couldn’t ‘play the game’ if she tried. Ben thinks that Jo is being a temptress and trying to manipulate the guys in the house, and that Jo’s boyfriend won’t be waiting for her when she leaves the house. Leah says that Jo was acting the worst last night, and after watching Jo fold up a towel with Patrick, she elaborates that Jo was definately the worst.

Leah is glad she doesn’t have big tits like Jo. The two of them agree that she’s using her tits to her advantage. Leah reveals that Saxon told her that he’s “mesmorised by her tits” (Jo’s that is). Leah believes they are probably fake, because they don’t move when she skips.

2:59pm – Ben is explaining to the round house girls about his double personality demonstrated in the last few days. He says that their boyfriends would do the exact same thing when out with their mates, using Jo’s boyfriend Tim as an example. Jo defends those claims saying Tim would never do anything like that. Ben says that she is wrong and starts whistling causally and walks away. Jo gets really upset and starts crying. Chrissie says it’s wrong to assume every guy is like Ben.

Leah tells Ben in the kitchen that he made Jo cry. She explains that Jo was already worried about Tim and Ben added to her confusion. Ben says that he has nothing to do with what Jo was pre-occupied with. Then he says “ahh who cares”. Then he watches Patrick comfront Jo, saying “ah get in there Pat… get in there perfect”.

They are still talking about the party in the house. Vincent is worried about the kiss he gave Jo in the spa. He apologizes to her after seeing her upset, but Jo reassures him that it had nothing to do with that kiss. Vincent does know what it’s all about.

In the lounge room Regina tells Leah and Ben that Vincent and Jo are talking in the kitchen. Ben starts gossiping yet again saying that Vincent is in love with Jo.

In the kitchen Vince tells Jo how he’s feeling close to everyone in the house after just 24 hours with them. He shows Jo why he always wears a bracelet around his wrist. It’s to cover a scar from an accident which happened to him. They talk about life outside the house, and Vincent says the prizes at the end don’t matter.

In the lounge room Ben says it’s like Beverly Hills 90210, the way Jo and Vincent are talking. Leah joins him to spy on Jo and Vincent. Regina doesn’t.

The BB voiceover explains that for a task the housemates have to memorise strange facts about each other. Vincent says that he’s always wanted to be an extra in a Star Wars movie. Jo says she knows some one in the production of the 6th movie and tells him she could talk to some one.

10:11pm – They are STILL talking about that party. Regina and Chrissie are wondering about the scandalous events that happened in the spa, but they can’t remember what happened. Regina says that she walked into the loungeroom at one point, Jo and Vincent were on the couch together and quickly jumped up when she walked in. Chrissie is surprised that it was Vincent. She then says that Vincent is very good looking in her eyes and that the guys must get jealous of him.

In the kitchen Leah is telling Claire that she can’t see anyone who’s geniune in the house. Claire say she doesn’t really care about that and doesn’t try to pay attention to it. Claire asks Leah what she sees in a particular housemate who is ‘playing the game’. Leah says that this particular housemate is using sex appeal to her advantage. She then talks about Saxon and Patrick being very attached to this housemate.

Later Jo and Vincent are still talking in the backyard. Leah and Claire gossip about them.

12:56am – Jo is staying awake because she can’t stop thinking about Tim and what happened during the party. Ben is wondering about the footage the producers have to show. Jo is worried that she is portrayed as a tart, or they show too much of her swearing. She is worried that Tim will see the footage, go out and do something stupid. Ben and Regina tell her that that is extremely unlikely. Ben tells her that it was just innocent interaction.

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