Day 23 Uplate

We join the house, with the majority of the housemates in the hot-tub talking about where camera’s are or something. Just after this, Joanne comes out and tells Leah that both of their microphone’s aren’t working. Geez, how good does Jo look in that bikini! LOL, the camera guy has just focused in on the side of her bikini, a beautiful sight to start the night with.

Oh god. About 4 conversations going on at the one time within 5 metres of each other; It’s going to be hard to recap, but I’ll try!

So, have Leah & Saxon got a thing for each other or what? They are sitting next to each other in the tub, and have decided to have a play fight to pass the time. Meanwhile, the other housemates say goodnight to Chrissie. It seems that Chrissie, Joanne and Patrick are not in the tub. Maybe someone else, I can’t tell.

Vincent just got some of the water in his eyes and is not impressed. Woops, actually Joanne and Patrick are in the tub, Joanne having her arm around Pat. All of them are saying their is a heap of spa detergent in the spa, with them all saying they don’t like it. We get a nice little Meanwhile box appear in the bottom right of the screen showing Chrissie climbing into her bed. Joanne is now singing, still with her arm around Patrick. Is it just me or does she seem a little drunk!

Regina climbs out and heads for inside, however Ben tells her she forgot her mic, and she has to come back and sort though 11 of them just to find hers. Belinda is next out, going to get something or other. Meanwhile, Joanne and Saxon are blowing the bubbles at each other. Jo lets out a few shouts, before Big Brother says “This is BB. Regina you actually have Joanne’s microphone, please find your own!” They all laugh, and when she comes back out, Ben helps her find her own.

Cut away from the audio as the Brain Teaser dude does a plug for himself, before the audio is returned. Regina is still trying to find her mic, Belinda also helping now. Joanne clears some stuff from her eyes, before Patrick grabs her and sits her on his lap back in the spa. She has to get out again though to get some water on her eyes, as the chlorine or whatever is in there is just too powerful.

Ben goes with her, grabs her, and chucks her in the pool. Funny stuff! Oh now it’s just sweet. They start play fighting, and then she says ‘my boob fell out’. Then they have a cuddle and tell each other they love each other, and then Jo gives him what looks like a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes are much better after that!

Jo and Ben then tell the others to come into the pool. Patrick is over in a flash, lol. Regina also joins them. They say that it’s really nice in the pool. Pat and Jo get out and do a nic dive in each. Regina tells Ben that he wants Jo to do the backflips so he can see Jo’s body. Oh I love the banter between these two, or these four actually. Pat & Jo go back to the spa to join the others, while Chrissie comes over, out of bed, and gives some people some towels.

Jo is so excited by everyone being together, and the spa and pool finally being revealed. It certaintly will spice up the up late shows at least. Ben has also returned to the spa now, while Regina is trying to do something in the bathroom I think. And it’s time for a commercial.

The Brain teaser dude shows us the first teaser for the night, and then we are returned to the house. We see Chrissie in bed with all the lights on, before they go back to the spa.

Joanne and Vincent are trying to talk Italian to each other, with Saxon trying to butt in and ask questions like ‘what was that!’ They have a HEAP of bubbles in that spa suddenly, and it seems some of them have left the spa to go elsewhere. Where, I have no idea yet…

Claire gets out of the spa, leaving 6 in there. We know that Vincent, Jo, Saxon, Pat, Leah and someone else is in there. It sounds like Claire just jumped into the pool, but I can’t be 100% sure. Jo seems to be talking right ‘in his face’ to Vincent, and Vincent seems to keep moving backward. Commercial break.

Boring trivia dude again, and then back to the action. Chrissie is back out at the spa, and Jo, who again I re-interate, is absloltely smashed, is talking Italian to her, trying to explain it to Chrissie as she says it. Oh dear… Jo calls out in stupid Italian accent, while talking English, “I go for swim, then come to bed.” Jo says that there were 10 in the spa in the beginning, and now only 4, being herself, Vincent, Saxon & Leah, who is very quiet tonight. Saxon then starts to try to tell Leah and Joanne about the Belinda incident, but says he can’t because B said he couldn’t. He trys to make out that it was a terrible tale, and that Belinda was at the centre of it. Not suprisingly, BB cuts away from that group.

Into the showers, we see the first nudity of Up Late. The first I’ve seen anyway. Claire is gone the full monty, while Reggie, Daniel and Belinda have their clothing still firmly on. Chrissie comes to say goodnight to the three in the shower, with Ben yelling out in the background that they have been in their for 15 minutes, and he wants a turn!!

Well, we return to the square bedroom, where Ben & Regina are talking about Joanne, Ben saying that ‘Yeh right she’s a princess.’, obviously talking about her performance, or behaviour, tonight. Ben is trying to get someone to give him something to read. He is quite the bookwork when he is lying down on his bed, always reading something. Ben goes out of the bedroom, and we watch Belinda and Reggie get ready for bed.

Back in the spa, Patrick has rejoined the 4 of them, and they are talking about something, when Vincent whispers into Joanne’s ear something, to which she responds by saying ‘that would turn any girl in the whole world on.’ Perhaps it was Vincent’s famous growl…not entirely sure.

Back after trivia again we find ourselves watching Ben, Claire and Belinda discussing whether they should have all the sleep in people in one bedroom, and the other wake up early housemates in the other bedroom, so they can sleep in without being woken up by housemates which are already up.

They think that today’s been a long day. Ben suggests that they got up at about 7:30, it was more like 8:30 really. Ben revealed that he peaked last night and could see people doing some moving in the house and backyard. He says I probably shouldn’t say that! Claire goes back to the other bedroom, saying goodnight to both Belinda and Ben.

Back in the round bedroom, Chrissie who still hasn’t gone to sleep, is talking in another weird accent. Regina, Daniel and Patrick are around Chrissie’s bed. Regina is saying that she hates the feeling of being drunk. She is having a little cry by the look of it, although it might just be the chlorine from the spa/pool. Claire meanwhile strips down to nothing, and climbs into her bed.

We get a close up of Jo after the break, just sitting in the spa. Besides being a bit drunk, she is absolutely stunning. I can’t say that enough times. Meanwhile, the two boys, Ben and Patrick are having a convo in the square bedroom, about how Pat can’t believe he’s the oldest, suggesting that Ben is lying about his age!

Moving along, Regina says that ‘obviously something’ went on before they got there, and she says that she and Ben still don’t know about it. Claire says she would tell, but she can’t talk about it for legal reasons. BB quickly cuts back to the calmer, less stressful, Ben and Pat conversation. They continue talking about earthquakes, which as you can guess, makes for riverting television. If only they knew that they were on TV live every weeknight.

Reggie is having a little cry back in the other bedroom, saying that she seriously couldn’t see any other girl from the round house being able to cope with half of the crap that went on next door. AGAIN, BB quickly cuts away, this time to a commerical break.

Back from the final brain teaser (thank god), we join the girls again in the round house. They are discussing the changes in Ben from when he was in the round house, to when he went across to the other. Regina says she is finding it hard that there is such a difference in the person by just swaping houses. She is getting quite upset over this. She just can’t figure out which Ben is actually the ‘real’ Ben.

Belinda is telling Chrissie and Daniel about how she was scared when Ben jumped into her bed one night and told her he was scared of the boys, and then preceded to throw bottles at the boys (Carlo and Saxon I suppose.) Again, after not much longer, their is another ad break.

Back for what will be the final segment of up late for the night, and we are with Daniel and Chrissie. Switch feeds and Joanne is having a cuddle with Ben. She then says she hasn’t seen B2 yet. B2 is a code name used for the other side of Ben. Ben says that Jo knows Ben 95%, while Jo says Ben knows her 100%. Ben says that it takes a long time to fully understand someone, and that he thinks he still doesn’t fully know her. Jo leaves, but says she will be back.

They show a conversation between Claire and Reggie, basically still talking about Ben’s second side, and saying the same stuff, while they have the meanwhile box down the bottom showing Jo back on Ben’s bed talking to him. In the background in the round house, someone is singing Willy Wonka songs! Good stuff hehe.

Finally they cross back over, where Ben is saying that he can change personalities slightly, saying tha the has young friends and he changes into a different persona sometimes. Jo says that Regina is still upset over this. Ben says he talked to her earlier and that she is fine, cause she is a straight shooter. He says that if there was a problem, Reggie would have said something. Pat is also there, where they are thinking of asking her who she is angry/upset about….

And damn it, it’s all over for the night.
Keep looking for Warren,

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