Day 83 Uplate

We join Up Late in the bedroom, the light on, Chrissie reading and Reggie asleep. Danile isn’t there. Mike comes on, and has an audience! He says he had a spa with Imogen tonight on “The Insider”. Anyway, he tells us Dan is in the kitchen, but he says that the housemates had fun with a new playstation 2 game earlier. We’ll see footage again tonight. It’s his last night of Up Late they’ll again give away $3000. Anyway, we go back to the footage, where Chrissie is still reading, Reggie is still asleep and Dan is still doing something.

Oooh, we have a women saying “Up Late Replay” in a sexy voice. Nice addition! Dan is trying to get this new game setup. He is having trouble getting the picture, then flicks it too AV2 and hey presto, they are away. But it’s in a totally different language. They are laughing at this dood going through the features of the new “I-Toy”, when Dan gets called to the diary room. Dan emerges, and says they have to restart it and interact with it to get it to talk in English. Dan restarts it, then Reggie is amazed that you select English by waving your hand to the camera, which sits on top of the TV. It’s all very exciting! They finally get it going, and this dude goes through the features of the IToy in English this time, and yesm they keep laughing at him again. While it is a guy talking, it is actually an old grannie showing what you have to do. Chrissie exclaims at one stage, when the woman is waving there arms around “She’s acting like Patrick!”

There is an image of a person on the screen, and Dan must stand so his body in inside the image. Then when they press start, a soccer ball comes down, and they then adjust the camera again, before the soccer game commences! When Dan moves his head to keep the soccer ball ‘afloat’, Chrissie yells “NO!” They are amazed at how cool this game is. As well as keeping the ball up, they also have to hit little demon thingys on the left and right, some taking away points and then some giving them points and a second ball. I think Dan got 3008 first time round. Reggie’s turn now! It looks so funny not watching it through the television, cause she is just bobbing her head at nothing. Anyway, Reggie is away, and they realise you get three balls, but also a time limit. Hehe, someone just deflated the ball making it smaller! Reggie got 16,000. Chrissie wants to see what other games there are, but Reg and Dan insist that she has to try it first. They can’t believe how good this software is. Chrissie finishes her go, and they restart it to find a different game. The girls haven’t seen anything like this before ever, they are amazed. Mike pauses the action, and freezes it, then fast forwards it, before telling us that the overnight game is over!

Anyway, back to the earlier footage, and it’s boxing this time. hehe, it’s funny. Dan is punching away in thin air. Dan starts putting the rude finger up at his computer opponent, which is very funny. Dan is finished with 27,000 points. Reggie’s turn now, and she laughs her way through it. We leave the footage there, and Mike is back with the last overnight quiz, and introduces Leon, his studio audience. He then goes through where all the ex housemates will be in various states on Sunday night. Sharon is on the line, and she answers the overnight quiz, but Mike says it’s wrong and moves to the next caller, but then says “Nah, it’s right!!” Sharon thinks Chrissie will be evicted this weekend, and then wants Dan to win. Alright, we move back to the live footage of the house. Chrissie is still reading, Reggie is asleep and Dan is also. Comm break.

Mike is back with the brainteaser, doing his usual speel for the $1000. He goes through some of the other prizes you can win if you don’t get the grand. He also says they will giveaway signed T-Shirts from BB evictees. Anyway, back to live footage for a sec now, nothing happening, so away we go to the “Up Late Replay.” Reggie is still playing and has knocked out the other boxer! She has 66,000 points! She has a high score, so her photo is taken. Chrissie’s turn now! She got 63,000 points. She says “That was cool fun!” Reggie goes and gets some drinks, while Dan trys to figure out whether there is another game to play.

Mike interrupts saying that the competition has been stuffed, so don’t call for a bit while they work it out. Now, Dan has changed discs and is about to start a new game. He has a different disc in but the boxing one stil starts playing. Dan starts playing again, as we cut to a comm break.

Mike comes back and says they are all looking for jobs! But it’s exciting cause there is only three people left in the house. He explains that the comp is still stuffed, they will try to sort it out sortly. He goes onto read out the eviction phone numbers. He then tells us that Dan has a sore tummy, so they will cross to the footage of that. He is sitting on his bed, rubbing his tummy. Before long, he is off to the toilet or bathroom, and we focus on Chrissie asleep. But now, back to the earlier footage again. This is a fair bit later I would think, cause they are back to the soccer game. They seem to know a far bit about it. After a false start she is off. They have the text in Dutch this time around. She gets 36,000 points, as we cut to another comm break.

Mike is back. Still the brain teaser thing is stuffed. They are still trying to fix the problem. He goes through a few people at the forums to say hello too. He goes through the logo’s for the Nokia phones next. OK, back to live footage before we go back to earlier more exciting stuff. Dan is at least back in bed, trying to get comfortable now I think. Back to earlier now though, and it’s Dan’s turn with the soccer game. Reg comes in and says it’s Raining. Dan gets 66,000 , a new top score, so he gets his photo taken. Dan dares someone to beat that score. Reg will take up the challenge. Halfway through her turn, comm break.

20 past 2 now, and Mike is back again. Brain teaser is still stuffed. He goes through the popularity polls. Now, back to the house we travel. Live footage shows everyone in bed still, Dan looking as if he may have fallen asleep. Back to earlier, Chrissie and Dan are sitting on the couch talking about how good soup is. Reggie knocks the dude out, but only has 47,000 points. They are talking about how they could get jobs with BB next year as advisors, then Reggie puts on her BB voice, hoping for a voiceover job. Chrissie has a go at the boxing one. She says she would love one of these at home. Reggie says “He’s weak as!” referring to Chrissie’s opponent. She got 40,000 but wants to go again, in the correct position. Dan says he can imagine people playing it at home, and their mother walking into the screen and ruining it for the kids! Chrissie is away though again in the boxing game. Mike comes back on in the bottom of the screen only for a second, telling Chrissie to have a go! Comm break soon after.

Mike’s back! He reminds us that it is the last up late, and thanks everyone for watching Up Late. He says hello to all the crew here at BB. The brain teasers look as if it’s dead, sorry! No more cash just yet. Back to live footage, where everyone is still asleep, so very quickly we go to earlier footage. It’s Dan turn fighting, and he has knocked out the dude. He got 53,000 points. He has another go! The girls cheer Dan on. Dan changes midway through, and instead of punching, start slapping. He gets 50,000 points this time. Chrissie is next saying she wants to slap him! She starts slapping away, doing quite well. Reggie is laughing heaps watching on. She got 48,100 for slapping. She says that was so funny. Reggie’s turn, she wants the top score. She gets 85,000!!!! New top score, very excited they all are. Comm break.

Mike is back again, still no luck with the brain teasers. No more money ever again! Back to the earlier footage we travel, and Reggie has just got 93,000 points! Anyway, she is away again. She wants to get him knocked out in round one. Almost! Chrissie asks if Adrian would like this. Reg thinks so. She knocks him out with 97,000 points. She farts at the same time! Group hug! It looks so good :)

Back to live footage we go now, not quite sure why, but we do. Everyone is still asleep. After 3 minutes, back to earlier footage. The game is gone. They are so excited, and Chrissie says it’s so much better than sitting with a console, that game. She wonders how many games they could make like that. Chrissie says she wants to see what it looks like in the ghost house. I think they are talking about the square house, but not quite sure. Maybe a ride at Dreamworld. Chrissie says she gets scared even at lame ghost rides. They start talking of a movie, before BB returns us to live footage one last time for Up Late. Darkness all round, and finally, at 3am, Dreamworld doesn’t say goodnight! LOL, just a comm break.

Ah god!!! Mike isn’t there, but like 7 people are. Mike sits back down on his chair, and talks about how good these people are. Special mentions to Leon and Si. He hopes they will be back for BB4. Thanks to loads of people, and then they say that Up Late is not finished, so back we go. Bye Mike though! Great work :) Back to earlier footage, they are talking about being tied up while having sex I think. They move back to talking about the game, and Dan says “I wonder what else could you do with that style and interraction.” Reggie is laughing her head off thinking he is still talking about sex. They are back thinking of new games they could do in that style. Reggie is still laughing and can’t breathe! She finally comes good. We cross back to the live house for the final up late time, and at 3:08am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 80 Uplate

80 days, wow. Anyway, just got home from work in time for this, so hopefully it will be a good show. Even if they are asleep, we should get some action from during the day, like we did last night.

Into the house now. Damn, all asleep. Well, all in bed with the lights out anyway. Mike comes on, tells us that they have some footage from earlier to show soon, but first, we must complete the overnight brain teaser! Alright, back to the house for a sec, then we’ll cut to the ‘earlier’ footage. All asleep, so here goes, remember, this is not live, was recorded earlier.

Dan is in the diary room, and the other two are on the couch. Chrissie is saying that she hopes she has to do something in Melbourne on Tuesday night (ie Rove), so she can duck home and see the house. The two argue about who will be evicted first on Sunday. Chrissie says she reckons Reg will take it out. She says it’ll be great for a girl to win. Reg just keeps saying it’ll be Chrissie and Dan sitting on the couch come Tuesday night. I dunno about you, but I’m sure BB will be over come late Monday night. They turn the discussion to how as people have left, Reg has seen how close Chrissie and Dan really are. Chrissie too realised as the crowd got smaller that she really didn’t converse with Pat too much, and thus his comment in his video will. They are saying that Pat had Jo, then Vincent, and finally Reggie as a close mate, and Chrissie didn’t get a look in. Chrissie mentioned in her video will that there was actually too many people inbetween them to actually get to know each other. Of course, it didn’t air. Chrissie says that they are sure they both like each other, but they just don’t ‘know’ each other. Reg says Pat was also close to Leah and Ben before they left. Chrissie adds that both Pat and herself were close to Jo, and yet they never seemed to click. Chrissie just can’t explain it. Reggie doesn’t think there was anybody passing through that she didn’t get to know well. Leah probably the least, because she went next door, and when they joined up again, they were quickly gone. They say Claire is a great girl, Reg just getting to know her in her final week. They talk about previous evictions. Chrissie mentions she didn’t ever meet Carlo. They say Saxon had no idea he was gone, and Sax himself also didn’t think he was going. Neither did we! They wonder what the percentages would have been. Reggie says she thought she was going to go the week that Jo left. Chrissie said she thought Dan would go that week. They say Ben knew he was going.

Oooh, Mike is back, and interrupting. He explains that this is earlier footage. No more calls, for the overnight thingy. Back with the two girls. Reg doesn’t think Vincent knew he was going. They think Pat looked different in his video message, they think he was smaller! They want to ask Pat why he was crying one day. Chrissie says that he won’t tell her, and he’ll be upset that you ask him. Reg says “Stuff it, I’ll ask him anyway.” Reggie says you know he is upset when he plays the guitar. Reggie says she is going to go to bed shortly. Wonder when this tape was. Chrissie says she has had a headache every night this week. Mike cuts in again, has Lindsey on the phone. She says she loves Mike! She wins the money anyway. We are now going to check on the sleepies, before going back to the earlier. They are still asleep, so back we go.

*Earlier* Chrissie is saying this week is doing her head in a bit. They really can’t believe that they are still there. They realise that the three left in the house are all early risers, Pat being the only one to beat Chrissie and Dan. They are talking about Belinda now. Reg was so glad she came back that night. Chrissie says that seems like so long ago. Cut to the first comm break now.

Mike is back, and running through a new brain teaser. Now, back to the taped segment filmed earlier this evening. Chrissie says she gets up at 7am everyday. She doesn’t go to bed till about midnight. She says she sometimes gets up at 4 or so, because it’s fun! This girl is weird. Dan has returned from the DR, after doing his diary entry for the OS. He says that apart from people saying it all the time, you wouldn’t know it was the last week. He uses his marathon metaphore again, gotta love that one. It’s when you suddenly see the last straight and you are one of only a few people around, and you suddenly think you have a shot at it. Dan says it will be exciting to see everyone, even people he never met. Chrissie thinks that if anyone could really play the game with 15 people round, they would have to be a pyschopath. She thinks you would have to be really distrubed to pull it off for 15 weeks. I wonder when she gets out whether she thinks Dan has been playing the game. Reg and Chrissie both say that it doesn’t feel like a game in here. Comm break.

Mike is back again, goes through the normal stuff, says Hi to a few people (again missed out BBBA!), then goes through what is on offer at the Ebay section of the OS, before we go back to the taped conversation that they had earlier tonight. Reggie is saying that Leah played the game a bit, she would hear something, then go and tell someone else what they said about that person. Hope you get my drift! They say that Jaime thought that there would be heaps more interaction with BB. Dan says if there was, then it would feel like a game. Chrissie says it’s weird that she still jumps a bit when BB does a voiceover, she knows where she is, but she is still surprised. Reggie thinks she might go and make a milo, have some panadol, and hit the sack. Chrissie might go and have a spa tomorrow to try to relax herself. BB changed the water during a lockdown this morning, Dan says. Chrissie watches on as Reggie and Dan head across to the kitchen, and then we cut to a comm break.

Back with the brain teaser, Steve wins the money. He likes Reggie to win. After that, game two is up for grabs, and Mike sets it up, not giving the clue yet. Let people think, I like his thinking. Finally, back we go, and are with Dan and Reggie in the kitchen. Chrissie comes over and says that when she goes on Sunday, she’ll not only see her family, nut each of theirs. She is very excited. They are trying to figure out who will be there for them. Chrissie and Reg have relatives just down the road, but failed to think to put them on their list before they came in. Chrissie had told BB that perhaps her auntie, living near Dreamworld, might like to come along last week. Dan offers to get Chrissie a drink as we cut to a comm break.

Mike does his speel again, this time giving us a clue. Weather I think. He now gives us the eviction phone numbers. Now, Dan is figerting trying to get to sleep in real time, but we are ushered back to the earlier events in the kitchen. Chrissie mentions it would be great if all three could walk out at the same time. Dan says that he will probably handle eviction better than the two girls, the nervous wrecks of the house! Reggie doesn’t want to go out on the eviction stage and just cry throughout her interview with Gretel. Chrissie doesn’t either. Chrissie suggests that Reggie go and talk to BBB on Sunday to try to calm her nerves a bit. Chrissie says he is really good at doing that. Comm break.

Mike is back with game two, giving the clue again. Now, back to the earlier footage we travel. They think they will still do the chat they have with BB that they use at evictions on Friday. Reggie can’t wait to see BBB and Mr Big. Chrissie says she wants to be there when Reggie comes out, cause she thinks the crowd will go absolutely mentle. Mike comes on and pauses the action. He gives us a evil laugh! Anyway, stop calling for the brain teaser. He presses the button again, and we are back. Chrissie and Reggie’s biggest regret will be wearing yucky stuff when Gretel suprised everyone coming into the house.

Paul is on the phone. He wins the $1000. Exciting stuff! He gets to play virtual director. Chrissie is awake, rolling around, amazing! 15 is the couch. 30 is the table in the kitchen. Now, the overnight game has started. He goes through the rules, which are easy, it’s open for every state this one. Back to the earlier footage we finally get to. They are stil talking about what they were wearing when Gretel came in. Now they are saying they wonder if Vincent would have been good at the fish fingers in the bowl task if he didn’t use the face method. Was it fish fingers, I’ve completely forgotten. Reggie complains of being bloated agan. Chrissie has only just realised that Vincent has a maid who comes in and does stuff round the house. Reg laughs saying “I bet he doesn’t work as hard as me!” Reggie says Vincent only works 5 days a week anyway! Chrissie would love to come home to have all the housework done for her. Reggie says she would hate it. They talk about how they should bring stuff out of the storeroom seeing they will all be leaving soon. Comm break.

Back again one last time! Mike is now going through the final teaser, the overnight one. No idea what it is, cause I didn’t listen to the clue. He is now going through a few forum messages. Now back to the house, they are still asleep! So back to the earlier footage we travel, the girls are still talking about Vincent’s maid. They say he couldn’t afford her for too long. Dan and Chrissie are talking about wrestling now I think. And now, because we are leaving for the night, they flick back to the live stuff. All asleep, music comes on, and at 2:02am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 79 Uplate

Another week of up late, and we head straight into the house, where shock horror, I think they are up. Dan and Chrissie are in the living room. Dan is reading a poem out ot her. Mike comes on and says hello! He says it’s all getting excited with only a few days to go. There is a new poetry task this week, which would explain what Dan was doing just before. $3000 on offer as per usual. Back to the living room, Chrissie is just walking around the couch area and seems to be doing a bit of tidying up. There seems to be a lot of wool etc on the floor. Dan continues to work on his poem. He had written a fair amount, thanks to the BB cameramen for showing us that! Chrissie is playing with fabric and cutting it up a bit. Dan puts the whiteboard he has been using to write on up against the diary room door, and then comments that the fabric is ‘some crazy fabric!’ He thinks his poem has turned out to be a bit corny. We get a meanwhile blurb pop up, showing Reggie in bed with the lights out. Dan has written a line which seems to suggest he will walk away from this BB experience with nothing, something he doesn’t want to get across, as he believes he has loads of new friends through BB.

Brain teaser time! The overnight, over weekend game has to be completed. He runs through the teaser, then gives the clue, giving Australia one last chance to register before the money is snapped up. Anyway, back to Chrissie and Dan. Dan is a bit surprised to still be there. He has handled living with people fine he says. Chrissie says he is popular, surviving evictions. Dan doesn’t know if he would call that ‘popular.’ Chrissie says that his social skills are obviously not completely rusty, to which Dan sends back an awesome line; “Nah, but my farts sometimes come out a bit rusty.” I think it was farts, but now I’m not so sure! Dan goes onto talk about how he and his mates have sometimes made up songs which relate to drink driving. Chrissie wonders if that is polictially correct, to which he says no, but they sound good and rhyme well. This moves them onto the drink driving topic, to which both say they never do. Dan always starts drinking water an hour before he leaves if he has had a couple of drinks and is driving. Chrissie tends not to take a car at all if she is going to drink, rather catch a cab. Dan says he can’t afford to catch a cab though, and then Chrissie explains she probably only uses a cab 3 times a year. Dan says he rarely has lots to drink, one or two and he feels as if he has had enough.

Dan then gets up, says a few word to himself while he heads to the kitchen, to get some water from the tap. Back over to the house fairly quickly. He stands in front of his poem, and they have a laugh over one of the lines. He comes out with a few good lines. “It’s ok to be me, on national TV.
Meeting lots of fans, and baby hands.”

Mike cuts in, no more calls for the brain teaser. The task in in three sections, the poem, a pagent and also to prepare a speech about how winning BB would change their lives. Back to the house, Dan asks Chrissie if she is making stuff or just mucking around. She says she is making stuff. Chrissie says she has had enough, and Dan says he wanted to finish the poem tonight, but it doesn’t look like it. Mike is back again, and Helen wins the $1000. Quick does it, and Mike is very quickly back to the house. Dan is reciting his poem, and they have cracked up at his ‘souvenirs’ line. He says he wants to read it seriously, and says he must think of dead kittens or something. He tries again, gets to the same spot, and cracks up laughing again! 3rd time lucky, he gets past the souvenir spot, but then starts laughing just a few lines later. He finally gets through it, and Chrissie gives him a clap. Comm break.

Mike is back! Final week of BB, he is excited. Second game of the teasers tonight. He pulls it up on the screen, gives us the usual speel, then returns us to the house. Dan is standing outside on the decking, talking to Chrissie, who is back on the couch. Dan reads out the task, or one that he has made up more likely, instructions. He says BB will provide them with markers to write the poems, not to draw on your navel! He goes back to his poem now, reading it out loud once again. Now Chrissie is doing some exercises. Dan is now explaining his poem to Chrissie, saying the boat isn’t going anywhere really, it’s a journey within oneself. Dan is now on the ground, saying ‘maybe I need a new mataphore.’ Silence for a bit, then comm break.

Mike is back, telling us about the task again. He reads out Chrissie’s poem, which is actually really good. Now, onto the teaser, this time Mike is kind enough to give the clue. Back we head to the house now. Dan is talking about something he regrets while he has been in the house. No idea exactly what he mentioned though, sorry. Dan goes back to his poem, trying to finish it off before heading to bed. Chrissie is still playing with all the stuff on the floor, cutting fabric up etc. They sit in silence for a good while, the only sounds coming from Dan, who constantly needs to clear his throat (what is with that!?) Mike cuts in, and tells us that they have a winner, and that no more calls are required. Back to the house we travel, again silence. Dan asks Chrissie a question about his poem, but she doesn’t respond before we go to a comm break.

Rob wins the $1000 from game two, and then they run through game three for the first time. Another quick conversation, and again back to the house. Dan and Chrissie still in the living room, just sitting their silently. Dan looking at his poem, Chrissie still playing with the fabric. Chrissie suggests that Dan walk away and finish it with his brain fresh in the morning. He heads back over to the kitchen, thinking the poem over in his head. Slwoly returning to the living room, he goes back to the whiteboard. They hear quite a big noise coming from the walls somewhere. Chrissie decides to go and brush her teeth. However, she waits for Dan and then they enter the bedroom together. Chrissie gives Dan a slap on the bum with the magic wand before they enter the bedroom. She then moves to the bathroom, while Dan gets things organised bedside. Comm break.

Mike is back, and has the guitar, Pat’s guitar in fact, and says you can purchase it via the OS at Ebay. He plays a bit and he is quite funny actually. Brain teaser time, and he runs through it, or sings through it! He says he will give the clue shortly, but back to the house we go. Chrissie and Dan are having a chat in the bathroom, or rather a muted argument, so you have no idea what they are saying. Chrissie makes her way back to bed, while Dan steps up to the sink and does his stuff. He just rolls and unrolls a “Pump” water wrapper instead though. He grabs his water bottle and heads to bed. He gets changed, talking ever so slightly to Chrissie, but you can’t understand anything. He has soon left again to go to the toilet, and Chrissie, normally an avid book fan, has tonight decided to just go straight to sleep. Dan gets into bed and turns his bedside light off, and we cut to a break.

Now, back again with Mike, giving the clue for the brain teaser, then goes onto the eviction phone numbers for this coming week. They cross back to the house, but Mike says they are going to then cross to some footage which happened earlier in the night when everyone was awake. Excellent news, only why wait till the last week to do it? Strange. Anyway, silence, but then suddenly, conversations.

*This happened earlier tonight *

They are all on the couch, discussing the movie “The Exorcist.” Chrissie is saying that she doesn’t feel bad about going on Sunday anymore. Reggie again brings up the point that she needs a colouring book on Subnday to keep her pre occupied. Reggie makes a smell, Dan reckons it smells like Brussel Sprouts. Reggie says it’s Baked Beans. Chrissie is called to the diary room. Reggie has to move away, the smell she made is even too much for her. Chrissie comes out, and yells “Reggie!” Chrissie says it is really bad. Chrissie says that the baked beans couldn’t have processed that quickly. Mike cuts in, no more calls. Dan says that smell has given him a whole new respect for Reggie. Still talking about the smell, as we cut to a comm break.

3rd brain teaser time now. Chrissie from Victoria is on the line, and wins the money. Game four, or game three, whatever you want to call it, the overnight game is probably the best name, is introduced. Mike gives the clue then and there. Now, back we go to the EARLIER vision.

Chrissie still can’t stand the smell. Reggie suggests she move away. Dan thinks he might make some french toast. Dan makes some music with the couch, as he sits there with Reggie quietly. Reggie calls out the days of the week, then asked who made them, and the calendar. Dan and Chrissie say the Romans did. She asks how they count a year 365 days and questions like that. Dan gives her pretty good answers. He explains why we have a leap year every four years. Dan will be 29 later this year. Penny is just turning 24, Dan says. They cut to a break, as Reg asks her if Penny is mature for her age.

Mike is back again, and goes through the overnight game one last time. It’s BEATLES for anyone interested. 1902555610. Anyway, Mike says goodnight after his speel. We go back to live footage, but are quickly taken back to earlier footage. Chrissie is working on her poem, she doesn’t like it, saying “This is bullshit!” She continues working out on the decking, as the rain falls. Silence as she works. Cut back to the house one last time, and at 1:38am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 75 Uplate

Another night, and hopefully, another one where some housemates are still awake. Into the action now straight away. Bedroom is where we meet them, Dan, Anouska and Chrissie talking. Pat looks asleep, Reggie is in bed just being quiet. Mike comes on, tells us all the usual stuff, as well as telling us he’ll be speaking to Shannon tonight at some stage, before letting us come back to the house. “This is BB: Anouska, stop playing with your microphone!” I think that woke Pat up and he is not happy. The lights suddenly go out, and everyone settles down into bed. She also knocked pretty hard on the walls, so I dunno. Maybe that woke him up. Anouska settles down with her book for another night – so much fun this is going to be! Chrissie is also reading, Dan just lying back with his eyes shut trying to get to sleep. Overnight brain teaser flashes onto the screen. Silence then for another couple of minutes! And a few more minutes, which turns into a damn long time. I reckon ten minutes have passed since we last saw Mike. Finally he is back, talking about the book club again.

He has Anouska’s agent, Amanda on the line. She is well. They are talking about the stir Anouska has made back home. She agent won’t comment on whether it is good publicity. Anouska’s boyfriend seems to have taken the news well, after the agent told him it’s not as bad as it seems. Turning to Anouska’s pregency, she doesn’t think she really is pregnent. She says Anouska could do pregnent photo’s anyway! Anouska will do Rove on Tuesday, then go back to the UK for some BBUK committments, as well as BB Newspapers wantingto talk to her. She manages Justine from UKBB4, and Lee and someone from UKBB3. Ah I remember Lee, he was funny! They talk about the tension in the house after the interviews the housemates did with Anouska. Then Mike lets her go, and says they will see her on Sunday night when Anouska comes out. Overnight game is closed for tonight. Caller will be on after the break, but before that happens, they return to the house!

Moyra has rung through from SA for the brainteaser. LOL. She isn’t speaking much. They are doing this before the comm break actually. She answers correctly, and didn’t even realise she was winning the $1000. Too easy, she’s happy at least :) Very quick phone call, she is gone already, and we are back to the house. Both girls up this end (Chrissie’s corner) are still reading. Finally, we get a comm break.

First new brain teaser of the night now appears on the screen.But back to the house now, while they get Shannon on the line. Into the bedroom of course we venture, Chrissie having called it a night, which leaves Anouska again the last one reading. Now she has given up. Everyone is now with the light out, trying to get some sleep. A few minutes, Mike comes back with Shannon. She is pretty well, staying up especially for him. She says he has a hard job. She is working hard at the moment, doing classes and all that, she is getting ready to go to NZ in two weeks. She is auditioning for some show on the weekend – top secret. She is going to come up to Brisbane as soon as she can, to shut Mike up! She calls Anouska the mole, which is exactly what she is. She can’t believe people still have books to read. Mike ends the convo, and cuts quickly to a comm break.

Brain teaser time, Mike goes through the teaser, this time giving the clue. He tells us there is ony one week to go – then tells us that we will cross back to the house to check on the ‘kids.’ All lights are still off, and everyone seems to have drifted off to sleep. Silence for what seems like forever now. Mike comes back on and sings a jingle. He reads out the eviction numbers. He goes on to tell us that there will be a eviction show on the Monday to decide the winner. I’ve only just realised that I will be able to watch it live. I normally work afternoon-nights, but will be working during the day that week. Excellent timing I reckon! Brain teaser game is over. Mike reminds us that favourites have never really won before, so he reminds us all to vote for our fave. Now, time for a comm break.

Mike is back with Max from Gosford on the line. He is the Weet-Bix man, he buys all the ingredients for the company to make them – he never eats them though. Me either! He wins the money. He tells whoever in the background that they won. Lyn is on the phone now, the wife. She says she is going to spend it all. BB is religion in their house. Second brain teaser for the night gets underway. Lyn reckons Dan will win BB. Pick the camera game now. 7 is the round house living room. He focuses in on Wilson the chook. Mike forgot it’s name. 15 is a shot over the pool of the kitchen. Lyn likes the house. Max is back on the phone now. They have five kids. Max thinks Pat might go this week – but then again he also thinks Reggie. This guy has totally lost credibility. Finally end the call. Comm break.

Mike is back again, and is running through the teaser, then we cross to the house while Mike still talks to use. He is going through the housemates sleeping positions. Exciting! Anouska and Dan are sleeping facing each other, so Mike reckons they are in love. They jump onto, Ben’s new website. It’s basically giving Ben some dirt (ie my next door neighbour stole my lawnmower) and he will try to dig up some dirt, and try to get it back for you. Oh dear, what a stupid site. Get something else up there! Back to the official site we go now. The audience member is Si tonight, must be a producer or something, because I remember the name. Mike mentioned it somewhere before. She is shy, and won’t come on the camera. Mike says she is hot :P Now they are onto trying to flog off the logo’s for the mobile phones. They hold up Mike’s phone very close to the screen, and all of a sudden Shane rings through. He hangs up when Mike picks it up though, so Mike throws the phone away, trying to throw it on his bag, but misses, so hope it’s ok! Anyway, Mike says Si could do Dicky-Knee type comments and pop up in the corner of the screen. She declines the offer. Comm break.

Mike comes back and says that two housemates have just had sex in the diary room. If only! Back to the trivia teaser thing. He gives a clue this time round. He says people from SA, WA and the ACT shouldn’t ring yet, because they have one at the end, and bouncing into song, sings “Especially for you.” It’s a very slow night tonight for poor Mike. Back to the house – no one is snoring at least. The brainteaser pops up on the bottom right of the screen. Mike is back now. Anouska told her housemates today that she was leaving come Sunday. No more calls! Comm break.

Some bloke from Brisbane is on the phone, but he dropped out, and it was so exciting. The highlight of the night is some guy not saying hello for a minute, and Mike left hanging on. Anyway, he is back.He is from India. Mike loves the accent. He is about to answer the question and says he doesn’t know it! LOL. Oh no, he does now. He wins the money. End of the convo, and after Mike talks for a minute, we are transported back to BB land. Nothing happens for a good 7-10 minutes, before comm break intervenes.

And for the last time tonight, Mike is back on. Si has made her way to the camera, she looks cool! She is a producer of the show. Anyway, the overnighters game is underway now. No idea what it is, even with the clue. Ah yes, it’s Hipster. Phone number is 1902555610, open all over Australia for anyone interested. He goes through a few forum messages now. Mike says goodnight, as we head back to the house one last time. Camera is on Anouska i think, but it looks like she has a pillow over her face. She does! She is hugging the pillow. At 1:45am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 74 Uplate

We join the gang in the bdroom, everyone in there. Dan is doing his stretches, Anouska is walking around doing something with her toes, before Reggie asked if Anouska did any dancing when she was young. Anouska says she did some ballet when she was small, but got bored, so gave it up.

Mike cuts in, tells us that the forums are active, and the usual speel related to the brain teasers, before sending us back to the house. Reggie hopes she sleeps well tonight. Pat was about to have a sip of his water, but says it smells like chlorine. Reggie says it’s been tasting like that for days now. Reggie is drifting off to sleep, while Pat is getting ready for bed. The other three can be heard, but as yet, not seen. Dan and Chrissie are talking about the movie “Never Been Kissed”, and Anouska joins in. She and Chrissie think it’s a nice film. Dan is stretching and says that he has to be careful not to show his testicles. Chrissie says she has seen them, but not on this particular occassion. Reggie has seen them as well LOL. Dan says his sack is lower than normal. Anouska wants to have a look see, but Dan is not offerring at the moment. He says his sack is so low….well you can guess. Chrissie wonders if it’s raining, and Dan goes to check for her. It is not raining. Nushy is singing “Get your nuts out!” Chrissie asks if they hang if you haven’t done things in a while. They try to persuade Dan to reveal all for the next few minutes. Dan then does some impersonating while closing and opening the door. The main purpose was of course to get some fresh air in the bedroom.

Patrick leaves the room for the couch. Anouska says she isn’t tired at all. She is back to UK time now she reckons. Chrissie decides to duck across to eat some bread and butter pudding. Mike interrupts then, telling us no more calls for the overnight teaser, before returning to Anouska in the bedroom, plucking her eyebrows. While thats exciting, Mike drops by again, and has Lyn from WA on the line, and she wins the money, the first for the night. Back again, Dan and Chrissie are outside, talking about the pudding. Dan apparently did some gardening earlier this evening, and is talking about what he did with Chrissie now. He now is lifting some weights up. Pat is the kitchen with Chrissie now, eating as well. Chrissie had never eaten that pudding before. She enjoyed it. Chrissie tells Pat she is going to make a cake tomorrow. Chrissie says she doesn’t think she would like the taste of grass. Pat reckons it would be alright. Comm break!

Mike is back yet again, and he opens up the first of the normal brain teasers. Back to the house we go, seeing everyone is awake tonight. On the couch are Anouska and Chrissie. They are trying to guess how to spell Anouska. Pat is nowhere near it. Dan is also in the room, singing rubbish. Chrissie asks why there are demons in the storeroom, she must have heard something. Chrissie is talking about some story she remembers from when she was five or something – a firend of hers couldn’t say the word Chess, saying Chest instead. Chrissie says she saw her first head today, behind the walls. She says she got so scared. Dan is looking at Chrissie’s nighty. She says it has been through lots with her. Perhaps it might be her legacy item or something, because they discuss whether it would bring more money than the blue one. I don’t know what they are talking about really, just assuming. Comm break.

Mike is back, goes through the teaser, gives the clue, then back to Anouska in the kitchen. She is there by herself, chopping up something. It looks like Chrissie has got the rule book out back over at the couch. She is folding the paper up for some reason. She has folded up the page so you can only see the bb logo on it, then holds it across her eyes and starts saying ‘stop playing with your nose.’ Dan grabs it, and has Chrissie laughing so hard in just a few seconds it’s ridiculous. Dan says “Do you mock Big Brother!?” Chrissie just keeps saying “Oh my god!” She gets the paper back, and has another go at it, Anouska coming in at that time, and laughs her head off. It really is quite funny. Such a little thing can be so entertaining for them all. She puts it back in the folder, and they move onto the Spa Instructions, Chrissie replacing the real rules with made up one “Ensure you have consumed at least five litres of alcohol before entering the spa.” Mike comes on, tells us we have a winner and to stop calling, before comm break appears.

Adam from Victoria is the first winner for the evening, well the second actually. He really only started watching because he wanted to perve on Anouska. Sounds like a lovely chap! Anyway, he gets the word correct (I’m still waiting for someone to get it wrong!), and wins $1000. He wants to buy a new TV. Game Two is opened straight away, Mike does his stuff, then we are thrown back to the house again. Chrissie is still reading the rlue book to the others. They have a little joke about the time that Saxon and Vincent led them into the storeroom, which had been turned into a camera run. Dan goes outside, and waves to Anouska, who is skipping, before returning inside. Anouska gets tired of skipping, and starts twisting the rope around herself instead. When we return inside, Dan is telling Chrissie that early on, when Reggie picked up a practice golf ball which had come over the divide, he said to Reg casually that she shouldn’t pick up objects that aren’t from the house because they could be a bomb. Now before I continue, a practice golf ball is has holes in it, and you can see right through it. Reggie though took steps back and wondered if she had done something really bad though! Anouska comes back inside, as Chrissie says the reason the toilet door doesn’t lock is in case the housemates get really drunk and lock themselves in there, people can’t help them. Comm break.

Mike is back again, goes through game two of the teasers, the answer bedroom. Back to the house, Anouska is doing her teeth. The lights have been switched off. Chrissie and Pat both seem to be in bed all of sudden. What happened to the couch chit chat! Anouska goes back to the bathroom to finish her teeth off. Everyone is in bed now. They are trying to become less quiet, slowly happening. Chrissie says she still isn’t tired. Anouska is going to read her book. Chrissie has borrowed one of anouska’s books, and is trying to work out if she will finish it before she leaves, or whether they could send it on to her after she leaves. Comm break!

Mike is back again, believe it or not. He does exactly what he did last time before returning to the house. A bit of whispering, Anouska saying something about being paid or something. Chrissie says it would be a big difference ( I take that as a big difference between what A is getting paid than Chrissie or Dan who get $500 a week.) Chrissie says thats great, grab it while you can. Silence as the girls continue reading. No more calls for the brain teaser! Back to the book reading in the meantime however. Comm break after 3 minutes.

Mike has Jamie from the Gold Coast on the phone. He wins the money. Quick phone call that one, thats the way we like them too :) Overnighters game has started. Genuine is the answer, 1902555610 for the southern states. Mike says he will be back later for the eviction phone numbers, but back we go now. Dan clears his throat. Chrissie has given up on the book tonight, ready for sleep. Dan sits up and looks through his jeans pocket, looking for something… A tissue! He finds it and gives the nose a workout. Anouska is still reading. Wonder what time this started tonight, seeing it’s only 1:25am. Comm break after about 5 minutes of watching Anouska read.

Brain teasers again. He goes through the overnight game, and gives a clue this time. I got it without a clue though, cause I’m smart! LOL. Scroll up for the answer. Now, why is Mike laughing all the way through this segment. Time to go through the eviction numbers now, and he starts singing two of the phone numbers. Too much red cordial for Mike. Mike is off now, night Mike! Back to the books, Nush still reading away. Dan clears his throat on three occassions, Nush decides it’s time for bed and turns her light out before 1:49am comes around and Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 73 Uplate

Here we go, everyone asleep again, so it should be a awesome night of entertainment. Let’s get straight into it. We go to the bedroom, naturally, where the camera is on no one in particular. Ohh, someone just flushed the toilet I think. Patrick! He gets back into bed, everyone else sound asleep. It’s strange that Mike hasn’t stuck his head in yet. The program has been on for a good five minutes now. Ah, here he is! Mike tells the housemates to wake up. He tells us to stay tune because it’ll be an interesting night nonetheless. $3000 is up for grabs tonight, as per usual. Mike says that Chrissie and Daniel had an interesting conversation today. Dan says “It’s great that a women your size can come on this show.” Chrissie replied that it shouldn’t matter, no one complained of Ben’s gut.” Anyway, watch tomorrow nights show for more on that. Also, apparently Anouska is trying to be matchmaker, pushing Reggie and Patrick together.

Back to the house however now, and over to Chrissie’s corner we travel. Silence. Suddenly brain teaser time! Heather from Adelaide will win the overnighters money today. LOL, she doesn’t know if she knows it yet. She answers Pioneer, and wins the money! First winner from SA. She only tried four times. She wants Reggie to win. They show her in her bed. She plays Pick The Camera game now. 26 is the diary room. Mike says the DR Chair can be won on Ebay, via the OS. 24 is the kitchen. Ends the call now, and then we go back to the house to check if anything is happening. And what do you know, nothing is happening. Chrissie’s corner is show again, and before long, Mike comes back, and has Leigh Coleman on the phone, from some radio station. He apparently nows Jo, he went to a party of hers, and actually spent the night in Jo’s mother’s bed. They also have the lead singer (Juanita) from Waikiki, but she never gets to watch TV at night, so she doesn’t know a thing about it. She wouldn’t last in one place for 3 months, no hope she says. She would get booted up for not doing enough. Leigh would win however, he would joke heaps more than they do at present. Leigh wants Regina to win.They play virtual director now, camera 31 is the of the fire and the dinner table. 17 is a blacked out area, they hit the infa red button, and you can see the beds. Soon enough, the interview ends, and again we go back to the house. Oh c’mon, damn well go to a comm break. Finally I get my wish.

Cashtime when we return. The first for the night is bought up on the screen, and Mike goes through the usual stuff related to the brain teaser, before returning to the house. A quick wander round to check if everything is well, and then Mike says they will have a chat to a psychologist. We have Anouska on the screen at present, sleeping away. She looks very peaceful there. Mike returns now and has Lisa on the phone. MIke met her only on Sunday at the eviction show. She is a complete BB addict like me! She watches every show! Anyway the shrink says Anouska would be terribly worried about her possible pregency. Shrink says she would be terrified because she has only been with the guy for a month, but before she can finish, Mike tells her to hold on, while we have a comm break.

Back again we are! Mike quickly runs through the brain teaser, and then gives the clue, and the answer is….I have no idea LOL. Too hard for 12:46am. Anyway, back to Lisa now. Lisa says that Anouska trying to put Pat and Reggie together could be a disguise for Anouska liking Patrick. Lisa thinks the personality of the housemates might change, because we are coming into the business end of the series. She has noticed Chrissie playing one person off the other. Lisa thinks Daniel is definately playing the game. She thinks Jo was playing three guys in the hope of staying in the house. Mike says that Jo is at Dreamworld for the rest of the week. End of conversation with Lisa, and Mike says that the first brain teaser game has ended. A bit of flirting between Lisa and Mike before she says goodbye. Oh dear….Comm break.

Moneytime. Well time to give it away anyway. Donna from NSW is on the phone. She has two kids. She answers CORRECT. Oh, I so should have got that. She rung about 8 times. Now, he wants to talk to Donna. She wants Reggie to win. Virtual Director time. Camera 22 is the same one that they already had on the screen – that or they don’t want to show 22. Camera 3 is from the toilet looking down over the beds. She doesnt think Anouska is pregnent. Anouska will be leaving on Sunday night of course. Game Two is started, Mike running through the usual speel. Donna says she gets together with friends and discusses BB all the time. They start talking about Gretel’s clothes. She was sad to see Jamie go. Oh dear, Patrick is up, and going to the toilet AGAIN!!! What the heck has the guy been drinking. Anyway, they say goodbye to Donna now, before Mike sends us to a comm break.

Back to Mike, and the brain teaser again, with the clue, and I got it! REMAIN is the answer. Hopefully he doesn’t talk to anyone else in this segment, just send us back to the house and give me a freaking break! Oh dear, he has Jess on the phone AGAIN in just a minute. He sends us back to the house though for a sec. It was about one minute I reckon. Jess is on now, and god thats an annoying voice. She says that Marty and her relationship is fake. Only kidding she says. He has broken his AC joint apparently, poor Marty. He gets to play the playstation 24/7 now while he gets better. She hit her head on Rove I think. She got the outfit she wore on Rove tonight at an Op Shop. Lovely! Jess, at this time last year, was evicted at the end of Week 11. While she would have liked to have made it too the end, she was happy with the experience. And she won the love of her life instead! She thinks that Dan and Pat are the game players. She doesn’t think Reg is playing the game though. She thinks Pat will be evicted this weekend. Jess liked Dan, but has gone off him because he spat the dummy at Reggie over the salt jokes. She says that she waited about a month before she started using her mobile once she was evicted, she didn’t want to start using it again. Mike basically cuts her off, and we are sent to a comm break.

Mike is back yet again, and he runs through the brain teaser again, and again gives the clue, and the usual speel. Now, what will he do this time. Off to the house we go. We get a shot of Anouska and Dan, away with the fairies. Nothing much happens, before Mike appears again, only thirty seconds later I reckon. He goes through the eviction phone numbers. After that, they have a play on the Official Site. The brain teaser is closed now. Back to the house, and everyone is stil asleep. They decide soon enough to go to a break, and will return for the overnight game and the winner in just a few moments!

He has Alex who is on holiday’s on the phone, and wins the money by answering the teaser correctly. He has lots of people in the house and he is going to wake his brother up and tell him now (he has a cordless phone.) While Alex does this, Mike goes through the overnight game. I can’t even be bothered worrying and using the brain to think of this one. OK, It’s easy, STAPLES. There you go, 190255610. Anyone can win the money from anywhere from OZ. He wakes up the brother, and the kid says “SHUT UP!” I don’t blame the poor kid. He goes through the overnight game one last time. Mike then says goodnight, and we’ll see him again tomorrow night, same time, same place. Back to the house we are sent, and Anouska is still asleep. Comm break.

At 1:50am, we are sent back to the bedroom one last time. Nothing happens for the next 8 minutes, before Dreamworld says goodnight.

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