Day 81

10:30am – Regina is making her costume for the task – it features her dog Campbell on it. For the special talent portion of the task, Chrissie has used her real estate writing skills to make an advertisement for the Big Brother house:

“Offering tree-top views and a feeling of seclusion, this near-new walled estate is heaven for seekers of the unique. Recreation is key here with lush landscaped gardens, a funky rectangular pool and two deck terraces perfect for alfresco dining and entertaining. The bedroom features an enormous open plan en-suite complete with it’s own foyer, four person shower and twin basins. A bright living room with timber floors, an open fireplace and high ceilings open out onto one of the dining decks while a super cabana style kitchen inspires culinary prowess with a full suite of european appliances: huge stainless steel refrigerator, and granite benchtops”

Regina is shocked.. and amazed Chrissie has a job where she is payed to write things like that. They laugh. Regina asks “can anyone do what you do? Or do you have to go to university to get a degree?”. Chrissie is relatively silent on the topic.

Tonight’s dinner will see each housemate cook one of their family favourites for the table. Chrissie is cooking a turkey, Regina is making a mud cake and Daniel is making pumpkin soup. Outside Chrissie comments the turkey they have is enough to feed 15 people – and Daniel has made enough soup to last them a week. He’s been preparing it for over an hour, and Chrissie says “surely there mustn’t be any lumps left in it… it will be the world’s most perfect soup”. Regina says it’s amazing how intricate he is. Chrissie says because she’s so busy she cuts corners and still has something to come out with at the end of it – however Daniel works maybe two days a week, and has all this time to perfect skills.

7:52pm – Housemates are sitting down to the world’s most perfect pumpkin soup. Chrissie says each person should say something about their course before the group eats it. Daniel says this soup is one of his favourites, it’s handy and good for you. He’s thankful that they’re down to the last three and with the two favourite people he’s had this whole time – genuine people who are open and sweet and on a level with him. They share a toast.

8:14pm – Regina is really unsure about returning to Tasmania. She doesn’t know what will happen now – Adrian has never seen this side of her. Even Regina says she’s never seen this side of her since high school. Regina is upset because she’s going to go back to “none of this at all”. The others tell her it will have to be her choice. She doesn’t want to be an annoying nagging cow to her husband though. If Regina was single she would just pack up and leave Tasmania – she was too young to get married, but Adrian doesn’t think so: “he’s too nice to be with me”. They all agree Regina and Adrian will need to discuss what happens next so Regina is happy and not tied down to the shop.

They sit down to Chrissie’s course. She says she can’t think of two better people to spend a concentrated week with. She’s had the time of her life and it’s a lot to do with the people she is eating with.

9:07pm – Housemates have been called to the living room and Big Brother announces there will be a special presentation. Shortly after Regina’s husband appears on the plasma screen and Regina screams out “oh no!”.

Adrian says they are all missing her like crazy and can’t wait to see her again. He says they need her back home because they love her. Regina is in tears. Regina’s sister Anita says they have been flat out at the fish and chip shop and can’t wait to see her. Regina’s grandma “Nan Johnson” is next and says Regina is a nice little girl. Anita says Regina has done Tasmania wonders. Many of Regina’s relatives then appear and chant “go Reggie!”.

Chrissie’s sister Elizabeth appears next with Chrissie’s baby nephew who has grown a lot since Chrissie last saw him. Elizabeth also has Chrissie’s cat Joseph with her, which gets Chrissie really excited. Elizabeth says Joseph has been starring into the television and meowing for Chrissie to be around. While the message is recording Elizabeth gets upset and says they have all missed Chrissie and can’t wait to see her again and have 1000 coffees together and talk about her time in the house.

Daniel looks anxious waiting for his video.

9:09pm – Dan’s message is now being played. It’s from his sister Jodie. His baby niece is happy and health and wearing a tshirt that says “yay uncle Dan”. Jodie says that if Dan ever wants to bring his new friends to dinner he’s welcome to. She invites Chrissie and Regina to come give Katyln (the niece) a cuddle. Jodie says everyone is glad Daniel has found the “different thing” he was looking for to experience in life. “I know that if mum and dad were still around they would be amazingly proud of you as well. You’re just a lovely guy to know and I know mum would be proud to see you as a grown up now Dad would be amazed at how much you’ve grown and changed”.

The video has left everyone in tears. Dan is upset while Chrissie and Regina laugh about their messages. There is a long silence as they contemplate their messages from home.

10:18pm – In the kitchen Regina gets quite upset about things. “It’s just hit.. so…”.

Regina: I noticed there was none of Adrian’s family… I mean it’s not surprising. Thats when I look back at Adrian and I think I feel sorry for him that his family isn’t in to it.

The others tell her she shouldn’t care what they think.

Regina: I think this has opened his eyes up… big time.

11:05pm – Housemates are now sitting down to Regina’s mud cake desert. Regina isn’t satisfied with her cooking, but Chrissie really likes it. Regina says she has enjoyed every single day in this house with everyone and she’s glad she’s with these two. Best of luck to whoever leaves the house last.

Chrissie: Good luck to both of yous you buggers.

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