Day 80 Uplate

80 days, wow. Anyway, just got home from work in time for this, so hopefully it will be a good show. Even if they are asleep, we should get some action from during the day, like we did last night.

Into the house now. Damn, all asleep. Well, all in bed with the lights out anyway. Mike comes on, tells us that they have some footage from earlier to show soon, but first, we must complete the overnight brain teaser! Alright, back to the house for a sec, then we’ll cut to the ‘earlier’ footage. All asleep, so here goes, remember, this is not live, was recorded earlier.

Dan is in the diary room, and the other two are on the couch. Chrissie is saying that she hopes she has to do something in Melbourne on Tuesday night (ie Rove), so she can duck home and see the house. The two argue about who will be evicted first on Sunday. Chrissie says she reckons Reg will take it out. She says it’ll be great for a girl to win. Reg just keeps saying it’ll be Chrissie and Dan sitting on the couch come Tuesday night. I dunno about you, but I’m sure BB will be over come late Monday night. They turn the discussion to how as people have left, Reg has seen how close Chrissie and Dan really are. Chrissie too realised as the crowd got smaller that she really didn’t converse with Pat too much, and thus his comment in his video will. They are saying that Pat had Jo, then Vincent, and finally Reggie as a close mate, and Chrissie didn’t get a look in. Chrissie mentioned in her video will that there was actually too many people inbetween them to actually get to know each other. Of course, it didn’t air. Chrissie says that they are sure they both like each other, but they just don’t ‘know’ each other. Reg says Pat was also close to Leah and Ben before they left. Chrissie adds that both Pat and herself were close to Jo, and yet they never seemed to click. Chrissie just can’t explain it. Reggie doesn’t think there was anybody passing through that she didn’t get to know well. Leah probably the least, because she went next door, and when they joined up again, they were quickly gone. They say Claire is a great girl, Reg just getting to know her in her final week. They talk about previous evictions. Chrissie mentions she didn’t ever meet Carlo. They say Saxon had no idea he was gone, and Sax himself also didn’t think he was going. Neither did we! They wonder what the percentages would have been. Reggie says she thought she was going to go the week that Jo left. Chrissie said she thought Dan would go that week. They say Ben knew he was going.

Oooh, Mike is back, and interrupting. He explains that this is earlier footage. No more calls, for the overnight thingy. Back with the two girls. Reg doesn’t think Vincent knew he was going. They think Pat looked different in his video message, they think he was smaller! They want to ask Pat why he was crying one day. Chrissie says that he won’t tell her, and he’ll be upset that you ask him. Reg says “Stuff it, I’ll ask him anyway.” Reggie says you know he is upset when he plays the guitar. Reggie says she is going to go to bed shortly. Wonder when this tape was. Chrissie says she has had a headache every night this week. Mike cuts in again, has Lindsey on the phone. She says she loves Mike! She wins the money anyway. We are now going to check on the sleepies, before going back to the earlier. They are still asleep, so back we go.

*Earlier* Chrissie is saying this week is doing her head in a bit. They really can’t believe that they are still there. They realise that the three left in the house are all early risers, Pat being the only one to beat Chrissie and Dan. They are talking about Belinda now. Reg was so glad she came back that night. Chrissie says that seems like so long ago. Cut to the first comm break now.

Mike is back, and running through a new brain teaser. Now, back to the taped segment filmed earlier this evening. Chrissie says she gets up at 7am everyday. She doesn’t go to bed till about midnight. She says she sometimes gets up at 4 or so, because it’s fun! This girl is weird. Dan has returned from the DR, after doing his diary entry for the OS. He says that apart from people saying it all the time, you wouldn’t know it was the last week. He uses his marathon metaphore again, gotta love that one. It’s when you suddenly see the last straight and you are one of only a few people around, and you suddenly think you have a shot at it. Dan says it will be exciting to see everyone, even people he never met. Chrissie thinks that if anyone could really play the game with 15 people round, they would have to be a pyschopath. She thinks you would have to be really distrubed to pull it off for 15 weeks. I wonder when she gets out whether she thinks Dan has been playing the game. Reg and Chrissie both say that it doesn’t feel like a game in here. Comm break.

Mike is back again, goes through the normal stuff, says Hi to a few people (again missed out BBBA!), then goes through what is on offer at the Ebay section of the OS, before we go back to the taped conversation that they had earlier tonight. Reggie is saying that Leah played the game a bit, she would hear something, then go and tell someone else what they said about that person. Hope you get my drift! They say that Jaime thought that there would be heaps more interaction with BB. Dan says if there was, then it would feel like a game. Chrissie says it’s weird that she still jumps a bit when BB does a voiceover, she knows where she is, but she is still surprised. Reggie thinks she might go and make a milo, have some panadol, and hit the sack. Chrissie might go and have a spa tomorrow to try to relax herself. BB changed the water during a lockdown this morning, Dan says. Chrissie watches on as Reggie and Dan head across to the kitchen, and then we cut to a comm break.

Back with the brain teaser, Steve wins the money. He likes Reggie to win. After that, game two is up for grabs, and Mike sets it up, not giving the clue yet. Let people think, I like his thinking. Finally, back we go, and are with Dan and Reggie in the kitchen. Chrissie comes over and says that when she goes on Sunday, she’ll not only see her family, nut each of theirs. She is very excited. They are trying to figure out who will be there for them. Chrissie and Reg have relatives just down the road, but failed to think to put them on their list before they came in. Chrissie had told BB that perhaps her auntie, living near Dreamworld, might like to come along last week. Dan offers to get Chrissie a drink as we cut to a comm break.

Mike does his speel again, this time giving us a clue. Weather I think. He now gives us the eviction phone numbers. Now, Dan is figerting trying to get to sleep in real time, but we are ushered back to the earlier events in the kitchen. Chrissie mentions it would be great if all three could walk out at the same time. Dan says that he will probably handle eviction better than the two girls, the nervous wrecks of the house! Reggie doesn’t want to go out on the eviction stage and just cry throughout her interview with Gretel. Chrissie doesn’t either. Chrissie suggests that Reggie go and talk to BBB on Sunday to try to calm her nerves a bit. Chrissie says he is really good at doing that. Comm break.

Mike is back with game two, giving the clue again. Now, back to the earlier footage we travel. They think they will still do the chat they have with BB that they use at evictions on Friday. Reggie can’t wait to see BBB and Mr Big. Chrissie says she wants to be there when Reggie comes out, cause she thinks the crowd will go absolutely mentle. Mike comes on and pauses the action. He gives us a evil laugh! Anyway, stop calling for the brain teaser. He presses the button again, and we are back. Chrissie and Reggie’s biggest regret will be wearing yucky stuff when Gretel suprised everyone coming into the house.

Paul is on the phone. He wins the $1000. Exciting stuff! He gets to play virtual director. Chrissie is awake, rolling around, amazing! 15 is the couch. 30 is the table in the kitchen. Now, the overnight game has started. He goes through the rules, which are easy, it’s open for every state this one. Back to the earlier footage we finally get to. They are stil talking about what they were wearing when Gretel came in. Now they are saying they wonder if Vincent would have been good at the fish fingers in the bowl task if he didn’t use the face method. Was it fish fingers, I’ve completely forgotten. Reggie complains of being bloated agan. Chrissie has only just realised that Vincent has a maid who comes in and does stuff round the house. Reg laughs saying “I bet he doesn’t work as hard as me!” Reggie says Vincent only works 5 days a week anyway! Chrissie would love to come home to have all the housework done for her. Reggie says she would hate it. They talk about how they should bring stuff out of the storeroom seeing they will all be leaving soon. Comm break.

Back again one last time! Mike is now going through the final teaser, the overnight one. No idea what it is, cause I didn’t listen to the clue. He is now going through a few forum messages. Now back to the house, they are still asleep! So back to the earlier footage we travel, the girls are still talking about Vincent’s maid. They say he couldn’t afford her for too long. Dan and Chrissie are talking about wrestling now I think. And now, because we are leaving for the night, they flick back to the live stuff. All asleep, music comes on, and at 2:02am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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