Day 80

9:44am – Dan is up but he has yet to complete his poem for the task. Regina and Chrissie hang around on the kitchen steps and contemplate how their time is now going so fast and things will soon be coming to an end. The both don’t really want to go. Daniel meanwhile is trying to finish off his poem on the whiteboard in the living room. Chrissie comments to Regina how he is a perfectionist, and she wouldn’t really want to be like that. Daniel can’t understand Chrissie and Regina in that respect: he thinks they don’t really care about their poems but they are happy with what they have already. Regina says she would have grey hairs if she was that much of a perfectionist. Daniel wants to make movies but Chrissie and Regina say it might be difficult for him. Chrissie is worried Daniel won’t be able to find a partner that is compatible with that perfectionist side of things.

Regina draws parallels to her fish and chip business: she was always scared if some one else came in they wouldn’t run it as well as she did – but she eventually got over that feeling. They agree Dan never takes the easy road – considering how he dealt with his ex girlfriend. A little later Daniel calls out that he has finished some of the final verse. She says thats great.

2:57pm – Regina has started on her costume. Well.. almost. She’s sitting in the living room eating M&Ms and staring at the fabric.

In the kitchen Daniel says she has a new idea for a poem. Chrissie says thats great. He comments it helped to talk to Chrissie about his work. He wants to be a man who is good at everything but you only have limited time.

Regina is still munching chocolates and says to herself “oh why did I start eating these for?”. Eventually she gets underway with a handful of M&Ms. She starts but every 10 seconds takes a handful of M&Ms from her bowl. She tells Daniel she can’t stop. He gives her a test: to stop eating them right now and leave the ones in the bowl. She seems to pass the test and moves the bowl away from her.

The final three are collected in the living room now, while Daniel works on his second poem. Regina says “bugger it I can’t help myself” and grabs some more M&Ms. “I’ve nearly finished the bowl off so I might as well keep going”.

4:27pm – Regina is revising her poem. Daniel is dressed up and rehearsed. Chrissie is practicing outside with Regina. When Daniel comes outside the girls are impressed at Daniel’s snappy suit. Chrissie says he is georgous “how cute is he, I feel all proud”.

5:27pm – Regina is called to the podium for the task. She hopes she says it right, and doesn’t know how to stand. Up on the podium she draws a blank, so Chrissie whispers the first few words as a cue.

After the first few lines Regina laughs and says she has to start again because she’s forgotten. The other two tell her to relax. Regina starts giggling again. On the second try and forgets her lines. Third time lucky Regina gets through the poem with some support from Daniel. She says “thats terrible! I couldn’t think!” but starts giggling again.

Chrissie’s poem goes off without a hitch, and she bows for the crowd. Daniel moves onto the podium with his new poem:

I want to be a renaissance man
A guy who’s good at everything
I’d like to learn a hundred languages
And be a poet, an artist, and to sing

I want to make the best stuff ever
But like Macgyver, I’ll just have to make do
Because time is short
And I’ll just have to let go
Content, just to be here with you

The girls clap and Daniel raises his eyebrows for a laugh. Regina is still annoyed she forgot her poem. “Thats pathetic Regina”. The others tell her no, as long as she put her heart into it.

9:39pm – Dan is in the diary room. The girls are in the living room talking about winners. Regina says it will be Chrissie and Dan on the couch holding hands. Chrissie says it will be Regina, but Reg refuses to believe that. Chrissie can’t see Regina not being in the last show.

Regina notes that now there are so few people in the house it’s easy to see just how close Chrissie and Dan are. With no other distractions you can really see it. Chrissie says that the more people left, the more she found she didn’t know about Patrick – she already had her boy-buddy Dan to learn about.

Dan soon joins them and Chrissie shares her thoughts on playing the game: if some one was to come in with a plan to win and come this far they would have to be a real psychopath. They agree it’s not a game when you’re living in the house, despite what it might look like on television to the outside world. Chrissie adds it’s so easy to forget where you are and she is still surprised when Big Brother announces things – its like there is a voice booming into her own kitchen.

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