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Daily shows 2003

Big changes happened in the third year of Big Brother, with the debut of two houses incorporating a hidden pool, detached kitchen, and who could forget the outdoor showering for the first time?


Winner: Regina Bird. Prize money AU$250 000.

Finalists: Chrissie Swan (2nd), Daniel Mcinness (3rd).

Housemates: (in order of eviction) Irena Bukhshtaber, Jaime (HM swapover eviction), Carlo Marino, Leah White, Belinda Thorpe (left the house voluntarily), Ben Archbold, Claire Bellis, Joanne Ashton, Kim Drury (intruder), Daniel Small (Saxon), Jamie O'Brien (intruder), Vincent Amato, Patrick Flanagan.

Houseguests: Anouska Golebiewski (1st evictee, Big Brother UK Season 4).

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