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Lawson tells ex HM the Candice rumour was “pretty f….ed”

A scuffle has broken out on Twitter between Lawson and ex housemate Ryan Buckingham (2012 season) after Ryan admitted he was the source of the ‘Candice going into the house’ rumour.

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“It was her childhood dream to be on television”

Priya has wanted to appear on television all her life and entering the Big Brother house was a dream come true, according to her husband.

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BBBA Podcast 2014 – Episode 3, Day 57

We’re back! – #freshmeat – Tom’s mysterious money – Richard = snoreszville – Penny’s ice bath pleasure – Lina’s diversity quota – The self entitled side of the house – Leo’s Maggi meltdown – The type of people who are on reality shows… – Lawson’s …

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Big Brother missing from Nine’s 2015 lineup

Channel Nine’s parent company Nine Entertainment Co. have released a “sneak peak” of their 2015 lineup and Big Brother is not on the list.

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Channel Nine cancels Friday Big Brother… again!

Nine continue to throw the Big Brother schedule into disarray after cancelling the Friday daily show for the second week in a row. After last week’s unexplained cancellation Big Brother reappeared on schedules for this Friday 24 October but Nine have suddenly pulled the plug …

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Lawson still in the running to be a finalist

Lawson’s cheating ways haven’t affected his odds of being a finalist of Big Brother 2014. Betting agencies still have him as a strong contender to land somewhere in the final 3 – 5 housemates. Cat on the other hand has bombed out completely.

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Ex-housemate says Lawson’s girlfriend will enter the house

Ex housemate Ryan Buckingham (2012) has said Lawson’s girlfriend Candice will be entering the house.

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Nine’s BB replacement bombs in the ratings

Channel Nine’s experiment to cancel Big Brother on Friday night has ended up being a huge ratings mistake, with the replacement 1995 movie ‘Goldeneye’ rating significantly lower than Big Brother did the friday before.

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Katie caught out using homophobic language

Sometimes you don’t really get to know a housemate until they’ve been evicted. And some evictees need some serious lessons in using social media.

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An intruder, fake eviction and multiple cameos this week

Channel Nine may have broken their own record for ratings grabs – this week sees the highest number of stunts crammed into a Big Brother week so far. Here’s a day by day run down of what is happening this week. Spoiler alert!

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BB producer: the housemates are doing so much we can’t keep up

Are you finding it difficult to connect with current season of Big Brother? Don’t look at the production team, it’s the housemates who are to blame according to Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis.

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Big Brother photoshops round two

It’s the Big Brother blackout period over the weekend, so why not check in with what our forum users have been creating? Here’s the latest batch of BB photoshops. For more check out the forums. First of all, a big congratulations to David for winning …

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New intruder is model Ryan Burke

Behind Big Brother exclusive: The latest housemate to join the show is Ryan Burke-Gaffney, a model (yep, another one) and personal trainer. While he is based out of the Gold Coast Ryan is originally from Canada.

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Actually scratch that, Big Brother ratings continue to decline

What a difference a day makes. After we reported the Tim Dormer and face to face eviction stunts had boosted ratings for the show, the Wednesday night nominations episode slumped once again.

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Big Bro’s bullying brings in the ratings

While Channel Nine is staying tight lipped about Gemma’s excruciating eviction they’re most certainly rubbing their hands in glee at viewing figures which have bumped back to healthy levels.

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