BBBA Podcast 2014 – Episode 2, Day 16

This is the biggest podcast ever.
– The biggest false start in Big Brother history
– Recap of The David Show
– Snappy tasks
– Poodles in the spa
– Skye’s camouflage and meltdowns
– Where’s Priya?
– Where’s Gemma’s sanity?
– Picks on a winner based on leather
– Ambi-blurgh
– Some dodgy ratings numbers
– Tim’s entrance
– The ultimate Block crossover
– White girls wasted in the BB house
– Illegally loaded spas
– Tim is satanic!

Does Skye have a boyfriend on the outside?

A Gold Coast man says he was in a relationship with Skye when she entered the Big Brother house and now that she’s cheating on him with Jake he’s breaking up with her.

Body builder Dion Sheppard appears to have been in a relationship with Skye at least a month before Big Brother started. The two are pictured together in the bottom left of this Instagram post from a mutual friend:


On the launch show Skye said she was single and described her ideal man as having “dark skin. Dark. Dark. Dark. Dark everything. Blue eyes is nice. Big lips. Gotta have a nice smile. Long eyelashes. Nice eyebrows that I could tidy up with my wax pot.” The description sounds very close to Sheppard.

School friends of Skye told a Behind Big Brother member the couple discussed their relationship before Skye committed to the show and agreed that she would enter the house “single”.

But now that a romance between Skye and Jake has been pushed on TV screens Sheppard says it’s over.

A friend of Sheppard’s announced on Facebook he’s now a single man:


But Sheppard has told his Facebook followers he just wants to forget about it and move on:


Bookies pick Gemma or Jake to be evicted first

Bookies have picked either Gemma or Jake to be the first housemate to be booted from the Bee-Bee House. Revised odds released today by Sportsbet show they are favourite to receive the least number of save votes, but it’s a close race with David and Sandra. Continue reading Bookies pick Gemma or Jake to be evicted first

BBBA Podcast 2014 – Episode 1, Day 5

In this show:
– We’re back
– Big Brother’s cocacabana talent show
– Sonia’s got back
– Skype is great value
– Snap decisions on all of the housemates
– Pepperoni nips
– Who is Lisa?
– Waiting for Travis to P and S everywhere
– It feels like a cheap greek mansion
– Talking poles
– Power bottoms of the house
– No more food episodes
– Crack!
– Big Brother’s social media

New housemate Jake Richardson is Tim Dormer’s real life flatmate

Want to get on Big Brother? It helps to be friends with a former housemate. New housemate Jake Richardson who entered the house last night is the real life flatmate of Tim Dormer who won the show last year. Continue reading New housemate Jake Richardson is Tim Dormer’s real life flatmate