Could Channel 7’s BBAU be filmed in March?

Update: It is.

Update: We’ve received a confirmation – of sorts – that Big Brother Australia will start filming in March. And of all places we found out through Grindr:

Previously: Revealed this evening in a television promo, Sonia Kruger will host 7’s Big Brother reboot. It appears not everything has changed after all.

Late last year it was reported that Sonia Kruger would host Mega Mini Golf. According to a Channel Seven spokesperson via TV Tonight, this can no longer happen due to a scheduling clash with Big Brother. Mega Mini Golf is expected to be filmed next month (March 2020) according to an earlier casting call for the show:

Applicants need to be available for filming in March 2020, be able to fly to the USA (all expenses paid) and be passionate about golf!

Mega Mini Golf – MyCastingNet

Which leaves the question… will Big Brother Australia filming be under way in March?

This doesn’t answer when Big Brother will actually air. All we know is that Big Brother is expected to air “pre-Olympics” (TV Tonight).

How long will the producers need to create fake and misleading story lines that don’t truly represent the real happenings in the Big Brother house?

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