Day 79 Uplate

Another week of up late, and we head straight into the house, where shock horror, I think they are up. Dan and Chrissie are in the living room. Dan is reading a poem out ot her. Mike comes on and says hello! He says it’s all getting excited with only a few days to go. There is a new poetry task this week, which would explain what Dan was doing just before. $3000 on offer as per usual. Back to the living room, Chrissie is just walking around the couch area and seems to be doing a bit of tidying up. There seems to be a lot of wool etc on the floor. Dan continues to work on his poem. He had written a fair amount, thanks to the BB cameramen for showing us that! Chrissie is playing with fabric and cutting it up a bit. Dan puts the whiteboard he has been using to write on up against the diary room door, and then comments that the fabric is ‘some crazy fabric!’ He thinks his poem has turned out to be a bit corny. We get a meanwhile blurb pop up, showing Reggie in bed with the lights out. Dan has written a line which seems to suggest he will walk away from this BB experience with nothing, something he doesn’t want to get across, as he believes he has loads of new friends through BB.

Brain teaser time! The overnight, over weekend game has to be completed. He runs through the teaser, then gives the clue, giving Australia one last chance to register before the money is snapped up. Anyway, back to Chrissie and Dan. Dan is a bit surprised to still be there. He has handled living with people fine he says. Chrissie says he is popular, surviving evictions. Dan doesn’t know if he would call that ‘popular.’ Chrissie says that his social skills are obviously not completely rusty, to which Dan sends back an awesome line; “Nah, but my farts sometimes come out a bit rusty.” I think it was farts, but now I’m not so sure! Dan goes onto talk about how he and his mates have sometimes made up songs which relate to drink driving. Chrissie wonders if that is polictially correct, to which he says no, but they sound good and rhyme well. This moves them onto the drink driving topic, to which both say they never do. Dan always starts drinking water an hour before he leaves if he has had a couple of drinks and is driving. Chrissie tends not to take a car at all if she is going to drink, rather catch a cab. Dan says he can’t afford to catch a cab though, and then Chrissie explains she probably only uses a cab 3 times a year. Dan says he rarely has lots to drink, one or two and he feels as if he has had enough.

Dan then gets up, says a few word to himself while he heads to the kitchen, to get some water from the tap. Back over to the house fairly quickly. He stands in front of his poem, and they have a laugh over one of the lines. He comes out with a few good lines. “It’s ok to be me, on national TV.
Meeting lots of fans, and baby hands.”

Mike cuts in, no more calls for the brain teaser. The task in in three sections, the poem, a pagent and also to prepare a speech about how winning BB would change their lives. Back to the house, Dan asks Chrissie if she is making stuff or just mucking around. She says she is making stuff. Chrissie says she has had enough, and Dan says he wanted to finish the poem tonight, but it doesn’t look like it. Mike is back again, and Helen wins the $1000. Quick does it, and Mike is very quickly back to the house. Dan is reciting his poem, and they have cracked up at his ‘souvenirs’ line. He says he wants to read it seriously, and says he must think of dead kittens or something. He tries again, gets to the same spot, and cracks up laughing again! 3rd time lucky, he gets past the souvenir spot, but then starts laughing just a few lines later. He finally gets through it, and Chrissie gives him a clap. Comm break.

Mike is back! Final week of BB, he is excited. Second game of the teasers tonight. He pulls it up on the screen, gives us the usual speel, then returns us to the house. Dan is standing outside on the decking, talking to Chrissie, who is back on the couch. Dan reads out the task, or one that he has made up more likely, instructions. He says BB will provide them with markers to write the poems, not to draw on your navel! He goes back to his poem now, reading it out loud once again. Now Chrissie is doing some exercises. Dan is now explaining his poem to Chrissie, saying the boat isn’t going anywhere really, it’s a journey within oneself. Dan is now on the ground, saying ‘maybe I need a new mataphore.’ Silence for a bit, then comm break.

Mike is back, telling us about the task again. He reads out Chrissie’s poem, which is actually really good. Now, onto the teaser, this time Mike is kind enough to give the clue. Back we head to the house now. Dan is talking about something he regrets while he has been in the house. No idea exactly what he mentioned though, sorry. Dan goes back to his poem, trying to finish it off before heading to bed. Chrissie is still playing with all the stuff on the floor, cutting fabric up etc. They sit in silence for a good while, the only sounds coming from Dan, who constantly needs to clear his throat (what is with that!?) Mike cuts in, and tells us that they have a winner, and that no more calls are required. Back to the house we travel, again silence. Dan asks Chrissie a question about his poem, but she doesn’t respond before we go to a comm break.

Rob wins the $1000 from game two, and then they run through game three for the first time. Another quick conversation, and again back to the house. Dan and Chrissie still in the living room, just sitting their silently. Dan looking at his poem, Chrissie still playing with the fabric. Chrissie suggests that Dan walk away and finish it with his brain fresh in the morning. He heads back over to the kitchen, thinking the poem over in his head. Slwoly returning to the living room, he goes back to the whiteboard. They hear quite a big noise coming from the walls somewhere. Chrissie decides to go and brush her teeth. However, she waits for Dan and then they enter the bedroom together. Chrissie gives Dan a slap on the bum with the magic wand before they enter the bedroom. She then moves to the bathroom, while Dan gets things organised bedside. Comm break.

Mike is back, and has the guitar, Pat’s guitar in fact, and says you can purchase it via the OS at Ebay. He plays a bit and he is quite funny actually. Brain teaser time, and he runs through it, or sings through it! He says he will give the clue shortly, but back to the house we go. Chrissie and Dan are having a chat in the bathroom, or rather a muted argument, so you have no idea what they are saying. Chrissie makes her way back to bed, while Dan steps up to the sink and does his stuff. He just rolls and unrolls a “Pump” water wrapper instead though. He grabs his water bottle and heads to bed. He gets changed, talking ever so slightly to Chrissie, but you can’t understand anything. He has soon left again to go to the toilet, and Chrissie, normally an avid book fan, has tonight decided to just go straight to sleep. Dan gets into bed and turns his bedside light off, and we cut to a break.

Now, back again with Mike, giving the clue for the brain teaser, then goes onto the eviction phone numbers for this coming week. They cross back to the house, but Mike says they are going to then cross to some footage which happened earlier in the night when everyone was awake. Excellent news, only why wait till the last week to do it? Strange. Anyway, silence, but then suddenly, conversations.

*This happened earlier tonight *

They are all on the couch, discussing the movie “The Exorcist.” Chrissie is saying that she doesn’t feel bad about going on Sunday anymore. Reggie again brings up the point that she needs a colouring book on Subnday to keep her pre occupied. Reggie makes a smell, Dan reckons it smells like Brussel Sprouts. Reggie says it’s Baked Beans. Chrissie is called to the diary room. Reggie has to move away, the smell she made is even too much for her. Chrissie comes out, and yells “Reggie!” Chrissie says it is really bad. Chrissie says that the baked beans couldn’t have processed that quickly. Mike cuts in, no more calls. Dan says that smell has given him a whole new respect for Reggie. Still talking about the smell, as we cut to a comm break.

3rd brain teaser time now. Chrissie from Victoria is on the line, and wins the money. Game four, or game three, whatever you want to call it, the overnight game is probably the best name, is introduced. Mike gives the clue then and there. Now, back we go to the EARLIER vision.

Chrissie still can’t stand the smell. Reggie suggests she move away. Dan thinks he might make some french toast. Dan makes some music with the couch, as he sits there with Reggie quietly. Reggie calls out the days of the week, then asked who made them, and the calendar. Dan and Chrissie say the Romans did. She asks how they count a year 365 days and questions like that. Dan gives her pretty good answers. He explains why we have a leap year every four years. Dan will be 29 later this year. Penny is just turning 24, Dan says. They cut to a break, as Reg asks her if Penny is mature for her age.

Mike is back again, and goes through the overnight game one last time. It’s BEATLES for anyone interested. 1902555610. Anyway, Mike says goodnight after his speel. We go back to live footage, but are quickly taken back to earlier footage. Chrissie is working on her poem, she doesn’t like it, saying “This is bullshit!” She continues working out on the decking, as the rain falls. Silence as she works. Cut back to the house one last time, and at 1:38am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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