Day 82

9:38am – Regina is having a late morning up – even though she’s still the first. Dan and Chrissie hover around in the bedroom too tired to get up just yet. Regina decides she will have toast with honey for breakfast today. The topic of video messages is still on everyone’s mind. In the bedroom Daniel tells Chrissie he was glad Adrian (Regina’s husband) did a video message. They can see why Regina liked Ben so much, because he was so much like Adrian. Chrissie thinks Adrian is so handsome.

Chrissie comes to greet Regina, who is watching her toast cook in grill. Chrissie just had an urge to see Regina suddenly this morning, and has now acted upon it. Regina can’t stop thinking about her video message either. It’s only three sleeps until Big Brother is over. Chrissie comments she’s nowhere near as scared as she was before because of the comforting feeling the video messages have given them. Chrissie is overwhelmed with the support Regina has on the outside world.

Dan is now up and about in the kitchen. Tonight the housemates must parade their costume for the task. Regina and Chrissie have already finished but Dan hasn’t even started. Later in the day, Daniel is sketching out a draft of his costume on the whiteboard. Later on, Daniel is cursing himself for leaving it too late.

3:36pm – Chrissie is unhappy with her costume “god what was I thinking! It’s too hot!”. But the show must go on: housemates move outside to parade their costumes to Big Brother. Chrissie is first, with Regina commentating: the hate represents the city of Melbourne, where Chrissie was brought up and lives. The big red smiley face on her dress represents laughter. The dog on the costume is Beanie, her pet on the outside, along with Joseph the cat. Cups of coffee hang from the costume representing Chrissie’s love of coffee.

Next up is Daniel with commentary from Chrissie: Dan is a superhero, with the ability to jump Big Brother houses in a single bound. “A furry sexual embodiment of animal, man and superhero. Juxtaposed in a hotty outfit with an open crotch”.

Regina has commentary from Daniel: “Presenting this season’s little black dress”. On the front of the dress is a square and circle – representing her time in both BB houses. There is also pictures of Adrian and Campbell (her dog) surrounded by love hearts.

6:00pm – Housemates are now reading out their speeches.

Dan says he has gained a few kilos in the house. He has also gained experience and happiness in good company. Leaving with or without a prize is a new adventure. He can’t wait to see what adventures he has ahead of him.

Chrissie says during her time in the house she has seen that average stuff gets in the way of having stupid fun and being yourself. She’s really enjoyed this time because it’s like being locked away in a test lab where there are no distractions and only have stupid fun and relax.

Regina says her life in the house has been an unbelievable journey. She has spent it with people who are now her very special friends. She has never danced, laughed, cried so much in her life and she hopes when she leaves she keeps these wonderful feelings.

6:16pm – Dan is impressed at Regina’s speech, and says this to Chrissie in the bedroom. He wonders where that speech came from. Regina meanwhile is cleaning the living room. Chrissie draws parallels between her life and Chrissie’s life: they get so distracted by working they don’t have any time to have fun or find themselves, and now Big Brother has let them do this.

6:43pm – Back in week three Chrissie said she hoped Regina or Daniel won. Dan thinks it would be cool if Reg went back to Tasmania with the prize money, considering there were people there that weren’t supportive of her going on the show. Regina says it will be interesting going back. Dan and Chrissie admit they didn’t have any people who would say “I told you so”.

Big Brother tells the housemates to sit at the table briefly. Once they are seated BB announces the task was completed successfully. Now the housemates will get takeaway food of one of the housemate’s choice. Dan requested Thai, Chrissie requested Greek and Regina requested pizza. The scores for the task are Dan: 26, Regina: 29 and Chrissie: 30. The housemates are having Greek for dinner. Reg congratulates Chrissie. She says this means she’s going on Sunday. Reg screams “no it doesn’t!”.

7:27pm – BB announces dinner is served in the kitchen cupboard. Regina screams out “what!?”. Chrissie isn’t surprised, she heard strange noises coming from there earlier on. Regina looks through the food and exclaims “what the hell is that!?”. There is a lot of food, and Chrissie is ecstatic. Regina has no idea what the food is and Chrissie fills her in on all the names.

9:32pm – Chrissie wishes she had a book to read. Dan says he should wash his face tonight after the spa so he looks his best on Sunday. Chrissie and Regina agree. Dan can’t believe he’s here in the house now – he gave himself to fifth or sixth week to last. Regina dittos that. If Dan survives this eviction it will be the sixth nomination he has survived.

11:11pm – Housemates are in bed. Regina wonders how Chrissie and Dan are going to cope when they leave the house – because they live on their own and won’t have anyone to talk to like in the BB house. Daniel say she will probably be calling up people before he goes to bed. Reg suggests Dan call Chrissie.

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