Day 83

10:28am – Chrissie is at the kitchen table. She says it is so exciting. Daniel jokes: “because we just hang around so much here! It’s exciting to think that stuff can happen”. Chrissie and Dan smile at each other.

Chrissie: You could win it… I’m not going to win it. It’s cool that I won’t, I just can’t believe it that I’ll be there when you and Reg… I wanted you or Reggie to win it. I said that months ago. I’m so glad, so happy how it’s worked out. The two people I wanted to win it have a big chance and I’m here to watch it all.

Daniel: And if they don’t win it you will.

Chrissie: That won’t happen.

Regina is soaking up some sun on the deck while Chrissie and Daniel continue their conversation. Chrissie comments its great there will be a girl at the end of it. Dan says there will be at least one girl… maybe even two. Daniel has always thought that girls can’t win Big Brother so Chrissie comments he must be feeling quite confident. Daniel doesn’t though: he thinks that Regina has a big following and is just so appealing to people. “She’s so bright and cheery”. Chrissie doesn’t know how people will be able to choose between Regina and Daniel. Daniel meanwhile is interested in how well his votes tally up considering he’s survived so nominations.

Chrissie soon joins Regina and tells her that Daniel doesn’t think a girl can win Big Brother, which causes Regina to crack up laughing. They both agree they will give him a run for his money. Chrissie has seen Daniel has been very relaxed while the others were freaking out. Regina comments that “we’ll show you something Dan the man… put him back in his place, put him back in his box”.

1:24pm – The girls wonder what they can cook to pass the time. They propose scones with whatever ingredients are left in the kitchen. Regina jumps up and says she will give it a go.

2:11pm – The scones are coming out of the oven. Chrissie can’t believe Regina actually made them – “you’re such a little ripper. You’re a superstar Regina!”.

Chrissie: You’re a legend. You’re a Regend.

Daniel: If only Australia could taste them, then you’d win for sure.

The housemates eat their scones in silence.

4:27pm – Chrissie is still excited about the final evictions. “It is so me this Sunday. I just can’t stop seeing my sister’s face”.

Chrissie: It’s time to go… Chrissie

Regina acts out her shocked eviction face. However she reckons Chrissie is wrong about her self-eviction prediction. Regina refuses to believe Chrissie despite what Chrissie says. Regina is more concerned about Chrissie and Daniel being split up – she can’t picture it happening. Chrissie reassures her it would only be for a few days but after the show finishes it’s going to happen anyway. Regina says there aren’t enough people in Tassie to vote for her. Chrissie scoffs, and says it’s not just people in Tasmania voting.

Chrissie imagines if they get out and two people from the house have formed a couple.

Regina: Yeah you and Dan… is that what you meant?

Chrissie: No! Are you joking? Do you think I have the hots for Dan? Oh my god!

Regina laughs and Chrissie clarifies: people who are already outside the house. Regina thought she meant if she was evicted and left the Chrissie-Daniel couple in the house. Then they go through odd couple combinations: Patrick and Claire, Patrick and Leah.

Chrissie: That would almost be against the law, wouldn’t it?

Chrissie laughs again about her and Dan.

5:57pm – Big Brother annouces the store room is open. The girls think there is nothing in there, but Daniel checks anyway. Inside he finds snacks and drinks. At first he doesn’t show them the basket, but when the girls eventually see it Chrissie says “oh get out!” and Regina screams “oohhh what! No way!”.

7:14pm – Big Brother has provided the housemates with a camera video game. After some setting up, Chrissie is first. Regina can’t believe how the game works. The first game involves Chrissie bouncing a soccer ball on her head. Everyone is amazed at how the game works.

8:32pm – Regina is playing a boxing game and is knocking out her opponent. She giggles along. She knocks out the opponent and jumps for joy. It’s a new high score so she must pose and the game takes her photo.

9:45pm – Daniel is now playing the boxing game. He takes a different approach by slapping his opponent. He pulls a scary face while the others laugh on.

10:16pm – The group pose while the game takes their photo. Afterwards, Regina says it was great…

Regina: That was it, thats it, our last Friday night.

Chrissie: Don’t get all lumpy in the throat Gina, you’re going to kill me with all that stuff.

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