Day 74

Regina is up this morning jogging around the backyard.

11:00am – Patrick and Chrissie are in the kitchen. Patrick is going to make every effort to enjoy his last week in the house. Chrissie has “done her calculations” and has a different outcome about their remaining time in the house. She has taken into account the “conspicuous character factor (CCF)”. It’s her theory that conspicuous means annoying. Patrick says that might not work because they are all annoying in their own special way. Chrissie says Patrick is the least annoying… why?… I don’t know, stop annoying me!

12:52pm – Regina is now into her second hour of exercise, she is now working some dumbbell weights. Anouska calls Patrick for his video interview. Chrissie warns him that Anouska has a tabloid interrogation interview style. An exhausted Regina sits down with Chrissie and finds out her interview is soon to come. Anouska has been told to make it all gossipy, and Regina says “oh bugger”.

In the living room:

Anouska: Do you think you could be friends with Regina outside of here?

Patrick: Definitely, she’s just one of those people who’s easy to get along with and you can chat to for hours about everything and nothing.

Anouska: So you’ve said you’d like to be friends with her outside of here, once or twice you’ve made reference to never, ever marry Regina. Why is that?

Patrick: Well she’s married.

Anouska: By why isn’t Regina marriage material in your eyes?

Patrick: Um, she’s just… I usually go for girls that are a bit taller, and different from Reggie I guess.

Anouska: Is Regina a bit too common for you?

Patrick: No definitely not


Anouska: Who was the next person you remember meeting?

Patrick: I met Chrissie next. I’ve gotten to know Chrissie to a certain level, but not as well as I know Regina…

Anouska: So you prefer Regina to Chrissie?

Patrick: I’d say that we’ve gotten along better… It would be more likely we’d be friends after this…

Anouska: So you think Chrissie’s boring?

Patrick: I didn’t say she’s boring I think I’m not as well connected as she might be to other people in the house.

Anouska goes along to ask if Patrick likes Chrissie the least in the house – Patrick says he doesn’t know her as well as the others. Anouska ends the interview and Patrick says “you sneaky little girl!”

4:43pm – It’s now Regina’s turn to be interviewed. She’s a bit nervous and expects Anouska to ask about her relationship with other housemates.

Anouska: What would be the one thing you would change about Patrick?

Regina: Um, to get him to talk to me at night when he’s in bed. He used to say he’d fall asleep talking to Jo but he didn’t he kept talking.

Anouska: Why don’t you think he talks to you?

Regina: Because I’m annoying and I get on his nerves (she laughs).

Anouska: Do you like Patrick?

Regina: Yeah, he’s nice. Just friendship, nothing more. I have no sexual, physical attraction to Patrick.

Anouska: I’ve noticed, every now and then you look at him differently

Regina: Oh! Do I? I didn’t mean to!

Anouska then quizzes Regina about Chrissie. Regina feels that Chrissie was closer to Jo than her, and that Chrissie probably would rather Jo be in the final four housemates. Meanwhile Daniel is playing air guitar with a tennis racket, much to the amusement of Chrissie who collapses on the deck laughing.

Anouska: So, from the sound of things, you prefer Patrick to Chrissie.

Regina laughs

Regina: Nah probably Chrissie because she talks to me at night where Patrick won’t.

Anouska: Do you not think he’s hiding his feelings for you?

Regina laughs hysterically

Regina: No! Oh, I just remembered something – when I was up for nominations the first time he went and played his guitar and he only plays his guitar when he’s upset and thinking about something.

Anouska: Oooh.. does that excite you?

Regina: And also that night, he came up to my bed and gave me a kiss goodnight.

Anouska: Did that excite you?

Regina: I was thinking “ooh thats a bit weird”.

Anouska: Do you fancy Patrick?

Regina: Ah no, I’ve got no attraction

Anouska doesn’t let up about Patrick’s attention to her, much to Regina’s amusement who finds the accusations hilarious. Anouska thanks Regina for the most honest interview she’s done.

6:39pm – Anouska is making an English dinner for the housemates: “Toad in the hole”. Regina has heard of it but Chrissie worries it will be disgusting. Meanwhile Patrick is playing the guitar and singing with Daniel outside. Anouska is yelling at her cooking utensils. Chrissie and Regina discuss why it’s called “Toad in the hole”.

Anouska is getting frustrated about her cooking but Patrick lends a helping hand. He tells her not to watch the cooking in the oven otherwise it won’t rise. She worries it will end up like a pancake. She jokes he is a kitchen nazi. Regina joins them and Anouska tells her “its been one culinary disaster after another”. Regina joins in to help with the cooking but Anouska gets annoyed when Patrick tries to take control. It eventually turns out as “roadkill” rather than “Toad in the hole”. Chrissie says it looks delicious regardless.

Everyone agrees it tastes great even though it’s flat, but Anouska looks disappointed.

10:24pm – In the bedroom Regina tells Patrick if he lies down next to her he’ll fall asleep, so he sits on a chair instead. At the other end of the bedroom, Anouska says she doesn’t think Regina will be evicted – Chrissie agrees. They wonder what it is about Regina that makes it seem strange if she’s evicted. Daniel says every bit of her is magic yet she doesn’t even know – It’s Aussie at it’s most charming. Chrissie wonders why she’s so appealing. Regina yells out imagine if you had been complaining about some one in your sleep, and Anouska suggests if you were yelling out sexual things in your sleep about another housemates. Regina had a dream about Saxon, and another dream about a mysterious stranger where all she could see was a (censored beep). They question her about the first dream about Saxon, but Regina tries to change the subject and the others pull her up on it. Regina keeps laughing. Chrissie explains: Reg says “yeeeah.. um..” and then moves onto something else. Regina is still laughing.

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