Day 74 Uplate

We join the gang in the bdroom, everyone in there. Dan is doing his stretches, Anouska is walking around doing something with her toes, before Reggie asked if Anouska did any dancing when she was young. Anouska says she did some ballet when she was small, but got bored, so gave it up.

Mike cuts in, tells us that the forums are active, and the usual speel related to the brain teasers, before sending us back to the house. Reggie hopes she sleeps well tonight. Pat was about to have a sip of his water, but says it smells like chlorine. Reggie says it’s been tasting like that for days now. Reggie is drifting off to sleep, while Pat is getting ready for bed. The other three can be heard, but as yet, not seen. Dan and Chrissie are talking about the movie “Never Been Kissed”, and Anouska joins in. She and Chrissie think it’s a nice film. Dan is stretching and says that he has to be careful not to show his testicles. Chrissie says she has seen them, but not on this particular occassion. Reggie has seen them as well LOL. Dan says his sack is lower than normal. Anouska wants to have a look see, but Dan is not offerring at the moment. He says his sack is so low….well you can guess. Chrissie wonders if it’s raining, and Dan goes to check for her. It is not raining. Nushy is singing “Get your nuts out!” Chrissie asks if they hang if you haven’t done things in a while. They try to persuade Dan to reveal all for the next few minutes. Dan then does some impersonating while closing and opening the door. The main purpose was of course to get some fresh air in the bedroom.

Patrick leaves the room for the couch. Anouska says she isn’t tired at all. She is back to UK time now she reckons. Chrissie decides to duck across to eat some bread and butter pudding. Mike interrupts then, telling us no more calls for the overnight teaser, before returning to Anouska in the bedroom, plucking her eyebrows. While thats exciting, Mike drops by again, and has Lyn from WA on the line, and she wins the money, the first for the night. Back again, Dan and Chrissie are outside, talking about the pudding. Dan apparently did some gardening earlier this evening, and is talking about what he did with Chrissie now. He now is lifting some weights up. Pat is the kitchen with Chrissie now, eating as well. Chrissie had never eaten that pudding before. She enjoyed it. Chrissie tells Pat she is going to make a cake tomorrow. Chrissie says she doesn’t think she would like the taste of grass. Pat reckons it would be alright. Comm break!

Mike is back yet again, and he opens up the first of the normal brain teasers. Back to the house we go, seeing everyone is awake tonight. On the couch are Anouska and Chrissie. They are trying to guess how to spell Anouska. Pat is nowhere near it. Dan is also in the room, singing rubbish. Chrissie asks why there are demons in the storeroom, she must have heard something. Chrissie is talking about some story she remembers from when she was five or something – a firend of hers couldn’t say the word Chess, saying Chest instead. Chrissie says she saw her first head today, behind the walls. She says she got so scared. Dan is looking at Chrissie’s nighty. She says it has been through lots with her. Perhaps it might be her legacy item or something, because they discuss whether it would bring more money than the blue one. I don’t know what they are talking about really, just assuming. Comm break.

Mike is back, goes through the teaser, gives the clue, then back to Anouska in the kitchen. She is there by herself, chopping up something. It looks like Chrissie has got the rule book out back over at the couch. She is folding the paper up for some reason. She has folded up the page so you can only see the bb logo on it, then holds it across her eyes and starts saying ‘stop playing with your nose.’ Dan grabs it, and has Chrissie laughing so hard in just a few seconds it’s ridiculous. Dan says “Do you mock Big Brother!?” Chrissie just keeps saying “Oh my god!” She gets the paper back, and has another go at it, Anouska coming in at that time, and laughs her head off. It really is quite funny. Such a little thing can be so entertaining for them all. She puts it back in the folder, and they move onto the Spa Instructions, Chrissie replacing the real rules with made up one “Ensure you have consumed at least five litres of alcohol before entering the spa.” Mike comes on, tells us we have a winner and to stop calling, before comm break appears.

Adam from Victoria is the first winner for the evening, well the second actually. He really only started watching because he wanted to perve on Anouska. Sounds like a lovely chap! Anyway, he gets the word correct (I’m still waiting for someone to get it wrong!), and wins $1000. He wants to buy a new TV. Game Two is opened straight away, Mike does his stuff, then we are thrown back to the house again. Chrissie is still reading the rlue book to the others. They have a little joke about the time that Saxon and Vincent led them into the storeroom, which had been turned into a camera run. Dan goes outside, and waves to Anouska, who is skipping, before returning inside. Anouska gets tired of skipping, and starts twisting the rope around herself instead. When we return inside, Dan is telling Chrissie that early on, when Reggie picked up a practice golf ball which had come over the divide, he said to Reg casually that she shouldn’t pick up objects that aren’t from the house because they could be a bomb. Now before I continue, a practice golf ball is has holes in it, and you can see right through it. Reggie though took steps back and wondered if she had done something really bad though! Anouska comes back inside, as Chrissie says the reason the toilet door doesn’t lock is in case the housemates get really drunk and lock themselves in there, people can’t help them. Comm break.

Mike is back again, goes through game two of the teasers, the answer bedroom. Back to the house, Anouska is doing her teeth. The lights have been switched off. Chrissie and Pat both seem to be in bed all of sudden. What happened to the couch chit chat! Anouska goes back to the bathroom to finish her teeth off. Everyone is in bed now. They are trying to become less quiet, slowly happening. Chrissie says she still isn’t tired. Anouska is going to read her book. Chrissie has borrowed one of anouska’s books, and is trying to work out if she will finish it before she leaves, or whether they could send it on to her after she leaves. Comm break!

Mike is back again, believe it or not. He does exactly what he did last time before returning to the house. A bit of whispering, Anouska saying something about being paid or something. Chrissie says it would be a big difference ( I take that as a big difference between what A is getting paid than Chrissie or Dan who get $500 a week.) Chrissie says thats great, grab it while you can. Silence as the girls continue reading. No more calls for the brain teaser! Back to the book reading in the meantime however. Comm break after 3 minutes.

Mike has Jamie from the Gold Coast on the phone. He wins the money. Quick phone call that one, thats the way we like them too :) Overnighters game has started. Genuine is the answer, 1902555610 for the southern states. Mike says he will be back later for the eviction phone numbers, but back we go now. Dan clears his throat. Chrissie has given up on the book tonight, ready for sleep. Dan sits up and looks through his jeans pocket, looking for something… A tissue! He finds it and gives the nose a workout. Anouska is still reading. Wonder what time this started tonight, seeing it’s only 1:25am. Comm break after about 5 minutes of watching Anouska read.

Brain teasers again. He goes through the overnight game, and gives a clue this time. I got it without a clue though, cause I’m smart! LOL. Scroll up for the answer. Now, why is Mike laughing all the way through this segment. Time to go through the eviction numbers now, and he starts singing two of the phone numbers. Too much red cordial for Mike. Mike is off now, night Mike! Back to the books, Nush still reading away. Dan clears his throat on three occassions, Nush decides it’s time for bed and turns her light out before 1:49am comes around and Dreamworld says goodnight.

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