Day 73

10:38am – Big Brother announces that the hot water is off, and the store room is open, however he jumbles up his words a little and the housemates have a chuckle. They agree the uncomfortable pause by BB was what made it funny. Housemates move towards the store room. Regina has asked Patrick to put her chocolates in the store room rather than the kitchen so they won’t be as tempting. Patrick puts them on top of the fridge, which is out of Regina’s reach. Reg says that is too far otherwise, she won’t be able to grab some when she wants chocolate.

Anouska is up now and gets ready for the day. Regina is now annoyed about Patrick “confiscating” her chocolates. She says she will get them down some way.

1:27pm – Anouska is continuing with her video interview task. She is now interviewing Chrissie in bed on her views towards Dan.

Chrissie: The weird thing is when I first met Dan… I was already laughing. So that was a good indication of what was to come. We had our first good belly laugh within 24 hours. He does this weird thing with his mouth (she demonstrates)… it’s so funny.

Anouska: Does he have anything that irritates you?

Chrissie: Not really, I guess if anything it would be he is very pedantic about recycling but I think thats endearing.

Anouska suggests that Dan is her favourite and Chrissie finds the others annoying. Chrissie starts laughing and says Anouska must have gone to the “English Tabloid School of Reporting”. They both laugh. Anouska wraps things up.

1:50pm – Anouska is now interviewing Daniel on tape in the kitchen. She asks him what he thinks of Chrissie.

Daniel: Yeah Chrissie’s just a really happy person. When she laughs its very genuine and for people who are a little overweight the world can be harsh to them but it doesn’t seem to bother Chrissie… if they’re happy when themselves they’re great to be around.

Anouska: If you were to say one thing about Chrissie thats annoying, what would that be?

Daniel: I really can’t think of anything about Chrissie that is annoying

Anouska: Really?

Daniel: Well I spose it annoys me slightly that I don’t find her attractive because then she’s be a great person to be with and be attracted to as well.

Anouska: You couldn’t find Chrissie attractive? Boyfriend/girlfriend material?

Daniel: No, not really

Anouska: Why isn’t she girlfriend material?

Daniel: I think everyone has a physical body type and as nice as Chrissie is and as fun to be around, she doesn’t suit my physical type. Unfortunately.

Anouska: So you’re a bit sizist?

Daniel: Well everyone has a preference don’t they? For me to feel masculine I’d like to pick a girl up.

5:39pm – Chrissie comments she found it funny when Saxon put food right under the “EAT” sign in the kitchen. She goes into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner and Daniel soon joins her. He says the world is usually not friendly to people who are different or a bit larger. He says one of the coolest things about her is that she doesn’t make an issue about her weight. Chrissie can’t believe how much attention it’s been getting – she compares it to Regina not talking about her 5 foot height or Jamie about his sexuality. She says it’s not a big issue at all and she doesn’t know why this conversation is taking place.

5:51pm – Chrissie pries into Daniel’s discussion and wonderment of her weight. Dan feels the world is hung up on appearances but Chrissie says Dan is just perpetuating it.

Daniel: I have to admit I am affected by visuals – there’s women that I find attractive.

Chrissie: I’m not here for you to find me attractive, I’m not in the world for people to find me attractive either. It’s not the role of a woman just to be attractive to women.

Chrissie gets the feeling Daniel feels Chrissie is embarrassed or less capable of doing Big Brother. Chrissie says you don’t see Dan questioning Regina about her supposed inability to use big words or Vincent taking his top off when you’ve got pimples all over your back. Daniel is silent as he is put in his place. He eventually says he knows a lot of women who are hung up about their appearance. Chrissie says she knows that goes on but it’s pointless.

Daniel feels Chrissie is having misconceptions about what he’s saying. Chrissie says she understands it as Daniel suggesting she is uncomfortable with the way she looks. Chrissie says the idea of attractiveness is unique to each person and some people see attractiveness as an “inside” quality. The conversation ends on a positive note about dinner.

9:17pm – Patrick and Regina are lying on their beds. Patrick is half asleep until Anouska wakes him. She suggests Reg and Patrick sleeping in the double bed – she can see them being married. Reg laughs and Patricks says Anouska obviously doesn’t know him very well. She eggs them on to kiss, “you two look really good together”. Regina says “Pattie only likes tall girls with blonde hair and intelligent.. he doesn’t like little squirts with short hair, annoying voices, tattoos”. Anouska continues with the bating. Regina says she likes footballers and firemen. Dan jokes footballers on fire – flaming footy. He says they are all eye candy to Regina, and she agrees.

10:35pm – Patrick can’t sleep and is plucking his guitar in the living room. In the bedroom Anouska says to Chrissie “I think I’ve caught Regina looking at Patrick all adoringly”. Chrissie denies anything happening, but Anouska says it is nice – she would like them to get together. Chrissie reminds Anouska that Regina is married, but Anouska just giggles and Chrissie says “you are wicked!”.

Chrissie: I don’t think it’s going to happen

Anouska: You never know

Chrissie: Yeah you do know… it’s not going to happen

Anouska: I’m going to make it happen

They laugh into their pillows as not to wake any of the other housemates. Anouska discusses her suspected pregnancy with Chrissie – who says “if thats the way it goes, thats the way it goes”.

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