Day 83 Uplate

We join Up Late in the bedroom, the light on, Chrissie reading and Reggie asleep. Danile isn’t there. Mike comes on, and has an audience! He says he had a spa with Imogen tonight on “The Insider”. Anyway, he tells us Dan is in the kitchen, but he says that the housemates had fun with a new playstation 2 game earlier. We’ll see footage again tonight. It’s his last night of Up Late they’ll again give away $3000. Anyway, we go back to the footage, where Chrissie is still reading, Reggie is still asleep and Dan is still doing something.

Oooh, we have a women saying “Up Late Replay” in a sexy voice. Nice addition! Dan is trying to get this new game setup. He is having trouble getting the picture, then flicks it too AV2 and hey presto, they are away. But it’s in a totally different language. They are laughing at this dood going through the features of the new “I-Toy”, when Dan gets called to the diary room. Dan emerges, and says they have to restart it and interact with it to get it to talk in English. Dan restarts it, then Reggie is amazed that you select English by waving your hand to the camera, which sits on top of the TV. It’s all very exciting! They finally get it going, and this dude goes through the features of the IToy in English this time, and yesm they keep laughing at him again. While it is a guy talking, it is actually an old grannie showing what you have to do. Chrissie exclaims at one stage, when the woman is waving there arms around “She’s acting like Patrick!”

There is an image of a person on the screen, and Dan must stand so his body in inside the image. Then when they press start, a soccer ball comes down, and they then adjust the camera again, before the soccer game commences! When Dan moves his head to keep the soccer ball ‘afloat’, Chrissie yells “NO!” They are amazed at how cool this game is. As well as keeping the ball up, they also have to hit little demon thingys on the left and right, some taking away points and then some giving them points and a second ball. I think Dan got 3008 first time round. Reggie’s turn now! It looks so funny not watching it through the television, cause she is just bobbing her head at nothing. Anyway, Reggie is away, and they realise you get three balls, but also a time limit. Hehe, someone just deflated the ball making it smaller! Reggie got 16,000. Chrissie wants to see what other games there are, but Reg and Dan insist that she has to try it first. They can’t believe how good this software is. Chrissie finishes her go, and they restart it to find a different game. The girls haven’t seen anything like this before ever, they are amazed. Mike pauses the action, and freezes it, then fast forwards it, before telling us that the overnight game is over!

Anyway, back to the earlier footage, and it’s boxing this time. hehe, it’s funny. Dan is punching away in thin air. Dan starts putting the rude finger up at his computer opponent, which is very funny. Dan is finished with 27,000 points. Reggie’s turn now, and she laughs her way through it. We leave the footage there, and Mike is back with the last overnight quiz, and introduces Leon, his studio audience. He then goes through where all the ex housemates will be in various states on Sunday night. Sharon is on the line, and she answers the overnight quiz, but Mike says it’s wrong and moves to the next caller, but then says “Nah, it’s right!!” Sharon thinks Chrissie will be evicted this weekend, and then wants Dan to win. Alright, we move back to the live footage of the house. Chrissie is still reading, Reggie is asleep and Dan is also. Comm break.

Mike is back with the brainteaser, doing his usual speel for the $1000. He goes through some of the other prizes you can win if you don’t get the grand. He also says they will giveaway signed T-Shirts from BB evictees. Anyway, back to live footage for a sec now, nothing happening, so away we go to the “Up Late Replay.” Reggie is still playing and has knocked out the other boxer! She has 66,000 points! She has a high score, so her photo is taken. Chrissie’s turn now! She got 63,000 points. She says “That was cool fun!” Reggie goes and gets some drinks, while Dan trys to figure out whether there is another game to play.

Mike interrupts saying that the competition has been stuffed, so don’t call for a bit while they work it out. Now, Dan has changed discs and is about to start a new game. He has a different disc in but the boxing one stil starts playing. Dan starts playing again, as we cut to a comm break.

Mike comes back and says they are all looking for jobs! But it’s exciting cause there is only three people left in the house. He explains that the comp is still stuffed, they will try to sort it out sortly. He goes onto read out the eviction phone numbers. He then tells us that Dan has a sore tummy, so they will cross to the footage of that. He is sitting on his bed, rubbing his tummy. Before long, he is off to the toilet or bathroom, and we focus on Chrissie asleep. But now, back to the earlier footage again. This is a fair bit later I would think, cause they are back to the soccer game. They seem to know a far bit about it. After a false start she is off. They have the text in Dutch this time around. She gets 36,000 points, as we cut to another comm break.

Mike is back. Still the brain teaser thing is stuffed. They are still trying to fix the problem. He goes through a few people at the forums to say hello too. He goes through the logo’s for the Nokia phones next. OK, back to live footage before we go back to earlier more exciting stuff. Dan is at least back in bed, trying to get comfortable now I think. Back to earlier now though, and it’s Dan’s turn with the soccer game. Reg comes in and says it’s Raining. Dan gets 66,000 , a new top score, so he gets his photo taken. Dan dares someone to beat that score. Reg will take up the challenge. Halfway through her turn, comm break.

20 past 2 now, and Mike is back again. Brain teaser is still stuffed. He goes through the popularity polls. Now, back to the house we travel. Live footage shows everyone in bed still, Dan looking as if he may have fallen asleep. Back to earlier, Chrissie and Dan are sitting on the couch talking about how good soup is. Reggie knocks the dude out, but only has 47,000 points. They are talking about how they could get jobs with BB next year as advisors, then Reggie puts on her BB voice, hoping for a voiceover job. Chrissie has a go at the boxing one. She says she would love one of these at home. Reggie says “He’s weak as!” referring to Chrissie’s opponent. She got 40,000 but wants to go again, in the correct position. Dan says he can imagine people playing it at home, and their mother walking into the screen and ruining it for the kids! Chrissie is away though again in the boxing game. Mike comes back on in the bottom of the screen only for a second, telling Chrissie to have a go! Comm break soon after.

Mike’s back! He reminds us that it is the last up late, and thanks everyone for watching Up Late. He says hello to all the crew here at BB. The brain teasers look as if it’s dead, sorry! No more cash just yet. Back to live footage, where everyone is still asleep, so very quickly we go to earlier footage. It’s Dan turn fighting, and he has knocked out the dude. He got 53,000 points. He has another go! The girls cheer Dan on. Dan changes midway through, and instead of punching, start slapping. He gets 50,000 points this time. Chrissie is next saying she wants to slap him! She starts slapping away, doing quite well. Reggie is laughing heaps watching on. She got 48,100 for slapping. She says that was so funny. Reggie’s turn, she wants the top score. She gets 85,000!!!! New top score, very excited they all are. Comm break.

Mike is back again, still no luck with the brain teasers. No more money ever again! Back to the earlier footage we travel, and Reggie has just got 93,000 points! Anyway, she is away again. She wants to get him knocked out in round one. Almost! Chrissie asks if Adrian would like this. Reg thinks so. She knocks him out with 97,000 points. She farts at the same time! Group hug! It looks so good :)

Back to live footage we go now, not quite sure why, but we do. Everyone is still asleep. After 3 minutes, back to earlier footage. The game is gone. They are so excited, and Chrissie says it’s so much better than sitting with a console, that game. She wonders how many games they could make like that. Chrissie says she wants to see what it looks like in the ghost house. I think they are talking about the square house, but not quite sure. Maybe a ride at Dreamworld. Chrissie says she gets scared even at lame ghost rides. They start talking of a movie, before BB returns us to live footage one last time for Up Late. Darkness all round, and finally, at 3am, Dreamworld doesn’t say goodnight! LOL, just a comm break.

Ah god!!! Mike isn’t there, but like 7 people are. Mike sits back down on his chair, and talks about how good these people are. Special mentions to Leon and Si. He hopes they will be back for BB4. Thanks to loads of people, and then they say that Up Late is not finished, so back we go. Bye Mike though! Great work :) Back to earlier footage, they are talking about being tied up while having sex I think. They move back to talking about the game, and Dan says “I wonder what else could you do with that style and interraction.” Reggie is laughing her head off thinking he is still talking about sex. They are back thinking of new games they could do in that style. Reggie is still laughing and can’t breathe! She finally comes good. We cross back to the live house for the final up late time, and at 3:08am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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