Day 75

10:17am – Anouska walks out to breakfast wearing high heels. The other housemates query her and she says she doesn’t like walking around with nothing on her feet. She asks if they want coffee. Patrick also requests toast with Vegemite, and Anouska seems to know what that is. Chrissie says “well done”. Patrick adds “Reggie will tell you how much”. After she goes into the kitchen, Daniel says “don’t say that to an english person because they wont’ know how much to put on”. In the kitchen Anouska seems to be putting A LOT of vegemite on a piece of toast, and when she leaves with it Regina giggles to herself.

When the toast reaches Chrissie and Patrick, they say “oh ow”. Anouska asks if she’s put too much on – “a little bit”. Anouska giggles and Patrick goes to scrape some off. Patrick shows Regina how much Vegemite is on the toast, and she burst out laughing. There is deliberation on how to fix the toast: Regina says just start again. Patrick shows Anouska how much is correct and Anouska jokes “ungrateful bastard!”.

Patrick: Do you want a taste?

Anouska: I’d rather peel my own skin and eat it.

Anouska is interviewing Chrissie, using a spatula as a microphone. She is asking about Vincent and they play fight about answers. Anouska says Chrissie didn’t like Vincent scandalously. When the taping is finished Chrissie doesn’t seem all that impressed. Daniel and Chrissie suggest they do another tape that punchy and not so drawn out. Chrissie has second thoughts because this style is not really her way of talking. They retape it with a silly script.

4:20pm – Chrissie has worked out the cause of Anouska’s pregnancy theories: When travelling from the UK she lost a few days due to time differences and thus misjudged her menstrual calendar cycle. Chrissie and Dan go on to discuss Anouska: they feel sometimes she thinks people are laughing at her rather than with her. They also think she puts herself down too much – although she is quick to put down other people like when Regina gets words wrong. They agree it’s a fine line Anouska must walk o.

In the kitchen Anouska and Patrick discuss the task. She says Reggie was the most honest. Outside Regina is watching them and comments she likes watching people in the kitchen. Patrick says the producers were probably disappointed there were not so many clashes in the house. On a similar topic outside Daniel and Regina agree everyone in the house is nice and trustworthy. Regina says she doesn’t think any of the previous evictees would say anything nasty about them. Daniel is unsure.

5:59pm – Chrissie has joined the outside group and they talk there is only 3 sleeps until the next eviction. Regina is excited and has butterflies. Big Brother calls all housemates to the round deck, which is where the outside group is already. There is a general feeling of confusion. Big Brother announces the results are in for the task. They have wagered 75%. They have passed the task and have $91 to spend on next week’s shopping. Patrick tells Chrissie to enjoy the food next week. Regina says it would have been hilarious if they failed and only had $13 to spend. Once Anouska leaves Chrissie says she should stay until the end – she can’t just leave now when she’s just found out things about the other housemates.

Anouska and Patrick continue with dinner, rolling out spaghetti. Anouska says that Patrick is a control freak, and he agrees. She gets excited about rolling out some spaghetti properly, and goes to show the other housemates, screaming. The others laugh about how long it is, but their attention quickly turns to a bug that crashed into the kitchen window, and Anouska gets annoyed. Daniel picks up the bug and takes it over Anouska, who freaks out and tries to hide behind Chrissie. Chrissie scares her more by saying “oh look its so terrible it has long sticky legs, it’s in attack mode”. Anouska gets upset and tells Daniel to fuck off. Regina comforts her out on the round deck. Daniel comes out and lets the bug fly off. Anouska screams in terror and starts crying again. The others are amazed Anouska is so terrified of a single bug.

7:01pm – Anouska is skipping while Daniel shows her his makeshift vege garden. She says that she likes Daniel but as revenge for the bug incident when he wakes up tomorrow morning all his baby corn will be gone. Daniel says they can do that – they can fuck with each other until one of them leaves. He continues with the joke, talking tactics and battle of the sexes. Anouska giggles until Daniel mentions putting insects in her bed, and she asks if he’d really do that. He says not at first, but maybe a little later.

Anouska: These jeans are so unflattering!

Daniel: Thats alright because everyones looking at your tits anyway

10:05pm – Dan questions Reg on her eviction predictions, but there is no clear answer. Dan indirectly predicts Chrissie. Meanwhile Chrissie is telling Patrick she’s really looking forward to going for a long walk when she gets out of the house… a walk not in circles. Patrick is looking forward to sleeping in a room by himself and waking up when he wants to. Chrissie says “because I’ll be at your eviction” after that she can’t wait to… Patrick says she will be waving goodbye to him from inside the house. Chrissie continues, she can’t wait to hang out with other housemates outside the house. She’s never known them other than the environment of the house.

Outside Reg and Dan express their excitement at the upcoming finale. Regina can’t wait to see everyone. Dan compares it to a birthday party when everyone you know is there at the same time.

11:20pm – Anouska has spied a bug in the bedroom. She starts screaming and gets under her sheets. She instructs Daniel to get a pillow and hit it. He scares her by saying it’s coming towards her, she screams and hides under her covers. He shows her the smeared evidence of the dead bug.

Chrissie: That is disgusting.

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