Day 73 Uplate

Here we go, everyone asleep again, so it should be a awesome night of entertainment. Let’s get straight into it. We go to the bedroom, naturally, where the camera is on no one in particular. Ohh, someone just flushed the toilet I think. Patrick! He gets back into bed, everyone else sound asleep. It’s strange that Mike hasn’t stuck his head in yet. The program has been on for a good five minutes now. Ah, here he is! Mike tells the housemates to wake up. He tells us to stay tune because it’ll be an interesting night nonetheless. $3000 is up for grabs tonight, as per usual. Mike says that Chrissie and Daniel had an interesting conversation today. Dan says “It’s great that a women your size can come on this show.” Chrissie replied that it shouldn’t matter, no one complained of Ben’s gut.” Anyway, watch tomorrow nights show for more on that. Also, apparently Anouska is trying to be matchmaker, pushing Reggie and Patrick together.

Back to the house however now, and over to Chrissie’s corner we travel. Silence. Suddenly brain teaser time! Heather from Adelaide will win the overnighters money today. LOL, she doesn’t know if she knows it yet. She answers Pioneer, and wins the money! First winner from SA. She only tried four times. She wants Reggie to win. They show her in her bed. She plays Pick The Camera game now. 26 is the diary room. Mike says the DR Chair can be won on Ebay, via the OS. 24 is the kitchen. Ends the call now, and then we go back to the house to check if anything is happening. And what do you know, nothing is happening. Chrissie’s corner is show again, and before long, Mike comes back, and has Leigh Coleman on the phone, from some radio station. He apparently nows Jo, he went to a party of hers, and actually spent the night in Jo’s mother’s bed. They also have the lead singer (Juanita) from Waikiki, but she never gets to watch TV at night, so she doesn’t know a thing about it. She wouldn’t last in one place for 3 months, no hope she says. She would get booted up for not doing enough. Leigh would win however, he would joke heaps more than they do at present. Leigh wants Regina to win.They play virtual director now, camera 31 is the of the fire and the dinner table. 17 is a blacked out area, they hit the infa red button, and you can see the beds. Soon enough, the interview ends, and again we go back to the house. Oh c’mon, damn well go to a comm break. Finally I get my wish.

Cashtime when we return. The first for the night is bought up on the screen, and Mike goes through the usual stuff related to the brain teaser, before returning to the house. A quick wander round to check if everything is well, and then Mike says they will have a chat to a psychologist. We have Anouska on the screen at present, sleeping away. She looks very peaceful there. Mike returns now and has Lisa on the phone. MIke met her only on Sunday at the eviction show. She is a complete BB addict like me! She watches every show! Anyway the shrink says Anouska would be terribly worried about her possible pregency. Shrink says she would be terrified because she has only been with the guy for a month, but before she can finish, Mike tells her to hold on, while we have a comm break.

Back again we are! Mike quickly runs through the brain teaser, and then gives the clue, and the answer is….I have no idea LOL. Too hard for 12:46am. Anyway, back to Lisa now. Lisa says that Anouska trying to put Pat and Reggie together could be a disguise for Anouska liking Patrick. Lisa thinks the personality of the housemates might change, because we are coming into the business end of the series. She has noticed Chrissie playing one person off the other. Lisa thinks Daniel is definately playing the game. She thinks Jo was playing three guys in the hope of staying in the house. Mike says that Jo is at Dreamworld for the rest of the week. End of conversation with Lisa, and Mike says that the first brain teaser game has ended. A bit of flirting between Lisa and Mike before she says goodbye. Oh dear….Comm break.

Moneytime. Well time to give it away anyway. Donna from NSW is on the phone. She has two kids. She answers CORRECT. Oh, I so should have got that. She rung about 8 times. Now, he wants to talk to Donna. She wants Reggie to win. Virtual Director time. Camera 22 is the same one that they already had on the screen – that or they don’t want to show 22. Camera 3 is from the toilet looking down over the beds. She doesnt think Anouska is pregnent. Anouska will be leaving on Sunday night of course. Game Two is started, Mike running through the usual speel. Donna says she gets together with friends and discusses BB all the time. They start talking about Gretel’s clothes. She was sad to see Jamie go. Oh dear, Patrick is up, and going to the toilet AGAIN!!! What the heck has the guy been drinking. Anyway, they say goodbye to Donna now, before Mike sends us to a comm break.

Back to Mike, and the brain teaser again, with the clue, and I got it! REMAIN is the answer. Hopefully he doesn’t talk to anyone else in this segment, just send us back to the house and give me a freaking break! Oh dear, he has Jess on the phone AGAIN in just a minute. He sends us back to the house though for a sec. It was about one minute I reckon. Jess is on now, and god thats an annoying voice. She says that Marty and her relationship is fake. Only kidding she says. He has broken his AC joint apparently, poor Marty. He gets to play the playstation 24/7 now while he gets better. She hit her head on Rove I think. She got the outfit she wore on Rove tonight at an Op Shop. Lovely! Jess, at this time last year, was evicted at the end of Week 11. While she would have liked to have made it too the end, she was happy with the experience. And she won the love of her life instead! She thinks that Dan and Pat are the game players. She doesn’t think Reg is playing the game though. She thinks Pat will be evicted this weekend. Jess liked Dan, but has gone off him because he spat the dummy at Reggie over the salt jokes. She says that she waited about a month before she started using her mobile once she was evicted, she didn’t want to start using it again. Mike basically cuts her off, and we are sent to a comm break.

Mike is back yet again, and he runs through the brain teaser again, and again gives the clue, and the usual speel. Now, what will he do this time. Off to the house we go. We get a shot of Anouska and Dan, away with the fairies. Nothing much happens, before Mike appears again, only thirty seconds later I reckon. He goes through the eviction phone numbers. After that, they have a play on the Official Site. The brain teaser is closed now. Back to the house, and everyone is stil asleep. They decide soon enough to go to a break, and will return for the overnight game and the winner in just a few moments!

He has Alex who is on holiday’s on the phone, and wins the money by answering the teaser correctly. He has lots of people in the house and he is going to wake his brother up and tell him now (he has a cordless phone.) While Alex does this, Mike goes through the overnight game. I can’t even be bothered worrying and using the brain to think of this one. OK, It’s easy, STAPLES. There you go, 190255610. Anyone can win the money from anywhere from OZ. He wakes up the brother, and the kid says “SHUT UP!” I don’t blame the poor kid. He goes through the overnight game one last time. Mike then says goodnight, and we’ll see him again tomorrow night, same time, same place. Back to the house we are sent, and Anouska is still asleep. Comm break.

At 1:50am, we are sent back to the bedroom one last time. Nothing happens for the next 8 minutes, before Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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