Day 79

10:10am – The three remaining housemates are up and about, but there is not all that much to do. They say hello to the house for the morning. But a tragedy has happened: Creepie, the Creepie-Crawlie pool cleaner is dead! Daniel runs to the pool, picks up Creepie’s severed tube and lets out a horror movie scream.

Coming out of the shower Reggie doesn’t know what to do: get dressed or not?

Daniel puts Creepie back together and apologies: he was only playing!

Last in the kitchen Regina explains the longest she has been away from her husband was about two weeks. He cleaned, shopped and bought alcohol and flowers for when she returned. The first thing that popped into Regina’s head is “what do you want… how long is this going to last for”. Adrian (her husband) said he would keep it up, but it only lasted a few days. She did thank him for the gesture but she thinks she was a nasty girl for asking. “No wonder he calls me cold hearted”. Chrissie interjects: “you can’t please them”. Regina says its funny how when you first meet people you do all this stuff and as the years go by you just do nothing. She starts laughing.

Dan explains that some people show their love differently – like doing lots of house work. Regina laughs and says thats not Adrian, but she wonders how she shows her affection. Chrissie says “working 14 hours a day”. Regina says one Christmas Adrian bought her a mountain bike – how can she ride that? Chrissie suggests you need to do something like a trip to Melbourne. Regina says she is planning to do that for his birthday. Daniel reminds them not to talk about it now because they’re being recorded!

Regina: Bugger!

1:32pm – The housemates have been given a task. They must reveal their personalities by writing a poem, show a special talent, designing a costume and writing a speech: “how your life will change if either you win or don’t win Big Brother 3”. The housemates all say that’s too much to do. They must present each of their qualities on different days of the week. Regina says this is the hardest task so far. Chrissie is concerned they won’t be given pen and paper to write the poem, and she can’t think of a special talent.

Regina: I could do the splits. I could try and learn to do the splits. But I’ve only got a day theres no way my legs could spread that far apart.

2:37pm – Regina still can’t find of a special talent for herself. She can’t sing or dance (Chrissie reminds her she can). Chrissie says it would be so funny if she could get some music and do a 30 second strip dance. Regina decides: her special talent is dancing stupid.

Later the housemates are lying around the beds. Regina has been working on her poem and reads out what she has so far:

I’m Reggie from the apple isle
Who likes to be happy and smile
She likes a drink in a bar and sometimes goes too far

She starts laughing. Chrissie says it’s great. She has to do four more verses about herself. Reg continues:

I cook lots of fish and chips
It really gives me the shits
My time here has been funny even having a bloated tummy
It didn’t stop me swinging my hips

Later she has finished all her verses, and just has to learn them. Chrissie works on hers, and shows Regina what she has written: the letters of the alphabet. She knows what she wants to say but doesn’t know how to say it, and decides to stew on it for a while – she isn’t going to force it.

5:03pm – Dan hasn’t started his poem yet. Chrissie brings her whiteboard outside to try and think of her poem. She is having a lot of trouble despite being a copyrighter outside the house. She says she does her best work at 2am. Chrissie feels like Anouska: just fucked off at stuff. There is a huge mental block. Dan tells her to leave it. Reg and Chrissie haven’t thought of a special talent yet. Reg suggests Chrissie have writing as her special talent, but Chrissie says she can’t perform that.

Dan asks Reg what she’s going to do after Big Brother. Regina really doesn’t want to go straight back to work – she’s a bit afraid of going back. Reg will tell Adrian to have a break, like she has with Big Brother. She will fill in at the shop while he’s gone. She’d like to go travelling again after that, but won’t be able to go with Adrian.

9:54pm – Chrissie has finished her poem:

I turned my back on living along
For seventy days or more
And I’ve seen myself as others do
And I liked what I saw
And now I know for certain
What I only thought was true
That life is only as special
As the people sharing it with you

Reg and Daniel say thats good. Chrissie is glad she’s finally finished. Dan must just start his now. Dan and Chrissie have a big hug and Daniel starts sniffing like a dog, causing Chrissie to burst out laughing.

10:23pm – Chrissie is making her costume, and finding it very therapeutic. Reg is lying outside on her own. Chrissie says she is probably reflecting on things.

Chrissie: Reg, whatcha doing?

Regina: Dozing off

Chrissie: Oh, nice… in the fresh air.

Regina: Yeah, plus I’m farting!


Regina: I’m getting most of it out here, instead of the bedroom.

11:32pm – It’s bedtime for Regina. Daniel is working on his poem and laughing to himself. Chrissie emerges from the diary room and wonders whats so funny. Dan reads his poem:

A couple months aboard a house
A ship with no engine
The portholes have no view outside
They’re mirrors looking in

So I reflect on the time adrift
On crewmates once aboard
What good news will I take home
When I have reached the shore.

Daniel has put on a funny voice and Chrissie can’t stop laughing. Dan continues…

I have got a bunch of seaweed
… it stinks

Chrissie falls onto the couch laughing.

I’ve got a bunch of seaweed
Some other stuff that stinks

Chrissie’s laughing causes Dan to start laughing and he says “shoosh I want to do it serious!”. Chrissie is in a hysterical fit of laughter now.

I’ve got a bunch of seaweed
Some other stuff that stinks
Some half rat eaten priviges
And other nautical things

The two burst out laughing. Regina can hear them from the bedroom.

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