Day 84

10:49am – Regina has spent the morning in the spa by herself, and enters the bedroom to greet Dan and Chrissie who have just woken up. She comments it’s very windy outside today. She is very excited and squeals – “it’s only one day to go!”. Chrissie comments “one more sleep!”.

1:56pm – Big Brother has instructed the housemates to give the house a spring clean. Dan will have his soup lunch first, and they will all clean together. Later while they are cleaning, Regina wonders what she will do tomorrow now because that was the day she had scheduled herself to do all the cleaning.

7:33pm – Housemates have been given takeaway dinner as a reward for cleaning the house. Over the dinner table, they talk about what they will do first when they leave the house.

Chrissie says she will grab a coffee, take it to the newsagent, and buy magazines. Go home and read them and play with Joseph (her cat). He plays with the pages sometimes as she turns them.

Regina will wake up at half past four to go to the shop… “I can just see it all happening”. Chrissie asks if thats what she wants to do. Regina says she will do it for a little while then visit Nan. Have a hot bath, just sit in the hot bath and listen to music.

Dan will try to catch up with his friend, do some shopping – buy some stuff to see what thats like again. Check if he has still got work and if he can get back into that.

Chrissie will need to check up if she has a job left too. On the other hand Regina says she won’t be any different to friends and family. “It will still be the same”. She doesn’t sound too enthusiastic.

Daniel jokes he will become a “popstar asshole” and hate everybody. Regina wonders if some one did that in the past. She hopes she can go back but not go back to the way she was before coming into the house.. being miserable and cranky. She doesn’t want to be like that at all. “I’m just wondering how longs it going to take before it just… goes like that”. Chrissie will find it hard to be along for a long time.

11:01pm – Housemates are now lying on their beds. Regina comments this time tomorrow night she will be so busy. Chrissie can see it clear as day… two chicks on the round lounge on the final night.

Chrissie and Regina together: It’s not going to happen, though.

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