Day 76

9:16am – Patrick has just got up and is making his way out of his bedroom comes over to the kitchen. Reggie is already there, sitting at the table. Reggie, with loads of enthusiasm, shouts out “Morning Patrick.” Patrick returns the greeting while yawning. Patrick wonders whether he was rude the previous night by telling everyone in the bedroom to be quiet. Reggie tells him Anouska’s screaming woke him up. Patrick wonders aloud “Why do people go to bed if they aren’t going to go to sleep?” After that, Pat says it doesn’t matter, because in two days he will be leaving. Reggie says it’s going to be terrible with Anouska gone, and a housemate come Monday. Reggie goes through the alternatives it could be on Monday, but Pat only likes the one which involves Reggie, Dan and Chrissie still in the house.

At 10:15am, Chrissie is sitting by the pool reading her book. Anouska is making her way to the kitchen, and on the way through apologises to Pat for waking him up. He says “that’s ok.” Anouska is glad that he was able to fall straight back to sleep. Later on, Dan and Chrissie are talking. Dan is saying that it is soo strange to think that it will all be over very soon. Dan is saying that he sees life in the Big Brother house as his real life now. Chrissie sees that it is strange that she will never live with any of her housemates ever again.

12:55pm – Anouska wants to go home. Chrissie says she had a day like that – she stayed in bed all day and cried. Anouska says that her home is so far away though. Chrissie and Patrick both tell her it’s not too far, just 24 hours away. Pat also adds “At least you and I know when we’re going out.” Chrissie gives Pat a little smirk. Later, with them all out on the decking, Reggie tells of her time cooking for Adrain. She says that when she cooks a pot of minestrone soup, he would have a bowl of it, and then proclaim “Why did you make so much of it? I’m not going to eat soup for the rest of my life!” Chrissie says her ex was like that too – they just couldn’t eat the same thing twice in a row. Reggie says she knows she gives Adrain the shits, and thus she feels sorry for him. Reggie says that Adrain is probably really enjoying a break from the regular at the moment, a break from her voice. Reggie says that they haven’t been apart for nearly ten years. Reggie says they work really well together, they are a good team.

4:08pm – Reggie and Pat are sitting together on the decking chairs. Reggie says she has no idea who will be going. Pat says he thinks the spa will claim it’s next victim. Pat says it got Vincent last week. Pat says the spa also got Kim and Saxon. Reggie says “It’s evil, that spa!”

6:38pm – Patrick is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Reggie is at the table saying that she seems to whinge a lot. Anouska, also at the table, says it’s human nature to whinge. Reggie says that for seven months of the year so far, she has been doing what she wants to be doing. She then bursts into the now famous Reggie laugh.

At 7:23pm, housemates are allowed out from the bedroom to find a trophy and instructions on how to compete in a little football tournament. Table football of course. The winner is the first to get 7 goals or something. Dan and Chrissie are back in the bedroom and are teasing Pat suggesting he will win this competition too. Dan says “As if he won’t!” The champion must beat the other four contestants in a row, and Pat and Reggie kick off proceedings. Pat easily beats Reggie, and not much later, Chrissie is defeated. Anouska too is easily accounted for, meaning Dan must win to keep the tournament alive. Dan gives him a fight in the early stages, but Pat wins, and is the champion. A lot of clapping goes on, and Pat hands out ribbons to everyone else, to promote their achievements! Reggie thinks it’s “so cool” to have a “Good Try” ribbon.

9:27pm – Reggie is washing up in the kitchen, while Anouska and Patrick are throwing a rugby ball to each other. Reggie then takes something out of the fridge, and sits at the end of the bench at the far end of the kitchen so she cannot be seen. When Anouska runs in and out of the kitchen, she asks the others where Regina is. Reggie laughs too herself. She is having ice cream. Anouska and Pat find her and laugh too, and then call out for Chrissie and Dan to join them. Just 10 minutes later, when everyone has dispersed outside once again, Reggie is out to get more.

Later in the night, Pat, Reggie and Dan are sitting on the couch. Pat is playing the guitar, and Dan bursts into song; “It doesn’t matter cause Patrick always wins.” Reggie says she thinks Pat is going to win the whole BB. Dan says “Wouldn’t that be nice – the trifecta!”

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