Day 77

Chrissie says “I can’t believe one of us dags is going to win it!” They make mention that none of them had really thought about the money up until the time when Gretel mentioned it during a live cross. Chrissie says the funny thing is that there is nothing any of them could have done to get to this point- it was all chance. Dan likens it to an elimination lottery. At 3:51pm, Reggie is using a Polaroid getting Pat and Chrissie in a photo. The photo’s are for Anouska to remember them. When Reggie starts to look at them, she says she feels like crying. She has a bit of a cry, then says “Oh bugger!” A couple of hours later, Chrissie says “How cool. Your in my life forever” to Reggie. Reggie gets a bit upset again, saying “It’s hitting me.” Dan says there is only a week to go. Chrissie makes mention of the quick end of it all, “never to be experienced again.” She says that BB has been the best fun she has ever had. Reggie agrees. She goes onto say it will probably rate as the best thing she has done in her life years down the track too. Reggie says the BB experience beats getting married for her. Chrissie says she is so glad she has been able to stay soo long and have so much more fun than she thought she would.

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