Day 75 Uplate

Another night, and hopefully, another one where some housemates are still awake. Into the action now straight away. Bedroom is where we meet them, Dan, Anouska and Chrissie talking. Pat looks asleep, Reggie is in bed just being quiet. Mike comes on, tells us all the usual stuff, as well as telling us he’ll be speaking to Shannon tonight at some stage, before letting us come back to the house. “This is BB: Anouska, stop playing with your microphone!” I think that woke Pat up and he is not happy. The lights suddenly go out, and everyone settles down into bed. She also knocked pretty hard on the walls, so I dunno. Maybe that woke him up. Anouska settles down with her book for another night – so much fun this is going to be! Chrissie is also reading, Dan just lying back with his eyes shut trying to get to sleep. Overnight brain teaser flashes onto the screen. Silence then for another couple of minutes! And a few more minutes, which turns into a damn long time. I reckon ten minutes have passed since we last saw Mike. Finally he is back, talking about the book club again.

He has Anouska’s agent, Amanda on the line. She is well. They are talking about the stir Anouska has made back home. She agent won’t comment on whether it is good publicity. Anouska’s boyfriend seems to have taken the news well, after the agent told him it’s not as bad as it seems. Turning to Anouska’s pregency, she doesn’t think she really is pregnent. She says Anouska could do pregnent photo’s anyway! Anouska will do Rove on Tuesday, then go back to the UK for some BBUK committments, as well as BB Newspapers wantingto talk to her. She manages Justine from UKBB4, and Lee and someone from UKBB3. Ah I remember Lee, he was funny! They talk about the tension in the house after the interviews the housemates did with Anouska. Then Mike lets her go, and says they will see her on Sunday night when Anouska comes out. Overnight game is closed for tonight. Caller will be on after the break, but before that happens, they return to the house!

Moyra has rung through from SA for the brainteaser. LOL. She isn’t speaking much. They are doing this before the comm break actually. She answers correctly, and didn’t even realise she was winning the $1000. Too easy, she’s happy at least :) Very quick phone call, she is gone already, and we are back to the house. Both girls up this end (Chrissie’s corner) are still reading. Finally, we get a comm break.

First new brain teaser of the night now appears on the screen.But back to the house now, while they get Shannon on the line. Into the bedroom of course we venture, Chrissie having called it a night, which leaves Anouska again the last one reading. Now she has given up. Everyone is now with the light out, trying to get some sleep. A few minutes, Mike comes back with Shannon. She is pretty well, staying up especially for him. She says he has a hard job. She is working hard at the moment, doing classes and all that, she is getting ready to go to NZ in two weeks. She is auditioning for some show on the weekend – top secret. She is going to come up to Brisbane as soon as she can, to shut Mike up! She calls Anouska the mole, which is exactly what she is. She can’t believe people still have books to read. Mike ends the convo, and cuts quickly to a comm break.

Brain teaser time, Mike goes through the teaser, this time giving the clue. He tells us there is ony one week to go – then tells us that we will cross back to the house to check on the ‘kids.’ All lights are still off, and everyone seems to have drifted off to sleep. Silence for what seems like forever now. Mike comes back on and sings a jingle. He reads out the eviction numbers. He goes on to tell us that there will be a eviction show on the Monday to decide the winner. I’ve only just realised that I will be able to watch it live. I normally work afternoon-nights, but will be working during the day that week. Excellent timing I reckon! Brain teaser game is over. Mike reminds us that favourites have never really won before, so he reminds us all to vote for our fave. Now, time for a comm break.

Mike is back with Max from Gosford on the line. He is the Weet-Bix man, he buys all the ingredients for the company to make them – he never eats them though. Me either! He wins the money. He tells whoever in the background that they won. Lyn is on the phone now, the wife. She says she is going to spend it all. BB is religion in their house. Second brain teaser for the night gets underway. Lyn reckons Dan will win BB. Pick the camera game now. 7 is the round house living room. He focuses in on Wilson the chook. Mike forgot it’s name. 15 is a shot over the pool of the kitchen. Lyn likes the house. Max is back on the phone now. They have five kids. Max thinks Pat might go this week – but then again he also thinks Reggie. This guy has totally lost credibility. Finally end the call. Comm break.

Mike is back again, and is running through the teaser, then we cross to the house while Mike still talks to use. He is going through the housemates sleeping positions. Exciting! Anouska and Dan are sleeping facing each other, so Mike reckons they are in love. They jump onto, Ben’s new website. It’s basically giving Ben some dirt (ie my next door neighbour stole my lawnmower) and he will try to dig up some dirt, and try to get it back for you. Oh dear, what a stupid site. Get something else up there! Back to the official site we go now. The audience member is Si tonight, must be a producer or something, because I remember the name. Mike mentioned it somewhere before. She is shy, and won’t come on the camera. Mike says she is hot :P Now they are onto trying to flog off the logo’s for the mobile phones. They hold up Mike’s phone very close to the screen, and all of a sudden Shane rings through. He hangs up when Mike picks it up though, so Mike throws the phone away, trying to throw it on his bag, but misses, so hope it’s ok! Anyway, Mike says Si could do Dicky-Knee type comments and pop up in the corner of the screen. She declines the offer. Comm break.

Mike comes back and says that two housemates have just had sex in the diary room. If only! Back to the trivia teaser thing. He gives a clue this time round. He says people from SA, WA and the ACT shouldn’t ring yet, because they have one at the end, and bouncing into song, sings “Especially for you.” It’s a very slow night tonight for poor Mike. Back to the house – no one is snoring at least. The brainteaser pops up on the bottom right of the screen. Mike is back now. Anouska told her housemates today that she was leaving come Sunday. No more calls! Comm break.

Some bloke from Brisbane is on the phone, but he dropped out, and it was so exciting. The highlight of the night is some guy not saying hello for a minute, and Mike left hanging on. Anyway, he is back.He is from India. Mike loves the accent. He is about to answer the question and says he doesn’t know it! LOL. Oh no, he does now. He wins the money. End of the convo, and after Mike talks for a minute, we are transported back to BB land. Nothing happens for a good 7-10 minutes, before comm break intervenes.

And for the last time tonight, Mike is back on. Si has made her way to the camera, she looks cool! She is a producer of the show. Anyway, the overnighters game is underway now. No idea what it is, even with the clue. Ah yes, it’s Hipster. Phone number is 1902555610, open all over Australia for anyone interested. He goes through a few forum messages now. Mike says goodnight, as we head back to the house one last time. Camera is on Anouska i think, but it looks like she has a pillow over her face. She does! She is hugging the pillow. At 1:45am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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