Day 2

7:55pm: Ryan enters the house to the delight of the guys, and girls (watching from the Parlour room). The girls shout out that he is the millionaire (he is wearing a suit jacket). He meets the three existing housemates and also meets George, who has been in the house for no more than 15 minutes. The girls come out from the Parlour room and take him on a tour of the house. They find Ryan a bed.

Michael is in the diary room saying that Stacey is not being subtle about her affection for Ryan in these early stages. Stacey shows Ryan that they do a morning Yoga course out on the grass. Ryan tells Stacey that Michael is a smartass about his job (Ryan is a model). Michael back in the diary room says that Ryan sounds right up Layla’s alley – 7/1 but if alcohol is in the mix but the odds down to 5/1.

Estelle takes her hair out of the rollers and Angie comments that her hair looks gorgeous. Back in the bedroom Josh is giving Bradley tips on how to check out chicks on the sly – they practice on Angie. While that happens Sarah says she just took her underwear off and they didn’t even notice. Michael laughs saying they are rookies and he was all over it!

Ryan and George come into the diary room to talk to Big Brother. They say that they are enjoying the house – they say they are the new kids at school so a bit of a novelty. Ryan says the girls are arguing about where he is sleeping.

10:11pm: In the kitchen, Bradley asks if others think Estelle looks like a rapper. She has a hat on backwards so Josh suggests that she does. On the way back outside to join the rest of the group Bradley and Estelle skip along together. Angie says she needs to go to the bathroom and talks Estelle along with her. The comment that Bradley is the cutest but Angie says to be careful as she feels that he might be thinking that there might be something more than friends. Estelle says there is nothing more than friends and she hopes that that’s the case on his side as well. Meanwhile, back outside Sarah introduces the two new housemates to their ‘pet birds’ (fake birds perched on an antenna) – Ryan admits that he hates birds and Sarah believes that she has just solved one of the housemate’s secrets.

Female housemates are called the Parlour – the girls discuss Ryan revealing that he hates birds. Meanwhile Bradley is waiting near the entrance to the backyard in the hope that another housemate might be about to enter. Back with the girls they debate whether George could be a millionaire as a sparky – they think he has dated a lot of women. Outside the boys say Angie and Sarah are hot, but say that Sarah does have a boyfriend. The girls debate Ryan and wonder if he has the phobia of birds or whether he has a high IQ. Layla comments that she thinks Ryan is a ‘proper English lad’, while Zoe says that she hopes George has dated 100 women because she would like to be the 101st.

10:43pm: Ray enters the house saying ‘Sorry I’m late’. The girls all yell at the TV saying “millionaire” – they also mention that’s he very cocky. He tells the boys that he’s a vet – they show him the fish in the house and tries to figure out what type they are. Ryan asks how many years Ray had to study for to become a vet, he says six and then asks how many years Ryan had to study to become a model. They both laugh. In the kitchen Ray discovers that there is no chocolate milk and slams the door shut – the girls see this and disapprove. The female housemates come out and meet Ray – Stacey wonders if he is like a sting-ray! Ray is still after some chocolate milk and decides to go and ask Big Brother for some. He says he just checked the fridge and there is no chocolate milk – however Big Brother tells him to stop referring to him as “mate”. Ray says ‘cya mate’ before correcting himself and calling him Big Brother. He swears about Big Brother as soon as he comes out of the diary room saying he isn’t very nice.

11:18pm: Ray is called back to the diary room for again being rude to Big Brother. He is sent to the naughty corner and told to write lines on the blackboard – the other housemates watch on and laugh. Michael is watching on without his microphone and Big Brother tells him off for that also. He instructs Michael to give Big Brother 50 push ups – the other housemates are all laughing and help him count to 50. In the naughty corner, Ryan gets sick of writing lines and tries to bluff Big Brother by writing exactly what he said including the words ’50 times’ instead of writing it out fifty different times – the housemates think he will get in even more trouble but the female housemates convince him to keep writing while the male housemates egg him on to keep up the fight. Over in the kitchen Stacey and Michael believe that Ray has walked in with something to prove. Big Brother sees that Ray has finished and lets him leave the naughty corner. Back in the kitchen Angie and Layla are also bitching about Ray saying that he is going to get into so much trouble.

12:32am: The final housemate enters the compound, Ben. Again, he meets the boys while the girls watch on, guessing that he is gay. Ben admits that he is the oldest at 33. Ben calls Michael a bogan because of his hair. He handles it quite well as Bradley laughs his head off. The girls are let out and meet Ben. Charne and Ben instantly click. Stacey is also surrounding herself with Ben – who mentions that his boyfriend will be terrified that the beds are all double beds.

Outside, Sarah laughs when Michael tells her that Ben called him a bogan. Ben tells Charne that he can be a bit bitchy when nervous, which he was when he first entered the house. Charne tells him that Michael didn’t like being called a bogan and is very upset. Charne tells Ben that it’s very hard to get your point across in this house with so many dominant people. Back outside some of the original gang are talking about how nice George is and how he has instantly fitted in. They say they have to be a bit different around Ryan and Ray. Michael makes his way inside but Ben decides to use this opportunity to kiss and make up. Michael accepts the apology.

2:03am: Big Brother calls Ben and George to the diary room to collect their luggage. Ben says he has felt welcomed so far – he says that people will get on his nerves down the track so that will be the interesting part. George says it’s interesting coming in after everyone else has already bonded.

Later in the bedroom, Bradley asks Ben about him turning gay. Ben says that he was always gay, but he took a long while to realise it, only going through puberty at the age of 18. Michael comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother that he is watching Ray – he says that there is something wrong with him – perhaps he is lying about something. Michael thinks he isn’t a vet. Back in the bedroom Ray explains to Layla he bought in 2 dog photos and one of his mums. Ben comes over and asks the girls to kiss Bradley for the first time but they tell him they are waiting for his birthday at the weekend. Housemates settle down to sleep as Michael spins Ryan round 10 times to try to see if he can walk – he falls straight down!

Day 1

7:15am: Bradley is lying on a couch in the outside sitting area. Sarah comes out and joins him but as she does Bradley is sick. Sarah guides him inside and tells him to lie down on the inside couches. Sarah also informs Big Brother than Bradley is feeling unwell. She then makes him some dry toast for him to eat. Michael is the next housemate to come out from the bedroom and takes a few seconds to adjust to the light – meanwhile Sarah and Bradley play imaginary phone calls and Bradley gets to speak (very briefly) with his mother. As Sarah continues to make Bradley comfortable he mentions that she is like his mother. Meanwhile in the bathroom Michael says he had the worst sleep ever – Angie thought it was great though.

Bradley has made his diary room and explains that he is feeling a lot better than he was earlier this morning. He thinks stress and not eating much bought on his sickness. He says he was stressed the week leading into coming into the house. Now he is in the house he is feeling comfortable.

No time stamp: Michael is saying that he went to boarding school – his parents moved to Qatar because he works in oil. He says there is lots of money in oil – however he also says there is much more important things in life than money. A bit later Stacey and Estelle grill Bradley – he reveals that he has never had a girlfriend because he couldn’t get one. The girls think that once he gets out he’ll get plenty of attention.

A bit later a larger group is sunbaking on the lawn – Angie asks if anyone has broken the law. Josh admits to being drunk and disorderly once upon a time.

Josh is trying to light the pizza oven. Zoe and Stacey can’t believe that he is 28 years of age. They think he looks like Shaggy off Scooby Doo and looks more like 20 He comes to the kitchen to tell them that he has started the fire. Stacey and Zoe both can’t wait to get the final 4 male housemates. Back out at the pizza oven, Josh is trying to show off to Angie who is reluctant. She eventually comes over to see. Bradley says that’s a huge flame, Angie says it’s tiny.

Estelle and Stacey are in the bedroom and Estelle says that she totally ‘gets’ her and she feels they are ‘soul sisters’. They hug. Back outside Charne is trying not to get burnt – her dad has sun cancer so she tries to be very careful. Layla asks how he is and Charne says “oh he’s fine now…he’s just dead!” She says it’s been seven years so she has learnt to cope with the death but at the time she was devastated.

Zoe has come to the diary room – she says that everyone is getting on and laughing. She says there are many big personalities – she believes she is quieter than she usually would but she doesn’t like talking over the top of others. She says that Angie doesn’t mind talking over the top of others – she also says that Charne is quieter but can have a great conversation one on one.

Angie and Layla are talking near the pool – Layla is saying she is trying to lose some weight but still wants her boobs. She says if she loses too much in a couple of years she might get a boob job.

It’s now night-time and Angie, Michael and Zoe are trying to teach Layla to just say ‘Stralia’ in an Aussie accent – she doesn’t quite do it very well!

12:36am: Zoe is asleep and snoring loudly – the rest of the house are laughing at her while she sleeps. Bradley tries to wake her up but to no avail. Lights are turned off and everyone drifts off to sleep.

Launch night blog

After four years, Big Brother returns to our screens….tomorrow night. As is tradition with the Australian version, housemates actually enter tonight and we see the launch on television screens tomorrow night. With the help of our forum members and ‘goons’, I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the night. Earlier info will fall to the bottom of the page, newer updates will appear at the top of the page. Enjoy!

9:23pm: We’ve lost our source of info so I’m basically just re-hashing stuff from the official site for the moment. We do have at least one more member on the ground who will update us all in a little while once the opening has finished filming, so I might end this shift here. Stay tuned for further updates shortly…

9:20pm: According to the official site, 3 housemates have met each other and have entered one room. They have a TV in the room and are watching a fourth housemate, a male, who is in the house proper by themselves.

9:19pm: Finally, a picture. This was used for one of the two housemates so far who have entered…

9:01pm According to the official site, two housemates have entered the house but they are in different sections of it. One of the housemates can see the other via a TV. There’s also a debate on the name of housemates who have been introduced, we believe they are Michael, Sarah, Angie, Bobbie, Laia and Josh. Apologies about the earlier reference to Makayla.

8:35pm: As is tradition, we’ve again crashed on opening night. Updates to follow in a few minutes once I’m back up to speed.

8:20pm Oops, went and watched the start of the marathon! While I’ve been gone a few housemates have been on stage

7:57pm: Fourth housemate is Makayla…and apparently she is not impressed, whatever that means. PICTURES PLEASE!!

7:49pm: Well this is all rather boring – I want to see some pics!!! I’ll be back as news comes through

7:45pm: Mike is giving away free tickets to Tuesday’s show – rentacrowd is on standby though if there are no takers. Next housemate is single and loves to hang out with the boys. It’s Angie.

7:43pm: With confirmed reports suggesting that housemates have entered the house, we believe it’s time that Big Brother’s live update twitter account (the one to replace the live feeds) should kick into action…don’t you? C’mon @BBAULIVE

7:29pm: Second housemate is Sarah…we seemed to have stopped the photo updates which is disappointing, sorry guys, as soon as I see any I will post. According to BB’s twitter feed, Michael has entered the house.

7:19pm:First housemate is Michael. People will think he is the worst person in the world.

7:10pm: MAYDAY…….THE ROOF IS ON FIRE….taping has stopped and the fire is slowly bring put out. GREAT START!!!

7:02pm: And we’re away!!! Sonia Kruger takes to the stage. Tells the audience that this years prize money is a staggering…wait for it….$50,000. Here’s a screengrab of the autocue for Sonia to read…


6:54pm: The @bbau9 twitter account has told the audience to tag any photos/info as ‘spoilers’ – how very sweet. If you are reading this blog, consider everything on this page to be ‘spoiler’ related. Cheers!

6:50pm: The poor poor audience….Mike Goldman has taken the stage. But that’s not why they should be upset…it’s because he’s asked them to try and do the Big Brother shuffle!

6:40pm:First pictures of the stage are coming through – looks to be VERY inspired by BBUK!


6:31pm: Ticket holders have started to fill the auditorium in preparation for tonight’s filming. While they make their way to seats, Big Brother staffers are handing out cards with the new logo on them. On the page they contain information about Facebook and Twitter.



Radio – Week 10 05/07/08

This week we’re a step closer to finding out who will walk away with the $500 cash courtesy of COVE. We’ll also play you another creative entry we received during the week.

And as usual we’ve got all our regular segments, we chat about the huge Mole fiasco during the week, tell you who we think will be evicted, and TiGS somehow gets round to rigging the debate once more!

Day 44

10:28am: Terri is talking to Travis in the kitchen. Terri tells him that she didn’t wash up last night so she could see if anyone else would do it – it’s left a mess in the morning. Ben starts making porridge with Travis talking to him. They say that everyone tries to sleep in as long as possible at the moment. Travis says that he is a lot better than last week and he says that the time away from Nobbi was good for him. He says he thinks he is standing up for himself more now.

Ben says that he feels the friendship between them is a bit different, but Travis hopes it returns to how it was in time. Nobbi gets up and watches on from the doorway. The girls are all complaining that they don’t have a hair straighter. Rhianna can’t believe there isn’t one in the house. Bianca says that Big Brother should have to pay for their hair treatments until it recovers.

Ben tells Nobbi that he talked to Travis in the morning and is a bit disappointed in the outcome. Nobbi says that there is no point; Travis will never understand. He says that they’ve both said what they wanted to say and it’s up to him now. Ben thinks he might try to have another talk to him.

3:47pm: Nobbi tells a few housemates that he is setting himself a personal challenge for the entire time he has left in the house. He wants to talk gibberish to Terrence whenever he starts telling stories. He does so when Terrence starts talking, and when Terrence gives up on Nobbi, he starts on Alice. Everyone walks away.

Brigitte accidentally hurts Nobbi but asks him to stop talking about a particular topic because she will get herself into trouble. Nobbi comes over and tells Ben and Terri that Brigitte told the producers she was in single but in actual fact she isn’t. Ben says it’s not their fault that Brigitte lied during the selection process and they should be able to say whatever they want inside the house.

4:37pm: The vending machine is back in play and this week they have 18 coins. On offer is coffee pots, steaks and wine, 11 chocolate bars, bedroom makeover, soft drink, Frisbee and a footy. The housemates debate getting a hair straighter for quite a while. He gets Brigitte’s dress back for her, the football and finally picks chocolate as well.

5:01pm: The boys are kicking the footy. The girls are complaining about not getting the hair straighter. Bianca says that they should get it as soon as possible should one of the girls become head of household. She starts crying over it. Nobbi outside tells the boys he would never get the straighter. After a few minutes, they stop playing with the footy and play with the large exercise ball. Brigitte and Alice are talking about Nobbi and how much influence he has over the house. Alice says that she feels the need to like him and be liked by him for some silly reason.

7:43pm: Brigitte and Bianca are talking to Ben and Nobbi. Bianca asks Nobbi to stop saying that Brigitte and Cherry are flirting. Brigitte says that it would wreck her life if something was taken the wrong way, but she says she doesn’t have a boyfriend in the outside world.

Later, Nobbi and Terrence talk about absolute rubbish, most of it coming from Nobbi. Terrence says the wisdom he has received today from Nobbi has been fantastic. They say goodnight and part ways.

1:07am: Terrence is snoring and Bianca can’t sleep. She hits him with a jumper three times to no avail. She comes out and complains to Brigitte and Alice who have a laugh about it. In the bedroom, Terrence continues snoring.

Day 43

2:27pm: It’s raining and Rory and Rhianna are snuggling up in bed. Terri is cooking in the kitchen, and tells Alice that she didn’t think anyone would hook up inside the house. Alice says they might find they have nothing in common in the outside world. Terri seems to think that Rhianna doesn’t have any household skills; she has never cooked an egg. Terri doesn’t think Rory would like that in the outside world.

Outside, Nobbi tells Ben that the intruders have changed things. Ben says Terrence has been annoying, but the other two have been fine. Terrence comes to the diary room. He says that he is an irritating person and was therefore expecting to be nominated. He says that his style of humour has been a negative inside the house, but he’s hoping that the public are enjoying it. He then goes on to tell Big Brother a really lame joke.

Terri wonders what Cherry thinks of Rhianna. He says that she isn’t that hot at all. He says that he would never cut Rory’s lunch however. Back outside the boys are saying that Rory has become very protective of her in the past few days. Ben decides he should try to piss Rory off by spending time with Rhianna.

Rhianna is giving Ben a haircut in the salon as part of the weekly task. In an attempt to keep chatting in the salon they make up ridiculous back stories for themselves. Alice is in the diary room and says she isn’t as stressed this time round. She realises that people obviously don’t like her being up twice in a row. Ben thinks his haircut makes him look like a rabbi when he wanted to look like Elvis.

Terri tells Travis that Bianca has been very confronting and sarcastic towards Terri lately. Alice joins the conversation and says that Renee thought that Bianca was becoming one of the boys in the past few days. Alice says that the staples have had an effect on her though.

6:39pm: Nobbi is talking to Big Brother from the kombi. He tells Big Brother that he doesn’t find being head of household tough, however he does find living outside very mentally tough. He says that people who have left would hang out with him in the backyard, and he’s had to resort to starting arguments to get some stimulation for him. Nobbi says he’ll probably be nominated every week from here.

Terri and Terrence both tell Travis that living in here isn’t pressure compared to living real life. Outside, Nobbi, Rory and Terri say that Terrence is fine to take in very small doses. They are glad he came in as an intruder. Terri says living with him would drive her inside.

7:13pm: Travis wants to get his chest waxed. He wonders if his nipple is going to rip off. Nobbi puts the wax sheet on and keeps it therefore a little bit before pulling it off and Travis goes beserk. They do a second one and more commotion commences. The housemates think it looks good though, even if his nipples are red.

8:23pm: It’s Alice’s turn to get her haircut in the salon. Cherry is the hairdresser. Alice asks how his boyfriend is doing. He gets straight to work, cutting it very short.

Ben wonders how Nobbi feels about being nominated. He tells Ben what he told Big Brother; in that he thinks he’ll be nominated every week from here. Ben says that if he goes Nobbi will be stuffed because no one else will stay outside with him. They say that Rory really likes Rhianna.

Terrence comes to the diary room for a short joke before bed. He starts telling the joke, but gets confused, and has to change it halfway through. Again, it’s ridiculously lame. Rory kisses Rhianna goodnight and snuggles up to her.

Radio – Week 6 07/06/08

Dave’s away this week so Will is filling in – we think you’ll all find him a dream to listen to! However, it doesn’t quite mean that Dave won’t be heard at certain points throughout the show…

We’ve got all the usual junk including our take on all the fights and scandals of the past week. Plus Dave tries his hand at audio blogging, we give you the highlights from the BBUK launch, we debate whether returning to the old nomination system really gives the audience more control and we take a look at the new intruders.

Radio – Week 5 31/05/08

It’s all starting to happen in the Big Brother house with Travis getting taken to hospital. On this week’s radio show we chat about Travis getting bullied inside the house as well as talk about the three new intruders.

As usual, the weekly recap, FNL review and forum roundup are included. This weeks debate focuses on whether Ollie the dog is smarter than Brigitte (the human). Surely TiGS is due for a win?!

And finally, we catch up with Intruder Darren from BB06. Although…you might want to give it a miss and grab a cup of coffee during the interview instead!

Day 34

1:56pm: It’s time to judge the guide dog task. Alice gets Ollie to sit, and then stay as Alice herself walks away from the dog. The next one Ollie half does correctly which is the come command, and then the lie down lesson. Next it’s time for Ollie to go to his bed and he does this successfully.

Big Brother tells the house that they have indeed passed this week’s task. Big Brother tells the house that Ollie will also stay indefinitely. Big Brother tells the house that they are now ‘out of the doghouse.’

3:31pm: Ben comes to the diary room to find out where Travis is or for any updates. Big Brother tells Ben that he has passed on all information available to him.

5:54pm: Brigitte wants to know what Terri said about her before. The boys tell her that Terri said she felt sorry for her because she doesn’t have a brain. Brigitte follows Terri around the backyard until the truth comes out – Terri thinks that Brigitte’s face look ridiculous when she screams and yells. Terri says she looks like a donkey. Brigitte barks back that at least she has no

2:23am: Nobbi talks to himself and decides to breach the rules and enter the house. He sneaks into the house and makes it to the doorway of the bedroom. Brigitte and Bianca notice that he’s made his way in and Nobbi tries to find Rory. He starts putting pegs in his hair. Rory wakes up but can’t figure out who did it and then finally Nobbi starts laughing too much, Rory realises, and Nobbi runs out of the house.

Back at the kombi and talking to himself, he says he can’t sleep. He tells the door of the kombi to stop getting stuck. As Nobbi gets comfortable, Big Brother tells him that he’ll talk to him about his breach in the morning.

Day 33

4:18pm: Dixie asks the girls to tie back their hair when they are making meals. Nobbi tells Travis that Alice hates him the most of the people in the house. Travis said that yesterday she told him that they were quite close. Nobbi, Ben and Rory say that she is clearly playing the game and not to believe her. Travis tells the boys that he is glad that they told him. Rory says “Of course. Your one of the boys.”

Later, Ben, Nobbi and Rory burst into the toilet where Travis is and squirt him with some shower gel. Everyone is laughing hilariously. Ben says he didn’t think it would squirt out so much. Travis comes out and says that his eye is killing him.

9:21pm: Friday night games have finished, however, Travis has been removed from the house to check out the eye. Renee takes Dixie to the Strategy room. Renee says all she ever wanted from Big Brother was to win a Friday Night games. Renee tells Dixie that Bianca, Travis and Dixie are in the bottom three. Dixie tries to work out a strategy with Renee, but she isn’t really interested in the slightest. Dixie suggests trying to get friendly with whoever wins Friday Night Games.

Later, Renee comes to the diary room and says she can’t believe that Dixie thinks things through as much as she does. She says she feels sick for having to sit through that conversation. She didn’t think that it was this much of a game for some people.

10:19pm: Nobbi and Brigitte have a game to see who can spit the furthest through their teeth.

11:13pm: All housemates are called to the diary room. Travis was taken to a Gold Coast medical facility and is having further treatment overnight. Big Brother tells them he will pass on more information when he has it. Ben seems very upset, and Rory tries to tell him that it was just a prank and anyone could have done it. Ben starts crying a bit and goes for a walk in the backyard.

Nobbi tells him not to feel bad, saying that Travis will be fine. He gives him a hug telling him Travis will be back in the house tomorrow. Ben says that if Travis has to leave he wants to leave too.

Day 32

Travis is doing his own washing (because he has shingles) and is also keeping an eye on Ollie. Big Brother tells Alice, who is sleeping, that since the dog is eating anything he can get his hands on at the moment, she will have to get up.

Alice comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother that Travis isn’t deliberately leaving Ollie alone on purpose, it’s just the way Travis goes about life. He wouldn’t get dressed unless told to do so. Alice says that she is loving the task and spending time with Ollie. Meanwhile, Travis in the kitchen says he hasn’t even read the Dog manual book. He says he simply hasn’t had the time to do so. Renee can’t believe it.

Nobbi and Rory both suggest that Alice is definitely playing the game, but both agree that she isn’t hiding it very well. Renee lets Alice know that Travis hasn’t had time to read the manual, and Alice repeats what she told Big Brother.

Alice is training Ollie and asking it to stay and sit, getting quite angry at the dog. Ollie eventually comes to where Alice wants him to walk. Travis brings up the fact that some people in the house are laughing at him rather than laughing with him to Nobbi and Rory. Nobbi and Rory say they aren’t laughing at him, they are simply his mates. Nobbi does admit that some things Travis says they do laugh at, but all mates do that.

Nobbi is called to the kombi van. Big Brother tells Nobbi that recently he warned to lower their levels of profanity. Big Brother tells him that last night when speaking he was using profanity every few words. As punishment, he must clean all the windows in the backyard. It’s also raining quite heavily outside. Nobbi wonders if he swears a lot, and Travis says that he swears a lot more passionately than most others.

3:26pm: Rain is still falling so Nobbi puts garbage bags on and jumps flat first into the turf to amuse the rest of the housemates. Inside Alice tells Renee that she just can’t talk to Travis today. She says she can’t put up with stupid questions any longer. Renee says she would rather he say that he doesn’t like her. Alice agrees.

Travis says that everyone has catchphrases and words or phrases they like to use to kick off speaking. They wonder how Travis would send a message to a girl he slept with the night before. He says he would start with “G’day” and everyone laughs. Renee comes and gives a pat to Ollie.

9:59pm: Housemates call Terri a witch and Terri takes offence to that. Terri says that Brigitte has called her a witch sixty times since they’ve been here. Brigitte imitates a witch. Terri says that he would like to give Brigitte another brain. Brigitte chucks food at Terri, and Terri flings some back!

11:52pm: Nobbi is in the kombi but it’s wet inside the van and he is complaining to himself. Nobbi tells the others than his van is leaking and there’s no way of stoping it. He tells them he’ll sleep outside somewhere. Big Brother tells Nobbi that because of the rain he can sleep inside for tonight, and tonight only. He tells Nobbi that he can sleep just inside the door of the house in a 2-meter square radius and Big Brother pulls down the roller down so he can’t see out. He tells Big Brother that it’s a bit like jail. Brigitte brings Ollie to the strategy room and tells the dog that she wants Rory to go. Brigitte says that he spells like crap. Later, Renee talks to Ollie and tells the dog that if Terri is up for eviction, she’ll vote for her. Terri tells the dog that if Renee is up she’ll vote for her.

Day 31

8:01am: The crow alarm is sounded and Travis jumps out of bed to bring Big Brother his breakfast. Travis tells Big Brother that he is a bit more life smart now after his haircut, which he likes.

Alice is trying to teach Ollie to sit and stay, and is slowly getting the dog trained, but can’t quite get Ollie to come to her once she calls her. In the bedroom, Dixie says she is a bit frustrated that she can’t speak any Aboriginal in the house, and she really wants to see a ‘black fella’ so she knows that they are still out there.

Bianca comes to the diary room to give a topic for the family dinner. She asks, “Who do you think would be the best couple and worst couple in the house?” She says she wants to defuse any speculation between all the housemates in relation to Rory and herself.

Outside, Ollie runs into his little section of the house where he is meant to do his business and does a wee; Terri is very excited. Meanwhile, Bianca is talking to Renee about the question she put in for the family topic for this evening. Renee says that Rory is really into Bianca, and Bianca gets a bit concerned that she might hurt her feelings at the dinner. Travis takes Ollie for a walk around the yard.

5:57pm: Alice is again training Ollie, and this time gets him to come when called. Dixie tells Travis that his hair is bizarre. Nobbi tells Travis that he has no sex appeal whatsoever. They joke that he attracts blind woman. They wonder whether he was the wimp back in his school days. Travis says that he doesn’t like Dixie’s behaviour, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to hold it against her for the rest of his life.

Later, Travis talks to Alice who tells him that some housemates are making a mockery of him at certain points. Alice says that Travis should bring it up at the family dinner. Alice says that Ben and Nobbi constantly bag him, but at the end of the day, she admits that they love him as well. Alice says that if it happens too much, he shouldn’t take it.

9:11pm: The housemates are having their family dinner. Nobbi is watching on the plasma in the backyard. Bianca’s question is asked and Terri thinks that Bianca and Ben would be great together. Travis says that the worst couple would be Dixie and himself. Dixie says she doesn’t want to even imagine it. Alice and Renee both think that Rory and Bianca would be a good match.

The next question is “Have you been challenged inside the house?” Brigitte says that she has been because she has no clothes and makeup in the house. Ben interrupts saying that Brigitte’s comment was typical of a Canberra resident. Ben goes onto say he wouldn’t talk to a 52 year old or even a bricklayer in the outside world. Dixie butts in and says that he thinks that he is better than anyone. Ben wants to talk and doesn’t let anyone else interrupt, having a go at Dixie and Brigitte. Brigitte correctly asks him why he interrupted her. Ben says that he was interrupted eight times and that’s why. He bags out Brigitte by saying she has a boyfriend and has money and clothes in the outside world. Nobbi in the backyard is laughing his head off. Back on topic, Ben says he wouldn’t typically hang around a bricklayer in the outside world. Ben says he worded his earlier comment wrongly and he apologises. Dixie and Alice both suggest he strongly hinted he would never hang around with a bricklayer; Rory doesn’t take offence however.

Brigitte is pushing a trolley with plates and glasses in the backyard, and is worried that one might fall on Ollie because he is following her around. Meanwhile, Bianca tells Alice, Rory and Ben that had Rory been saying that he would never associate with a vet or a lawyer no one would have been offended. Alice agrees. Brigitte, washing dishes, talks to Ollie saying he would probably like gravy. Rory and Bianca are having a chat by themselves with Bianca telling him that Renee thinks they should get together. Bianca says that Renee has told her that Rory likes her more than he is letting on. Rory says that she is hot and the best chick to talk to inside the house. Bianca says that she can talk to him, but she doesn’t want to ‘jump his bones.’ Bianca says that Rory could be a real mate in the outside world. Rory says that when he first saw Brigitte he thought she was hot but now he doesn’t find her hot at all, saying that Bianca has just gotten ‘hotter.’ Bianca understands but says she is insecure. Rory says that she shouldn’t be insecure about her body. Bianca thinks Renee has a great body, but Rory says he would prefer Bianca’s. Brigitte, still doing the dishes, thanks Ollie for keeping her company, who is sitting on the ground watching Brigitte.

Outside, Renee wonders if Bianca likes her. However, she also wonder if she envy’s her or is even jealous. Nobbi thinks that Bianca envy’s her. Dixie agrees.

Radio – Week 4 24/05/08

4 weeks in already! As usual, we dissect the past seven days in the house and have a quick look at Friday Night Live.

We give you the shortened version of our chat with Bodie from BB07 and, with Dave leading 2-0 in the debate series, can TiGS claw his way back?

We talk in depth about the Peter Powers hypnotism special, plus the usual mailbag and the forum roundup . Oh, and in case you missed the ending live, we really did finish the show!

NOTE: Fixed.

Day 30

8:46am: Alice is teaching Ollie some basic tasks. Terri asks that Dixie move the washing because the dog piddled further down the garden. Dixie says no, but eventually agrees to do so. Ollie doesn’t really want to sit and stay this morning, and Alice says ‘no’ to Ollie numerous times.

Rory and Ben play a prank on Terri saying that Ollie pissed inside the house and get Terri to clean it up. Dixie comes to the diary room. She asks Big Brother for some rope to make a clothes line in the backyard. Big Brother tells her she already has drying facilities inside the house. Dixie says she wants to leave because she is sick of washing. Big Brother asks her if she really wants to leave. She says absolutely. She walks towards the door and Big Brother tells her that will not take her to the outside world. She walks back into the house.

Renee is putting pegs onto her face. She has in excess of twenty on there, and then Terri joins in the fun by putting as many as possible onto her arm. Nobbi tells her to shake her arm and eventually hits her arm so she gets hurt as the pegs fall off.

12:31pm: Dixie is having a shower. Rory comes into the bathroom and notices that she is crying, and Dixie asks him to leave. Rory says that she knows where to find him if she needs him. Outside, Ben is giving Travis some technique advice for doing simple weights.

Some of the housemates are getting lunch ready – Brigitte tells Rory to get out of the kitchen and Rory fires back telling her that he can only smell ‘bimbo’ on her breathe.

2:29pm: Big Brother calls all the housemates to the diary room. He tells them that two weeks ago he introduced a silent fine system in reaction to the constant swearing in the house. He tells the house that these fines have cost the house $82,000. Big Brother tells the housemates that they need to be more respectful of each other in the house. He tells them that any action deemed inappropriate by Big Brother will result in a strike, and three strikes will see a housemate evicted. Big Brother tells them that the swearing must now be curbed back – and a failure to do so might result in being evicted from the house.

2:51pm: The daily show introduces us all to the vending machine for the first time. Prized possessions can be purchased from the machine with coins given to the housemates by Big Brother. Housemates are torn between getting photos for Ben or getting Brigitte’s runners back. They decide to get the photos for Ben. She goes and get them for him and has also been able to get chocolate. Ben shows his photos around.

4:06pm: Nobbi and Rory are talking to Brigitte. Brigitte thinks that everyone is mean to her in the house. Rory says that she said that she hoped the boys died. She says she doesn’t like Rory’s personality, but Nobbi is just ok.

Bianca spots Ben looking at his photos a bit later. He says he is missing them all, and that its disappointing that there isn’t one of his dad in the photos given to him.

7:32pm: Travis is getting his haircut by Nobbi. Nobbi is cutting it all off, with patches of his scalp visible in certain areas. Nobbi cracks up – and Travis likes it. Ben can’t believe he likes it, saying he thinks it’s quite good. Alice can’t believe that he let them do it.

8:23pm: Terri is talking to Ollie saying that it’s rough in the house sometimes. She says the boys are ok sometimes though. She says her first week was bad and she thought she was going to die. The boys laugh that the poor dog will have to listen to everyone. Later, Travis talks to Ollie saying that she likes Brigitte but she is not as loyal as he thought she might be. Travis says that Dixie is also inappropriate in her behaviour towards him.

Nobbi tells Ollie that Terri is a bit wrinkly. He says that Dixie doesn’t know what she is – she can snap and has a short temper. Dixie tells Ollie that it’s been ignoring her for the past couple of days – she wonders what she did to Ollie. She wants a second chance. Dixie says that she doesn’t like Terri because she has smelly feet. Brigitte talks to Ollie as tells Ollie that she hates Rory. Ollie licks Brigitte and makes her laugh. She wonders if Ollie would get angry if someone took away his bed and all his possessions. She play fights a bit with Ollie.

Day 29

11:57am: Renee is moving her doghouse across the backyard with the help of Terri and Nobbi. Terri guides Renee into Travis’s doghouse. Inside, Bianca is telling Rory that she has found a good spot. Rory says that that Bianca should cuddle him at nighttimes. Bianca says that Renee likes the cuddles that he gives her.

12:41pm: Big Brother gives Pizza and cokes to the housemates who are out of the competition. Travis doesn’t give up, but says that the prize better be good. The housemates no longer in the task sit down and eat the pizza.

Travis gets set to go to the toilet down a drain. He tells Ben that he’s got stage fight though. After eight hours, Renee gives up and is furious with herself. She puts her jeans back on and walks away.

4:52pm: Five housemates are still in the doghouse after nine hours. Nobbi puts some water down on the grass and guides Alice start into it. Bianca and Travis are very quickly disqualified for opening up their doghouse.

5:17pm: Renee says that they didn’t give Brigitte enough credit for this task. Milo and Coffee is the next item to tempt people out of their doghouse. Brigitte says she has been waiting for Milo for months.

6:11pm: Brigitte wants to know if Ben is going to stay in there all week. Bianca says that Alice will beat everyone because she is a machine. Brigitte decides to quit. The housemates give her a clap.

7:21pm: Big Brother will serve up steak and beer for all housemates outside the doghouse, and Ben immediately quits. He says he needs food. Alice wins the doghouse endurance test. She struggles to stand up and everyone laughs their head off.

A puppy named Ollie is waiting in the diary room for Alice as her prize. Big Brother congratulates on winning the task. He tells her that she is the guardian of the dog for a week. She must demonstrate how well the guide dog puppy has been trained during the week. Alice names the puppy Ollie. The dog and Alice come out of the diary room and Ollie is scared with so many people. Alice explains what’s going to happen and how the dog will only be in the house for a week.

9:31pm: Nobbi and a few others are wondering who will have arguments over the dog in the house. Brigitte thinks it might be Bianca because she has a split personality. Bianca hears this and has it confirmed by Travis. She says she wishes they would say it to her face. Travis and Bianca sit and play with the dog, and Travis says that they were having bets on who would have arguments over the dog. Ollie tries to say hello to Dixie but Dixie doesn’t seem interested in the slightest. Bianca comes out and calls out Brigitte and Nobbi over the dog remarks. Terri is concerned that all the screaming will scare the dog.

Bianca comes back outside to have a discussion. Nobbi and Dixie say they too have a split personality. Bianca gets a bit fired up and Nobbi tries to calm her down. Renee tells her that everyone who has left this house has bitched to her in their video message. Bianca says she is obviously too honest.

9:59pm: Alice is teaching Ollie a few tricks in the backyard. Over at the kombi Travis and Nobbi are having a chat about how Nobbi loves to make some conflict in the house when it becomes a bit boring. Nobbi just laughs. Ollie pushes the diary room button with the help of Alice and goes to sleep inside it.

In the main bedroom, Rory and Renee share a cuddle before sleeping. Rory tells her not to get too frisky. The last shot is of Ollie sleeping away in the diary room.