Day 72 Uplate

It’s started! Dan and Chrissie are talking in scottish accents, asking BB to turn the lights out! Anouska is also in bed, but we can’t see anyone else in the room. Mike comes on and says that WA, SA and NT residents can win some money tonight too.

Back to the house, Anouska is now asking BB to turn the lights out. Nush says she should go for a wee. Chrissie says it’s so bright in here. Chrissie then launches into song with Dan. No idea where Reggie and Patrick are for the time being. Anouska decides to go to the toilet. Just at this moment, the lights go out, and Nush says “oh, bollocks!” Nush goes on to say that Sleazy BB should come on and say “goodnight housemates’ to them all. Apparently they believe one of the BB’s are cute, but Anouska doesn’t agree, and is mocking them now. When Anouska leaves, she does a catwalk type walk, knowing that AJ and I are watching. Chrissie and Dan start singing “Wild Wild West.” Anouska returns, and immediately says “goodnight kids!” Dan and Chrissie are still talking about song lyrics being sent in emails or something.

Dan suddenly says he does a lot of ‘fake puking’ in here. He does the impressions, making Nush laugh. Meanwhile, Chrissie is up and has gone over to the bathroom. Dan know impressions a guy puking while having sex. He says you don’t know whether he is going to puke, or do something else. I’ll leave that there, use your imagination. Nush is still laughing her head off!

The are talking about a camera. Maybe it’s there task or something. Nush says they should bring the camera into the bedroom while people are asleep, and wake them up and immediately ask them ‘Do you have any comments about Carlo.” Dan acts out the responses, “What! I didn’t even know bloody Carlo. What the heck you on about.” Doesn’t sound as funny as it was for the TV audience!

Chrissie returns, an Nush just won’t stop laughing. Dan recalls the pukexual incident for Chrissie’s benefit. Nush wants to do the camera thing with the asleep people in the morning. Dan says that he wouldn’t want to be woken up by a camera. Chrissie suggests they stage the camera. They are talking about camera angles, and other stuff they can do to ‘play up’ with the cameras they have been given. They seem to all be enjoying discussing it, laughing quite frequently. The three are now in absolute hysterics, but are trying to keep the noise level down for the sleepers.

Mike comes on, and says that they are starting an overnight teaser for the other states from tonight, as well as the $2000 they regulary giveaway. Back to the action though now. Anouska is complaining about the amount of noise the camera operators or ‘demons’ are making latelty. She says she should go and talk to BB. LOL. Dan is just doing face movements and looks so funny. The other two are laughing. Anouska seems commited to finding a nickname for Dan. Chrissie says that Dan is just Dan though, you can’t call him anything else. They stop talking, and Nush and Chrissie start reading their books. Dan tries to fall off to sleep. It’s going to be one of those long boring Up Late shows I feel. First comm break appears.

Back with Mike, who says that he has Vincent’s legacy item. It was actually made by her sister. He goes through the brain teaser for tonight. I just called 4 times, and didn’t get through to leave my details once! Oh well. Back to the action anyway now, Chrissie still reading her book, Nush doing likewise. Mike comes on and welcomes us to the BB Book Club. He tells us about the popularity poll. Pat is on 2%, Regina is 53%, Daniel is at 17%, Chrissie is at 15% and Anouska is at 16% I think. Didn’t quite hear what he said. He again tells the joke telling people to stop SMS’ing his name for eviction. Comm break.

Mike goes through the brain teaser, and gives the clue. The teaser is on the last line tonight, where it is usually on the third or fourth line. Woah, panic in the BB studios. They cut Mike off mid sentence, and we now have the music, and the BB Logo on screen! We cut back to the house now. Maybe they sacked Mike mid sentence, LOL, no thats harsh. Anouska is still reading away, Chrissie doing the same. No sounds except coughing coming through, but just as I type, Chrissie whispers something like “It’s not loud Dan.”, to which he mumbles back. He seems to be coughing a bit more than usual tonight. Nothing else is said though. Mike comes back on and flashes the brainteasers onto the screen. It is a hard one tonight. He then goes onto talk about the logo’s for the phones, via the Official site. The website pops up, so Mike decides to have a little surf. Brain teaser number one is over. Comm break.

Back again with trivia dude! Michael from Nth Balwyn is the winner of the first $1000, and is planning to go oversea’s to London. He get’s it right, Gourmet. He hopes Reggie will win. Anyway, the camera game comes into the show now. Michael picks camera 13, the decking in the backyard. 18 is the second storeroom, which doesn’t get used now. Second game gets underway, which is easier; Wilson. Michael gets to go to bed, Mike finally ending the call, and then we shoot back to the house to see if any fireworks have been occurring while we were away. However, Anouska is still reading, while Chrissie is also still doing likewise. Time for another comm break.

Mike is back AGAIN! Shock horror! Anyway, he goes through the second game, giving a clue, a very very easy clue, which anyone could get, before he sends us back to the house. Dan and Chrissie are talking again! Chrissie is laughing as per usual, as Dan makes faces at her. Anouska, in the middle, is not paying any attention to them. Chrissie takes her mic off, then says goodnight to the other two. Chrissie then turns her light out. Anouska is asleep by the looks of it, thus she was ignoring the other two before. After a few more minutes, Mike comes back on, and….passes wind? Surely not LOL. He goes onto say hello’s to all the forum people. Cuts to a break after that.

Mike is back and goes through the same brain teaser again, giving the clue again. Back to the house we go now, where everyone seems to be well and truly asleep. How much fun is this!!! ROFLMAO!!! Anouska is sleep talking. She is laughing too herself, saying ‘we must be quiet.’ She is asleep though, well she was, maybe now awake. Mike comes on excited, retelling us all what just happened, before sending us back to the house. Silence for a little bit, before Mike comes back and says “No more calls!!!” Comm break.

Brain teaser time. Chris is in NSW, and sounds half asleep. He gets the money after answering correctly. He says he can retire now. Now, they are onto GAME THREE! New colours!!! Exciting stuff. Anyway, we go back to the house, where everyone, believe it or not are up and having coffee! No, I lie. They are all asleep. Although Chrissie just coughed and cleared her throat. Five minutes later, comm break.

Back with Mike again, who goes through brain teaser three! He gives a clue, and well lets see, the answer is …actually, I don’t have a clue, sorry! You’ll have to go to the BB website to find out, because it’s there apparently. Mike leaves us now, nite Mike! We return to the house though by ourselves, where someone is yawning. The rest seem to be asleep however. Minutes pass, and at 1:38am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 69 Uplate

Day 69 of the BB experience today, with just over two weeks left of the show. Earlier today BB told the house they would be given a party tonight to welcome Anouska to the land down under. During the evening thus far, the highlight has been when Vincent told Chrissie and Anouska “You wanna see bad Cenzo” Chrissie replied “I’m frightened!”

Anyway, into the house we go. Vincent, Pat and Anouska are on the couch. Dan makes his way over there, as Anouska runs to the bedroom. Mike comes on, says hello to Rebecca on the line straight away. Mike has a name badge on lol! So anyway, there are going to giveaway $3000 tonight. She wins the money, answering the teaser with “Regina.” He gives her a bit of an update. Regina and Chrissie have moved to the bedroom, and have commented that Anouska is looking at herself a bit too much in the mirror, as well as thinking that she might be making a move on the Vincent man!

Anyway, back to the house we travel, to the bedroom, with Reggie and Chrissie. Chrissie says she is not a dancer, but the music was terrible tonight. Anouska doesn’t want to take some water out into the living room because it’ll look like a weakness. LOL. Reggie thinks of Vincent as the magpie that was wiggling there backside in the backyard. Oooah she’s doing a bit of backstabbing tonight. She reckons he has it made for him, LMAO. Oh shit this is funny, they can’t work out his clean system with his clothes. Reggie goes to check with Chrissie saying ‘you can’t do that.’ She looks for a minute, picks up a pair of knickers, then gets on the floor laughing her head off. Chrissie says she can’t believe she picked them up, saying she thinks they were the dirty ones. Chrissie still doesn’t understand his system. Reggie is still laughing her head off. Once they are composed again Reggie says that they won’t get any information out of that man. Chrissie can’t understand why he is so secretive. The man himself comes in lol. Anouska comes in, I couldn’t understand a word she said, but Vincent and her leave quickly, Vincent saying “I feel better when she is not kicking me in the balls.”

They are glad Anouska has arrived. They say that they are boring at the moment, so it’s good that someone can cheer up the boys a bit. Dan comes in as they are talking about Chrissie being a bit quiet. They start talking about Reg and Dan dancing earlier. They enjoyed it. They complain about the music again, but Reg thought that because BB had put it on, she had to dance.

Ok, out to the couch, first sight I get is Anouska slapping Vincent’s bum. Now Vincent is holding her, not letting her move. They are playing the game he and Saxon played one other night – the celebrity alphabet game. Start with a letter, tonight it is Will Smith, the first one, so the next is the first letter of the second word. It’s Anouska’s turn with S, and Pat starts his countdown, Anouska gets “Santa Claus” as they almost are down to 0. Pat says “Charlie Brown.”

Back to the bedroom, Reg still laughing away! Dan is brushing her teeth, while Chrissie looks at Reggie’s legacy item. It is signed by everyone except Irena and Jaime. Chrissie has been in the house long enough to forget about her family, but she has rathered started to long for people who have been evicted. Chrissie misses Kim and Saxon. Mike comes on and interrupts, telling us that the brain teasers are just around the corner. Ooah, he tells us the countdown for the game in the living room is because if they don’t get it they have to skull a drink. I get it now. Back to the bedroom though, they are talking about how they might not have welcomed Jaime enough when he had the crossover. I think… Mike spoke for too long, but I’m pretty sure it was Jaime. Oh heck, I dunno now. Reggie is saying at the start Kim hated it because no one liked her, and she didn’t feel welcome. Reggie admits she thought she wasn’t being welcomed. Reggie says because they had a similar upbringing they felt a connection to each other. Chrissie says she made the silly jokes which didn’t go down well. Chrissie says she didn’t hate her when she said the bad jokes, she just didn’t know why she would say them. Back outside to the game. Vincent misses out on the letter M, and has to drink. Vincent gets stuck on “B” next time round, as Pat excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Comm break.

OK, back to Mike, and the second brain teaser of the night. He had been to a birthday party earlier in the night, thus his nametag. He says that the drinking game is the lamest drinking game he has ever soon. Anyway, he goes through the teaser, before returning us to the drinking game. Vincent finally gets on! Vincent has to skull twice in a row her because he didn’t have his arm up or some rubbish, and Vincent says “I’m going to be smashed!”, or words to that effect. We go to the bedroom where the other three are talking about the merge, Reggie saying that when Saxon and Vincent came across, their tongues were dragging along the floor, with the sight of Jo. She says that Belinda was so glad she had someone to talk too when Reg went across. Regina says that her parents will be watching the real Regina for the first time while in the house. Chrissie says it’s the same for all of us. Dan says could you imagine spying on their parent’s. Reg says she is trying to picture her Dad going to the local tavern, with people talking about her when he entered. Dan sayss you have so much fun with the right people over little things, as we cut to another break.

Brain teaser time, well time for the clue anyway, with the clue revealing it to be coins. Anyway. back to the living room, where Vincent says he was 18 when he last woke up so frunk that he didn’t remember the night before. They decide to go to the spa so they can play a new game, because the other one got boring. They decide the next bottle to be opened will be white wine. Anouska tells the others they are getting in the spa. Reggie says to take some water. None of them are going to join them however. Anouska says Vincent is encouraging the game in the spa, as he enters the bedroom. Reggie says to get her to spew over the side of the spa. LOL. Anouska takes off her bra, and they pop up Mike at that exact moment, hiding her just a bit. Still see some eye candy however. Mike says laughing, “You can’t put me up now!”. Anyway, they have a winner. Quickly back to the game. Reggie says she doesn’t want to drink anymore because last time she did it she felt sick the entire next day. While they are talking, Anouska is getting her bikini bottoms on, and shows the girls a good way of doing it without showing anything. Comm break anyway.

Mike is back again, and says the spa party hasn’t started yet, so they have time for the money. Pete from my freakin area in Melbourne is on (and I called 5 times tonight!), and wins the money! Out to the spa we go anyway. You can’t really hear what they are saying out there too well, and besides, what you can hear is not interesting, so BB changes the cam for me.Bit of a talk about continuance between Dan and Reggie for TV series I think, before we are thrown back to the spa. Anouska is talking, saying “Grandma went to the sex shop and bought something. The next person has to repeat what the past person said, and ass their own. And so it goes on. They are up to five without anyone, but suddenly Pat and Vincent have to drink. Pat ten continues with the game, but becomes stuck on about the third item I think. Vincent starts the countdown, and too late he is when he says it. Vincent stuffs up on the second one!! Anouska seems to be going alright through this game, as we head to another break.

Brain teaser number three time, and Mike gives us the clue for the next one. He then makes a few shoutouts. The teaser answer is Lights. Very easy. He explains the two stage selection process again, before he hurls us back to the bedroom. No, he tricked us, we head to the spa. Pat missed one out, but Anouska swore, so they both have to drink. Dan comes out to say hello to them all. They start over again, this time “I went to the park, and took a ” Patrick took an Abacus. I mean really, is this guy boring or not! Vincent stuffs it up after about 3 ones. He is hopeless at this, or he just really wants a drink. Anouska also has to drink after stuffing it up next. Over in the bedroom, Reggie is talking about a photo and the beautiful sky in it. I think it’s off the Ayres Rock. I must admit, it does look awesome around Sunset time. Chrissie says Dan is coming back in. Reggie reads from that Aussie book again, where they are saying there are 280 million people in the US, compared to our 20 million. They can’t believe how so many people can live in that space. Chrissie is wondering if the US is bigger than Australia. They reckon it’s about the same. She asks Dan to go and ask Pat, but then she says not to worry about it. They look at when the book was published to see if it has up to date facts, and realise it was published in 2002. Comm break.

Mike is back, and going through the teaser again. Blabs on for a minute or so, then we are transported back to the backyard, the spa to be precise. They have started a new one “I travelled the world. I went to…” Patrick just got the last one, they have about 10-12 countries on the list already. It’s getting hard, I’ll admit it. Vincent gets it though easily. Meanwhile, Anouska pours the rest of a beer into Patricks glass. Did Vincent just lean in for a growl??? I think so. They have to go alphabetically I’ve realised too, so that makes it easier for them. Pat misses out this time round though. Vincent is stuck on O. He says there is no country starting with O. Pat thinks he knows one. Mike interrupts to tell us they have a winner. Vincent says Olive for the country. Weird stuff. Next time around, Vincent missed out Holland, but Anouska realised, as we cut to a break.

Mike is back, and has Lyn on the phone. She wins the money. Back to the spa, and still the country game. They are up to S. Vincent gets out to use the toilet, and Anouska says just to go in the garden. Pat says they got told off for it. Anouska seems surprised. Anouska then tries to get a bottle open with her teeth. She finally gets the top off, and uses the cork for the rest of the job. While they are alone, Pat says he like Reggie and Dan the best. He says if someone had to go on Sunday, he says he wants Anouska to go hehe. Pat cracked a funny! Vincent is back by the way, and has already been told to have a drink! Pat has dissapeared though now. For the letter U, Anouska says Yugoslavia”. Silly girl! Comm break.

Back again, Mike is still there, only minutes to go for tonight. He says it’s been an awesome night, but before they head back, they go through the eviction phone numbers. Anyway, Mike says goodnight. They are still with the country game, Nush just having stuffed it, and thus drunk. Anouska gives Pat a little lap dance to get him to stuff up! Into the bedroom we go, Reggie says she is tired. Reggie and Chrissie think they must put ear plugs in tonight, because the three drunkies will be very loud snorers tonight. Chrissie says her hair is disguisitng, she can’t bear the sight of herself. She needs to get out of there. LOL. They go onto talking about hospital machines, in particular ultasounds. Reg doesn’t understand the internet, and Chrissie doesn’t understand how the fax works. Reggie is saying what the heck they were talking about earlier in the kitchen. Chrissie says they do that to act superior. Dan is not in the room, as the lights go out, and “Thankyou BB” goes all round. Reggie mentions that Pat and Vincent are always asking for ‘shit’. Outside, Vincent comes in for another growl, as Anouska tries to get the country game through. They must be onto the second round of countries, but still have to recite the first round ones too. The bottle of wine is now empty. It took about 20 minutes I reckon. Anouska is all over him trying to get him to lose his attention. Pat was trying then, and I think Anouska flashed herself, then went for his assets. He stuffed up of course! She then goes all over Vincent, rubbing his face in her assets, and gets down to T. A damn fine effort from Vincent! They cut away when Nush starts doing her turn, to Chrissie reading a book. Back to the boys and Nush, who is still having her go, but under heaps of pressure. She finally fails. Pat’s turn, and Nush is absolutely all over him, and Vincent counts him down, and he is GONE! They have asked Dan to get another bottle of wine, but he doesn’t really want to give it to them, saying they could use it for dinner. He offers them beer, but none of them are paying him much attention. And then, damnit, Dreamworld says Goodnight.

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Day 68 Uplate

Welcome to the house, where Anouska has arrived! We join them in the kitchen, where they are freakin talking about salt! LOL. Pat is saying that if BB did it, then they have gone to far, but if someone in the house did it, he’ll except it as a joke.

Around the kitchen table are Dan, Chrissie, Pat, Anouska and Vincent, with Reggie walking around the table. Anouska asks if she can sign the guitar. Vincent says they are the legacy items, and they will ask Big Brother tomorrow if she can sign everything. But Vincent, one minute later, changes his mind, because Anouska diesn’t know how long she will be in the house (Yeh right!), and says that she should sign everything tonight just in case she goes tomorrow. Anouska starts talking about ‘Big Brothers’, the band. I know thats not the correct spelling but hey, who cares!

Pat, who was over in England during BB2, asks about a few of the housemates over there. They again say to Anouska that Reggie should have her own travel show! Dan launches into Reggie expressions she could use for the travel show segments. Vincent is trying to think of our BB3 music. He does a bad impression, and as well, it has changed a bit since BB2. Anouska can’t remember the UKBB one. It’s quite catchy too. Anouska says “You gonna open a bottle of wine, Vinnie?” LOL, she looks at the others after she calls him Vinnie, her expression priceless. Patrick is talking about the shopping budget as well again, but playing with the flippin guitar as well. Just break it Anouska, go on, do it!

BB calls Regina to the diary room, she says “I won’t be a moment!” Maybe BB might let her tell the housemates about the task. Mike comes on and tells us that that is exactly what BB is going to tell her. This will be awesome to watch! Chrissie says “What do we have thats loud, pointy and hard!” Vincent yells out “Do you want me to show you.” Awesome, they start singing ‘Cookie Cutter Sky’ for Anouska. She gets up and walks off after one verse LOL.

Reggie is back, and Chrissie gets everyone quiet because she has to reveal something. They guess it before she says it. She says there will be a surprise tomorrow for everyone. Anouska comes over and gives Reg a kiss, she thinks it was very funny. Reg also says that BB said they would never let anyone harm them. Reg says in a loud voice “I’m sorry if I pissed you off.” Dan says he is happy now because he knows someone else wasn’t walking around their bedroom.

Reggie admits to emptying the sugar, before Dan interrupts, thinking she put salt in the milo, wasting it. She put salt in the powder milk as well, giving Pat a cup of coffee with the milk, salt and sugar! Lovely!!! Dan thought that she had ruined the Milo, but Reggie says she is not that dumb! Dan says that when he tried to hide the alcohol they got in a big huff about it, and they are getting in a huff with Reg now. Anouska says Reg is looking really nice at the moment. They decide to stop talking about the salt issue. Anouska is just laughing at all of this. Dan says she still loves Reggie. Still going on about this. Reg can’t believe it that they are taking it so badly. Reg asks what could she do differently. Dan says nothing, it was fine. Pat was hardly involved, and he’s acting as if it has totally destroyed his day. Pat says “This beer tastes salty Reg!” LOL, Anouska has realised that Pat is the worry wart of the buch, calling him paranoid Pat. I love it!!!

They start talking about Bon Jovi, and soon burst into one of the songs. Chrissie has been a fan for ages. Anouska asks if they know David Gray, but no one responds, as the guitar fires up and Dan starts singing. Chrissie has come up to help Reg with the dishes, and Reg says “We’ll wake up to a new day.” Chrissie replies by saying, “They wouldn’t let it go would they!” During this you see Dan in the background just looking over at Reg a few times. Comm break.

Mike greets us after the break, and we are into the brain teaser for the first time round. Back to the house quickly, where Anouska is helping with the washing up, and asking where things go. The girls doing the dishes, the boys at the table. Anouska says she hopes she likes it here. She shakes Reggie’s hand, I think she has warmed to Reggie the most. As Reg heads off to bed, Dan runs out, and tells her to give him a hug. He just doesn’t want conflict, and just says that while she knew the whole time, he didn’t. LOL. Chrissie has joined her in the house proper, and apparently Anouska has said that Wilson the chicken has been around the world. Both Reg and Chrissie don’t believe that it has though. Chrissie clicks the button to go into the diary room, and we are returned to the kitchen, where Nush is left with the boys. Dan is doing a bit of singing. LOL, the boys are too talking about Wilson, who must be back, cause Dan says he feels that he has changed, it’s not the same person. Pat says “It’s weird, he hasn’t said a word since he got back!” Pat thinks he must think he is a celebrity now (Wilson), but they have stuck him back in the house, thus not happy. He says he is just a stuck up chick. They ask Nush if they got any music played while she was in there. They didn’t, however had she stayed an extra day, she might have found herself in the Winners room, where Music is played. LOL, they are talking nursery rhymes, but Anouska says to Pat, who is naming them, “What, are you fifty or something!” Comm break, as Anouska starts singing/reciting a ryhme.

Mike is back, this time with a clue for the trivia brain teaser. Chrissie entered the diary room to ask for sheets for Anouska’s bed. Anyway, back to the bedroom. Pat is talking about his freakin coffee again, with the salt/sugar. Reggie is just listening. Chrissie is around too. Pat goes to the toilet. They are looking through Anouska’s things. She bought a koala with her, and her book is “Dinkum Aussie Sayings”, or something like that. Back to the kitchen we travel. Dan is giving Nush a massage. They wonder if the others are going to bed. Vincent says he hopes not, because they have more wine to drink. Nush says she came in to wind everyone up. She thinks they have all gone to bed, while Mike interrupts. He says that they have a contestant on the line, so stop calling. Hehe, Vincent just spilt wine on himself. Meanwhile Nush asks Dan if he likes working at the arcade shop. She has to repeat it 3 times for him to understand the question. BB is impatient, and cuts to a break.

Back again! Wow, straight back to the house, what happened to the trivia!? They are reading through the Aussie slang book, and they don’t even know the meaning of half of them. LOL. Reggie thinks she might have got a bit angry just before over in the kitchen. She is playing with her hair in the mirror. She says they just wouldn’t let up over the salt. She doesn’t know why they were so worried about it. She says that Anouska will just have to party with the boys tonight, hinting that she will soon be in bed. They say that BB must be huge over in the UK. Reggie says she can’t believe Gretel was there. She says her hair was gorgeous. Reggie thinks she might grow her hair again. Then she says she could just buy a wig. Lovely, she is trying to pick a pimple, and you know the camera is going to be directly in front of where she is looking in the mirror. She can’t believe BB organised for her to come all this way. Reggie still trying for the pimple, saying “Nothing is coming out.”. They are saying “how bad did we look”, referring to how they had no idea what was going to happen. Mike comes on and says they are having a few technical difficulties tonight, thus the trivia hold up. They are still saying how bad they looked tonight. Chrissie has apparently just got out of the spa minutes earlier. Back to talking about BBUK, Chrissie saying it’s probably more popular over there because they have more people. Reg can’t believe that Pat has won a trip to London. She says it’s unbelievable. As the girls talk, Pat and Vinent are called to the diary room. The girls can’t believe how many times they go to the diary room. Reg says BB should just tell them to piss off. Chrissie says “I don’t think he can.”, while laughing. They don’t think they have done anything wrong. Over to the kitchen we go, and Dan and Anouska are chatting away. Anouska says she enjoys going to the gym, as a comm break cuts in.

Still no trivia, but Mike comes on and talks to us. Mike tells us that Vincent and Pat were called to the diary room to stop prodding her for answers to questions of the outside world. The boys are back to the table to join Dan and Nush, and they are going through the farm animals task, explaining what each housemate had to do. When asked who they would miss when they go, Vincent says his closest mates were from the square house. Pat admits he misses Jo. Pat admits he didn’t really get to know Leah that much. He misses Ben a bit. The people they miss the most are: Pat misses Jo. Vincent misses Carlo and Sax, while Dan thought a bit, and said ‘probably Jo.’ Dan says he was just starting to know Leah, but then she was gone. Dan admits it felt so different when Jo left, as well as Saxon, because of their energy they bought to the group. Nush totally ruins UKBB for me, because I’m behind watching it, telling me who is up for nomination this week. Nush goes onto say that the loud types always seem to go first, and Dan finishes it off by saying the quiet ones seem to fall under the radar. Hmm, they cut it off in the middle of the conbo about autobiographies or something, with some beeps. No music running into the break. Strange. Only about 40 minutes left btw, and we still haven’t got the first trivia done yet. Technical problems galore it must be. Anyway, comm break.

Back with BB again, stil no trivia. Mike is back on though in the corner of the screen. He says Reggie and Chrissie are looking as if they are going to bed. Anouska has gone over to the bedroom, going through her stuff, while Reggie continues to read her book Nush tells them that the clothes in UKBB were actually under their beds. She says she has been living out of suitcases for weeks, so she is used to it, referring to Reggie saying she can hang some of her clothes up. She tells them that she took 30 pairs of knickers into the UK house. Reg shows them the bag they were allowed to bring in, and Nush can’t believe it. They could bring in ciggers, alcohol, anything they wanted really. Chocolate, anything you can think of. Reggie reads a few defintions out of the book of Nush’s. One of them is “Bobby Dazzler.”

Oh by the way, Mike said they were still having technical difficulties, so this game would carry over to the first game tomorrow night. They reckon they have all the numbers on file, LOL. Anyway, Nush says she likes the boys. She has lost an earing. She says she was given the shoes Reggie was eyeing earlier, as well as a heap of other stuff, including a bag etc. Reggie and Chrissie can’t believe that she would get all this free stuff. Comm break.

Mike comes back, tells us the trivia is canned for the night, and that Anouska is already the second most popular housemate on the OS. Mike says goodnight from him. Nite Mike! Back to the house we travel, where Dan has made his way to the bedroom. Reggie is still reading out these aussie slang terms. Enough is enough Reggie!! Anouska seems to have returned to the kitchen. Reggie is searching for the word “bugger!” LOL. Oh no, Anouska is simply in the bathroom. Well, she takes her top off. Not afraid at all this girl from the UK! BB calls out to Anouska to put her microphone back on. How many hours does that BB work per day. Geez, I seem to hear him all the time! Reggie just keeps on reading from this bloody book, Vincent and Pat must still be in the kitchen. Everyone else is in the bedroom. Nush is still playing in the bathroom, as we cut to the final comm break.

Back again we are, watching Vincent brush his teeth. Nush is also doing the same. Nush studied Spanish for her second language in school. Oh god, Reggie still reading aloud. Pat has just told her he didn’t come down in the last shower, meaning she should stop telling him stuff he already knows. Oh shush you meany food nazi dude! BB tells the housemates they need the candle out in the kitchen out, before it sets off the smoke alarm. Reggie is back reading aloud. Nush says that if she was in BBUK BB would call someone into the DR to ask them to do that. Nush is sitting down on the bed, brushing her hair. She says she swirls hwer hair or something. The she says “I’m so pretty” or something to that affect. Dan comes back into the room saying “you bloody drongo.” Reg says “fair suck of the sauce bottle.” Lights are still on by the way. It’s 2:05am at the moment. They should leave it on a bit tonight. Reg just won’t shut up tonight, but just then, at 2:08am, Dreamworld says goodnight. Wow, awesome show tonight!

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 67 Uplate

Before we get on with it tonight, I would like to congratulate the whole Big Brother team on coming out so quickly admitting the Chrissie incident that occurred last night. The public apology and acknowledgement on the OS was great, however, it was even better to actually see the footage on the daily show tonight. So kudo’s to BB.

Anyway, onto Up Late for this Wednesday night. We join the house outside, with Dan and Vincent playing there new game, the table soccer type thing, where you move the players to block the little ball. They are only discussing little things game related. LOl, we get a close up, and it’s little Energizer batteries rather than little soccer men! We cross to the bedroom, where Chrissie is about to hop into bed. She finds something yucky on her sheets, and says “eeew. Yuk. Gross”, trying to brush it off at the same time. Mike cuts in, tells us that Reggie has a personal dilemma task, where she has to play practical jokes on the other housemates over the next day. Reggie has already started, putting Salt on Chrissie’s toothbrush, as well as putting it on her sheets. Mike says BB are very excited about Anouska, who joins the house tomorrow night.

Now we’re back with Chrissie, who is almost ready to lie in her bed, before we go back out to the boys in the backyard. Lots of “oooh and aahh’s” during the game. They are playing with two games at once. It’s not a good sport for the camera’s, you can’t see a thing on the actual table. Vincent says “I reckon we invented a new game; Multiball.” Still more laughing and game talk, very boring, when we can’t see the balls. Actually, I lie, you can see the balls on one half of the field. They decide they might be a little loud for the rest of the house, so they try to keep the noise level down. After 10 minutes or so, Mike cuts back in. He talks a bit about Anouska coming into the house tomorrow, before we go back to the Fuseball. God this is boring. They finally decide to stop because of the noise level. Vincent says they will play more tomorrow. They continue talking about the new game they created – multiball. Dan says for Vincent to move away a bit, because he would rather let the gas out outside, then stink the room inside. Dan says “This show just goes on and on.” Dan says he is going to be here till almost the end. Vincent says that Dan won’t get a chance to even go home inbetween, even if evicted. They talk about their trips up to Dreamworld in the past; Vincent came up in Year 9, and Dan came up after Year 12. Comm break.

Back with Mike, who runs through the first brain teaser for the night. Back to the house, where we check on Reggie and Pat, fast asleep in their barracks for the night. Cut to Chrissie reading a book in bed, with all the lights still on. Dan and Vincent have entered the bedroom also, and are both in the bathroom I think. Actually, Vincent has just emerged from the toilet. They are still looking for that damn ring of Vincent’s. LOL. Reggie has put sand in all their beds, Vincent has no idea where it came from, but he says it’s disguisting. Dan hasn’t looked yet. They say they haven’t had a lockdown, so they have no idea how it got there. Vincent is taking his sheet right off. Dan is still looking under the bed, and has found something else other than Vincent’s ring. Chrissie says maybe BB had a sneaky lockdown, while they were having dinner or something. Vincent says it’s as if someone has done it on purpose. Comm break.

Mike is back, and laughing at Reggie’s little practical jokes. He quickly goes back through the brain treaser, gives the clue, and we are back to the bedroom. Dan and Vincent are both having showers. Nothing happens as they keep showering the whole segment. Comm break.

Back with Mike again, who has Al from Melbourne on the phone. He wins the $1000. Back to the house though quickly. Dan is brushing his teeth, unknowing of the salt on the brush. Mike comes back on and starts game two. Back again to the house quickly. Dan is just talking to Chrissie, while Vincent asks BB for the lights to be turned off. Dan is telling a story of some women who put him up for a night because he had nowhere else to go. She said she could stay with her, as long as he didn’t kill her. This turns the conversation only killing threats, Chrissie saying “Oh, yeh I could probably go without tonight, I’ll be right.”, while Dan says “I really need to kill someone tonight though – do you have any friends?” Obviously joking around, it is an interesting conversation. In come Patrick, after asking permission of course. But before two shakes, we are whisked away to another comm break

Mike is back, and this time gives the clue for game two. Back to the bedroom we travel, where Chrissie says “I feel like drinking coffee and staying up all night.” Dan has finally discovered the salt! LOL. Vincent thinks it’s the have nots. They are all warming to this outcome. Dan suggests they put it all on their beds (the have nots). Dan then says it’s the cameraman getting back at them for losing his job! Chrissie says “No, no one got fired. I didn’t want that.” They search the bin for salt wrappers, but to no avail. Vincent suggests maybe it’s an external influence, trying to get the Haves to turn against the have not’s. LMAO. They are discussing how to bring it up with the have not’s tomorrow. Dan suggests saying “If I have having trouble sleeping, I tend to just dab some salt on the sheets and I go to sleep no worries.” Vincent is wondering if they did something to piss Patrick off. Vincent says they should just bounce some salt jokes off tomorrow morning, and see their response. Vincent says if they don’t react, we know it’s BB. Dan doesn’t think BB would ever do something like that. Chrissie is up by the way, filling her water. Vincent says maybe BB hasn’t turned out the lights yet because they wanted to discover the salt. Ah, funny stuff. Comm break.

Mike comes back and talks about the salt issue for a bit, before running through some forum messages. Then he goes through the second trivia, and Mike gives a hint to help them along. Back in the house, Vincent is asking why BB would ask them to watch a DVD during the day. Because of Anouska silly!!! Chrissie and Dan are talking about how dog years seem better in the BB house. In that 1 month seems like a year ago in there. Lights are off by the way. They are talking about the word Dan, saying it is more MAN than DOG. Meanwhile, Mog would be more Dog than Man. Dan says he can’t explain how entertaining it is to be around Reggie, the Reggie factor as he calls it. LOL, he sees Reggie doing a travel show, and saying “If you come over here, don’t go to suchandsuch, because it’s AWFUL!” Mike comes back and has a caller on the line, so no more calls. But back to the house in the meantime. Nothing much is spoken, well none that stood out to me, before it was time for another comm break.

Dave from Mackay is one the phone, and wins the money. Mike admits he is related to a politician. That explains everything! Nah, just kidding! That is it for Mike, but before he goes, he goes through a few forum messages. Nite Mike, as we head back to the bedroom. A bit of silence before Chrissie says “I wonder what that salt thing is.” Dan says it couldn’t have fallen from the roof. Dan and Chrissie think it’s really funny, and suggest they don’t say a thing. Vincent thinks they should just give small hints. Vincent suggests saying “I like salt in EVERYTHING!” They nominate Vincent as the one to say it, because Chrissie thinks she would just start laughing. Vincent says “Little task for me”, but says Chrissie can’t be there. LMAO. Dan says perhaps you should start reciting the elements like sulphur or something to Patrick. He says you couldn’t do it to Reggie, it would go way over her head!!! LOL, the stuff they are saying. “It’s a bit icy, can you put some salt on the floor.” “My sweat is salty, It comes off and crystalises.” “I’ve loved being in here for so long. Your the salt of the earth.” Chrissie is having a laughing fit. Dan is saying normal things, and Chrissie is just going into laughing fits. This has turned into a great BB. Comm break.

At 1:31am, we are back to the house, where Dan is still stoked that they have played his and Pat’s song. He is so glad Gretel has seen it, even though there was a few snide remarks during it. Dan makes the comment that BB owns the song, cause they made it here. He is cool with that though. Dan says it’s good to hear it back after you’ve made it. A bit of silence desends over the room. They seem to settle down into their beds now, ready for some sleepy time. Vincent is still reading. SURELY THEY HAVE RUN OUT OF BOOKS BY NOW!!! Cut to the evil Reggie, the planter of the salt, in the storeroom, then back to watch Chrissie turn her light out, then 5 minutes later Chrissie starts laughing for no apparent reason, but no one says why or anything, and before you know it BB decides to cut the cord, and Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:48am.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 66 Uplate

Straight into the house we go tonight, Chrissie is lonesome on the couch, but soon comes Food Nazi Patrick back from the kitchen, who starts talking about dishes for tomorrow. Does this guy think of anything else!!! Mike joins us then, giving us the number for the brain teasers, and tells us that Reg and Pat are arguing about who is the better “Have Not”. Dan has also been talking to himself in the spa apparently.

Back to the house, Pat and Reggie are in the storeroom, Reggie saying “Are you putting socks on?”, to which Pat replies that he always does. Pat climbs into bed, while Reggie changes. They are talking into their mikes for fun, which helps us hear the convo, so I’m not complaining. Pat is wondering who he should get to cut his hair. Reg suggests he let Chrissie do it. They start talking about food once again. Reggie says “There better not be any of those bloody moths in her tonight!”. Reggie asks if Pat is going to fall asleep straight away, and when she gets no reply, she says that he is ignoring her. Pat finally talks again, but soon after the lights go out, and so they say goodnight to each other. Reggie says she isn’t tired, but Pat is exhausted. Pat says that Reggie had a nap during the day though, thus she isn’t tired. Reggie says that they might get a surprise tomorrow, referring to the ‘Haves.’ She doesn’t think the coffee machine though, because they are expecting that. Pat says goodnight again, trying to get her to shut up, but Reggie says “I’ll just talk to the walls then!” Reggie says she’ll shut up now, because Pat needs his beauty sleep. Pat says he is good enough looking as he is. LOL, Reggie says “As long as you suffocate yourself, I don’t care.” Finally, I think they actually mean their ‘goodnight’ this time. However, Pat says that Reggie ‘is the best roommate he has ever had.” They then mention a ‘rootmate’, before they say goodnight for the fourth time.

Outside we go, to the couch, where Vincent and Chrissie are. They are talking about a cafe or something in Melbourne somewhere. They are talking about some Mexican place now, which was expensive. Chrissie says that Mexican restaurants aren’t fancy, and therefore you think they will be cheap, but they are almost always expensive. They now suddenly stop talking. Chrissie then says she cannot look at Jamie’s bust without laughing because of the face expression. Meanwhile, Dan is in the shower, and on the right hand corner in a box of the TV. Vincent seems to be playing with the fire in the living room (I actually didn’t even realise there was one there!), while Chrissie sits close for the warmness. Ah there we go, we get a nice picture of a spot of the house we hardly see. Chrissie says she loved living in Williamstown, saying it was probably one of the best parts of her life living there. She is thinking about having a shower. Dan re-enters after his shower/spa. They talk about the temperature of the spa, saying 37 is just good. Vincent seems to want to spend the night by the fire, suggesting they get some pillows and just relax. Chrissie goes and gets in the shower. Oh please, we all love Chrissie, but we don’t want to she her get undressed. Thankyou, BB decides we should head back to the living area. Vincent says that the square place didn’t have a fireplace. He misses the people from that house. He again mentions that they will most likely see that part of the house again. Some kind of ‘play’ purpose. Vincent says he has gone into the DR again to enquire about the DVD’s. Dan says it must be intentional, but then why leave the TV and DVD player in the room? Comm break!

No studio audience tonight, well actually 1. He is drunk too! He reads out a letter from a 71 year old enjoying the show. He says that the Cookie Cutter Sky song can be downloaded from the OS. Makes note to get it in a sec!!! Anyway, first brain teaser is underway for tonight. It could be Tiger, we’ll wait and see. He says there is a suprise for the SA, WA and ACT viewers next week, because they can’t play the brain teaser due to time issues/legal reasons. Back to the house we go, Vincent and Dan sitting by the fire. Vincent gets up, unsure of what to do. Cut to the storeroom where everyone seems asleep. Seems we are going to stay with this vision for a while, for some bizzeare reason. It’ll give me time to download the song anyway! Excellent, I thought it might be a vision version of the song, but it’s an MP3. OOOOH!!! TENSION IN THE BB HOUSE!

We are on this vision because a cameraman filming Chrissie said loudly something not nice about her figure, and she heard it. They are all talking about it now, although not on TV of course. Dan says to the cameraman, “Well I hope your happy.” Vincent has said “That was f#@*@!# unprofessional. You should get an apology.” Wonder if we’ll get anymore vision of Dan, Vincent and Chrissie tonight, they might be talking about it all night. Comm break during all of this BTW.

Back with Mike, who acts as if nothing as happened. He actually does say some stuff is happening that they can’t show it. Onto the brain teaser however, while he again says ‘the housemates are asleep.’, trying to think that we aren’t missing the Dan, Vincent, Chrissie discussion. The teaser answer is Tiger. He goes through the eviction phone numbers to pass some time away. We go back to the house, but only as har as the storeroom. Pat seems very restless. Another comm break.

Mike is still very peppy for a tired man, but Janine is through on the line to win the money. She gives the answer ‘tired’, and she is told she is right, thus winning the money. Mike gets her boyfriend on the line. They play pick a camera, but I’m sure they won’t cross to one with the 3 in it. 26 is the diary room, and obviously the others are in there, because they won’t cross there. They pick one which is the square verandah type camera. Another one is the kitchen. The girl comes back on again, they talk for another five minutes, before they cut to a comm break.

Back again with Mike, who says it’s brain teaser time again. He goes through the second game, which is SILENT. Easy that one. He says he has heaps of giveaways for runner up people in the brain teaser challenge. He goes through some names on the forums at the Official Site, before we are rushed back to the storeroom. Silence a plenty in there. “This is BB, Daniel and Vincent to the diary room”. Well, we know something is going on now, there is confirmation. Mike comes back on, thinking about what Reggie might be dreaming about. He goes through a few comps the OS are running. Mike says that they don’t show the DR action because they mightbe discussing private things.

Back now with Daniel and Vincent, who are saying to Chrissie they will be in, in a minute. Wonder if BB told them not to talk about the cameraman incident while they were in there. No idea myself. They keep talking, Dan just telling Vincent a story while they sit by the fire. You would assume that BB instructed the boys to stop talking about the earlier incident while in the diary room, because after they have come out they have totally changed topics. Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who says he will give the clue for the brain teaser, the second of the night. The clue matches my earlier guess of Silent. 3 audience members now. Mike says it must be smoko time for the staff. He mentions that he actually sits on the nomination set. Back to the boys now though.

Dan and Vincent are talking about giving their female partners clothes or lingerie. Vincent says he bought sexy stuff for his girl once, but got the sizes completely wrong, and felt bad. Dan says thats the thing – guys have no idea, saying the girl really needs to go with him to get stuff. Dan goes into the bedroom. Feed stays with Vincent, still lying in front of the fire. Into the bedroom we go, Dan and Chrissie in bed, not saying anything. Chrissie says goodnight to Dan, but they have their mics off, and you just can’t make out the next sentence Dan says. Comm break.

Brain teaser time again. Mike has Sonia from Queensland on the line for the second brain teaser. He tricks with her, acting as if she has dropped out. She gets it right, and gets the money. She says she only rang twice tonight. Playing the camera game, we go to the storeroom, the backyard and then something else which i missed. Anyway, they finish it off, and Mike sends us back to the house where Vincent is playing with his rose water or some container, I dunno what he is doing! He is just playing with the water, not doing anything interesting. He now makes his way back to the bedroom. Chrissie coughs. Vincent moves to the bathroom, as Up Late heads to a break. 15 minutes to go approximately.

Back again, and we have a shot of Chrissie, but she has the blankets almost pulled over herself, only leaving her arm hanging out. Dan looks like he is asleep, or trying at least to fall asleep. Dunno where Vincent is. Another Chrissie cough. Vincent now gets into bed. Do I hear Chrissie crying or is it my imagination? I’m being serious here folks, not trying to draw in viewers with exciting tales. It’s either a sniffle to do with her coughing, or a bit of a cry, and I’d nearly 100% say it’s her crying. We cut to the storeroom where there is silence, the two oblivious as to what has occurred over the past hour. As the clock strikes 2am, Vincent is reading in the bedroom, Dan is asleep, while Chrissie wiggles around in bed trying to get comfortable. As we go out tonight, we get audio of “Cookie Cutter Sky”. It’s such a great song, get Dan is a real recording studio when he gets out to do it properly, and it would be great! The song has everyone laughing, a fair cry from what has happened up late in the house tonight. However, we’ll wait and see what happens about this latest BB blunder. Dreamworld says Goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 65 Uplate

We join in the living area, everyone gathered around the couch. Reggie and Pat are discussing the breakfust menu for the morning, sayin an omelette and mushrooms would be good for the have’s. Chrissie agrees.

Reggie decides it’s time to go to bed, and trots off. Chrissie also is ready for bed, so she goes to the bedroom. Pat is called to the diary room soon after, where BB informs him that the black curtain might still be across the windows in the morning; if so, they are to stay away from it, and not go outside. He informs both Chrissie and Reggie, before sitting back down on the couch. Patrick suggest that he square house is being prepared for some kind of task. I reckon he is skirting all around saying the ‘charity challenge task’, but he can’t actually say it. Patrick doesn’t know. They move onto say that Vincent is the last ‘square survivor’, as Dan is saying he is very happy with the last five. Dan says that he misses Belinda, Pat says he misses Claire.

Vincent says that one wall has caught a cough from another wall, referring to the cameramen. Vincent is amazed that ‘they’ are generating enough revenue for Channel 10 to actually employ all these people behind the scenes. Patrick agrees, asking how anyone could have time to sit down and watch people have petty different discussions. Vincent says that Chrissie has perhaps caught the cough from the wall.

Pat decides to go across to get some water. Vincent is left in the living area by himself. No idea where Dan went. Mike comes back on, telling us that he has a studio audience tonight! He talks about Anouska for a second, and then we are giving back to Vincent, still sitting by himself. Pat comes in, saying he whacked his foot in the spa or something. I thought he couldn’t use the spa? Anyway, quickly driven away from there, to Dan and Chrissie in the bedroom. Basically it’s just Dan making Chrissie laugh.

Ooooh, Happy New Financial Year everyone. It’s Tax time, as we click over to July 1st. Pinch and a punch, all that kind of stuff. Dan is now talking English, but with an Italian accent to Patrick. They seem to be talking about shopping and supermarkets. I don’t know, not really paying much attention mind you. Why hasn’t Pat been told to go to bed yet? Comm break after some stupid talk from the pair.

Mike joins us again, telling us that they have 4 people in the audience. The first game is started, then talks about how BBUK is filming some of the Up Late show tonight, so they can show the UK viewers what Anouska is up for.

Back to the house, Dan and Chrissie chatting away. Pat comes in and says something about a song, and then says goodnight to them all. Vincent is doing some funny moves in the doorway, but we aren’t shown them. He jumps on his bed, and they start talking about DVD’s they could buy for their shopping. Dan is suggesting that the DVD’s that BB provides are purchase copies, but Vincent is not so sure, suggesting they could be rented. Vincent is trying to think of what might have come out on DVD recently. Dan talks about Adaptation again, suggesting he would be willing to watch it again, because Vincent and Chrissie haven’t seen it. Vincent and Chrissie both look they are ready for sleep. Dan doesn’t however! Chrissie says she is ‘just resting her eyes’, as we cut to another comm break.

Mike comes in again, goes through the teaser again, this time giving the clue. He tells us that Anouska will be doing an online chat on Tuesday night, which can be accessed via the OS. Back to the house, Dan comes back from the bathroom, and asks if BB told the Have Not’s to go to bed. Chrissie says no. Chrissie and Vincent both feel they have dissapointed BB, a bit with nominations, and a bit because they aren’t doing much. They are talking about how they are sure they showed the version where Reggie was dancing and Vincent doing backups. Something must have happened about it during nominations. I haven’t watched it, so I can’t really help you.

Dan says the cords were great in the song, which Pat did. Dan has walked outside for a minute, before coming inside once again. He slowly makes his way back to the bedroom. He plays with his hair once inside for a minute, before moving to the bathroom. Silence as this happens. Chrissie is reading a book. Dan is doing some exercises in the foyer area leading into the bathroom. At 12:36am, comm break.

Anna wins the $1000, she is an addict. The word was Tennis. She hopes it’s Vincent going this week. Mike starts up the second game, before retuning the house once again. Dan is still in the same place, doing some pretty relaxing exercises if you ask me. He coughs and Chrissie asks if he is alright. He explains he is just doing some stretches on the carpet. They both say that Vincent is going to fall asleep with his clothes on. Dan would like it if Monster’s Inc would be on the list. Chrissie hasn’t it. Great movie that one! Dan says Ocean’s Eleven was good.

Vincent asks Dan what they should do with the pringles. Not much of an answer is given, but then Dan says that they could same them for another DVD night. Chrissie suggests they can go over and get themselves something to eat now because Pat and Reggie are asleep. Dan doesn’t want to open the Pringles because they go soggy once they are opened. Vincent goes over to the corner, where the M&M’s are apparently, because Dan says “Eat as much as you can; they are still heaps.” Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who goes through the brain teaser, and then gives a clue. All of the audience thinks that Vincent will go, except one who thinks Regina will go. What a fool!! Into the house we go, into the bedroom once again. Lights are out now, and someone is just about to use the toilet. Everyone seems to be settling in for sleep. Vincent has his little light still on, but seems to be lying down, getting himself ready. Actually, he was just getting himself comfortable to read a book. Chrissie gets up and goes to the bathroom. Actually, she was the one in their the whole time. She comes back out and says goodnight to the boys. Chrissie says she loves the doona’s. Some more useless talk, as they again cut to a comm break.

Mike again is back, loving the studio audience he has tonight, runs through the trivia, gives the clue, beforehe does a stupid rap music thing, but it’s funny. Goes onto show the OS again, then goes through some of the merchandise you can buy, before we return to the house. Dan and Chrissie are talking about celebs. They both quite like Sam Newman, Chrissie saying he is smart and very quick witted. More talk, but not very exciting, before another comm break.

Brain teaser time again with trivia dude, who has Jackie on the line from NSW. She wins the money. Hehe, the answer was teaser. Mike says goodnight I think, a bit early for that, but ok. We cross back to the house, where Vincent is going over to the kitchen. He looks in the fridge, unsure of what to get for himself. Ah, just looks like it’s that rose water stuff. After that, he heads back to the house. Back in the bedroom, Dan is saying it’s good to have a pet like Paul. He says it’s just so entertaining playing with him. Another comm break.

We’re back! Dan is talking about his job at the games arcade place. He says they open at 10, and they leave when they close basically, only staying back if they are moving some games around or something. Wherever Dan is from, they have up to Grade 7 at primary school, and Year 8 is the start of High School. Chrissie says it’s Grade 6, and Year 7 in Victoria. Dan starts talking about a song on a Paul McCarthney album. Chrissie says she isn’t a great fan. Hurry up so I can flip over to the Agassi-Scud match!!! Must be getting close though, it’s 1:36am. One last cut to the storeroom before we go though, where Reg and Pat are sleeping peacefully. Back to Dan and Chrissie we go, who are talking about how they wake up with bad sinuses. Chrissie is glad that Dan wakes up like that too – because she thought she was the only one. Chrissie says it must be because the temperature is always the same. She also gets the dry mucus feeling on aeroplanes. Dan says that during the day your eating the mucus away basically, but at night, you don’t swallow it, and thus you have the build up in the morning. Chrissie says when she has a cold, she gets rid of the runny nose etc quite quickly, but hangs onto the cough for a long time. The move onto talking about whether Chrissie was awake this morning or something when Dan and Vincent walked out, but at 1:44am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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