Day 69

12:15pm – Camera joins Anouska still in bed. Meanwhile, Chrissie is talking to Dan about ex housemates. She says she is missing everyone today, especially Jo. Anouska joins them now. She slept well. She says the weather is so good for the middle of winter. Pat, Chrissie and Dan laugh about a bird who is flying round near the dor or something. Meanwhile, Anouska makes her way over to the house. She says she doesn’t like the bugs being around the house up here in Dreamworld, saying she is frightened of them. Reggie first thought she was saying ‘books’, but finally understood. Vincent, after finishing in the bathroom, walks through the bedroom to head outside. Anouska recognises his aftershave as he walks through, and Anouska says thats what her ex boyfriend wears as well. Vincent says he will try to stay clear of her then.

Outside, Pat and Vincent are lying getting some sun. Vincent says that should they get a party tonight, he might join them in the spa. He says ‘no sexual favours or anything, just a nice social thing.’ Pat says the spa is beautiful at the moment. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Reggie is saying that their is a new playmate for the boys, meaning Anouska. Chrissie laughs, saying that she hardly recognised Vincent last night he was smiling soo much, and being Mr Sauveadore.

At 8:21pm, it’s party time in the BB house. Weird music playing in the background. Actually, no just the thumping kind of music. Anouska still says she can smell ‘Tommy’ on Vincent, and he says he will try to keep away from her. Vincent says thats his signature smell, his girlfriend smells it and knows he must be around. Anouska asks Vincent’s girlfriends name, but Vincent says he doesn’t talk about that type of thing. He says he will email her anything she wants to know. Vincent moves inside and asks Chrissie if he wants to see “Bad Cenzo!” Chrissie initially says ‘Yeh”, but then says “Oh maybe not. I might be a bit scared!”

In the bedroom, Reggie says that now Jamie is gone, Anouska can take over the looking in the mirror award. Vincent gives Anouska the purr and the growl. Vincent says the purr bought 4 people in the house to their knees. Chrissie hears this, and goes and tells Reggie that she was one of the four bought to her knees by the growl. Reggie is laughing, and Chrissie says “He is working some magic on Anouska.” Reggie just yells back, “good luck.”

The party game is still continuing on the couch, meanwhile Reggie and Chrissie have a chat in the bedroom. Reggie says that she thinks of Vincent as a bird flapping it’s wings, as if to say he is ready to mate. Chrissie laughs, and says he shouldn’t be doing that if he has a boyfriend. Reggie comments that you just don’t know with him. She says he has a maid who makes his bed, and puts his undies in plastic glad bags. They roll around laughing at the glad bags. Chrissie doesn’t understand the glad bags system. She thinks it might be one for dirty and one for clean, but she is unsure. Reggie goes over to have a look, LOL. Chrissie says in the background, “we can’t!” She grabs some of his red undies out of one bag, holds it for a second, before putting everything back and laughing on the floor. Chrissie thinks they were the dirty ones! Comm break.

12:40am – The party continues and now moves to the spa. Anouska says she will teach those boys a thing or two. She asks if she can pee in the spa. They advise her to go before she gets in. When she leaves, Chrissie says she is glad that she has arrived, cause she is boring as “rat shit.” Out in the spa, they are playing the game I mentioned in the up late edition, involving countries, while they try to stuff each other up by touching, licking, and shoving assets in other people’s faces. For more on this, catch my Day 69 Up Late recap, because I’ll focus most of my recap on the discussion taking place in the bedroom which was running concurrently.

Reggie says that Vincent went all macho on Anouska’s arrival. Chrissie again comments that she couldn’t recognise him. They just hope she doesn’t get bored while she is here. Reggie says they sound like they’re having fun, finding out who is the ‘sauvest.’

Out in the spa, Anouska says “How would you feel if your girlfriend sees this?” Vincent says they are only having a bit of fun and there is nothing to worry about . Anouska says “I don’t know.. I love him.” Vincent and Pat both decide to stop the game because she feels this strongly for her boyfriend. Pat talks to the camera’s, telling Adrian (her boyfriend) she is a lovely girl simply up for a bit of fun. Anouska says “OK, carry on”, and they continue! Dan comes in and says that Pat is trying to think of countries and constantly getting boobies in his face. The girls can’t believe it. Reggie says that the spa is ‘nothing but trouble.’ Reggie compare the boys behaviour with Lions ready for there prey. Chrissie comes out with perhaps the line of weekend, saying “She’s a C Grade Celebrity for gods sake. Show some respect!” Soon after, at around 5am Chrissie says goodnight to Reggie and Dan, and turns her light off. Outside on the couch, Anouska and Vincent asleep out there, with buckets lying around looking as if they had perhaps been sick.

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