Day 67 Uplate

Before we get on with it tonight, I would like to congratulate the whole Big Brother team on coming out so quickly admitting the Chrissie incident that occurred last night. The public apology and acknowledgement on the OS was great, however, it was even better to actually see the footage on the daily show tonight. So kudo’s to BB.

Anyway, onto Up Late for this Wednesday night. We join the house outside, with Dan and Vincent playing there new game, the table soccer type thing, where you move the players to block the little ball. They are only discussing little things game related. LOl, we get a close up, and it’s little Energizer batteries rather than little soccer men! We cross to the bedroom, where Chrissie is about to hop into bed. She finds something yucky on her sheets, and says “eeew. Yuk. Gross”, trying to brush it off at the same time. Mike cuts in, tells us that Reggie has a personal dilemma task, where she has to play practical jokes on the other housemates over the next day. Reggie has already started, putting Salt on Chrissie’s toothbrush, as well as putting it on her sheets. Mike says BB are very excited about Anouska, who joins the house tomorrow night.

Now we’re back with Chrissie, who is almost ready to lie in her bed, before we go back out to the boys in the backyard. Lots of “oooh and aahh’s” during the game. They are playing with two games at once. It’s not a good sport for the camera’s, you can’t see a thing on the actual table. Vincent says “I reckon we invented a new game; Multiball.” Still more laughing and game talk, very boring, when we can’t see the balls. Actually, I lie, you can see the balls on one half of the field. They decide they might be a little loud for the rest of the house, so they try to keep the noise level down. After 10 minutes or so, Mike cuts back in. He talks a bit about Anouska coming into the house tomorrow, before we go back to the Fuseball. God this is boring. They finally decide to stop because of the noise level. Vincent says they will play more tomorrow. They continue talking about the new game they created – multiball. Dan says for Vincent to move away a bit, because he would rather let the gas out outside, then stink the room inside. Dan says “This show just goes on and on.” Dan says he is going to be here till almost the end. Vincent says that Dan won’t get a chance to even go home inbetween, even if evicted. They talk about their trips up to Dreamworld in the past; Vincent came up in Year 9, and Dan came up after Year 12. Comm break.

Back with Mike, who runs through the first brain teaser for the night. Back to the house, where we check on Reggie and Pat, fast asleep in their barracks for the night. Cut to Chrissie reading a book in bed, with all the lights still on. Dan and Vincent have entered the bedroom also, and are both in the bathroom I think. Actually, Vincent has just emerged from the toilet. They are still looking for that damn ring of Vincent’s. LOL. Reggie has put sand in all their beds, Vincent has no idea where it came from, but he says it’s disguisting. Dan hasn’t looked yet. They say they haven’t had a lockdown, so they have no idea how it got there. Vincent is taking his sheet right off. Dan is still looking under the bed, and has found something else other than Vincent’s ring. Chrissie says maybe BB had a sneaky lockdown, while they were having dinner or something. Vincent says it’s as if someone has done it on purpose. Comm break.

Mike is back, and laughing at Reggie’s little practical jokes. He quickly goes back through the brain treaser, gives the clue, and we are back to the bedroom. Dan and Vincent are both having showers. Nothing happens as they keep showering the whole segment. Comm break.

Back with Mike again, who has Al from Melbourne on the phone. He wins the $1000. Back to the house though quickly. Dan is brushing his teeth, unknowing of the salt on the brush. Mike comes back on and starts game two. Back again to the house quickly. Dan is just talking to Chrissie, while Vincent asks BB for the lights to be turned off. Dan is telling a story of some women who put him up for a night because he had nowhere else to go. She said she could stay with her, as long as he didn’t kill her. This turns the conversation only killing threats, Chrissie saying “Oh, yeh I could probably go without tonight, I’ll be right.”, while Dan says “I really need to kill someone tonight though – do you have any friends?” Obviously joking around, it is an interesting conversation. In come Patrick, after asking permission of course. But before two shakes, we are whisked away to another comm break

Mike is back, and this time gives the clue for game two. Back to the bedroom we travel, where Chrissie says “I feel like drinking coffee and staying up all night.” Dan has finally discovered the salt! LOL. Vincent thinks it’s the have nots. They are all warming to this outcome. Dan suggests they put it all on their beds (the have nots). Dan then says it’s the cameraman getting back at them for losing his job! Chrissie says “No, no one got fired. I didn’t want that.” They search the bin for salt wrappers, but to no avail. Vincent suggests maybe it’s an external influence, trying to get the Haves to turn against the have not’s. LMAO. They are discussing how to bring it up with the have not’s tomorrow. Dan suggests saying “If I have having trouble sleeping, I tend to just dab some salt on the sheets and I go to sleep no worries.” Vincent is wondering if they did something to piss Patrick off. Vincent says they should just bounce some salt jokes off tomorrow morning, and see their response. Vincent says if they don’t react, we know it’s BB. Dan doesn’t think BB would ever do something like that. Chrissie is up by the way, filling her water. Vincent says maybe BB hasn’t turned out the lights yet because they wanted to discover the salt. Ah, funny stuff. Comm break.

Mike comes back and talks about the salt issue for a bit, before running through some forum messages. Then he goes through the second trivia, and Mike gives a hint to help them along. Back in the house, Vincent is asking why BB would ask them to watch a DVD during the day. Because of Anouska silly!!! Chrissie and Dan are talking about how dog years seem better in the BB house. In that 1 month seems like a year ago in there. Lights are off by the way. They are talking about the word Dan, saying it is more MAN than DOG. Meanwhile, Mog would be more Dog than Man. Dan says he can’t explain how entertaining it is to be around Reggie, the Reggie factor as he calls it. LOL, he sees Reggie doing a travel show, and saying “If you come over here, don’t go to suchandsuch, because it’s AWFUL!” Mike comes back and has a caller on the line, so no more calls. But back to the house in the meantime. Nothing much is spoken, well none that stood out to me, before it was time for another comm break.

Dave from Mackay is one the phone, and wins the money. Mike admits he is related to a politician. That explains everything! Nah, just kidding! That is it for Mike, but before he goes, he goes through a few forum messages. Nite Mike, as we head back to the bedroom. A bit of silence before Chrissie says “I wonder what that salt thing is.” Dan says it couldn’t have fallen from the roof. Dan and Chrissie think it’s really funny, and suggest they don’t say a thing. Vincent thinks they should just give small hints. Vincent suggests saying “I like salt in EVERYTHING!” They nominate Vincent as the one to say it, because Chrissie thinks she would just start laughing. Vincent says “Little task for me”, but says Chrissie can’t be there. LMAO. Dan says perhaps you should start reciting the elements like sulphur or something to Patrick. He says you couldn’t do it to Reggie, it would go way over her head!!! LOL, the stuff they are saying. “It’s a bit icy, can you put some salt on the floor.” “My sweat is salty, It comes off and crystalises.” “I’ve loved being in here for so long. Your the salt of the earth.” Chrissie is having a laughing fit. Dan is saying normal things, and Chrissie is just going into laughing fits. This has turned into a great BB. Comm break.

At 1:31am, we are back to the house, where Dan is still stoked that they have played his and Pat’s song. He is so glad Gretel has seen it, even though there was a few snide remarks during it. Dan makes the comment that BB owns the song, cause they made it here. He is cool with that though. Dan says it’s good to hear it back after you’ve made it. A bit of silence desends over the room. They seem to settle down into their beds now, ready for some sleepy time. Vincent is still reading. SURELY THEY HAVE RUN OUT OF BOOKS BY NOW!!! Cut to the evil Reggie, the planter of the salt, in the storeroom, then back to watch Chrissie turn her light out, then 5 minutes later Chrissie starts laughing for no apparent reason, but no one says why or anything, and before you know it BB decides to cut the cord, and Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:48am.

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