Day 67

10:27am – Big Brother has delivered a foozball table for the haves, while Patrick tells Regina he had a dream that 2 new housemates would come into the house. One was a pretty chick – he says it was a very good dream. Big Brother announces that housemates may leave the bedrooms. As they walk outside, Regina spots the foozball table, and Patrick says he loves the game, but he can’t use it. There is now exercise equipment in the backyard and the coffee machine is back in the kitchen. The havenots go to tell the haves about the new stuff. They ask Chrissie if she can smell something? Chrissie says “don’t toy with me”. Chrissie is saying she doesn’t want to take her clothes off after a cameraman rudely commented on her weight

Outside Vincent spots the foozball table and is joyed. He is even more joyed by the coffee machine – rubbing it, giving it a kiss and saying “why did you leave us?”.

11:34am – Chrissie is called to the diary room to get details about the incident last night. Big Brother gives an official and personal apology and launched an investigation because they don’t want it repeated. Chrissie says she was shocked because of the circumstances – it was like going to the doctor and receiving an inappropriate comment. She says she doesn’t mind general talk from the cameramen but these comments aren’t appropriate. She was shocked because it happened when she was undressing.

11:47am – Chrissie tells Dan and Patrick they can talk to Big Brother if they want. She says it’s a dismissible offense. Regina and Patrick don’t know what happened – but the haves don’t bother telling them because they don’t need to know. Chrissie says to Regina “you might as well know” so she tells Regina about the cameraman. Regina is surprised and is glad it has been all sorted out. She says “I hope you feel better”.

2:11pm – Chrissie still can’t bring herself to have a shower. Patrick says he can come in with her and protect her from perves. Chrissie says she doesn’t care what people think it’s just she doesn’t want to hear it.

Later in the show Patrick asks if the housemates can have their homemade beer. Big Brother calls Patrick to the diary room and tells him they can have it. Outside Patrick doesn’t tell the haves BB’s decision, saying “you’ll find out”. Regina says she’s scared going back home. She knows it won’t be the same because Adrian’s family and friends.

7:12pm – Chrissie is playing foozball with Daniel while Regina goes into the diary room. Regina is given an individual task. She must play practical jokes on the other housemates – if she succeeds they all win a prize. Outside Regina tells the others that she was just talking about her bad stomach with Big Brother.

Later Regina goes into the house and puts salt in all of their beds.

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