Day 66 Uplate

Straight into the house we go tonight, Chrissie is lonesome on the couch, but soon comes Food Nazi Patrick back from the kitchen, who starts talking about dishes for tomorrow. Does this guy think of anything else!!! Mike joins us then, giving us the number for the brain teasers, and tells us that Reg and Pat are arguing about who is the better “Have Not”. Dan has also been talking to himself in the spa apparently.

Back to the house, Pat and Reggie are in the storeroom, Reggie saying “Are you putting socks on?”, to which Pat replies that he always does. Pat climbs into bed, while Reggie changes. They are talking into their mikes for fun, which helps us hear the convo, so I’m not complaining. Pat is wondering who he should get to cut his hair. Reg suggests he let Chrissie do it. They start talking about food once again. Reggie says “There better not be any of those bloody moths in her tonight!”. Reggie asks if Pat is going to fall asleep straight away, and when she gets no reply, she says that he is ignoring her. Pat finally talks again, but soon after the lights go out, and so they say goodnight to each other. Reggie says she isn’t tired, but Pat is exhausted. Pat says that Reggie had a nap during the day though, thus she isn’t tired. Reggie says that they might get a surprise tomorrow, referring to the ‘Haves.’ She doesn’t think the coffee machine though, because they are expecting that. Pat says goodnight again, trying to get her to shut up, but Reggie says “I’ll just talk to the walls then!” Reggie says she’ll shut up now, because Pat needs his beauty sleep. Pat says he is good enough looking as he is. LOL, Reggie says “As long as you suffocate yourself, I don’t care.” Finally, I think they actually mean their ‘goodnight’ this time. However, Pat says that Reggie ‘is the best roommate he has ever had.” They then mention a ‘rootmate’, before they say goodnight for the fourth time.

Outside we go, to the couch, where Vincent and Chrissie are. They are talking about a cafe or something in Melbourne somewhere. They are talking about some Mexican place now, which was expensive. Chrissie says that Mexican restaurants aren’t fancy, and therefore you think they will be cheap, but they are almost always expensive. They now suddenly stop talking. Chrissie then says she cannot look at Jamie’s bust without laughing because of the face expression. Meanwhile, Dan is in the shower, and on the right hand corner in a box of the TV. Vincent seems to be playing with the fire in the living room (I actually didn’t even realise there was one there!), while Chrissie sits close for the warmness. Ah there we go, we get a nice picture of a spot of the house we hardly see. Chrissie says she loved living in Williamstown, saying it was probably one of the best parts of her life living there. She is thinking about having a shower. Dan re-enters after his shower/spa. They talk about the temperature of the spa, saying 37 is just good. Vincent seems to want to spend the night by the fire, suggesting they get some pillows and just relax. Chrissie goes and gets in the shower. Oh please, we all love Chrissie, but we don’t want to she her get undressed. Thankyou, BB decides we should head back to the living area. Vincent says that the square place didn’t have a fireplace. He misses the people from that house. He again mentions that they will most likely see that part of the house again. Some kind of ‘play’ purpose. Vincent says he has gone into the DR again to enquire about the DVD’s. Dan says it must be intentional, but then why leave the TV and DVD player in the room? Comm break!

No studio audience tonight, well actually 1. He is drunk too! He reads out a letter from a 71 year old enjoying the show. He says that the Cookie Cutter Sky song can be downloaded from the OS. Makes note to get it in a sec!!! Anyway, first brain teaser is underway for tonight. It could be Tiger, we’ll wait and see. He says there is a suprise for the SA, WA and ACT viewers next week, because they can’t play the brain teaser due to time issues/legal reasons. Back to the house we go, Vincent and Dan sitting by the fire. Vincent gets up, unsure of what to do. Cut to the storeroom where everyone seems asleep. Seems we are going to stay with this vision for a while, for some bizzeare reason. It’ll give me time to download the song anyway! Excellent, I thought it might be a vision version of the song, but it’s an MP3. OOOOH!!! TENSION IN THE BB HOUSE!

We are on this vision because a cameraman filming Chrissie said loudly something not nice about her figure, and she heard it. They are all talking about it now, although not on TV of course. Dan says to the cameraman, “Well I hope your happy.” Vincent has said “That was f#@*@!# unprofessional. You should get an apology.” Wonder if we’ll get anymore vision of Dan, Vincent and Chrissie tonight, they might be talking about it all night. Comm break during all of this BTW.

Back with Mike, who acts as if nothing as happened. He actually does say some stuff is happening that they can’t show it. Onto the brain teaser however, while he again says ‘the housemates are asleep.’, trying to think that we aren’t missing the Dan, Vincent, Chrissie discussion. The teaser answer is Tiger. He goes through the eviction phone numbers to pass some time away. We go back to the house, but only as har as the storeroom. Pat seems very restless. Another comm break.

Mike is still very peppy for a tired man, but Janine is through on the line to win the money. She gives the answer ‘tired’, and she is told she is right, thus winning the money. Mike gets her boyfriend on the line. They play pick a camera, but I’m sure they won’t cross to one with the 3 in it. 26 is the diary room, and obviously the others are in there, because they won’t cross there. They pick one which is the square verandah type camera. Another one is the kitchen. The girl comes back on again, they talk for another five minutes, before they cut to a comm break.

Back again with Mike, who says it’s brain teaser time again. He goes through the second game, which is SILENT. Easy that one. He says he has heaps of giveaways for runner up people in the brain teaser challenge. He goes through some names on the forums at the Official Site, before we are rushed back to the storeroom. Silence a plenty in there. “This is BB, Daniel and Vincent to the diary room”. Well, we know something is going on now, there is confirmation. Mike comes back on, thinking about what Reggie might be dreaming about. He goes through a few comps the OS are running. Mike says that they don’t show the DR action because they mightbe discussing private things.

Back now with Daniel and Vincent, who are saying to Chrissie they will be in, in a minute. Wonder if BB told them not to talk about the cameraman incident while they were in there. No idea myself. They keep talking, Dan just telling Vincent a story while they sit by the fire. You would assume that BB instructed the boys to stop talking about the earlier incident while in the diary room, because after they have come out they have totally changed topics. Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who says he will give the clue for the brain teaser, the second of the night. The clue matches my earlier guess of Silent. 3 audience members now. Mike says it must be smoko time for the staff. He mentions that he actually sits on the nomination set. Back to the boys now though.

Dan and Vincent are talking about giving their female partners clothes or lingerie. Vincent says he bought sexy stuff for his girl once, but got the sizes completely wrong, and felt bad. Dan says thats the thing – guys have no idea, saying the girl really needs to go with him to get stuff. Dan goes into the bedroom. Feed stays with Vincent, still lying in front of the fire. Into the bedroom we go, Dan and Chrissie in bed, not saying anything. Chrissie says goodnight to Dan, but they have their mics off, and you just can’t make out the next sentence Dan says. Comm break.

Brain teaser time again. Mike has Sonia from Queensland on the line for the second brain teaser. He tricks with her, acting as if she has dropped out. She gets it right, and gets the money. She says she only rang twice tonight. Playing the camera game, we go to the storeroom, the backyard and then something else which i missed. Anyway, they finish it off, and Mike sends us back to the house where Vincent is playing with his rose water or some container, I dunno what he is doing! He is just playing with the water, not doing anything interesting. He now makes his way back to the bedroom. Chrissie coughs. Vincent moves to the bathroom, as Up Late heads to a break. 15 minutes to go approximately.

Back again, and we have a shot of Chrissie, but she has the blankets almost pulled over herself, only leaving her arm hanging out. Dan looks like he is asleep, or trying at least to fall asleep. Dunno where Vincent is. Another Chrissie cough. Vincent now gets into bed. Do I hear Chrissie crying or is it my imagination? I’m being serious here folks, not trying to draw in viewers with exciting tales. It’s either a sniffle to do with her coughing, or a bit of a cry, and I’d nearly 100% say it’s her crying. We cut to the storeroom where there is silence, the two oblivious as to what has occurred over the past hour. As the clock strikes 2am, Vincent is reading in the bedroom, Dan is asleep, while Chrissie wiggles around in bed trying to get comfortable. As we go out tonight, we get audio of “Cookie Cutter Sky”. It’s such a great song, get Dan is a real recording studio when he gets out to do it properly, and it would be great! The song has everyone laughing, a fair cry from what has happened up late in the house tonight. However, we’ll wait and see what happens about this latest BB blunder. Dreamworld says Goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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