Day 66

8:34am – Regina is showering outside with a drink. Patrick is up and must ask permission to use the toilet. In the kitchen Big Brother has left a blender for use by the haves to create juices and smoothies. Patrick sees the juicing machine and says they’re lucky it’s not a hand powered one. Regina and Patrick look over the fruit left and agree that they would rather have had the coffee machine. The haves are still lying in.

9:32am – Patrick is telling Regina that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Regina tells him she won’t give him shit today. Regina thinks that ‘happy Patrick’ won’t come out today.

12:37pm – Vincent hasn’t had a smoothie before so the havenots whip up fruit smoothies for all the haves. The doctors have told Big Brother that Regina should be eating more fruit and bran, so Big Brother has allowed Regina to eat these on top of her havenot diet. The housemates talk about how Patrick is the only real havenot now.

2:35pm – Patrick is cooking a mid afternoon lunch for the housemates consisting of various cooked vegetables. Regina and Chrissie joke about only having toast and an orange for dinner. Patrick prepares the lunch while Regina and Chrissie contemplate the possibility that there will only be one girl in the house this time next week.

3:25pm – Chrissie asks Vincent if he loves being a have now. Vincent says he doesn’t love it but her prefers it. Patrick and Regina are eating outside as Patrick explains he wishes the task will be over by Friday. Regina says she doesn’t mind it probably because she’s used to serving people. Pat asks about her and Adrian. Regina says they met when Adrian was delivering milk to her ex’s shop. She says that he had a girlfriend at the time and while his girlfriend was on the mainland she went out with Adrian and things progressed from there.

4:13pm – Daniel finds out from Big Brother that his mini task was a success and so Patrick is given a gift which is a guitar tuner. As Daniel explains Regina is shocked and says “you sneaky devil”. Daniel explains why Big Brother chose him to do the task – because Daniel thought Patrick’s chords were not quite right.

5:59pm – While cleaning up in the kitchen Patrick uses a dish that Vincent was storing his rosewater in to store an onion. The other housemates are relaxing in the lounge room. Chrissie is reading in bed. The haves realise that not doing any cleaning or cooking is resulting in bordom in the house. Chrissie says she would love to have something like a cross-stitch to complete. She says she is a stimuli junkie and sometimes go for drives to random places just to do something.

11:08pm – The haves are still in the lounge room talking. Regina is asking about hypnotism and wonders how a swinging watch can make some one go to sleep. To pass the time, Daniel starts doing breakdancing moves on the floor which makes Chrissie laugh.. a lot. Regina warns Chrissie to stop otherwise she’ll pee her pants but Chrissie can’t stop laughing at Daniel’s dancing.

11:54pm – Big Brother calls the havenots to bed. Patrick and Regina wish each other goodnight in the store room.

Meanwhile Chrissie is undressing to have a shower when she hears voices from behind the wall saying “I know you like big women”. She immediately puts her clothes back on and goes out to ask Daniel and Vincent if it was them. They all realise that a cameraman made this rude comment so Chrissie immediately goes to the diary room to complain. Vincent says “let them have it”.

In the diary room Chrissie tells Big Brother that maybe the cameramen should be a little more quiet behind the walls. Chrissie emerges from the diary room calling the cameramen creeps. Daniel, to the microphones, says “I hope you’re happy whoever is listening”. Vincent goes to comfort Chrissie who is upset in the bedroom. He says that it’s unprofessional and un-called for. “Being insulted is not part of the contract”.

1:39am – Vincent goes to get his rosewater from the fridge in the kitchen. All he finds is Patrick’s onion and sums up his annoyance in one word: “fuck”.

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