Day 65 Uplate

We join in the living area, everyone gathered around the couch. Reggie and Pat are discussing the breakfust menu for the morning, sayin an omelette and mushrooms would be good for the have’s. Chrissie agrees.

Reggie decides it’s time to go to bed, and trots off. Chrissie also is ready for bed, so she goes to the bedroom. Pat is called to the diary room soon after, where BB informs him that the black curtain might still be across the windows in the morning; if so, they are to stay away from it, and not go outside. He informs both Chrissie and Reggie, before sitting back down on the couch. Patrick suggest that he square house is being prepared for some kind of task. I reckon he is skirting all around saying the ‘charity challenge task’, but he can’t actually say it. Patrick doesn’t know. They move onto say that Vincent is the last ‘square survivor’, as Dan is saying he is very happy with the last five. Dan says that he misses Belinda, Pat says he misses Claire.

Vincent says that one wall has caught a cough from another wall, referring to the cameramen. Vincent is amazed that ‘they’ are generating enough revenue for Channel 10 to actually employ all these people behind the scenes. Patrick agrees, asking how anyone could have time to sit down and watch people have petty different discussions. Vincent says that Chrissie has perhaps caught the cough from the wall.

Pat decides to go across to get some water. Vincent is left in the living area by himself. No idea where Dan went. Mike comes back on, telling us that he has a studio audience tonight! He talks about Anouska for a second, and then we are giving back to Vincent, still sitting by himself. Pat comes in, saying he whacked his foot in the spa or something. I thought he couldn’t use the spa? Anyway, quickly driven away from there, to Dan and Chrissie in the bedroom. Basically it’s just Dan making Chrissie laugh.

Ooooh, Happy New Financial Year everyone. It’s Tax time, as we click over to July 1st. Pinch and a punch, all that kind of stuff. Dan is now talking English, but with an Italian accent to Patrick. They seem to be talking about shopping and supermarkets. I don’t know, not really paying much attention mind you. Why hasn’t Pat been told to go to bed yet? Comm break after some stupid talk from the pair.

Mike joins us again, telling us that they have 4 people in the audience. The first game is started, then talks about how BBUK is filming some of the Up Late show tonight, so they can show the UK viewers what Anouska is up for.

Back to the house, Dan and Chrissie chatting away. Pat comes in and says something about a song, and then says goodnight to them all. Vincent is doing some funny moves in the doorway, but we aren’t shown them. He jumps on his bed, and they start talking about DVD’s they could buy for their shopping. Dan is suggesting that the DVD’s that BB provides are purchase copies, but Vincent is not so sure, suggesting they could be rented. Vincent is trying to think of what might have come out on DVD recently. Dan talks about Adaptation again, suggesting he would be willing to watch it again, because Vincent and Chrissie haven’t seen it. Vincent and Chrissie both look they are ready for sleep. Dan doesn’t however! Chrissie says she is ‘just resting her eyes’, as we cut to another comm break.

Mike comes in again, goes through the teaser again, this time giving the clue. He tells us that Anouska will be doing an online chat on Tuesday night, which can be accessed via the OS. Back to the house, Dan comes back from the bathroom, and asks if BB told the Have Not’s to go to bed. Chrissie says no. Chrissie and Vincent both feel they have dissapointed BB, a bit with nominations, and a bit because they aren’t doing much. They are talking about how they are sure they showed the version where Reggie was dancing and Vincent doing backups. Something must have happened about it during nominations. I haven’t watched it, so I can’t really help you.

Dan says the cords were great in the song, which Pat did. Dan has walked outside for a minute, before coming inside once again. He slowly makes his way back to the bedroom. He plays with his hair once inside for a minute, before moving to the bathroom. Silence as this happens. Chrissie is reading a book. Dan is doing some exercises in the foyer area leading into the bathroom. At 12:36am, comm break.

Anna wins the $1000, she is an addict. The word was Tennis. She hopes it’s Vincent going this week. Mike starts up the second game, before retuning the house once again. Dan is still in the same place, doing some pretty relaxing exercises if you ask me. He coughs and Chrissie asks if he is alright. He explains he is just doing some stretches on the carpet. They both say that Vincent is going to fall asleep with his clothes on. Dan would like it if Monster’s Inc would be on the list. Chrissie hasn’t it. Great movie that one! Dan says Ocean’s Eleven was good.

Vincent asks Dan what they should do with the pringles. Not much of an answer is given, but then Dan says that they could same them for another DVD night. Chrissie suggests they can go over and get themselves something to eat now because Pat and Reggie are asleep. Dan doesn’t want to open the Pringles because they go soggy once they are opened. Vincent goes over to the corner, where the M&M’s are apparently, because Dan says “Eat as much as you can; they are still heaps.” Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who goes through the brain teaser, and then gives a clue. All of the audience thinks that Vincent will go, except one who thinks Regina will go. What a fool!! Into the house we go, into the bedroom once again. Lights are out now, and someone is just about to use the toilet. Everyone seems to be settling in for sleep. Vincent has his little light still on, but seems to be lying down, getting himself ready. Actually, he was just getting himself comfortable to read a book. Chrissie gets up and goes to the bathroom. Actually, she was the one in their the whole time. She comes back out and says goodnight to the boys. Chrissie says she loves the doona’s. Some more useless talk, as they again cut to a comm break.

Mike again is back, loving the studio audience he has tonight, runs through the trivia, gives the clue, beforehe does a stupid rap music thing, but it’s funny. Goes onto show the OS again, then goes through some of the merchandise you can buy, before we return to the house. Dan and Chrissie are talking about celebs. They both quite like Sam Newman, Chrissie saying he is smart and very quick witted. More talk, but not very exciting, before another comm break.

Brain teaser time again with trivia dude, who has Jackie on the line from NSW. She wins the money. Hehe, the answer was teaser. Mike says goodnight I think, a bit early for that, but ok. We cross back to the house, where Vincent is going over to the kitchen. He looks in the fridge, unsure of what to get for himself. Ah, just looks like it’s that rose water stuff. After that, he heads back to the house. Back in the bedroom, Dan is saying it’s good to have a pet like Paul. He says it’s just so entertaining playing with him. Another comm break.

We’re back! Dan is talking about his job at the games arcade place. He says they open at 10, and they leave when they close basically, only staying back if they are moving some games around or something. Wherever Dan is from, they have up to Grade 7 at primary school, and Year 8 is the start of High School. Chrissie says it’s Grade 6, and Year 7 in Victoria. Dan starts talking about a song on a Paul McCarthney album. Chrissie says she isn’t a great fan. Hurry up so I can flip over to the Agassi-Scud match!!! Must be getting close though, it’s 1:36am. One last cut to the storeroom before we go though, where Reg and Pat are sleeping peacefully. Back to Dan and Chrissie we go, who are talking about how they wake up with bad sinuses. Chrissie is glad that Dan wakes up like that too – because she thought she was the only one. Chrissie says it must be because the temperature is always the same. She also gets the dry mucus feeling on aeroplanes. Dan says that during the day your eating the mucus away basically, but at night, you don’t swallow it, and thus you have the build up in the morning. Chrissie says when she has a cold, she gets rid of the runny nose etc quite quickly, but hangs onto the cough for a long time. The move onto talking about whether Chrissie was awake this morning or something when Dan and Vincent walked out, but at 1:44am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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