Day 65

8:20am – Regina is up, but she has a bad headache. Regina and Patrick start making breakfast for the haves, and Regina asks Chrissie if she would like something to drink. Chrissie says they can’t have any coffee at the moment because they are out of milk and haven’t done the weekly shopping yet. Regina and Patrick have a good laugh, while Chrissie says “how funny is that”. Big Brother announces that the outside hot water is now on. Pat tells Regina he will be having a fully clothed shower today.

The haves are still in bed while Regina and Patrick shower in their bathers together outside. Patrick says showering outside is better because there are no mirrors all around him. Vincent is finally up as Patrick and Regina start sweeping in the kitchen. Regina exclaims this is the first time he’s seen Patrick with a broom in hand. 2 hours later at 11.45am Patrick is listing to the other housemates all the cleaning he’s done today.

Regina is cooking the roast chicken she won’t be able to eat.

12:22pm – The haves are doing the shopping, but Chrissie can’t find DVDs in the shopping list. She gasps at sushi. Vincent is annoyed that they don’t get DVDs so he’s going to the diary room to ask for them. Chrissie and Dan laugh about it. In the diary room, Big Brother tells Vincent DVDs may be available at a later stage. Chrissie is annoyed at this news.

Back outside Regina tells Pat she’s going to lie down because of her headache, while Pat does the washing.

Chrissie and Regina are in bed at lunchtime. Patrick comes in and tells Chrissie that it’s time for lunch. Chrissie is reminded that she was sick when she was a havenot. Patrick tells Regina to stay where she is (in bed) if she has a headache, but Regina says she better go help him. In the kitchen Daniel is glad Chrissie and Patrick are this week’s haves. Regina is shocked at the mess Patrick made with the roast while she was sleeping. She will go back to bed just after she finishes with the lunch dishes.

Later, the boys are talking about cars in the kitchen. Patrick explains remote controlled matchbox cars. In the lounge room Regina says the boys are having a bonding session. Patrick is explaining making cars jump. Chrissie is saying Dan is so lovely. She is reminded that this time next week there will be only 4 people (or so they think!). Regina is saying it’s funny how the boys go into the diary room and ask for things and argue but she would be embarrassed if she did these things.

Nomination announcements – Vincent, Patrick, Chrissie, and Daniel… I’m sorry that was Regina. Regina screams out “oh you bugger”. Daniel is very relieved but is annoyed he’s falling behind in the number of times nominated. Dan realises he will be in the house until the 11th week, they all wish him good luck. Regina calls him “Mr. Big”

8:49pm – Pat and Regina have to eat pumpkin soup while the haves can order takeaways. Tonight the havenots can have some champagne won for them by the haves last week.

9:06pm – Dinner is served to the haves (cans of coke and all) and the havenots go outside to eat. The haves thank the havenots while Patrick thanks Regina for making the delicious soup. Over a dinner of Chinese food, Daniel thanks the others for being haves. He says you need to have good people around you to enjoy the food properly – he can feel the enjoyment and positivity oozing out of his company. The others thank him back. Outside Patrick is asking how many people are in Tasmania. Regina says she was going to find out before coming into the house.

Chrissie says if she goes this week then it would be a great time to leave – after a week of luxury. Daniel says he’s trying not to think about Patrick because he pretty much chose to be a havenot the first time round. Outside Regina and Patrick are silent, but glancing at each other as they eat.

9:43pm – Jamie’s goodbye video. Vincent – you were very selfless and charming and a great listener and I couldn’t help but miscalculate perhaps some of your intentions and I was disappointed with how you reacted to this task I apologize if you took offense to anything we did – there was a miscommunication and I did not mean any harm by my actions…. You made amazing things out of nothing at all and you were very pleasant to have around the house…. sometimes it was like a maintenance man in the background.

Dan – there’s two sides to Dan – entertainer Dan and the one who stayed up late and chatted with me. Good luck to you too.

Reggie – sexy legs. You have so much more in you than fish and chips and you’ve achieved so much by being in the house you don’t know how special you are and that’s what makes you special. You are a real gem, don’t change because you are so hilarious.

Chrissie – I would have found it so much harder if you weren’t there. You reminded me of my family and friends and you were my rock in the house. You’re amazing and I think you doubt how wonderful you are – everyone adores you and you need to have more self belief. My heart goes out to you.

Patrick’s message wasn’t shown? Chrissie wonders what he means by ‘my heart goes out to you’ – she thinks it means you’re tragic. She thinks you say that when some one dies. Regina thinks it means “I love you”.

10:03pm – Patrick tells Daniel in the kitchen that he’s very good at being a have. He has the right balance of funnyness and keeping to the rules. They agree Vincent and Chrissie don’t quite get it yet. “You know the ropes”. In the lounge room Chrissie says this time next week that they would have just finished watching another evictee message.

1:13am – Daniel has noticed how quiet the house is now. He says there’s no young people in the house anymore (heh heh heh). He says he feels there is a lack of spontaneous energy in the house. All the housemates are around 29 and he thinks they might be old and boring. Dan gets a little loco every now and then, but doesn’t.

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