Day 64

A magpie has flown into the kitchen and can’t get out. It poos on the kitchen bench, and then seems to find it’s way out almost immediately.

10:06am – Jamie is washing up in the bathroom. Patrick and Regina have coffee and then toys with her about dunking the spoon in (during the task Regina was strict about how her coffee was made). Regina spots birdpoo – it’s everywhere, and Jamie just stepped in some.

12:18pm – Jamie and Vincent are still thinking about the haves-havenots task. Vincent says he was surprised how strongly he took things emotionally, especially the coffee. Over in the kitchen Regina comments its the first time those two boys have had “a good chin wag” together. Jamie is telling Vincent he likes to make a big deal out of nothing.

3:58pm – Chrissie is called to the diary room. Inside she finds a locked box with an envelope. She is to read out the letter in the bedroom. When the others see it Jamie says “not another gold box, I’m getting sick of these things”. Chrissie calls for them to go to the bedroom, while Jamie stresses out, since it is only 2 hours until eviction. The letter informs them that soon they will be playing a game of musical chairs which will determine their status in the next round of haves and havenots. Jamie yells “shiiiit” while Regina gets excited.

4:12pm – Housemates are called to the living room and the game soon begins. It is a tango-type music and they dance. When the music stops, everyone sits down and Regina seems frozen on the spot. She is the first one out – she has become a have-not and will pick two people to join her, meaning the following results of the musical chairs game have no effect on the task. When the music stops next Jaime and Vincent are left standing and Vincent offers the chair to Jamie, who says no but eventually takes it. However it doesn’t matter because he’s the next person eliminated, followed by Patrick. Daniel and Chrissie are the last two left and when the music stops, Chrissie is too far away to possibly win. Daniel sits down very slowly onto the chair and everyone laughs. Daniel is automatically a have. He opens the locked box like a magician while tooting his own magic show music. Chrissie acts as his assistant holding the box.

Daniel reads: the first person to leave the game is a havenot. The last person to remain in the game is a have. These two housemates are to stand seperately and pick teams. Everyone cheers.

Daniel picks Vincent
Regina picks Jamie
Daniel picks Chrissie
Patrick is last and joins Regina. This is his second week of being a havenot.

4:50pm – Patrick is in the diary room and asks Big Brother special permission to have a beer just incase he is evicted tonight. BB says there will be no alcohol. BB tells Patrick none of the luxury items bought last week can be used by the havenots, including coffee. Patrick groans.

Regina is getting ready and comments she has put on so much weight since entering the house.

Later in the kitchen Chrissie tells Daniel not to feel quity for not picking Patrick (after all, Chrissie was picked instead of him!). Daniel explains he had to pick Vincent or else he’d flip out big time. Patrick rejoins them and explains about the coffee. Chrissie is annoyed he can’t have any.

5:50pm – Jamie discusses Vincent’s reaction to this task with Chrissie and Regina. They all agree he had the biggest problem with the task yet he won’t admit it. Vincent has also been saying things about Regina that aren’t true: he claims she said she didn’t pick him as a have-not because he wouldn’t be able to cope. Jamie predicts if he doesn’t leave tonight it will be Vincent. They have no idea about Vincent now because he changed so much in the last week. Regina says it is getting much harder with fewer people, especially Mondays. Over half the house will be nominated next week.

8:05pm – It’s time to go… Jamie. He and Regina have a special hug before he leaves and he says he will be watching her. And then he is gone. Regina cries and everyone laughs that Regina cries at every eviction. Daniel comments they have lost a havenot.. so it’s just Patrick and Regina on their own.

9:04pm – Regina and Patrick are eating outside while the haves are in the kitchen. Chrissie says she is going to go request from Big Brother tomorrow that Patrick be allowed some instant coffee. On the staples list it says “sugar for coffee and tea”, but Chrissie reminds them that there is no coffee at all. She feels her request is reasonable. Meanwhile Patrick is reminded the coffee machine might be back, but Regina thinks it will be a different surprise. Regina has found today to be a very weird day. Vincent tells the other haves to join the havenots. Patrick jokes that he is Daniel’s waiter, and welcomes him back for service. Regina asks the haves if they want a hot drink. Dan says he wants a hot chocolate mousse. She jokes “bugger you Dan! Fuck you!”. They swear at each other as Regina runs into the kitchen giggling. Dan says it’s funny how much Regina loves the play-fighting.

When Regina returns she pretends to spit into the mousse and says “I thought you might like some extra topping”. Daniel calls her something rude, which is bleeped out and Regina cracks up laughing again “I hope you choke on it! Choke!”.

11:32pm – Big Brother calls Patrick and Regina to bed. The lights will be off in 5 minutes. Regina can’t wait to get into her new bed and tells Chrissie to have a nice sleep in.

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