Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 63

28 June 2003

Posted by Tim

9:39am – Regina and Patrick work out shower arrangements. Now that there are again six people using the shower Patrick doesn’t want to go nude – they keep walking in. Patrick jokes that they don’t give him 10 minutes… everyone walks in because they want to see. Jamie is now up with a bad case of bed hair. Regina continues to offer plans to shower with Patrick but he already knows what the waking-up order is of the other housemates, and who will be walking in on him and when: “it’s impossible now”. Patrick says he will have a nude shower on Sunday anyway. It will be cool to go on stage and talk to Gretel – he is ready to go now.

Jamie walks outside in his underpants and his case of bed hair. Regina and Patrick spot him from the kitchen and crack up laughing. Patrick says “that was attractive wasn’t it?”. They say they should lend him some boxer shorts.

4:58pm – There is a food problem – Patrick reports there is only one jar of curry and they have no chicken. Regina suggests sausages. They organise that Chrissie will make apple crumble (if she wants to, of course). Chrissie at this moment is in the bedroom reading, and Patrick reports the situation to her. She says to get Reggie to make curried sausages. Patrick proposes his plan: he make potatoes and Chrissie make apple crumble. She says yes but doesn’t seem very enthusiastic. Once Patrick leaves the other housemates in the bedroom wonder why they can’t have curried sausages. Chrissie says that contesting Patrick is useless, but is annoyed the sausages will probably go to waste now.

Chrissie talks dinner with Regina, who wants to do curried sausages too, but no one wants to annoy Patrick. Chrissie is annoyed right now, but Reggie says “let it be”.

7:16pm – Housemates are having vegetable curry, prepared by Patrick. They all agree it tastes great. Daniel says it’s possibly some one’s last dinner here.

7:30pm – Daniel is seeing Big Brother about his personal task. BB is still reviewing the tapes. Daniel doesn’t care about a reward – he says it was fun making it and would like to just watch the performance. Afterwards he returns to the kitchen and reports the performance will be screened in 30 minutes. All the others say “thats weird!” and nudge Daniel that it was a task.

8:02pm – The housemates are watching themselves in the “cookie cutter sky” performance. They all laugh and get embarrassed. Regina and Chrissie can’t stop laughing. Regina’s dance actions are the biggest attraction. They all thank Big Brother for showing the video. Talk then turns to the cameras and seeing themselves on TV. Jamie comments there were some extreme closeups there, and everyone agrees in hesitation. Chrissie says her facial expressions didn’t look like she cared but it was exactly the opposite.

11:25pm – The boys are having a “night out” in the spa. Later on they are a little drunk and Vincent toasts to the other boys in the house, saying it was a privilege to share the same space as them.

In the bedroom the two remaining girls reflect on the house: Chrissie says you can really feel its nearly the end. Not the tension so much but you can feel things are shifting. Tomorrow will be the beginning of week 10.

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