Day 62

8:13am – Regina is up to find the expresso machine is missing from the kitchen. Patrick is getting out of bed to hear Big Brother announce that the task is over and the hot water is now on. Chrissie gasps. Vincent says “thankyou god!”, Chrissie realises they can now have coffee and gets very excited “thank jesus!”. Vincent runs into the bedroom to his usual bed while Jamie welcomes “the poor” back. Vincent is happy until he learns the expresso machine is gone, and then groans “ooh Big Brotherrr” so he settles for a hot shower instead.

Chrissie and Patrick however are more interested in having some (instant) coffee. Patrick announces he will go and have his coffee alone, so no one disturb him for the next 10 minutes. Later, Chrissie tells Regina she couldn’t deal with the tension of the task – everyone is happy now that the task is over. Regina notes it was interesting to see different sides of people emerge. Chrissie especially was interested that Vincent’s reaction was “they’re better than us”. They discuss his apparent superiority complex.

Meanwhile Vincent is telling Jamie that the task didn’t bother him at all, but he took the opportunity to watch different people’s reactions. Jamie was trying not to make it feel like there was a divide. Vincent says he felt segregation, badly. However Jamie says he didn’t mix so much because he felt like he was rubbing it in their faces. In a different group, discussion turns to the coffee grinding incident and Chrissie explains Regina got annoyed that it was taking so long.

In the kitchen Jamie relays his conversation with Vincent to Regina. They both agree Vincent acted different during the task and then flat out denies it.

1:19pm – Housemates must sort and count hundreds (possibly thousands) of M&Ms without eating any of them, while Big Brother is doing work on the bedrooms. They have layered the chocolates out on the kitchen table and get to work. They assign themselves a colour.

1:43pm – The counting continues. The housemates must also find 6 of the peanut M&Ms as “treasure” and count them separately. Vincent finds one and displays it to everyone else.

Later, Chrissie says it will be amazing when there are only 5 chocolates left in the middle to count.

2:50pm – Counting continues. Regina tells the others “nearly there, chin up”.

3:00pm – BB announces the bedrooms are open. The have nots are moving their things back into the main bedroom, and find BB has added their mattresses and clean towels. Jamie is left alone to count M&Ms in the kitchen. He says to himself he can’t be bothered anymore, and starts cursing the brown M&Ms (his assigned colour).

4:10pm – The counting continues. Patrick is down to the very last red M&Ms.

4:36pm – Vincent reports they have 20 933 M&Ms. They have used some of the M&Ms to devise an abacus which aids in the counting.

4:51pm – Housemates are gathered in the diary room to learn the results of the task. BB says they have been successful in finding the peanut M&Ms, and the prize for that part is they can keep the M&Ms. They all gasp and get excited, especially Regina. BB asks for the total, which is now 20 936. Patrick has a box with the correct number in the box. It is 20 510. They all wonder how they were out by 400. BB announces they have obviously failed the mini task. The HMs thanks Big Brother for the M&Ms anyway.

Later in the night, Daniel is working on his personal dilemma task – to perform and write a song with Patrick. It’s only an hour until their performance so they are rehearsing.

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