Day 68

11:08am – The have and havenots task is now over, much to the joy of chrissie – but Vincent is annoyed the coffee machine will be gone now. Regina still has her personal task to do and the haves are wondering about the salt in their beds. Later Vincent is whinging about the coffee machine which is now gone from the kitchen. Patrick is saying that this week it was much easier than last week being a havenot. The housemates joke about Vincent and the coffee machine but he takes it the wrong way and leaves the kitchen.

It’s sunny today as Patrick goes for a swim. Inside Regina is putting salt in the sugar jar as part of her personal task. She also puts salt in the milk, sneakily putting it back in the fridge. Shen then offers Patrick a range of milk drinks – tea, coffee, milo to try and get him to drink some of the milk. Pat drinks his drink and finds it a bit salty, pulling a face. Regina suggests that it’s because the milk is warm but Patrick goes looking for answers – mainly any salt in any of the containers used to make his drink.

3:30pm – Patrick thinks some one put salt in the sugar, and explains to Regina. He gets Regina to taste some of the sugar and she says “maybe it was an accident”. Chrissie and Daniel say there was sugar in the beds last night and think it might be one of the tasks. They pinpoint it to Regina who is walking by suspiciously. Reggie starts smiling saying “what” and stops, hiding her head behind some bushes laughing. Vincent calls out for some salt. Regina tells Patrick it was an accident with the salt in his drink – but says she didn’t do the salt in the beds.

5:31pm – Chrissie is making a tea/coffee and uses the salted up milk. Regina is outside watching. They talk about how long it takes for the kettle to work and what types of tea they have. Chrissie tastes the tea and immediately starts smiling. Regina says “no way” and asks to taste it. Chrissie confirms that it’s salty and Patrick says “Regina!”. She says it’s not her and all these accusations are making her laugh.

Chrissie explains to Vincent who suggest that they complain to Big Brother. Chrissie pours some more milk to test it out – sure enough it’s salty. She says “this is weird” while Patrick asks Regina what’s going on. Vincent suggests there is salt in the kettle. Chrissie tests out different sources of this salt and comes to the conclusion that the salts in the milk. They all think that it’s Regina, Chrissie says “just fess up now” and “it’s just like you”. Regina keeps laughing asking “why do you keep thinking it’s me”.

8:35pm – Anouska and Gretel have just left in the diary room as Chrissie spots Anouska coming back in. They ask her if she forgot something but Anouska says she will be staying for a few days. Everyone is excited – especially Regina and Chrissie. Regina says that Anouska can have the double bed, and Daniel says she can share it with Vincent – he won’t mind! Later Chrissie and Regina are talking about how good Gretel looks (NOT Anouska!). They then say the boy’s tongues will be wagging about Anouska. In the bedroom Daniel and Anouska are joking about giving her candy legs a lick. Daniel starts singing Willy Wonka. He likes a can of Jack Daniels which must be blurred out because of the 7pm timeslot.

9:30pm – The housemates are explaining the salt incident to Anouska. She asks who it is but they suspect it’s a crew member. Regina just sits there smiling. Daniel says that if it was anyone in the house they would come clean right about now (hinting to Regina). Anouska says she wants fun and frolics tonight so what are they going to do? The housemates are more concerned about the salt in the beds – Patrick and Vincent going to Big Brother. Regina says “are they STILL complaining about the salt”.

In the diary room Vincent talks a lot more than usual (no doubt because of Anouska). They want to know if it’s crew or housemate doing the salt things – BB tells them he will get back to them. Anouska is explaining about the nomination process in Big Brother UK. Regina asks why the boys keep harassing Big Brother. They say it’s because of the salt. Anouska is strumming the guitar. They complain that salt in the food could be mistaken for Draino. Anouska says Big Brother is watching all the time and wouldn’t let people mistakingly eat rat poison or draino. Regina is called to the diary room as the housemates convince themselves that she’s the one.

Big Brother tells Regina that she has won her personal task, to the delight of Regina. Big Brother says the time is right because of the paranoia creeping into the house.

12:18am – Regina is explaining her practical joke. Daniel says it was fine in the bed but not cool in the task. Patrick says he’s glad she told us. Anouska is patting Daniel’s hair. Daniel is whinging about salt in the food because of wasting the milo – Regina says there is no salt in the milo and she’s not that dumb. Regina explains how she used the powdered milk and did her best not to waste food during her prank but this is not good enough for Daniel who keeps whinging about it. Regina is annoyed that no one liked her practical joke but Anouska says she liked it. Anouska hopes she likes it and the other girls too after tonight. Anouska says the salt thing was brilliant and shakes Regina’s hand about it.

Daniel walks outside with Regina and says he doesn’t want to make her think they’re weird. He explains he was scared it wasn’t her putting the salt in everything. Good ol Reg says it’s all over now and to forget about it. While Regina is gone Patrick explains that Regina is spooked about Daniel but Daniel repeats what he just said to Regina.

In the bedroom Regina is saying “what a night” to Chrissie. Chrissie doesn’t know why the boys just acted like they did. She says it was a really basic practical joke – it wasn’t hard. Regina asks ‘how dumb do they think I am?” and “as if Big Brother didn’t know who wasn’t doing it”. The girls are surprised about their behaviour.

In the kitchen Daniel is massaging Anouska’s shoulders. He asks if she likes the pain and she says “pleasure is pain” and “go in there.. deep, hard”. Meanwhile the girls in the bedroom can’t get over how paranoid the boys were about the crew putting draino and poison in their food. Anouska leaves the kitchen, kissing all the boys goodnight – she says it’s the wine! Vincent looks really happy.

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