Day 62 Uplate

We join the house just before midnight, with them all in the kitchen, or that we gather, because the cameraÂ’s arenÂ’t inside the house, due to them signing away together. Mike comes on, tells us Dan has completed his personal dilemma challenge, and we are sent back to the backyard, looking as, because they just continue to sing. A annoying ticking time sound can be heard, a bit like a sprinkler or something. Jamie comes over to the house, so they follow him, he is signing away by himself.

Mike cuts in and tells us that he will speak to Todd from BB1, but meanwhile we go back to the house, where Regina is found in the bedroom and Jamie asks her about a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song, but Reggie doesnÂ’t know. Reggie says she is not far away from hitting the sacks. Jamie returns back over to the kitchen. Reggie wanders around the house for a few minutes before she too heads back to the kitchen. We are left outside, but can hear them yelling away.

Mike again cuts away, and introduces Todd, who is writing a book or something titled “How to get woman into bed using vegetarian food.” It’s basically a whole lot of recipes that he has learnt from his life, and the stories that go along with it. He is still together with his girlfriend, and says that Jemma and Grant are still together. He still sees Jemma because he lives round the corner from her, and also see’s Gordon occasionally. Apart from that he doesn’t speak to the others too much. After Todd asks, Mike says he is having fun because he has a TV show now, but he has a bit of fame now, because people in the toilet say “You’re the BB dude!” Todd says he is working on his music career solo nowadays, then tells us that BBB actually rang to wish him a Merry Christmas last year. Todd does a bit of radio on a community radio station on a Thursday morning. Todd likes BB3 a lot! He says it’s the most exciting series so far. Meanwhile, we have footage of the kitchen, and they have stopped singing. Todd didn’t think that Saxon would be evicted last week; he was surprised by the result. He loves Reggie the most however, and also likes Dan a lot too. Todd thought Ben was a bit out there. He thinks Chrissie is the caring mum of the group, while he thinks Vincent is certainly the head of the house. Hurry up and finish!!! Todd thinks these people would get along with his people better than the people of BB1. He says that BB is a lot harder on nominations than when he was on BB, which is better. He says being nominated, he didn’t take it to hard, but was sad to leave the house. He says he enjoys Dan’s playing the game while nominating. He thought Ben from BB1 was playing the game. This conversation has also gone on for 20 minutes, it finally ends though, when they cut to a comm break.

Back from the break, Mike runs through the first brain teaser of the night. Hard one tonight, I have no idea. I’ll wait for the clue. Back to the house finally, where Regina is brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Well the foyer of the bathroom, to be precise. She hums away to herself while doing her teeth, then applies some cream to her face. Then she says “I need to floss my teeth, bloody hell!” She seems to enjoy talking to herself. Chrissie enters the room though now. Jamie is there now too, saying he is too tired to stand. They make mention that it might be his last party night inside. Reggie and Jamie then burst into song. He has a cut in his pants right up his bottom, lovely. Jamie says they haven’t taken away the TV, so perhaps they’ll get a DVD tomorrow night. Reggie is so full, again touching her stomach. They had a good sing-a-long they say. Reggie says she isn’t even tipsy, but Jamie says he got a bit drunk. Reggie says she needs a whole bottle of scotch. They again start singing.

Over in the kitchen, Chrissie is back there, Vincent and Patrick there too, perhaps Dan as well, and Pat asks if Reggie is going to sleep, as Ch10 cut to a break. It’s 12:45am when we return, as Mike runs through the brain teaser again, this time giving a clue. The word is Hoarse. He plugs the OS forums, before we return to the house. Reggie and Jamie are talking in the bedroom. They are talking about teeth, Jamie saying he uses everything with “Whitening” on it, including toothpaste and chewing gum. Reggie doesn’t like her teeth at all, and we get a close up of her teeth, when she is explaining something about one tooth in particular, which does look a bit funny. Reggie says that you can’t see Pat’s teeth when he talks. Everyone else you can see the teeth when people talk. They make special mention of Dan, then move onto Vincent, where they say he doesn’t really talk much anyway. Jamie says if he knew that there was hot water to return too, he would have a spa. He says he wish Jo was here to have a spa with him. Reggie can’t believe it’s nearly eviction time again. Jamie says he might get ready for bed. They start laughing but I have no idea why. Don’t know if they know either! She is laughing about something he did with his teeth. She is laughing heaps, and can’t stop now. He does something to see if he has anything between his teeth. Reggie says it’s so funny, it cracks her up. It’s simply breathing or sucking in all the air. Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who has Kath on the line to win the money. She says she is a bit hoarse, giving away the answer before the teaser is up. She does win the money though. She loves the show, calling 12 times tonight to win the cash. She reckons she will only just pay her phone bill with the money, but she says its all good. We go through the second game, before returning to Kath, who used to own a restaurant. She gives Armidale a plug, saying itÂ’s a great town. Mike wraps it up, and we return to the house. Again we are sent to Reggie and Jamie, with Jamie telling a story. She says that he was talking to a guy who, but he could see down his jeans, and he had a g string on. They move onto talking about Troy Dann, the outback adventure dude. Jamie canÂ’t stand him, and while they beep out TroyÂ’s surname we still know who it is. Jamie asks BB to turn out the lights, but Reggie doesnÂ’t think they will turn them off until everyone comes in.

They hear a squeal from Chrissie, and they see them all come over to the bedroom. Well, Dan anyway. He does a little Jacko impersonation. He does the moonwalk, but itÂ’s hard on the floorboards. Jamie says he is so talented. Reggie just laughs. Dan goes to the toilet, and silence fills into the room. Reggie then says that she has to sit up, she just canÂ’t lie down with her bloated stomach. However, each of them now lay down in their respective beds. They comment that the new sheets are already dirty. Jamie is ready to go to sleep, with his eyes shut, but Reggie keeps talking. Comm break.

ItÂ’s Mike again, or as we like to call him, Trivia dude! The second teaser is REHEAT. Easy that one. He goes through what happens with the trivia comp, then we cross back to the house. Still in the bedroom, PAUL IS BACK!!! Dan is talking to Paul, and no one else is paying attention. They cut away from that! How dare they! Chrissie, Vincent and Pat are outside. Chrissie says she is going into wash her face and stuff. The boys continue playing kick to kick. Vincent got a little excited then, because he thought he heard someone try to communicate with them. Pat is trying to get the footy into the red chair on the other side of the backyard. Mike cuts in and goes through the eviction phone numbers. Back with the boys, Vincent has lost something. A ring perhaps. They are looking for it, as Vincent keeps swearing. No luck yet, as Mike comes back on and tells us exactly what IÂ’m sure everyone suspected. He doesnÂ’t know when he lost it, making it harder. He will look through the grass before moving into the kitchen. Patrick looks like he might have something, but we are left disappointed, when he stands up straight again. Vincent goes for a quick look in the kitchen. He is going through the dishes on the sink. Cut to Pat still outside looking for it. Get the cameraÂ’s looking as well I say! Vincent asks BB to open the storeroom for him please. Damn you Channel 10, they cut to a break just as itÂ’s getting exciting.

Mike comes on again, says they have given away $70,000 since beginning Up Late. They go through the brain teaser, give the clue again, then goes through the new BB Online store, which has just opened or something. Back to the witch-hunt for VincentÂ’s ring. Dan has joined them, but suggests that looking in the daylight will help. Pat looks as if he has given up. Vincent is the only one walking round and searching. He heads back into the kitchen and starts his search there again. Again, he looks through the sink on his way round the bench. Back outside, Dan says that it will be easier to find tomorrow. They are searching through the grass again. Vincent says he doesnÂ’t want to lose it, it means a lot to him. Pat comes back out, and Vincent says there is no luck. Pat goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He says he will have a good look tomorrow, because it will be easier during the day. Pat heads inside, and Vincent too looks like he has given up. Vincent is looking over at the old square storeroom door or something, for some unknown reason. Comm break again.

Just reading the BBBA site during the break, where it is rumoured that Anouska and Tania from UKBB will be joining the Australian house on Thursday on a special titled “BB: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” Very interesting news indeed. Anyway, brain teaser time, Jill winning the $1000 for REHEAT. She says she will get a dishwasher with the money. She says hello to a few people, then suggests that Vincent will go come Sunday. Cut to Vincent in the house, who is brushing his teeth. They finish the conversation, then he gives shoutouts to a few members of the OS forum. He goes through some of the OS competitions, before saying goodnight to us all. Have a good weekend Mike! Back to the house, Chrissie is back in her bed, Chrissie’s corner. She thanks BB, saying sleeping in that bed is like heaven on a stick. Dan starts singing a bit. Pat has moved down the end towards Reggie’s bed it looks like. Reggie on the far end, Pat next to her, then I think the double which Dan and Vincent will share, then Jamie and Chrissie. Chrissie says “imagine if they put us in the storeroom again.” She says the storeroom felt like a staffroom for her though. Oops, I think there is 6 beds in there now, I can’t tell. Dan says that they are ready for BB to switch off the main lights. Vincent is back in here, and says that BB saw him with it on in the kitchen. It’s a good point, BB can just watch the footage and in a way find it for him. Chrissie meanwhile says she doesn’t know if she has it in her to go through Sunday and Monday again. She liked Monday this week because BB only gave them 10 minutes notice. Dan has Paul back on. He has already been introduced to Chrissie it seems. Oh, how cute is the little fella. Chrissie again says she is so glad to be back in the room. We can see a glass full of M&M’s in-between one of the beds. Comm break time now though.

Into the final segment now, where Paul is making Chrissie laugh heaps. She can’t stop laughing. Dan has it waving down to the other part of the room, and Chrissie just can’t help but laugh. Reggie is enjoying it too, sitting up in her bed. Jamie looks like he might be asleep, along with Pat. Lights go out now, and Jamie gives a “Thankyou BB” into his mic. Chrissie says goodnight to Pat softly. Vincent returns with no luck still, saying he will have to look in the morning. Chrissie starts calling out for Paul. Dan puts Paul to bed, as Vincent gets changed ready to jump into bed. I’m sure Vincent, Patrick and Chrissie will all appreciate the comfort of the bedroom tonight. Vincent is folding his clothes up and puts them back in his drawer. Dan still looks like he is in the mood to joke around a bit. Vincent takes his jeans off, folds them up, and jumps into bed. Dan has also looked like he has pulled up the covers ready to try to go to sleep. Vincent says goodnight to all. Reggie is the only one still sitting up in her bed. Vincent says “This is so good!!!” Chrissie laughs. Silence falls over the bedroom, as it looks like Reggie is going to try to get to sleep sitting up. Dan gets his mic, and tells BB they are ready for the bathroom lights to go out. At 2:01am, Dreamworld says goodnight for another week. See you all back, same time, same place, next week.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 61 Uplate

Another night of boredom most likely tonight, most if not all housemates already in bed. Just after 10 the “Have Not’s” were sent to their quarters, Reggie was in bed early, but talking to Dan and Jamie 20 minutes ago when I checked the feeds. Let’s see if they are still at.

Into the house we go, and we are directed to the round bedroom, Dan is whispering to someone, but the camera is too far away. Mike comes on and tells Dan to speak up. He says he has $2000 and that the Have Not’s made some very spicy curry, and Reggie isn’t feeling the best, and thus, has nodded off to sleep. It’s Dan and Jamie chatting away. Back to them, Dan seeming to do most of the talking. Jamie is saying something is NQR (Not Quite Right), but I think it’s in the context of a story he is telling. They seem to be almost talking over the top of each other, making it impossible to make anything of the conversation. I can make out Dan saying “You have to dress up in a mannequin. They seem to have moved onto talking about filming techniques. Actually, perhaps the whole conversation is about a movie, or movies in general. Dan says “Hang on…Shhhh”, then continues talking! What the?! Dan mentioning DVD’s or something, I *think* they might be talking about Dan wanting to make a movie, and how he would go about it.

Mike cuts back in, says a few things, before we go back to try to figure out what they are talking about. I just can’t, I’m sorry! We get a comm break, but we’ve been going a good 25 minutes already, it’s just I can’t make out any of the conversation.

Brain teaser time anyway, back with Mikey Mike! It’s DENIAL. Easy as that. Pity I post it after the show has finished. Mike tells Daniel has gone for a toilet break, so Mike talks about a OS competition. Daniel is back however, so we head there. Dan and Jamie are saying they want a party, and everything back to the way it was, everyone all together. They discuss whether they are allowed to go and get food, seeing that the servents are asleep. They plan to grab Pringles and Chocolate from the kitchen, so the servents don’t have to see it in the morning. They notice the mist coming off the pool as they go over there. They see the fire, and say they need Saxon back to really get it going. They grab Pringles and heaps of Chocolate, arguing over whether it was 48grams or 200 grams listed on the shopping list. They have been given a 48gram pack, but they swear it was 200 on the shopping list. Jamie suggests a midnight snack, but Dan says he has done his teeth and it won’t taste any good. Jamie says he wants to snack now purely because he feels bad during the day asking for stuff. Dan is having a closer look at the fire. They head back to their bedroom, as we go to a comm break.

Omg, I got the trivia wrong. It wasn’t Denial, it was Daniel. Close though I thought! Mike says he has a brother who he has never met in the WA. No idea why he said that! He says that he has been surfing the net, seen a few sites, but doesn’t mention any of them, before going onto reading out some words from the OS forums.

Back to the house however now. Jamie says if he is evicted come Sunday night, he hopes there will be some people from his fraternity out and about in the Gold Coast area. No idea what this guy is on about, don’t really care either. I don’t like him!!! Oooh, a few beeps now. Something about a wet dream. After a while, we get another comm break.

Seeing I haven’t called him this in a while, “Trivia Dude” comes back and introduces Greg from Newcastle i think. He wins the money, $1000, and says he will spend the money on buying equipment to listen to the police and fire scanner. Oh god, BORING!!!! Game 2 commences after a bit of a chat, then back to the house.

Jamie says he would love to be involved in BB Behind the scenes, then says they all look like green in the dark. They say it’s bright now, they are looking at something on the ceiling, perhaps a tiny light or something. Comm break after more whispering.

Back with the clue for the second teaser, which I needed to get the word, Wonder. He talks about the logo’s you can get for your mobile. He shows his phone which has Kim’s eyes. Back to the house though now, they are still whispering. Dan saying he doesn’t know how much he is getting shown on the outside. Jamie says that BB can’t pick up every expression that the housemates give. Jamie says sometimes it’s better to just go along and agree with others in this house without actually giving your true opinion. Seems to be a bit of bitching about the Have Nots though throughout the whole conversation. Comm break.

Back again we are, where Mike gives the clue again for the second Brain Teaser. Mike starts talking about his family over in WA, before cutting to the ad for the BB House giveaway. After that, we get to go back to the house. Dan says he has been in here for 9 weeks, and he only shaves once a week. They are talking about the blades on shavers, Jamie saying he has some of those plastic disposable ones. Dan says they must get the song finished tomorrow, or rather “he would like to”, before they both roll over and try to get into dreamland. Silence finally in the house, I thought it was never going to come! Mike comes back on and trys to wake them up, then the sirens come on, then he clarifys that the haves are allowed to go and get food by themselves if the servents are asleep. He goes through the old popularity polls, which are useless seeing it’s only just after 1am, and they are reset everyday. They cut to a funny little package showing the set of BB Up Late, Mike’s chair being a blown up exercise ball, and a person lying on the ground trying to keep it still. Ah dear, they need these comedy moments when they all go to sleep. Twas good. Back to the house, and we are looking at Vincent and Patrick, but it sounds like Chrissie snoring. No surely it couldn’t be her? Perhaps it’s Vincent as per normal. Comm break.

Quick cut to Channel Nine shows the scud about to wrap up his second round match and move through. And there it is, GS & Match. Anyway, back for the trivia, but before that he says he has found the Yo Yo, so he shows us it. Frank from Sydney has got through, and he watches the 7pm show, then sets the TV to turn back on at 11:30pm. A freak, sounds like a old bloke! He wins the money anyway. Apparently he is from the same street as the winner from the first one. It’s rigged damnit! And to make matters worse, he stubbed his toe while holding during the ad break. Poor old bloke. Anyway, onto the camera game. Camera 12 is the backyard looking into the house. Camera 23 is completely black, it doesn’t have infra red capabilities. Franks suggests that Jamie not talk to much, because he gets the feeling that he isn’t liked much, and might get the boot.

Onto the surf on the website, but it’s pretty boring as per usual. He finishes that up though now, then moves onto the eviction phone numbers. Mike says goodnight (Night Mike!), before we go back to the house for the last 20 minutes or so. Screen is on Jamie and Dan, Jamie having the doona pulled up almost over his head. Comm break.

Just like last night, we get the ad for the house giveaway competition for the second time, before entering the house in the last segment. Silence all round. We get a shot showing Chrissie sleeping on the floor. At 2:01am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 60 Uplate

Day 60 already hey! Evening all, welcome to hopefully a more entertaining BB tonight. We join the house with Jamie getting ready for bed, Reggie and Dan actually in bed. Mike joins us, telling us he has cash, Jamie has been causing a bit of tension by loving all the stuff they get, Vincent is ready to throw the task, sick of waiting hand and foot for the others, mainly due to the new coffee machine the ‘haves’ received this morning.

Back into the house, the boys are talking about the movie they just watched, Adaptation I think, and Jamie is trying to persuade Dan to buy another DVD, but Dan is not fussed either way. He then changes his mind, saying it makes them able to talk about new things.

Cut to the storeroom, where Vincent is getting ready for bed, and the others are already in bed. BB says it’s time for them to go to bed. Lights go out as Vincent is still getting changed etc. Vincent says he forgot the toilet paper or something, and goes out to get it. Vincent has to knock to get in, Reggie yells out for him, and he asks to use the toilet. Dan tells him that the smell isn’t the best because of his thai curry. Dan makes the comment that he is using more toothpaste than normal. The TV and DVD player are still in the room. Vincent emerges, and the two discuss the song lyrics. While Dan was watching the movie, Vincent helped write a heap of lyrics. Dan makes mention now that they ‘could have been better.’ Back with Vincent in the storeroom, Chrissie says goodnight to Vincenzo, and silence emerges. Chrissie says she is freezing.

Back to the round bedroom, where the lights are still on, Dan and Jamie talking about the task, and saying that everyone is getting comfortable with it now. Dan shows Reggie is pet platypus, named Paul. He has had it for ages, assumingly came out of the non essentials the haves received. Dan says he would like to sleep in the river bank, but next to Dan will have to do tonight. Dan has made Reggie laugh with his funny Paul talk. Paul doesn’t have a partner, and has been desexed. Paul hasn’t done much in the house thus far, just sleeping. Reggie says he should be let out in the open tomorrow. Dan says he would love the spa and pool, but he’d have to be careful! Oooh god, this is classic. Reggie finally says goodnight to Paul. Paul waves goodbye, but Dan says “That’s Reggie from BB.” He says Paul likes to meet famous people. Paul says “It’s Reggie?” for confirmation. Paul burrows under the cushion to say goodnight to Reggie one last time, then Dan gives the act away.

Dan says he would like to take Paul around the world, and have Dan and Paul pics to bring home. Jamie won some doll at Bingo one night, and somehow the doll got to go round the world. Last they heard of the doll she was prostituting in London. Paul is on Jamie’s hand now, punching Jamie up. Keep going you little guy!!! No Dan asks Jamie to be more gentle, saying he is only a little guy. Jamie says he has his hand up Paul. Lovely. Jamie says goodnight to “Miss Regina”, while Dan fills his water bottle up for the night ahead. They wait for the lights to go out, and thank BB for the DVD. Paul makes mention that the lights have now gone out. Jamie says Goodnight to all. Jamie then says “Were you ready for lights out?” Now Jamie has his light back on. Looking for something, and then decides he will read for a while. They keep discussing the room, and how it might be different now (coloured lights or something). Paul is still on Dan’s hand, and Jamie accusses Paul of trying to steal his stuff, then calls him a pervert. Dan tells Jamie that Paul has sunbaked and everything outside the BB house, and then they whsipered some more, before comm break.

Back with Mike and his first brain teaser of the night. Lets see what the word is. It is HAVES! So easy this game. Mike sounds like he has a bit of the flu tonight. Back to the house though, to see Paul again. Jamie asks Paul to entertain him, and LOL he burrows under the bed of Dan’s, trying to escape! Dan takes Paul off, saying the light will go out soon (maybe thats a hint to Jamie to get it off!), then Dan says he (Paul) doesn’t mind if he doesn’t have his own seat on a plane. Dan says he is not scared, Paul again, because he can’t see any camera’s. If there were camera’s, he would get stagefright. They are now talking about someones character on some show, sorry I was away from the TV for a sec. Both having a great laugh though. Comm break.

Back with Mike once again, who comments about Paul being such a hit. And he really is! Perhaps Paul is substituting for Warren, because he can’t find his way to the house. Sure explain why we haven’t seen poor old Warren; remember I thought he was upstairs, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, Mike gives the clue, and it is HAVES, before showing some consolation prizes for the brain teasers. Mike says that they will chat to Brodie a bit later on. Back in the house however, they are talking about “Freddy Got Fingered.” I haven’t seen it, so don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Talking very softly, impossible to hear. We need live captions down the bottom of the page! Now they are talking about Nicholas Cage. Jamies says that someone, bleeped twice, is such an asshole. Lots of bleeping all of a sudden. Jamie asks if he can hear music, or if it’s the air conditioning. Dan says it sounds like a ‘woman’s voice and a piano or something.’ Jamie says it can’t be, it just must be the air con. Comm break.

Back again! Chris from NSW, oh no, here comes the State of Origin rubbish again. Anyway, we get to the money, and he wins it by saying HAVES. His favourite housemates was Ben, but he has gone. Quick call tonight, must have Brodie on the line. Hmm, the second one has 6 letters, and I will need a clue to get it tonight! Back to the house we are sent, where Jamie and Dan have called it a night, and darkness, together with silence, fill out TV sets. Only an hour of boredom tonight at least. Mike rejoins us after a few minutes, saying that they are trying to get Brodie on the phone, but meanwhile, we cut to a clip of Mike recording the daily show, or a send up of it at least, where he gets mad with his producer, spits the dummy, before the camera scrolls over to show him in a shopping front window, with an audience looking on. I think you would have had to see it to understand it, but it was better than watching housemates sleep. Anyway, back to the house we venture, silence for another 3 minutes, before we get a comm break.

Brain teaser time again, well time for a clue at least, which with the help of that, I figure out it is Trance. Brodie comes onto the line (they should get Kieren on one night soon), who is doing a fair bit of charity work, and is giving a show to primary school children regarding safety issues I think. He is living in Richmond, with a mate who has a band called Star 10. They go back to the “Pick the number” game. 23 is out of action, 25 is the square verandah. 17 is looking over the pool and the backyard. Mike makes mention that Vincent and Patrick are saying they should just eat whatever they want, and again mentions the real coffee that the HM’s must serve to the Have’s. They go onto mentioning the betting odds. Brodie says he went to the Ironman titles last year or something, and he is trying to get himself fit. Brodie says he enjoyed BB2, glad he did it, because he was presented with heaps of oppourtunites since he got out of the house. Ah, he has been an extra on The Secret Life of Us, thats what they were talking about in the beginning, which I just didn’t hear. Anyway, Mike says goodnight to him, and we have a comm break.

Back again with more Brain Teaser hints, well actually, the same hint. We move onto the BB Beach House clip. Into the round beroom we go, where everyone is still asleep. Exciting stuff!!! We cross to the storeroom, everyone asleep there too. Mike comes on and shows us a clip which is meant to help in the Strepils Houseplan competiton. Anyway, back to the round bedroom after that, and then to a comm break.

Cherie from Victoria, who has 6 kids, will win the $1000 for tonight. She called 20 times, and then answers correctly, so wins the $1000. She says she might go and wake them up now! She likes Chrissie the best. Tonight’s episode of the daily show sealed Jamie’s fate for her she says. She says goodbye, and says to Mike to get well soon. Back to the house again for more silence. Vincent is snoring loudly, and Chrissie seems to be chewing with nothing in her mouth. Strange! 10 minutes later, comm break!

Back into Up Late, and straight into the BB Beach Giveaway House ad, before we return to the house proper. We get a side on view of Reggie sleeping. Movement!!! Vincent is up, hope he has to knock on the door, LOL, he does. Damn, Jamie is awake, and lets him in. Bloody great time to wake up Vincent! At 1:56am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 59 Uplate

Oooooh, I missed like a minute of Up Late! Anyway, everyone is already asleep so this show will be even better than last night’s shocker. Mike, to liven the mood, yells out “2 People in the house just had sex.”

The house has been split into two groups, the have’s and the have nots. The Haves are Reggie, Dan and Jamie. They have $300 shopping for the week, have their bedroom, while the have nots are stuck sleeping in the storeroom, poor things. Jamie apparently decided that he will sleep in Chrissie’s bed, to which Chrissie was horrified. Hopefully we’ll get Jamie out this week though :)

Anyway, we’ve got the brain teasers to keep us entertained. Maybe they should give away $5000 instead, more interest in the show then. We go to the house anyway, and they show us Reggie sleeping back in her original bedroom. She is dead to the world. Interestingly, there are now five beds in the round bedroom, one being taken out. Thus, you would assume come Sunday this ‘task’ will be over and they might all be allowed back to their normal lives. We cut to the storeroom, which shows Vincent asleep. Chrissie just murmered to herself. A lot of snoring going on in the storeroom. Apparently the three housemates made a pact to try not to let any wind out because they are in such a confined room. Silence for a damn long time, before Mike comes back on and talks to Shannon from BB2. She says it’s nearly 2am, which is ridiculous, because it’s only 12:10am. She is doing a bit of fitness instruction over in Asia. She says that Brodie has moved out of home. Stop press, Vincent got up and got an extra pillow from himself. They move onto talking about Nathan, who has just bought a new car, and is still doing his Nova gig. Mike and Shannon have the same manager. Mike suggests she could do Celeb BB, then says if it comes around again. Looks like it will be on again from that. Mike says that he heard a rumour that Ben Williams and Shannon were an item – but she denies it.

Mike gets Shannon to start playing Pick A Camera. 13 is the backyard. Camera 25 is the back porch. 3 is the round bedroom. She says she has a business plan in the pipline, but doesn’t mention much else. Shannon says she was up once for eviction, and was out straight away. Meanwhile, Agassi over on Channel 9 is winning easily, although he is down a break in the third. Back with Mikey, as he cuts to a comm break.

First brain teaser of the night. It’s SIREN!!! Mike says that you should ring in because they have ‘loads of crap’ to giveaway as ‘consolation’ prizes. Back to the house, where NOTHING is happening. Mike comes back on, and talks about his BB jobs, then goes onto giving the eviction phone numbers. He again tells the joke about SMS’ing Mike’s name for eviction. Not twice in a row Mike!!! They start going for a surf on the website. Comm break.

Mike is back and gives the clue for the first brain teaser, which is Siren. The clue fits as well. They have a quick scan of the house, which turns into 10 minutes, and a commercial break. Agassi has been forced to a 4th set BTW! After the break, Mike is with Alisha who will win the first $1000. She has 5 kids. She gets the right word, so she gets the money. She complements Mike’s shirt, and then says he does a great job with the voiceovers as well. Introduces Game Two, the answer is….Mashed. I think…we’ll wait for the clue for confirmation. Alisha reckons Reggie will win, as do most of Australia. She thinks that Patrick or Jamie will be evicted. Mike shows up Q News, which shows Saxon on the front cover. Alisha also likes Chrissie a lot as well. Finally wrap up the conversation, and straight to a comm break.

Back with the teaser, and the clue does match the word Mashed, so I got it right! Mike and someone off camera are having a pen fight. Into the house, where Chrissie just sat up, but by the time we cross she is lying down again with eyes shut. Mike’s back, he goes onto talking about the BB Forums. When will you learn Mike that the BB forums are useless, and the best forum is at, and the best site of course is BBBA ( ). The best Yahoo group is BB-Australia ( ) as well! *Phew* got all my plugs in. Mike has just shown the clip of the BB Beach House you can win. We again go back to he house, where suprise suprise nothing is happening. Comm break.

Mike is back with the trivia again, and again gives the clue for mashed. He explains the phone system selection process for the 34th time in this show. Again goes through the BB website. Watching paint dry would almost be better than that. They then move onto the popularity ratings. He says he didn’t know until someone told him last week that the polls are reset everynight at midnight. Wonder who told him that….! Anyway, we go back to the house for a bit. Comm break.

Anistatia has called through from Melbourne, and is feeling a bit sick. She wins the money. Game is over, no more calls! She wants to put the money towards a new car. She is into the beauty therapy world. They start talking about Brazilians. Oh dear. She was sorry to see Saxon go. She wants Vincent to go, but thinks Patrick will be evicted. They cut to a clip showing what happens inside the van agter an eviction. The viewer asked what happened – was that planned or what!!! Mike says goodnight, with 15 minutes of the show to go. Silence back in the house. Comm break five minutes later.

Back to the house for the last segment, they show the BB House giveaway ad again. Almost thought I heard something in the storeroom then, got quite excited. Nothing eventuated though. Silence for a bit more, then at 2:02am Dreamworld finally says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 58 Uplate

Nominations of course earlier tonight, Vincent, Patrick and Jamie up for the public vote. Also, BB told them to pack their bags in the morning, giving them all something to ponder about in their dreams tonight.

Into the house we go, Jamie is talking to Chrissie in the round bedroom. Dan is there as well. They are discussing Learner drivers, Jamie saying they’re funny. Mike comes on, hey Mike!, grows through basically what I mentioned above, then says that Daniel has been given a personal dilemna task.

Back to the house, they are correcting Jamie on a word used for passing wind, he hasn’t quite got it right. They start talking about a girl, who Jamie and Chrissie seem to both know. They bleep the name however. More bleeping, expect a change of room in a sec. We get a meanwhile box come up, showing Vincent, Reggie and Patrick all sleeping on the floor out in the living room. Strange people! Back to Chrissie and Jamie, who are looking at Jamie’s photo’s, and they are talking about people in them, basically his family. Reggie comes in, and says she’s going to bed, and says “See you in the morning!” I’m sure they are all looking forward to the morning. Jamie is talking about one of her friends, Kate, who is 26 and a heavy smoker, and yet her parents didn’t know she smoked. Chrissie seems to know someone in the photo, and trying to figure out how. Apparently someone left a nice mess in the toilet, and they are trying to figure out who!

They start talking about a book that Chrissie is going to read, the front looks like it says Prey. Chrissie says they have already sold the film rights for it. She says goodnight to everyone, even the lads outside, and says we’ll see each other for the next installment in the morning. The book is Prey. Dan, brushing his teeth, makes Chrissie laugh. He soo deserves to win this game, surely! Jamie is back on his bed, reading also. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty boring night. We join Reg by herself in the square bedroom, just lying in bed, thinking with herself. Probably waiting for the lights to be turned off. Dan says “this is so exciting!” Lights go out. Dan comes back and makes Chrissie laugh again. Dan says he is dizzy now, and Chrissie says she was dizzy before. Pat enters the room, Chrissie saying that his b’day party was so much fun that she would like him to turn 30 again. Dan is jumping and running on the spot and sounding like a dog! Chrissie again starts laughing, saying ‘why do you make me laugh so much.’ Dan says it isn’t funny!

Mike comes back on, saying that Dan has the task to complete a musical with Patrick on the guitar, without Patrick knowing. He has already started sounding Pat out, saying earlier, that they should make a song together. Pat was half half about it. We join back with Reggie who is talking to herself, saying “ear plugs in”, as she gets ready for bed. Pat comes in and gives her a hug goodnight. Pat says they will probably just make the house smaller, which is annoying, cause they won’t get as much sun. Pat says he has loved it here, and he doesn’t want to leave. They wish each other a goodnight, and Pat is off. He says he is so sleepy as he leaves the room. After a stop of at the bathroom, he return to his bed, and asks Chrissie if he should dress up tomorrow. Chrissie says “nah.”. He then returns to the bathroom, asks to borrow some toothpaste, starts brushing his teeth, decides to see if he can get a pimple, then continues brushing. Comm break.

Back with Mike and his brain teasers, he runs through the first of them for the evening, not offering a clue just yet. We then return to the house, where everything is pretty quiet. Chrissie is reading. Vincent is asleep out on the floor, but is rudely woken up by BB. He tells him because of the lockdown, he must move into the bedrooms. He takes a while to wake himself up, then goes round the long way to his bedroom, changes the rock system they have in place to tell what day it is, before entering his bedroom. Vincent walks through to the other room and says goodnight to all. oh god, cut to Vincent outside, and I thought there was someone on the roof for a second hehe. Pat and Dan seem to be discussing their music number, trying to find some lyrics before hitting the sack. Comm break.

Mike comes back on and runs through the trivia, then tells us what is going to happen tomorrow. The house will be moving to Stage Three. It will be cut into two groups; the haves and the have nots. Have Nots only have half an hour of hot water, and really bad beds. Have’s have hot water all day, and cannot clean or do anything like that, cook as well. Have Not’s must have a uniform on, and must ask to go to the toilet (enter the bedroom.) Mike promises more later.

Back into the house, Chrissie still reading. Silence for a good 10 minutes, before we get a comm break. So fun!! Back to the trivia, where a person rang 24 times to win the money. She wins, they then go on and talk about this have/have nots situation for tomorrow. Ewww, he says it could be happening for the next few weeks. Do these people learn – it didn’t work in UKBB3, and it won’t work here. Mike goes through the second game, before we go back to the house. So boring tonight we might turn this into a Wimbledon recap! Everyone seems to be asleep now, which is even more boring. Still an hour to go too! Ooooh, someone coughed! Comm break.

Mike comes back on, goes through the brain teaser again, before going through some Ebay items up for auction. Saxon’s footy jumper is up to about $1500 apparently. He then goes for a visit to the website. Such interesting television! He says to all the people using SMS to evict housemates to stop sending the word Mike in! Back to the house, Vincent is awake actually, reading. Comm break.

Mike goes through the trivia again, then through the eviction phone numbers for the three fella’s. To the house we go, where it’s still quiet. Mike seems to be talking without his box on the screen. Interesting! Mike comes back on after a few minutes, yells at Vincent to turn the page of his book, and he does! LOL, great television. Didn’t even realise there was an ad, but they are running at the moment, so put Comm break in there somewhere.

Anyway, Mike comes on and Nicki is going to win the $1000 and probably talk to him for the next 30 minutes. They play a game by picking a number between 1 and 32, and going ot that camera. Thye go to the kitchen, diary room, and the square bedroom before they get bored of that. Poor Nicki is kept on the phone talking for a good ten minutes. Comm break.

Mike is back, telling us about the Have and Have Not system that will be activated early tomorrow morning. Mike says goodnight, and we head to the house for the last quarter of an hour. Vincent is still reading his book. At 1:34am, Dreamworld gets bored, and says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren (he’s going to appear anyday now!),

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Day 55 Uplate

Another Friday night, another party. They’ve been at it for a few hours before we join at about quarter past 12, lets hope they all don’t want to go to bed just yet. We’ll be looking out for Mike’s mention of Harry Potter tonight, because if you remember last night he mentioned it 3 times, therefore we decided to issue our own challenge to him tonight, to mention it 5 times! We’ll keep you informed of his progress throughout the telecast.

Now, apparently the cast, I mean housemates, have been singing away as a group, which isn’t a great sign, because we might not get any vision of them tonight if that keeps up! Alright Sports Tonight has wrapped for the night, the MA warnings for Up Late have rolled, and the opening credits are running. Where will be headed, BB decides! The Spa it is, Kim and Saxon in there. Singing is elsewhere. Kim is asking why he went into the diary room earlier. Mike comes on, with his nice shirt, telling us that it was a animal costume party, as well as talking to Ben Williams for the second time on Up Late. Back to the spa, Kim is fully clothed. She obviously has been enjoying her wine tonight.

Sax says if she ever slaps him that hard again, there will be trouble tomorrow. Sax says he is missing Jo like crazy. Kim has turned into an interviewer, asking him whether he had a sexual relationship with Jo. He says no. Vincent and Pat come over to ask them if they want KFC or Pizza Hut. They say they want anything, but then Sax shows Vincent a glass of wine, apparently one he stole of Vincent. Sax crys out to Chrissie for some bread. He then calls out to Dan, but doesn’t ask anything. Kim reveals that when Dan does a particular dance, she gets turned on. Sax says to Chrissie, who has come over with the bread, that he is missing her like crazy, referring to Jo. He says it twice. Kim asks him if he is in love with Jo. He says he can only hold onto at the moment is the feeling that he has never met anyone like her, regardless of whether if he’s right for her, and she’s right for him. Chrissie doesn’t believe that BB will give them takeaway. Singalong happening away a bit, but Sax says it’s the first time he’s felt so strongly about someone. He says it’s her personality, and even if she was ugly, he wouldn’t change his opinion. Kim says Bullshit (edited version!), and says Chrissie is the most amazing person if your going to say that. Sax asks that anyone has had the feeling they’ll never meet anyone like the people they’ve met in here again. It’s hard to understand I know, but thats what he said. He says “It’s just gay.” Singing has died down for the minute.

Kim goes on about some story about her employer, teaching her a ‘life’ lession or something. Vincent comes back out, after he had stole the wine back, and offers it back to Saxon. He says no, just saying that he hasn’t had a drop of wine tonight. They seem convinced they are getting some take-away. Kim continues telling them about the salon she works in. Sax says it’s huge! They keep interrupting, and Kim says “Can I finish!?” Chrissie says “you know we love you…Look at me Kim…”. Sax blurts out “Why isn’t she here?” Chrissie says “Stop that, she is someone elses boyfriend.” Kim says “Your an idiot for not doing something.” Both Sax and Chrissie say he would have looked like a dickhead if he said anything. Saxon has his head down in the water, Chrissie calls his name out twice. Chrissie says to forget about it. He says Kim bought it up. Chrissie says to Kim and Sax both “Later.” Chrissie says wouldn’t it be funny if she and Reggie got evicted on Sunday. Chrissie asks Sax if he needs to get out and have a hug. She says he hasn’t really talked about with her. WHAT!!! Pat comes out and says BB will get back to them about the take-away. Now they are getting excited.

Kim continues to talk to Sax, saying “you are someone.” Trying to lift his confidence. Hard to hear because everyone else is singing right next to them. Sax says he’s 19, she’s 24. Sax thinks that she saw something before she came in. Sax was saying earlier something about living with regrets at age 60. He is really upset, not crying, but just down with himself. He says to Kim, that hypothetically, she might have had feelings for him inside the house. By the time he gets out, she won’t have those feelings. Chrissie yells out “Thanks BB for bringing us Kimmy and Jamie.” She really has fitted in well the last week, it’ll be a shame to see her go come Sunday. Sax again drowns his head in the spa. Meanwhile, a few a singing, a few are dreaming aloud of KFC. What KFC would still be open at this time though?! Pizza Hut seems the better option. Sax sit up, closes his eyes, and shakes his head. He says to Chrissie, ‘he hates this place.’ He fists the water, accidentally wetting Chrissie. He apologises.

Cut to Kim inside at her bed, getting out of her wet clothes. She has just her underwear on, and has a towel in her hand, as she comes back out quickly. Singing continues outside, so we remain inside. Mike comes back on, says poor Saxon, before moving onto some eviction phone numbers, to make up some time because of the singing. No Harry Potter (HP) mentions yet :( Back to the action, Kim is back in there, in just her underwear (bra and g-string), and says there is a gameplan for everyone, after Sax says they wouldn’t put someone in here just for him. Comm break. Awesome half hour of action there.

At 12:48am on a Saturday morning, Mike comes on and shows us game one of the brain teaser. He then moves onto Ben Williams, winner of BB1, who sounds a bit sleepy. He doesn’t know if he feels sorry for Sax, or if it’s just comical. We cut to the spa, and they are having a playfight (Sax and Kim). Ben says Kim has been really good, but her and Vincent will be evicted come Sunday. Ben has changed Manager’s, so he will be doing some more guest speaking role in the Rugby Union area. Mike says because everyone is up, they must move on, so we cut back to the house. Into the spa again, Sax is telling Kim that Vincent can kickreally high. He gives a little demonstration. Kim and Sax go back to their wrestling fight. Sax gets her in a headlock, but Sax stops because he thinks she’ll hurt her head. He keeps putting his foot into her face, which would be lovely. Kim says “I don’t want to fight, no more!” We cut away to the kitchen, where Reggie, Jamie and Pat are talking about what they have left food wise. Dan has his head in the fridge yelling out what they have left. They start singing, so surely, we’ll be leaving that, and as I type, we rejoin the fight in the spa! Kim has Sax in a headlock this time. He hurt Kim’s finger, as they go to a comm break.

Mike goes through the brain teaser again, and gives a clue. He goes to the OS Eviction Poll, saying that Kim has 46%, Vincent has 26%, then Sax, and Jamie fourth. ,At 1:04am, we head back to the house. Dan and Reggie are singing away, so we again head back to the Spa, where Vincent has come over, and has asked for something. They continue fighting though, and Vincent can’t talk to them “Whats the point of trying to talk to you” They keep fighting, and Vincent gets wet, saying they just be serious for a second. Sax and Kim get out of the spa for some reason, Vincent wants to do something with them. They continue fighting on their way in however. Sax puts the cover on the spa. Sax shows Pat and Vincent the nailmarks he has on his arm. Pat says to Vincent “Kids…” Vincent asks Pat to “try to stop them eating, somehow..” Into the bedroom, they are fighting again. Vincent comes in and says “Why are you locking me out…” I have no idea what he is on about, Sax says he isn’t, then shows the scar to him again. Sax runs back to the bathroom, and Kim and Sax show each other their scars. Sax keeps saying “They are so good. that is cool” Still fighting! Chrissie who is now in her PJ’s, has a look at his scar, then fetches his towel for him. Sax says ‘you know I didn’t start this. I have nowhere to go from here.”, referring to the earlier mentioning of Jo. Chrissie says she understands and knows. Comm break.

Mike forgets Holly’s name, who wins the $1000. She only rang once. So why do I never get to leave my name, ringing twice a night. It’s rigged!!! Holly wants Chrissie to win. Back to the house, they have takeaway! Hamburgers of some description. Saxon and Vincent are trying to be the boss! They all say thankyou to BB. Pat says to Kim and Sax that BB gave them a gentle reminderfor there to be no violence in the house. What a joke, it was the best footage I’ve seen for weeks! It’s not KFC or anything like that, because they are plain wrappers, and nothing would be open. Reggie says “I would hate cooking these!” Saxon says the shop would be famous right now (the shop that cooked them). A lot of “Oh my gods”, apparently enjoying the food these people are! Pat and Vincent recall their diary room visits to get the hamburgers. Geez, Kim says thankyou to all the housemates, and Vincent gives her a kiss. Geez, this guy is out of control tonight LOL. Comm break.

Mike’s back, saying he’s given away almost $60,000. He goes through the second game, and reveals the clue. Back to the feast, Reggie is still eating her burger. Geez, she is slow!!! Sax and Kim are showing everyone their bruises. Pat says “Sit down and be quiet” or something to that effect. Why doesn’t Australia wake up and vote the moron out. Reggie again says she wouldn’t have cooked them, she says she would have been so pissed off. Someone suggests it might be a 24 hour store. A 24 hour hamburger store? Sometimes these people are silly! Reggie has eaten some food, and it’s gone down the wrong way. She is choking, Vincent is again helping her out. A Saint that guy, a shame he has only woken up tonight! Dan cleans up the mess around the living room. Chrissie says she appreciates Pat, Vincent’s and BB work in aquiring the Hamburgers. Reggie asks how Kim and Sax got their bruises. Chrissie says “I am without speech.”, then says “Thankyou so much.” Comm break. Still no HP remarks from Mike!

At 1:40am, Mike is back! He goes through the teaser again, giving the clue again. Same old routine. He shows us the BB website again, like they did last night. Jo’s Bikini is up to $3,900. Nowhere near my predicted $10,000 LOL. Back to the house, Vincent comes out of the DR, and tells them that BB is pleased they all enjoyed the food. Chrissie STILL can’t believe that BB did that for them. Only Chrissie, Kim and Pat are sitting down on the couch still. Something is staring at them from the other room, probably a housemate’s clay thing. Reggie goes outside via the square house. Chrissie again says she can’t believe it. She says they haven’t eaten anything like that in the whole 9 weeks. Vincent says it might not happen again, so enjoy it. Chrissie says she was putting oil on Saxon, she was called to the living room, and there was hamburgers. Someone says “Don’t say it, you might wake up!” Vincent says “It made me happy, seeing you happy.” Kim asks for Chrissie’s oil to rub on her soars. Kim says “You think that little shit is going to piss me off!”, referring to Sax. Dan and Pat say that they don’t want fighting being attributed to Alcohol, but Kim doesn’t care. Chrissie again says thankyou. Dan says he is happy, as comm break comes on.

Mike is back for the last time tonight, we assume. He says he will be giving away the 60th $1000. Someone from Geelong has rung through, and wins the money. Kim and Vincent to go, Dan to win, she predicts. Mike says goodnight for the final night of the week. Night Mike! No HP mentions though :(( Back again to the house, Dan says he was going to have to go to bed on an empty stomach, but now he won’t have too. They are talking about the evictions, Vincent says it could be anyone, any combination. Dan says it won’t be him, and you get a grin from Vincent. This guy is great tonight! Chrissie says they will always remember the burger and chips! Vincent says he and Patty sold BB on the idea of the food, as a way to wind down. I’m sure the Up Late show was a good reason for it as well :) They are saying an army looking chopper came over the house this morning. They are talking about a loud noise they heard this morning, something about a radio announcement. Hmm, interesting! Saxon has chipped a tooth, and says will it come out of his pocket to get it fixed. Pat gives the most boring comeback line “You don’t have pockets on, just pants”. Oh dear! Saxon asks then why his eyes are dysfunctional. Vincent says it might be from the alcohol. Comm break.

Back again! Chrisise is looking at Saxon’s scars, Dan is reassuring Sax saying they will go. Kimmy pulls up her top as she enters the house, but covers her nipples! LOL. Chrissie just says Kimmy, trying to get her to pull it down. Everyone else is laughing their heads off. She was showing them a rash. Sax says “My god, I have to sleep next to that!” Sax yells out “Reggie’s drunk”. Sax says he is tipsy. Sax says “Oh Ho-Anna” twice. Still thinking about her, geez! Sax says he’ll be going cause Australia will see him bashing the heck out of Kim. Vincent mentions the movie “Go”, and how when he is on speed, he thinks the cat is talking. Someone is vomiting outside apparently. Chrissie and Vincent don’t believe it. Sax does have a big rash on his arm actually. Pat puts the elephant costume on his head, and it’s giving Chrissie the creeps! She says it’s ‘scary’. I reckon it looks cool myself. Sax and Chrissie call out for Reggie. Vincent says it started off slowly, but it turned into a great table. Kim says she has not flashed her breasts while in the house. She says she has flashed the outer of them, but not the nipple area. Oooh, Dreamworld says goodnight at 2:17am.

Wow, awesome show which really see Vincent come out of his shell, Kim interacting really well with the rest of the house, especially Saxon, and everyone being so happy over a hamburger. Best show for a damn long time.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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