Day 60 Uplate

Day 60 already hey! Evening all, welcome to hopefully a more entertaining BB tonight. We join the house with Jamie getting ready for bed, Reggie and Dan actually in bed. Mike joins us, telling us he has cash, Jamie has been causing a bit of tension by loving all the stuff they get, Vincent is ready to throw the task, sick of waiting hand and foot for the others, mainly due to the new coffee machine the ‘haves’ received this morning.

Back into the house, the boys are talking about the movie they just watched, Adaptation I think, and Jamie is trying to persuade Dan to buy another DVD, but Dan is not fussed either way. He then changes his mind, saying it makes them able to talk about new things.

Cut to the storeroom, where Vincent is getting ready for bed, and the others are already in bed. BB says it’s time for them to go to bed. Lights go out as Vincent is still getting changed etc. Vincent says he forgot the toilet paper or something, and goes out to get it. Vincent has to knock to get in, Reggie yells out for him, and he asks to use the toilet. Dan tells him that the smell isn’t the best because of his thai curry. Dan makes the comment that he is using more toothpaste than normal. The TV and DVD player are still in the room. Vincent emerges, and the two discuss the song lyrics. While Dan was watching the movie, Vincent helped write a heap of lyrics. Dan makes mention now that they ‘could have been better.’ Back with Vincent in the storeroom, Chrissie says goodnight to Vincenzo, and silence emerges. Chrissie says she is freezing.

Back to the round bedroom, where the lights are still on, Dan and Jamie talking about the task, and saying that everyone is getting comfortable with it now. Dan shows Reggie is pet platypus, named Paul. He has had it for ages, assumingly came out of the non essentials the haves received. Dan says he would like to sleep in the river bank, but next to Dan will have to do tonight. Dan has made Reggie laugh with his funny Paul talk. Paul doesn’t have a partner, and has been desexed. Paul hasn’t done much in the house thus far, just sleeping. Reggie says he should be let out in the open tomorrow. Dan says he would love the spa and pool, but he’d have to be careful! Oooh god, this is classic. Reggie finally says goodnight to Paul. Paul waves goodbye, but Dan says “That’s Reggie from BB.” He says Paul likes to meet famous people. Paul says “It’s Reggie?” for confirmation. Paul burrows under the cushion to say goodnight to Reggie one last time, then Dan gives the act away.

Dan says he would like to take Paul around the world, and have Dan and Paul pics to bring home. Jamie won some doll at Bingo one night, and somehow the doll got to go round the world. Last they heard of the doll she was prostituting in London. Paul is on Jamie’s hand now, punching Jamie up. Keep going you little guy!!! No Dan asks Jamie to be more gentle, saying he is only a little guy. Jamie says he has his hand up Paul. Lovely. Jamie says goodnight to “Miss Regina”, while Dan fills his water bottle up for the night ahead. They wait for the lights to go out, and thank BB for the DVD. Paul makes mention that the lights have now gone out. Jamie says Goodnight to all. Jamie then says “Were you ready for lights out?” Now Jamie has his light back on. Looking for something, and then decides he will read for a while. They keep discussing the room, and how it might be different now (coloured lights or something). Paul is still on Dan’s hand, and Jamie accusses Paul of trying to steal his stuff, then calls him a pervert. Dan tells Jamie that Paul has sunbaked and everything outside the BB house, and then they whsipered some more, before comm break.

Back with Mike and his first brain teaser of the night. Lets see what the word is. It is HAVES! So easy this game. Mike sounds like he has a bit of the flu tonight. Back to the house though, to see Paul again. Jamie asks Paul to entertain him, and LOL he burrows under the bed of Dan’s, trying to escape! Dan takes Paul off, saying the light will go out soon (maybe thats a hint to Jamie to get it off!), then Dan says he (Paul) doesn’t mind if he doesn’t have his own seat on a plane. Dan says he is not scared, Paul again, because he can’t see any camera’s. If there were camera’s, he would get stagefright. They are now talking about someones character on some show, sorry I was away from the TV for a sec. Both having a great laugh though. Comm break.

Back with Mike once again, who comments about Paul being such a hit. And he really is! Perhaps Paul is substituting for Warren, because he can’t find his way to the house. Sure explain why we haven’t seen poor old Warren; remember I thought he was upstairs, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, Mike gives the clue, and it is HAVES, before showing some consolation prizes for the brain teasers. Mike says that they will chat to Brodie a bit later on. Back in the house however, they are talking about “Freddy Got Fingered.” I haven’t seen it, so don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Talking very softly, impossible to hear. We need live captions down the bottom of the page! Now they are talking about Nicholas Cage. Jamies says that someone, bleeped twice, is such an asshole. Lots of bleeping all of a sudden. Jamie asks if he can hear music, or if it’s the air conditioning. Dan says it sounds like a ‘woman’s voice and a piano or something.’ Jamie says it can’t be, it just must be the air con. Comm break.

Back again! Chris from NSW, oh no, here comes the State of Origin rubbish again. Anyway, we get to the money, and he wins it by saying HAVES. His favourite housemates was Ben, but he has gone. Quick call tonight, must have Brodie on the line. Hmm, the second one has 6 letters, and I will need a clue to get it tonight! Back to the house we are sent, where Jamie and Dan have called it a night, and darkness, together with silence, fill out TV sets. Only an hour of boredom tonight at least. Mike rejoins us after a few minutes, saying that they are trying to get Brodie on the phone, but meanwhile, we cut to a clip of Mike recording the daily show, or a send up of it at least, where he gets mad with his producer, spits the dummy, before the camera scrolls over to show him in a shopping front window, with an audience looking on. I think you would have had to see it to understand it, but it was better than watching housemates sleep. Anyway, back to the house we venture, silence for another 3 minutes, before we get a comm break.

Brain teaser time again, well time for a clue at least, which with the help of that, I figure out it is Trance. Brodie comes onto the line (they should get Kieren on one night soon), who is doing a fair bit of charity work, and is giving a show to primary school children regarding safety issues I think. He is living in Richmond, with a mate who has a band called Star 10. They go back to the “Pick the number” game. 23 is out of action, 25 is the square verandah. 17 is looking over the pool and the backyard. Mike makes mention that Vincent and Patrick are saying they should just eat whatever they want, and again mentions the real coffee that the HM’s must serve to the Have’s. They go onto mentioning the betting odds. Brodie says he went to the Ironman titles last year or something, and he is trying to get himself fit. Brodie says he enjoyed BB2, glad he did it, because he was presented with heaps of oppourtunites since he got out of the house. Ah, he has been an extra on The Secret Life of Us, thats what they were talking about in the beginning, which I just didn’t hear. Anyway, Mike says goodnight to him, and we have a comm break.

Back again with more Brain Teaser hints, well actually, the same hint. We move onto the BB Beach House clip. Into the round beroom we go, where everyone is still asleep. Exciting stuff!!! We cross to the storeroom, everyone asleep there too. Mike comes on and shows us a clip which is meant to help in the Strepils Houseplan competiton. Anyway, back to the round bedroom after that, and then to a comm break.

Cherie from Victoria, who has 6 kids, will win the $1000 for tonight. She called 20 times, and then answers correctly, so wins the $1000. She says she might go and wake them up now! She likes Chrissie the best. Tonight’s episode of the daily show sealed Jamie’s fate for her she says. She says goodbye, and says to Mike to get well soon. Back to the house again for more silence. Vincent is snoring loudly, and Chrissie seems to be chewing with nothing in her mouth. Strange! 10 minutes later, comm break!

Back into Up Late, and straight into the BB Beach Giveaway House ad, before we return to the house proper. We get a side on view of Reggie sleeping. Movement!!! Vincent is up, hope he has to knock on the door, LOL, he does. Damn, Jamie is awake, and lets him in. Bloody great time to wake up Vincent! At 1:56am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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