Day 61

9:11am – The havenotes have gotten up to make breakfast but Regina is up early again anyway. Chrissie welcomes Regina to the kitchen and asks what she would like for breakfast. They are both quite cheerful and Regina asks for a Cappuccino and two pieces of toast with jam peanut butter on them. Vincent comes into the kitchen to make the coffee and must grind the beans. Regina laughs as he labours with the grinding. Patrick says it will probably take ages while Vincent looks annoyed. Regina says this is fun but Vincent doesn’t think so, and tells Regina that her constant laughing makes him feel bad. Regina can’t believe this and asks him if he is for real. She goes on to say she won’t smile or even look at him just in case she’s doing something wrong.

9:26am – Vincent is still grinding those beans. The havenots are taking their time with the cappuccino.

9:39am – The housemates finished grinding the beans but apparently they didn’t think they had done it properly… so they chuck the beans and Patrick starts again grinding.

9:50am – Regina is still waiting for her coffee. She says she will just go and have a shower and drink the coffee later, even though Vincent says that it’s almost done. Vincent looks annoyed, but just laughs it off nervously.

11:25am – The havenots are called to the diary room, most likely because of the bean grinding incident. Regina, who is in the bedroom with the haves, explains what happened earlier. Jamie says “I told you” (about the task getting to them). Daniel says he doesn’t mind about the class difference.

11:45am – Daniel is saying to the haves that Patrick is different from the other havenots because he chose to be poor by whacking the tennis ball on purpose during the decider task.

1:25pm – The haves are still talking about the split in the kitchen while the havenots are outside. The havenots are saying they should be able to drink some of the cheap coffee because the haves probably aren’t even using it anyway. Jamie is telling the other haves that they should take the chocolate into the bedroom to keep it out of sight from the havenots. The havenots are trying to discuss what to make for dinner – but it turns out the haves decided to have a stir fry. Daniel is telling the haves to put any chocolate wrappers they use in the bin so the havenots don’t have to clean it up and have the wealth split emphasised.

Later Vincent is telling the havenots that people are acting differently because of this task and they shouldn’t. Chrissie is silent the entire time. Vincent explains that when people have negative behaviour is when he gets annoyed. Chrissie eventually says that maybe it’s people just acting the role. Regina comes over to talk to them but is immediately lured away, saying a spa looks good right now. The havenots of course, cannot use the spa.

6:30pm – Vincent and Patrick are cooking the stir fry for the haves when Chrissie comes into the kitchen and exclaims how good it smells. She smells it up close which causes her to salivate. Chrissie then realises whats going on and says “something’s happening” in a suspicious tone. Patrick says the haves are going to wish they had the havenot food after this meal. Chrissie goes back outside and tells the haves how good their dinner smells. Daniel says he hopes Patrick only used half the jar of curry.

7:24pm – The havenots leave the kitchen while the haves sit down to eat their stir fry. Daniel says they did a good job with the meal. The havenots then settle down outside with their meal of rice and vegetables from the garden. Regina takes a mouthful of the stir fry, and coughs, clearing her throat, saying “revenge”. She says they put the whole jar of curry in. Patrick and Vincent wave at them from outside and yell out “is it hot!?”. Chrissie says it’s obviously hot because between every bite they are taking a drink.

Jamie says the current isn’t THAT bad and the others agree in defence of the havenot vengeance attack. Suddenly they decide the meal is “perfect”…. after all it’s MEANT to taste this spicy!

8:34pm – Regina is going to bed and hugs Dan goodnight. It doesn’t look like Reg is feeling well after that excess of curry (we all know she has a delicate stomach). In the kitchen Vincent, Jamie and Chrissie are sitting at the kitchen table silent. The tension is so bad you have to look away from the television screen. Daniel walks in which makes Jamie say “I reckon more surprises are coming”. They all decide the task won’t be going until the end of season. Chrissie says if it goes for another four weeks she’s going to press the button and leave. Daniel says it was only funny for a day or two.

Big Brother announces that Chrissie, Patrick and Vincent must go to bed. Daniel tells them to go to the toilet before going to bed, because if they need to during the night, they have to wake up one of the haves and ask permission. Pat, Vincent and Chrissie brush their teeth in the sink outside, saying that this is the longest and worst task ever.

Vincent goes to the bedroom where the haves now are, knocks on the door and asks if he can use the toilet. RUDELY Daniel asks “do you absolutely need to go to the toilet?”. Vincent says “of course I do!”… so Daniel lets him go.

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