Day 60

8:10am – The havenots are woken up by Big Brother with a doorbell sound. They must get up and make breakfast for the haves. Regina is already up brushing her teeth. Patrick gets up, walks to the kitchen and discovers an expresso machine left by Big Brother. There is a message left by Big Brother next to it stating that the havenots are not allowed to drink any coffee. They are only to use it if they are creating a coffee for any of the haves. Chrissie walks in and when she learns of this, starts nervously laughing in disappointment. She has tears in her eyes. Vincent approaches the kitchen when Patrick and Chrissie tell him not to come in because of the expresso machine. Patrick covers the machine but Vincent still sees it, and covers his mouth in shock. He and Chrissie go over to smell the coffee beans. Vincent growls.. but this time it’s in anger.

Daniel is showering – the haves can use the hot water whenever they want. Regina cheerily says good morning to the havenots. Chrissie shows Regina the expresso machine which excites Regina, screaming “no way”. Jamie comes into the kitchen after hearing the screaming. He can’t believe there is a coffee machine in the house.

A little later Jamie straight out asks one of the havenots to make him a coffee.. oh wait make that a cappuccino. Patrick must ground the coffee beans by hand and Vincent makes the cappuccino. After Jamie is done drinking it he says it’s a good coffee.

10:40am – Jamie is called to the diary room to be reminded of the rules for the haves/havenots task. Jamie is not allowed to make his bed and must leave it to the havenots to make. Big Brother also tells him to remind Vincent that he must knock on the bedroom door to enter it, even when the bedroom door is open. In the kitchen Daniel is talking to the others about these rules. He says Jamie left his bed un-made this week just in case. Jamie walks in and tells the others what Big Brother just told him. Vincent doesn’t look happy when Jamie passes on the message.

11:52am – Regina is talking to Jamie in the bedroom about working 60-70 hours a week in her husband’s fish and chip shop. Regina explains she normally gets 6 hours of sleep, works 14 hours and has 2 hours free time (but this includes making meals for her and her husband). Jamie says she must be near boiling point, and Regina agrees. She says she could probably go back to that life but she really doesn’t want to. Jamie says he has nothing against Adrian but Adrian should know what Regina wants after Big Brother and make some compromises. If Adrian doesn’t realise what a gem Regina is, Jamie explains, he is a fool.

2:07pm – In the kitchen Daniel is trying to accomplish his personal task. He tells the other housemates that Big Brother told him that BB wants more colour and movement in the house – like a musical. Patrick says he is not doing a musical. Daniel suggests other methods to do a music number. Regina asks if what Daniel’s suggesting is a task.

3:18pm – The havenots are trying to organise what to cook the haves for dinner. Jamie suggests creamy Cabonara pasta because he thinks it’s easy to make. The havenots don’t agree with Vincent saying it would take longer than a normal meal and lists the preparations needed. Jamie tells Vincent he’s not trying to rub it in Vincent’s face, but Vincent says he was only just answering the question. Jamie repeats himself saying he’s not having a go, but Vincent reassures him he was only just answering the question.

Jamie tells them to just not make the pasta fancy, but Vincent says you either make the pasta the way it’s meant to be or not at all. Chrissie tries to cool things down by saying that it doesn’t matter because they’re going to just eat it anyway. Patrick adds, saying that they’re terrible at cooking anyway. Jamie thanks the havenots for making him lunch and goes to socialise in the bedroom – much to the disgust of the havenots. Vincent asks why Jamie doesn’t socialise with them. Chrissie says it’s because the two of them just ‘exchanged a word’. She goes on to say that Jamie is finding the task uncomfortable. Vincent disagrees, saying Jamie is enjoying it a lot.

In the bedroom Jamie explains what just happened to the other haves, Daniel and Regina. Dan says that Jamie and Regina are torn between the two groups. However this time Regina is siding with her rich buddies and says that the pasta would be easy to make and she’s going to go tell them… leading her to laugh about it.

7:30pm – Vincent has made the creamy Cabonara pasta for the haves despite what happened earlier. He tells the haves he made extra sauce for lunch tomorrow. Daniel says that the sauce is a little runny but quickly changes his mind and decides that it’s good. The haves are full of thank yous for the havenots for making them dinner… especially Regina. As they leave, Regina and Jamie says goodbye. Vincent lets out an angry sigh. Regina and Jamie look very uncomfortable and leave in silence. Tonight the havenots are allowed to eat inside because it’s raining.

Daniel stays in the kitchen and talks to them about what happened with Jamie. Vincent says the problem is not the task it’s when people push it too far – like people laughing in his face, and the split social groups. Daniel makes excuses saying “the world is the world” and then leaves once the havenots ignore him and eat amongst themselves. Chrissie says everyone is taking the task to seriously. Vincent agrees, despite all the fuss he made over the pasta.

Later in the lounge room Vincent is wondering if there will be a reward at the end of this task. Patrick says “good things come to those who wait” even though he says himself that the phrase is never true. Regina says she’s been waiting for 11 years.

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