Day 55

7:35am – Regina is up making bread. While she cleans the oven, the door she removed slips over and breaks. Regina gasps and says “oh no, oh shit”. She immediately goes outside and starts setting up the barbecue to make the break.

9:55am – Jaime is showering. Patrick is up and asks Regina whats up. She laughs and says she did accidentally break the oven door. It fell over and shattered into a hundred pieces. They both laugh. Inside the kitchen Regina has cleaned up as best she can and hidden away the broken door, so the oven is just there without a door. Patrick jokes:

Patrick: Yeah well you’ll find with the door missing it won’t work really well. It works a lot better with the door on it.. yeah.

12:00pm – In the bedroom Patrick asks the other housemates if anyone used his face wash as body wash. Half of it has gone in a day. The housemates must remain in the bedroom until Big Brother has replaced the oven door.

1:28pm – In the kitchen Daniel says they will definately buy some more soap on Monday so things don’t break out into accusations. Jaime says its getting to the point where they will have to share soap. Daniel says there are some fungi’s going on. He goes on to say he’s had fungi on his face and he used the towel Jaime is wearing on his face. Its hard to tell whether Daniel’s joking or not but Jaime rushes into the house taking the towel off himself. He says he’s paranoid about the fungi now. Chrissie says not to worry: what Daniel had was an allergic rash to the chlorine in the pool.

4:41pm – Vincent has been called to the diary room. Inside he finds a pamper pack for Kim as a reward for his facial task yesterday. He takes the pack out to Kim and explains what happened. Regina says “no way holy shit!” but Kim is more concerned why she gets the prize and not Vincent. Kim looks through the pack and screams in excitement, saying “thanks Vincent!”. Kim explains she was so shocked about the facial, but wonders what he gets out of it. Saxon gets frustrated about it, saying Daniel gives massages all the time why does Kim suddenly get a prize for receiving a massage.

Vincent returns to the diary room and finds bags of lollies and a letter to the housemates. Before Vincent gets a chance to read the letter the housemates are already right into the bags of lollies. The letter reads that Big Brother will be throwing them an animal costume party. They must pick what animal they are out of a basket.

Saxon is a monkey.
Patrick is an elephant.
Jaime is a (rude) teddy bear.
Regina is a crocodile.
Vincent is a snake.
Daniel is a lion.
Chrissie is a rhino.
(Kim is not shown)

4:51pm – Kim asks Vincent if he knew about not getting himself a prize for the task. Vincent says he only got satisfaction that he got Kim a prize. He thought he’d failed it at first. Saxon gives him a hug for his efforts. She says he was very convincing. She jokes he was offered $20 000 to do it. Saxon says to touch Kim’s face he’d have to be offered at least $50 000.

5:18pm – Housemates are making their own party animal costumes.

8:22pm – The party has started. Saxon and Vincent are now allowed to drink alcohol after their week long ban. Some of the housemates are dancing.

9:05pm – Housemates are in a conga line with their animal tails. Jaime’s breaks and he says “so much for my sewing talents”. There is conga music playing throughout the house. Later there are housemates dancing by the pool.

9:59pm – The mood has died down now as they realise two people will be evicted very soon. Chrissie curses the exit door “bad door, you take our friends away!” while Daniel hits the naughty door.

Later in the night the housemates are singing together, while Saxon says “this is it, this is it”. Regina gets teary.

10:42pm – Regina is in the kitchen upset. She explains to Chrissie she doesn’t want to go back to her life outside. Chrissie says this is the first time she’s felt like herself.

Regina: I don’t want to go back to my life

Later Kim is in the bedroom with Regina.

Regina: I’ve been to Europe, I’ve been married, but this tops the lot. It does, it really does.

12:19am – A very drunk Saxon is in the spa and says to Chrissie he misses her (Jo). Kim, who is in the spa with him says he is young and needs to be open minded and ask, is Tim really for her? Is there a chance of being with her? Saxon says the only thing he has to hold on to is Jo is the most amazing person he’s ever met. He would love her even if she was the most unattractive person on the earth.

Saxon: I’ve never met anyone with such an amazing personality.

Kim: Oh bullshit Saxon

Saxon: I haven’t. She is so intelligent.

Kim: So is Chrissie. Chrissie is heaps amazing. Chrissie’s energetic, she’s fun. Chrissie’s smart. Don’t bullshit Saxon. And I will also put it to you that if Richard (her partner) didn’t have a good body like the way he is, or anyone, it wouldn’t be the same.

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