Day 58 Uplate

Nominations of course earlier tonight, Vincent, Patrick and Jamie up for the public vote. Also, BB told them to pack their bags in the morning, giving them all something to ponder about in their dreams tonight.

Into the house we go, Jamie is talking to Chrissie in the round bedroom. Dan is there as well. They are discussing Learner drivers, Jamie saying they’re funny. Mike comes on, hey Mike!, grows through basically what I mentioned above, then says that Daniel has been given a personal dilemna task.

Back to the house, they are correcting Jamie on a word used for passing wind, he hasn’t quite got it right. They start talking about a girl, who Jamie and Chrissie seem to both know. They bleep the name however. More bleeping, expect a change of room in a sec. We get a meanwhile box come up, showing Vincent, Reggie and Patrick all sleeping on the floor out in the living room. Strange people! Back to Chrissie and Jamie, who are looking at Jamie’s photo’s, and they are talking about people in them, basically his family. Reggie comes in, and says she’s going to bed, and says “See you in the morning!” I’m sure they are all looking forward to the morning. Jamie is talking about one of her friends, Kate, who is 26 and a heavy smoker, and yet her parents didn’t know she smoked. Chrissie seems to know someone in the photo, and trying to figure out how. Apparently someone left a nice mess in the toilet, and they are trying to figure out who!

They start talking about a book that Chrissie is going to read, the front looks like it says Prey. Chrissie says they have already sold the film rights for it. She says goodnight to everyone, even the lads outside, and says we’ll see each other for the next installment in the morning. The book is Prey. Dan, brushing his teeth, makes Chrissie laugh. He soo deserves to win this game, surely! Jamie is back on his bed, reading also. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty boring night. We join Reg by herself in the square bedroom, just lying in bed, thinking with herself. Probably waiting for the lights to be turned off. Dan says “this is so exciting!” Lights go out. Dan comes back and makes Chrissie laugh again. Dan says he is dizzy now, and Chrissie says she was dizzy before. Pat enters the room, Chrissie saying that his b’day party was so much fun that she would like him to turn 30 again. Dan is jumping and running on the spot and sounding like a dog! Chrissie again starts laughing, saying ‘why do you make me laugh so much.’ Dan says it isn’t funny!

Mike comes back on, saying that Dan has the task to complete a musical with Patrick on the guitar, without Patrick knowing. He has already started sounding Pat out, saying earlier, that they should make a song together. Pat was half half about it. We join back with Reggie who is talking to herself, saying “ear plugs in”, as she gets ready for bed. Pat comes in and gives her a hug goodnight. Pat says they will probably just make the house smaller, which is annoying, cause they won’t get as much sun. Pat says he has loved it here, and he doesn’t want to leave. They wish each other a goodnight, and Pat is off. He says he is so sleepy as he leaves the room. After a stop of at the bathroom, he return to his bed, and asks Chrissie if he should dress up tomorrow. Chrissie says “nah.”. He then returns to the bathroom, asks to borrow some toothpaste, starts brushing his teeth, decides to see if he can get a pimple, then continues brushing. Comm break.

Back with Mike and his brain teasers, he runs through the first of them for the evening, not offering a clue just yet. We then return to the house, where everything is pretty quiet. Chrissie is reading. Vincent is asleep out on the floor, but is rudely woken up by BB. He tells him because of the lockdown, he must move into the bedrooms. He takes a while to wake himself up, then goes round the long way to his bedroom, changes the rock system they have in place to tell what day it is, before entering his bedroom. Vincent walks through to the other room and says goodnight to all. oh god, cut to Vincent outside, and I thought there was someone on the roof for a second hehe. Pat and Dan seem to be discussing their music number, trying to find some lyrics before hitting the sack. Comm break.

Mike comes back on and runs through the trivia, then tells us what is going to happen tomorrow. The house will be moving to Stage Three. It will be cut into two groups; the haves and the have nots. Have Nots only have half an hour of hot water, and really bad beds. Have’s have hot water all day, and cannot clean or do anything like that, cook as well. Have Not’s must have a uniform on, and must ask to go to the toilet (enter the bedroom.) Mike promises more later.

Back into the house, Chrissie still reading. Silence for a good 10 minutes, before we get a comm break. So fun!! Back to the trivia, where a person rang 24 times to win the money. She wins, they then go on and talk about this have/have nots situation for tomorrow. Ewww, he says it could be happening for the next few weeks. Do these people learn – it didn’t work in UKBB3, and it won’t work here. Mike goes through the second game, before we go back to the house. So boring tonight we might turn this into a Wimbledon recap! Everyone seems to be asleep now, which is even more boring. Still an hour to go too! Ooooh, someone coughed! Comm break.

Mike comes back on, goes through the brain teaser again, before going through some Ebay items up for auction. Saxon’s footy jumper is up to about $1500 apparently. He then goes for a visit to the website. Such interesting television! He says to all the people using SMS to evict housemates to stop sending the word Mike in! Back to the house, Vincent is awake actually, reading. Comm break.

Mike goes through the trivia again, then through the eviction phone numbers for the three fella’s. To the house we go, where it’s still quiet. Mike seems to be talking without his box on the screen. Interesting! Mike comes back on after a few minutes, yells at Vincent to turn the page of his book, and he does! LOL, great television. Didn’t even realise there was an ad, but they are running at the moment, so put Comm break in there somewhere.

Anyway, Mike comes on and Nicki is going to win the $1000 and probably talk to him for the next 30 minutes. They play a game by picking a number between 1 and 32, and going ot that camera. Thye go to the kitchen, diary room, and the square bedroom before they get bored of that. Poor Nicki is kept on the phone talking for a good ten minutes. Comm break.

Mike is back, telling us about the Have and Have Not system that will be activated early tomorrow morning. Mike says goodnight, and we head to the house for the last quarter of an hour. Vincent is still reading his book. At 1:34am, Dreamworld gets bored, and says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren (he’s going to appear anyday now!),

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