Day 61 Uplate

Another night of boredom most likely tonight, most if not all housemates already in bed. Just after 10 the “Have Not’s” were sent to their quarters, Reggie was in bed early, but talking to Dan and Jamie 20 minutes ago when I checked the feeds. Let’s see if they are still at.

Into the house we go, and we are directed to the round bedroom, Dan is whispering to someone, but the camera is too far away. Mike comes on and tells Dan to speak up. He says he has $2000 and that the Have Not’s made some very spicy curry, and Reggie isn’t feeling the best, and thus, has nodded off to sleep. It’s Dan and Jamie chatting away. Back to them, Dan seeming to do most of the talking. Jamie is saying something is NQR (Not Quite Right), but I think it’s in the context of a story he is telling. They seem to be almost talking over the top of each other, making it impossible to make anything of the conversation. I can make out Dan saying “You have to dress up in a mannequin. They seem to have moved onto talking about filming techniques. Actually, perhaps the whole conversation is about a movie, or movies in general. Dan says “Hang on…Shhhh”, then continues talking! What the?! Dan mentioning DVD’s or something, I *think* they might be talking about Dan wanting to make a movie, and how he would go about it.

Mike cuts back in, says a few things, before we go back to try to figure out what they are talking about. I just can’t, I’m sorry! We get a comm break, but we’ve been going a good 25 minutes already, it’s just I can’t make out any of the conversation.

Brain teaser time anyway, back with Mikey Mike! It’s DENIAL. Easy as that. Pity I post it after the show has finished. Mike tells Daniel has gone for a toilet break, so Mike talks about a OS competition. Daniel is back however, so we head there. Dan and Jamie are saying they want a party, and everything back to the way it was, everyone all together. They discuss whether they are allowed to go and get food, seeing that the servents are asleep. They plan to grab Pringles and Chocolate from the kitchen, so the servents don’t have to see it in the morning. They notice the mist coming off the pool as they go over there. They see the fire, and say they need Saxon back to really get it going. They grab Pringles and heaps of Chocolate, arguing over whether it was 48grams or 200 grams listed on the shopping list. They have been given a 48gram pack, but they swear it was 200 on the shopping list. Jamie suggests a midnight snack, but Dan says he has done his teeth and it won’t taste any good. Jamie says he wants to snack now purely because he feels bad during the day asking for stuff. Dan is having a closer look at the fire. They head back to their bedroom, as we go to a comm break.

Omg, I got the trivia wrong. It wasn’t Denial, it was Daniel. Close though I thought! Mike says he has a brother who he has never met in the WA. No idea why he said that! He says that he has been surfing the net, seen a few sites, but doesn’t mention any of them, before going onto reading out some words from the OS forums.

Back to the house however now. Jamie says if he is evicted come Sunday night, he hopes there will be some people from his fraternity out and about in the Gold Coast area. No idea what this guy is on about, don’t really care either. I don’t like him!!! Oooh, a few beeps now. Something about a wet dream. After a while, we get another comm break.

Seeing I haven’t called him this in a while, “Trivia Dude” comes back and introduces Greg from Newcastle i think. He wins the money, $1000, and says he will spend the money on buying equipment to listen to the police and fire scanner. Oh god, BORING!!!! Game 2 commences after a bit of a chat, then back to the house.

Jamie says he would love to be involved in BB Behind the scenes, then says they all look like green in the dark. They say it’s bright now, they are looking at something on the ceiling, perhaps a tiny light or something. Comm break after more whispering.

Back with the clue for the second teaser, which I needed to get the word, Wonder. He talks about the logo’s you can get for your mobile. He shows his phone which has Kim’s eyes. Back to the house though now, they are still whispering. Dan saying he doesn’t know how much he is getting shown on the outside. Jamie says that BB can’t pick up every expression that the housemates give. Jamie says sometimes it’s better to just go along and agree with others in this house without actually giving your true opinion. Seems to be a bit of bitching about the Have Nots though throughout the whole conversation. Comm break.

Back again we are, where Mike gives the clue again for the second Brain Teaser. Mike starts talking about his family over in WA, before cutting to the ad for the BB House giveaway. After that, we get to go back to the house. Dan says he has been in here for 9 weeks, and he only shaves once a week. They are talking about the blades on shavers, Jamie saying he has some of those plastic disposable ones. Dan says they must get the song finished tomorrow, or rather “he would like to”, before they both roll over and try to get into dreamland. Silence finally in the house, I thought it was never going to come! Mike comes back on and trys to wake them up, then the sirens come on, then he clarifys that the haves are allowed to go and get food by themselves if the servents are asleep. He goes through the old popularity polls, which are useless seeing it’s only just after 1am, and they are reset everyday. They cut to a funny little package showing the set of BB Up Late, Mike’s chair being a blown up exercise ball, and a person lying on the ground trying to keep it still. Ah dear, they need these comedy moments when they all go to sleep. Twas good. Back to the house, and we are looking at Vincent and Patrick, but it sounds like Chrissie snoring. No surely it couldn’t be her? Perhaps it’s Vincent as per normal. Comm break.

Quick cut to Channel Nine shows the scud about to wrap up his second round match and move through. And there it is, GS & Match. Anyway, back for the trivia, but before that he says he has found the Yo Yo, so he shows us it. Frank from Sydney has got through, and he watches the 7pm show, then sets the TV to turn back on at 11:30pm. A freak, sounds like a old bloke! He wins the money anyway. Apparently he is from the same street as the winner from the first one. It’s rigged damnit! And to make matters worse, he stubbed his toe while holding during the ad break. Poor old bloke. Anyway, onto the camera game. Camera 12 is the backyard looking into the house. Camera 23 is completely black, it doesn’t have infra red capabilities. Franks suggests that Jamie not talk to much, because he gets the feeling that he isn’t liked much, and might get the boot.

Onto the surf on the website, but it’s pretty boring as per usual. He finishes that up though now, then moves onto the eviction phone numbers. Mike says goodnight (Night Mike!), before we go back to the house for the last 20 minutes or so. Screen is on Jamie and Dan, Jamie having the doona pulled up almost over his head. Comm break.

Just like last night, we get the ad for the house giveaway competition for the second time, before entering the house in the last segment. Silence all round. We get a shot showing Chrissie sleeping on the floor. At 2:01am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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