Day 59 Uplate

Oooooh, I missed like a minute of Up Late! Anyway, everyone is already asleep so this show will be even better than last night’s shocker. Mike, to liven the mood, yells out “2 People in the house just had sex.”

The house has been split into two groups, the have’s and the have nots. The Haves are Reggie, Dan and Jamie. They have $300 shopping for the week, have their bedroom, while the have nots are stuck sleeping in the storeroom, poor things. Jamie apparently decided that he will sleep in Chrissie’s bed, to which Chrissie was horrified. Hopefully we’ll get Jamie out this week though :)

Anyway, we’ve got the brain teasers to keep us entertained. Maybe they should give away $5000 instead, more interest in the show then. We go to the house anyway, and they show us Reggie sleeping back in her original bedroom. She is dead to the world. Interestingly, there are now five beds in the round bedroom, one being taken out. Thus, you would assume come Sunday this ‘task’ will be over and they might all be allowed back to their normal lives. We cut to the storeroom, which shows Vincent asleep. Chrissie just murmered to herself. A lot of snoring going on in the storeroom. Apparently the three housemates made a pact to try not to let any wind out because they are in such a confined room. Silence for a damn long time, before Mike comes back on and talks to Shannon from BB2. She says it’s nearly 2am, which is ridiculous, because it’s only 12:10am. She is doing a bit of fitness instruction over in Asia. She says that Brodie has moved out of home. Stop press, Vincent got up and got an extra pillow from himself. They move onto talking about Nathan, who has just bought a new car, and is still doing his Nova gig. Mike and Shannon have the same manager. Mike suggests she could do Celeb BB, then says if it comes around again. Looks like it will be on again from that. Mike says that he heard a rumour that Ben Williams and Shannon were an item – but she denies it.

Mike gets Shannon to start playing Pick A Camera. 13 is the backyard. Camera 25 is the back porch. 3 is the round bedroom. She says she has a business plan in the pipline, but doesn’t mention much else. Shannon says she was up once for eviction, and was out straight away. Meanwhile, Agassi over on Channel 9 is winning easily, although he is down a break in the third. Back with Mikey, as he cuts to a comm break.

First brain teaser of the night. It’s SIREN!!! Mike says that you should ring in because they have ‘loads of crap’ to giveaway as ‘consolation’ prizes. Back to the house, where NOTHING is happening. Mike comes back on, and talks about his BB jobs, then goes onto giving the eviction phone numbers. He again tells the joke about SMS’ing Mike’s name for eviction. Not twice in a row Mike!!! They start going for a surf on the website. Comm break.

Mike is back and gives the clue for the first brain teaser, which is Siren. The clue fits as well. They have a quick scan of the house, which turns into 10 minutes, and a commercial break. Agassi has been forced to a 4th set BTW! After the break, Mike is with Alisha who will win the first $1000. She has 5 kids. She gets the right word, so she gets the money. She complements Mike’s shirt, and then says he does a great job with the voiceovers as well. Introduces Game Two, the answer is….Mashed. I think…we’ll wait for the clue for confirmation. Alisha reckons Reggie will win, as do most of Australia. She thinks that Patrick or Jamie will be evicted. Mike shows up Q News, which shows Saxon on the front cover. Alisha also likes Chrissie a lot as well. Finally wrap up the conversation, and straight to a comm break.

Back with the teaser, and the clue does match the word Mashed, so I got it right! Mike and someone off camera are having a pen fight. Into the house, where Chrissie just sat up, but by the time we cross she is lying down again with eyes shut. Mike’s back, he goes onto talking about the BB Forums. When will you learn Mike that the BB forums are useless, and the best forum is at, and the best site of course is BBBA ( ). The best Yahoo group is BB-Australia ( ) as well! *Phew* got all my plugs in. Mike has just shown the clip of the BB Beach House you can win. We again go back to he house, where suprise suprise nothing is happening. Comm break.

Mike is back with the trivia again, and again gives the clue for mashed. He explains the phone system selection process for the 34th time in this show. Again goes through the BB website. Watching paint dry would almost be better than that. They then move onto the popularity ratings. He says he didn’t know until someone told him last week that the polls are reset everynight at midnight. Wonder who told him that….! Anyway, we go back to the house for a bit. Comm break.

Anistatia has called through from Melbourne, and is feeling a bit sick. She wins the money. Game is over, no more calls! She wants to put the money towards a new car. She is into the beauty therapy world. They start talking about Brazilians. Oh dear. She was sorry to see Saxon go. She wants Vincent to go, but thinks Patrick will be evicted. They cut to a clip showing what happens inside the van agter an eviction. The viewer asked what happened – was that planned or what!!! Mike says goodnight, with 15 minutes of the show to go. Silence back in the house. Comm break five minutes later.

Back to the house for the last segment, they show the BB House giveaway ad again. Almost thought I heard something in the storeroom then, got quite excited. Nothing eventuated though. Silence for a bit more, then at 2:02am Dreamworld finally says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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