Day 62 Uplate

We join the house just before midnight, with them all in the kitchen, or that we gather, because the cameraÂ’s arenÂ’t inside the house, due to them signing away together. Mike comes on, tells us Dan has completed his personal dilemma challenge, and we are sent back to the backyard, looking as, because they just continue to sing. A annoying ticking time sound can be heard, a bit like a sprinkler or something. Jamie comes over to the house, so they follow him, he is signing away by himself.

Mike cuts in and tells us that he will speak to Todd from BB1, but meanwhile we go back to the house, where Regina is found in the bedroom and Jamie asks her about a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song, but Reggie doesnÂ’t know. Reggie says she is not far away from hitting the sacks. Jamie returns back over to the kitchen. Reggie wanders around the house for a few minutes before she too heads back to the kitchen. We are left outside, but can hear them yelling away.

Mike again cuts away, and introduces Todd, who is writing a book or something titled “How to get woman into bed using vegetarian food.” It’s basically a whole lot of recipes that he has learnt from his life, and the stories that go along with it. He is still together with his girlfriend, and says that Jemma and Grant are still together. He still sees Jemma because he lives round the corner from her, and also see’s Gordon occasionally. Apart from that he doesn’t speak to the others too much. After Todd asks, Mike says he is having fun because he has a TV show now, but he has a bit of fame now, because people in the toilet say “You’re the BB dude!” Todd says he is working on his music career solo nowadays, then tells us that BBB actually rang to wish him a Merry Christmas last year. Todd does a bit of radio on a community radio station on a Thursday morning. Todd likes BB3 a lot! He says it’s the most exciting series so far. Meanwhile, we have footage of the kitchen, and they have stopped singing. Todd didn’t think that Saxon would be evicted last week; he was surprised by the result. He loves Reggie the most however, and also likes Dan a lot too. Todd thought Ben was a bit out there. He thinks Chrissie is the caring mum of the group, while he thinks Vincent is certainly the head of the house. Hurry up and finish!!! Todd thinks these people would get along with his people better than the people of BB1. He says that BB is a lot harder on nominations than when he was on BB, which is better. He says being nominated, he didn’t take it to hard, but was sad to leave the house. He says he enjoys Dan’s playing the game while nominating. He thought Ben from BB1 was playing the game. This conversation has also gone on for 20 minutes, it finally ends though, when they cut to a comm break.

Back from the break, Mike runs through the first brain teaser of the night. Hard one tonight, I have no idea. I’ll wait for the clue. Back to the house finally, where Regina is brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Well the foyer of the bathroom, to be precise. She hums away to herself while doing her teeth, then applies some cream to her face. Then she says “I need to floss my teeth, bloody hell!” She seems to enjoy talking to herself. Chrissie enters the room though now. Jamie is there now too, saying he is too tired to stand. They make mention that it might be his last party night inside. Reggie and Jamie then burst into song. He has a cut in his pants right up his bottom, lovely. Jamie says they haven’t taken away the TV, so perhaps they’ll get a DVD tomorrow night. Reggie is so full, again touching her stomach. They had a good sing-a-long they say. Reggie says she isn’t even tipsy, but Jamie says he got a bit drunk. Reggie says she needs a whole bottle of scotch. They again start singing.

Over in the kitchen, Chrissie is back there, Vincent and Patrick there too, perhaps Dan as well, and Pat asks if Reggie is going to sleep, as Ch10 cut to a break. It’s 12:45am when we return, as Mike runs through the brain teaser again, this time giving a clue. The word is Hoarse. He plugs the OS forums, before we return to the house. Reggie and Jamie are talking in the bedroom. They are talking about teeth, Jamie saying he uses everything with “Whitening” on it, including toothpaste and chewing gum. Reggie doesn’t like her teeth at all, and we get a close up of her teeth, when she is explaining something about one tooth in particular, which does look a bit funny. Reggie says that you can’t see Pat’s teeth when he talks. Everyone else you can see the teeth when people talk. They make special mention of Dan, then move onto Vincent, where they say he doesn’t really talk much anyway. Jamie says if he knew that there was hot water to return too, he would have a spa. He says he wish Jo was here to have a spa with him. Reggie can’t believe it’s nearly eviction time again. Jamie says he might get ready for bed. They start laughing but I have no idea why. Don’t know if they know either! She is laughing about something he did with his teeth. She is laughing heaps, and can’t stop now. He does something to see if he has anything between his teeth. Reggie says it’s so funny, it cracks her up. It’s simply breathing or sucking in all the air. Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who has Kath on the line to win the money. She says she is a bit hoarse, giving away the answer before the teaser is up. She does win the money though. She loves the show, calling 12 times tonight to win the cash. She reckons she will only just pay her phone bill with the money, but she says its all good. We go through the second game, before returning to Kath, who used to own a restaurant. She gives Armidale a plug, saying itÂ’s a great town. Mike wraps it up, and we return to the house. Again we are sent to Reggie and Jamie, with Jamie telling a story. She says that he was talking to a guy who, but he could see down his jeans, and he had a g string on. They move onto talking about Troy Dann, the outback adventure dude. Jamie canÂ’t stand him, and while they beep out TroyÂ’s surname we still know who it is. Jamie asks BB to turn out the lights, but Reggie doesnÂ’t think they will turn them off until everyone comes in.

They hear a squeal from Chrissie, and they see them all come over to the bedroom. Well, Dan anyway. He does a little Jacko impersonation. He does the moonwalk, but itÂ’s hard on the floorboards. Jamie says he is so talented. Reggie just laughs. Dan goes to the toilet, and silence fills into the room. Reggie then says that she has to sit up, she just canÂ’t lie down with her bloated stomach. However, each of them now lay down in their respective beds. They comment that the new sheets are already dirty. Jamie is ready to go to sleep, with his eyes shut, but Reggie keeps talking. Comm break.

ItÂ’s Mike again, or as we like to call him, Trivia dude! The second teaser is REHEAT. Easy that one. He goes through what happens with the trivia comp, then we cross back to the house. Still in the bedroom, PAUL IS BACK!!! Dan is talking to Paul, and no one else is paying attention. They cut away from that! How dare they! Chrissie, Vincent and Pat are outside. Chrissie says she is going into wash her face and stuff. The boys continue playing kick to kick. Vincent got a little excited then, because he thought he heard someone try to communicate with them. Pat is trying to get the footy into the red chair on the other side of the backyard. Mike cuts in and goes through the eviction phone numbers. Back with the boys, Vincent has lost something. A ring perhaps. They are looking for it, as Vincent keeps swearing. No luck yet, as Mike comes back on and tells us exactly what IÂ’m sure everyone suspected. He doesnÂ’t know when he lost it, making it harder. He will look through the grass before moving into the kitchen. Patrick looks like he might have something, but we are left disappointed, when he stands up straight again. Vincent goes for a quick look in the kitchen. He is going through the dishes on the sink. Cut to Pat still outside looking for it. Get the cameraÂ’s looking as well I say! Vincent asks BB to open the storeroom for him please. Damn you Channel 10, they cut to a break just as itÂ’s getting exciting.

Mike comes on again, says they have given away $70,000 since beginning Up Late. They go through the brain teaser, give the clue again, then goes through the new BB Online store, which has just opened or something. Back to the witch-hunt for VincentÂ’s ring. Dan has joined them, but suggests that looking in the daylight will help. Pat looks as if he has given up. Vincent is the only one walking round and searching. He heads back into the kitchen and starts his search there again. Again, he looks through the sink on his way round the bench. Back outside, Dan says that it will be easier to find tomorrow. They are searching through the grass again. Vincent says he doesnÂ’t want to lose it, it means a lot to him. Pat comes back out, and Vincent says there is no luck. Pat goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He says he will have a good look tomorrow, because it will be easier during the day. Pat heads inside, and Vincent too looks like he has given up. Vincent is looking over at the old square storeroom door or something, for some unknown reason. Comm break again.

Just reading the BBBA site during the break, where it is rumoured that Anouska and Tania from UKBB will be joining the Australian house on Thursday on a special titled “BB: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” Very interesting news indeed. Anyway, brain teaser time, Jill winning the $1000 for REHEAT. She says she will get a dishwasher with the money. She says hello to a few people, then suggests that Vincent will go come Sunday. Cut to Vincent in the house, who is brushing his teeth. They finish the conversation, then he gives shoutouts to a few members of the OS forum. He goes through some of the OS competitions, before saying goodnight to us all. Have a good weekend Mike! Back to the house, Chrissie is back in her bed, Chrissie’s corner. She thanks BB, saying sleeping in that bed is like heaven on a stick. Dan starts singing a bit. Pat has moved down the end towards Reggie’s bed it looks like. Reggie on the far end, Pat next to her, then I think the double which Dan and Vincent will share, then Jamie and Chrissie. Chrissie says “imagine if they put us in the storeroom again.” She says the storeroom felt like a staffroom for her though. Oops, I think there is 6 beds in there now, I can’t tell. Dan says that they are ready for BB to switch off the main lights. Vincent is back in here, and says that BB saw him with it on in the kitchen. It’s a good point, BB can just watch the footage and in a way find it for him. Chrissie meanwhile says she doesn’t know if she has it in her to go through Sunday and Monday again. She liked Monday this week because BB only gave them 10 minutes notice. Dan has Paul back on. He has already been introduced to Chrissie it seems. Oh, how cute is the little fella. Chrissie again says she is so glad to be back in the room. We can see a glass full of M&M’s in-between one of the beds. Comm break time now though.

Into the final segment now, where Paul is making Chrissie laugh heaps. She can’t stop laughing. Dan has it waving down to the other part of the room, and Chrissie just can’t help but laugh. Reggie is enjoying it too, sitting up in her bed. Jamie looks like he might be asleep, along with Pat. Lights go out now, and Jamie gives a “Thankyou BB” into his mic. Chrissie says goodnight to Pat softly. Vincent returns with no luck still, saying he will have to look in the morning. Chrissie starts calling out for Paul. Dan puts Paul to bed, as Vincent gets changed ready to jump into bed. I’m sure Vincent, Patrick and Chrissie will all appreciate the comfort of the bedroom tonight. Vincent is folding his clothes up and puts them back in his drawer. Dan still looks like he is in the mood to joke around a bit. Vincent takes his jeans off, folds them up, and jumps into bed. Dan has also looked like he has pulled up the covers ready to try to go to sleep. Vincent says goodnight to all. Reggie is the only one still sitting up in her bed. Vincent says “This is so good!!!” Chrissie laughs. Silence falls over the bedroom, as it looks like Reggie is going to try to get to sleep sitting up. Dan gets his mic, and tells BB they are ready for the bathroom lights to go out. At 2:01am, Dreamworld says goodnight for another week. See you all back, same time, same place, next week.

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