Day 56

Morning: Regina is lying in bed, and exclaims she is going to be sick.

11:15am – Jamie is attempting to make the bread today. He says “this is awful” and swears. The bread dough has gone very sticky and Jamie says “what the hell… this is terrible”. Regina wonders through the house and eventually lies down on the square living room couch. Kim puts a blanket over her. Vincent comes into the kitchen, and Jamie tells him not to look at his disaster bread.

Regina asks Daniel to pass her a bowl because she’s going to be sick again.

Later Jaime dishes up his second lot of bread (the good lot). Patrick is trying to make a third.

4:30pm – Housemates have been given pairs of jeans to paint as part of Jeans for Genes day. They talk about the double eviction: Jamie says it’s quite rude how they come and take two housemates when they are all enjoying themselves.

11:01pm – Regina is in bed with Kim and discusses how Jamie has been drinking full glasses of milk when they are already very low on rations. Jaime walks past and they go quiet. He comments he made bread today and asks if they were ok. Kim says it was fine. Reg says “good on you” for making the bread.

Outside Saxon is in the spa with Daniel and imagines if Jamie and Kim were evicted. Daniel says that would be pretty harsh. They say it would be like the original six without Jo and Claire. Saxon comments everyone would be so close it would be really hard.

In the bedroom.

Regina: I’ve had so much fun. Best time ever in my whole life. The best. Nothing comes near this.

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